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Just For You

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They don’t know about the things we do
They don’t know about the "I love you"’s
But I bet you if they only knew (they don't know)
They would just be jealous of us,
They don’t know about the up all nights
They don’t know I've waited all my life
Just to find a love that feels this right
Baby they don’t know about, they don’t know about us


The only thing that Harry wants to do when they arrive at the hotel they're staying at is go to bed with Louis. He's tired and jet lagged and fuck, flying exhausts him so much.

Instead, Louis asks him if they can go surprise visit Niall and Liam in their rooms. It's 12:16 AM and Harry really wants to say no.

But all that Louis has to do to convince him is look up at him through under his eyelashes and kiss him on his cheek before Harry caves and nods, because honestly, Louis has him so wrapped around his little finger that Harry's afraid to let go of it. He pretends to not notice the smug little smirk Louis has on his lips after that.

So they sneak into the hotel without being caught(Harry doesn't know how that's even possible, they're not very discreet) and then when they arrive in Harry's empty room, they put down their suitcases(well, Harry's one bag and Louis' three suitcases. Conveniently, Harry had to carry two of those suitcases. He's not complaining though, because the look Louis gave him when he stopped them into Harry's arms was totally worth it).

Louis takes Harry's hand into his before they exit the room, a determined look in his eyes when Harry eyes him suspiciously. "I love you."

His voice sounds so determined and his hand is squeezing Harry's so tightly- almost like he just wants to let Harry know that his love for him will be forever- and all that Harry can do is look down at the ground because, fuck. He can't say it back. He can't say it back even if he wanted to. It hurts him knowing that he's hurting his boy by not saying it back.

Instead of answering, he takes Louis' face into his hands and kisses him fully on the lips. It's literally so amazing. Louis' lips are soft- like pillows, or marshmallows. Pillow Marshmallows? Whatever. It's soft and it's everything that Harry's always wanted.

Louis is everything that Harry's always wanted without him really knowing.

When he pulls back and looks into Louis' eyes, he's met with a sparkly blue ocean. He's biting his lip, trying to bite back a smile. Harry knows he's said it so many times before already, but Louis' beauty still surprises him.

"C'mon," Louis pulls open the door, stepping outside and pulling Harry along with him. Harry quickly closes the door before it's too late.

They decide to go to Niall's room first. Once they stop outside the door, Louis pulls his hand out of Harry's, a secretive smile on his face. "Go in and tell him that I didn't want to come with you."

Harry sighs, it probably doesn't come out as annoyed as he wanted it to be. "You're still trying to prank him?"

An eye roll his received from Louis, and somehow is does look annoyed(Harry knows he isn't). "Better him than you, yeah? Just go in and do it."

Mumbling to himself, Harry opens the door, knowing full well that Niall never locks his door. The imagine that's greets him is one that scars him.

Niall, with his back turned to Harry, shaking his arse to the lyrics 'My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard' in nothing but his tiny pair of dark blue boxers. He looks like Miley Cyrus in the 'We Can't Stop' music video. And it''s. It's disturbing, to say the least. Harry has walked in on Niall masturbating, but this is weirder. Way weirder.

When Niall throws his arms up in the air, still twerking, Harry clears his throat. The blonde jumps up and turns around, blue eyes wide and mouth hanging open. All they do is stare at each other, both freaked out.

"This is not what it looks like," Niall says eventually, his cheeks glowing red from embarrassment. He grabs his phone from where it's laying in the bed and turns the music coming from it off.

Harry sure his cheeks are red also. "I'm not exactly sure what it's suppose to look like and I'm not going to ask, either."

A pillow is thrown in his direction, hitting him quite hard on the nose if he says so himself, and when he looks at Niall, the bastard is smirking. "You tell anyone about this and you're a deadman, Styles. You got me?"

Harry can't help but roll his eyes at Niall's attempt to sound like he's threatening Harry. Honestly, Niall is like a little ball of cotton candy. "Whatever, Dancing Queen, this won't be mentioned to anyone."

"What won't be mentioned to anyone?" Louis steps into the room, annoyed at having to wait so long outside. He comes to stand beside Harry, laughing at Niall's shocked faced.

"Louis!" Niall runs to Louis, throwing his arms around his neck and pressing his face into Louis' shoulder. Louis' face turns into one of discomfort at the contact. Harry almost asks Niall to just step back, but when he goes to tap Niall's shoulder, Louis holds up a hand, signaling for him to stop.

"Hey, Blondie," Louis pats Niall's back awkwardly, obviously still very uncomfortable with the way he's being touched by someone that's not Harry. He allows it though, afraid that Niall will think that he did something wrong if Louis pushes him away.

After nine more seconds, Harry won't admit that he counted, Niall pulls away from Louis, a big smile on his face. "You're back!"

