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Introducing a weather demon

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Mitsuru had been hiding in his room upstairs, during the pool party and much of before, but tonight was his night or so the other demons had told him, while they were taking care of setting up their new fish pond in the pool. He had left the Moonlight Bandits, detesting that they were all siding with the Descendant of the Princess—a human. He could not play in the pool because he did not know how to swim. It was cold. He did not really care though. As long as he could do his magic. The weather got fierce as he took off through the air, forcing his rage at being unable to work before this moment. Thunder and lightning shook the air and everything seemed to tremble in fright. It was a little creepy, but Mitsuru did not care. Mitsuru loved wind. He loved weather, but that was what being a weather demon was about.

In the houses, children cuddled in the laps of their parents, trembling as their parents turned up the television or began to read aloud favorite stories. Older children counted thunderclaps and watched lightning happen, seeing how long it would take. One family sat in the kitchen, playing word games while baking a thunder cake.

Mitsuru continued to fly through the air. It was really creepy if you were watching the strange figure in flight. It was an interesting thing. Mitsuru continued flying, his rage making the wind higher and stronger. Winds rushed at fifty to sixty miles per hour, trees shook, some lost huge branches. Especially the pine trees. Cars were crushed under extensive debris. There was a tangible frightening situation in the air. It was rather deceiving, the semblance was much to a perfect Halloween setting. It was a very freaky circumstance worth filming if you could avoid the lightning and falling debris.