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Three Million and One

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The video was something different than normal, everyone could tell from the title. Announcement. That was it. No additional information below it, besides the basic date and links to IntriguedAssbutt's pages on various websites. It was especially worrying, since it had been weeks since the last video. And the last video had been the vlog with Impala67.

The video opened to Castiel's normal, smiling face. 

"Hello everyone! I know it's been a long time, and I owe you something good. So I hope this will do. I've spent the last few weeks with Dean and Sam in Kansas, since Dean got hurt, and...well we decided that it would be best if we moved in together. I had an extra room, and Dean was looking for a place to stay. Sam is in California now, so it seemed like the best option. I'm sure you're all raving about it, but don't get any ideas. We're good friends, and this will help us. We're both messed up, and it will help us get better, help us move on from our past." Castiel explained, and that was when Dean's face peeked in from the door. 

"Didj'a tell them?" Dean asked, before he came in and sat down. "Hey! So, yeah! We live together now! The break is over, and we'll be making videos again! Both of us. I feel a lot better now. I've been getting all your messages and gifts, and I just want to say thank you so much. We both do. Cas has been nothing but nice to me this whole time, and with you guys showing your support with something I was really worried just proves to show you're the best fans of all." Dean beamed.

"Yeah, it's exciting, all of this." Castiel was silent for a little bit, then he sighed. "I know this will inspire so many fanfictions, and maybe some day we'll post a reaction video to them together, but not until later on." Castiel assured them. 

"We just wanted this to be a short video to tell everyone about this and to let you know we're still alive." Dean laughed a little bit at that. "Well, I'm barely alive, but you get the picture." He winked at the screen. 

"We love you all, and we'll talk to you soon." The two waved, and the screen went black for a moment, then something flashed on screen. A note on a black screen in white writing. 

Nothing will be able to show how much we appreciate all of you, how much all of you mean to us. We invite you all to come see us at VidCon next month. We'll have a joint panel and be taking questions of all kinds! The first hundred people to sign up get a discount! We will also be doing a meet and greet, along with hosting the main event! So we'll be able to post lots of videos that weekend. Just keep your eye on this space for updates! Have an intriguing day, and goodbye!