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Love You More

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It’s a Sunday morning and I’m almost done doing the dishes when two arms wrap around my waist from behind me. I yelp in surprise and swat at Robert’s hands as soon as I recognize the arms as his. I can hear his quiet laughter from behind me so I roll my eyes, knowing he can’t see me. “Idiot, you almost scared me to dead,” I grumble.

“Mhhh,” Robert purrs as he pushes his nose between the strands of my hair and kisses my neck.

Lately I’ve come to realize that Robert has a thing for kissing my neck while having his arms wrapped around me. It was kind of weird at first, but although I would never admit it, I’ve started to enjoy it when he wraps his strong arms around my waist and holds me against his lean body. Our bodies fit together well. “I woke up and you were gone,” he mumbles close to my ear.

I smile as he starts kissing down my neck. “What are you doing?” I ask playfully, turning in his arms and grabbing his hands before he gets the chance to get them underneath my shirt.

“Come back to bed,” Robert suggest as he leans in for a kiss.

I dodge his mouth and grin as I see his mopping expression. “I just got out of bed,” I say, trying to keep a straight face. “Give me one good reason to go back in.”

Robert purses his lips for a moment, like he has to think about it, before he says: “We’ll do whatever you want.”

I blink at him with a none revealing expression and I can see some disappointment creep through his smile when I don’t agree immediately. God knows that I shouldn’t tease him so much, but he’s so easy and I just can’t help myself sometimes.

But even I can’t hide my grin for too long when Robert is looking at me like that and as soon as Robert realizes that I’m just teasing him, he rolls his eyes before he grabs my hand and pulls me upstairs.

We don’t leave the bedroom for a very long time.