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Three Million and One

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A normal black screen turned into flashing white words, reading in large, bold font "RANT INCOMING", and after they flashed for a few seconds, the screen faded until Castiel's face was clear. He was clearly angry, his eyes a storm of blue and gray, making him look incredibly dark, despite the brightly lit room.

"Hey, you know who I am, and I need to talk about something. I know a lot of you guys don't normally like rants, but this needs to be fucking said. Excuse my language as well, but I need to get everything out right now." He said, before he took a deep breath, calming himself only slightly.

"As many of you know who follow Impala67, Dean...he's in a bad place right now, and how the fuck could you do that to someone as nice as him? I've known him for awhile now, and I've never once thought of any reason to hurt him, physically or emotionally. Benny Lafyette, whoever the fuck you are, you are directly out of the seventh circle of Hell, you know that?" Castiel snarled at the screen. "Dean deserves better than you could ever give him, and you hurt him because you didn't have the balls to be serious."

A picture of the burly man from Dean's last video appeared on the side of the screen with Benny's address and phone number. 

"I don't normally ask much of you guys, but could you please make this man's life a living Hell? Please, he deserves every second of it, and I don't care if the cops come after me for sending you out on him, but I don't want Dean to go un-avenged. He deserves happiness, even if it's after all this happened to him." Castiel sighed, and he rubbed his eyes heavily, his anger draining out of him.

"I-I've been trying to call him for the past few days now, but he hasn't been answering the phone. God, guys I am so worried about him. He's...Dean will worry about someone's wants before he thinks of his own needs. A lot of you guys might not know...but we went to therapy together for awhile. When I was in Kansas for a few weeks, he invited me to join him, and it was useful, but I had to go back to Illinois."

Castiel looked down at his hands, and he squeezed them into fists, then he raised his head back to face the camera, the anger back in his eyes.

"And then...there's John Winchester." Castiel practically roared, standing up and making his chair fall over. "Dean's father is the one who hit him!! You guys all saw his face, right?! John did that! How could anyone hit their own child like that??? What would make someone stoop down to the level of hitting someone more than half their age?!?!" Castiel shouted, throwing his arms up, then he kicked his couch behind him, taking his anger out on the furniture. He kicked it, threw the pillows, pounded on the cushions, and he finally fell down onto it. After he fell, the camera did a quick jumpcut to later on, where Castiel was back in his normal chair, an ice pack on his foot from kicking the couch.

"Sorry, I let the rant get out of hand." He said, though he was satisfied with the damage he had done to his living room. "But at least John is in custody right now. Sam called me after it happened, and apparently John tried to attack Dean again, but Sam was able to get to the phone before anything else too bad could happen. I heard that something might have happened to Dean, and you know me and how I let rumors get to me. I heard that someone in his hometown saw him in the hospital, but I don't know for sure." Castiel said, his eyes shimmering with tears that he refused to shed on camera. Dean was a stronger man than he was to be able to cry in front of the camera and actually put the video up.

Castiel smiled a little bit nonetheless.

"He...he told Sam to say hi to me." Castiel said, his stubbly cheeks turning a bit pink, but barely enough to see. "I know he's been in such a horrible relationship, and how he's going through such shit...but I just want to be able to be there for him." He admitted. "I think I'm going to fly out to Kansas to see him. I really hope he's not in a hospital like those people said." Castiel raised his hand to his lips to chew on the nail nervously, then he batted it away, stopping himself from biting the nail. 

"Okay...I-I...well, Dean and I forgot to announce this on my last video that I posted with him, but he was the winner of the Newly Friends Game, and he will hopefully be receiving the bragging rights whenever...whenever I see him again." Castiel said the last part very quietly.

"I guess...I'll see you guys all later. Please make sure Benny is sufficiently miserable, and if you are in the jury for John Winchester's trial, vote guilty. Alright, I'm Castiel, and have an intriguing day."