Louis shrugs, looking tired and small but happy, nonetheless. "Thanks to Harry."

"You did this?" Niall asks, eyes scanning over Harry cautiously. At Harry's nod, Niall engulfs him in a very right hug, like they didn't just share their most awkward encounter only a few minutes ago. Niall pulls back, looking Harry in the eyes. "I can honestly kiss you right now."

A smirk settles on Harry's face at Niall's words. He crosses his arms in front of his chest, glancing to his side only to see Louis smirking too. "I don't think my boyfriend would like that very much."

Niall tilts his head to the side, confused. Until he sees how they're looking at each other. " two-" He gestures between them, a smile starting. "-are dating?"

When both Harry and Louis nod, Niall jumps up, pumping his fist into the air- Much like the last scene in the Breakfast Club. "I fucking knew it! I knew it! I said this would happen! Didn't I say this would happen? I fucking did! I'm so fucking happy right now!" He rambles on walking around in circles. It probably should be weird- Watching your best friend freak out about you and your boyfriend...But. It isn't.

"You did say it would happen," Louis points out, wrapping his arm around Harry's waist. "Guess you have ultimate bragging rights now."

Niall falls into his bed, kind of overly dramatic if Harry would have been asked. He stares up at the ceiling like it's the stars and everything's good. "Life is fantastic."

They continue to listen to Niall go on for a couple more minutes before Louis decides that they should go greet Liam.

Liam isn't very happy when Louis hits him with a pillow in the face, waking him up.

Harry, on other hand, finds it adorable.


"Harry?" Louis blushes, looking down at the floor as they enter their room. "Can I have your jumper?"

Harry frowns, a little confused. "This one?" Louis nods as Harry tilts his head to the side. "But it's dirty?"

Louis shrugs, cheeks still red. "But it smells like you. The one I have of you doesn't have your smell anymore."

Fuck it if Harry immediately pulls off his jumper, happy for the vest he decided to wear underneath it, and gives it to Louis without a moment of hesitation. Louis goes into the bathroom to change into the jumper and when he comes back, he's only wearing the jumper and boxer sticking out underneath it. He looks so stunning, literally drowning in the size of the jumper.

Harry doesn't even try to hide the fact that he can't keep his eyes of off Louis. Fuck, his boyfriend is such beautiful specimen of a human being.



Louis is Harry's boyfriend and just even thinking about it makes him smile. Louis is his and there's nothing that can stop them from being together. It makes Harry's heart skip a beat as he watches Louis put his folded dirty clothes on the floor next to suitcase number one.

He walks over to the bed, opening the cover and climbing in under it. Once he's in a comfortable position, he looks over at Harry. "Come over here so I can have a cuddle with you?"

Smiling fondly, Harry walks to the bed. "My little big spoon."

"Oi! 'M not little!" Louis nearly yells.

"He says as he's literally swimming in my jumper." Harry climbs onto the bed, turning around so that his back is to Louis. Immediately, there's an arm around his waist.

"You know what will stand on your grave?" Louis doesn't even give him a chance to reply. "There will stand: 'Told you I'm not little, love Louis.'"

Harry scoffs. "You first have to reach my level of height before killing me."

"Styles, I will literally stab you," Louis sighs, fist curling where it's lying on Harry's stomach. "Don't test me."

"Okay, my little big spoon."

Louis doesn't stab Harry that night. Of course not.

Harry doesn't even notice that he goes to sleep in skinny jeans.



It's their last show in Tokyo and Harry's kind of sad that he missed the other two shows, but when he
looks over at Louis from where he's standing leaning against the refreshments table, the sadness immediately washes away.

He guesses that he stares at his boy for a bit too long because the next thing he knows is that Niall's standing next to him, uncapping a bottle of water. "Stop staring," He says, taking a sip and then closing the bottle afterwards. "You look like a right creep."

"I don't look like a creep if it's My Louis I'm staring at," He replies but then takes his eyes of off Louis to look at the blonde. "I think it's proper romantic." Just then he hears Louis laugh and when he turns to look, he sees Louis' head thrown backwards, laughing loudly at something that Liam said. Harry wishes Louis would laugh at his jokes like that.

"You're right," Niall says after it's silent for a moment. He has a smirk on his face when Harry turns to him. "You don't look like a creep, you look like a frog."

Harry smirks. "Whatever...Dancing Queen."

"Oi, shut up. I can dance circles around your arse," Niall's glaring at him now, lips pursed and water bottle clutched tightly in his right hand.

"Is that a challenge?" Harry raises an eyebrow, standing so that he's facing Niall.

The blonde steps close to Harry. Their faces are now three inches apart, chests touching. "Would you want it to be?"

"Are you threatening me, Dancing Queen?" Harry glares, eyes spitting fire.

"What if I am, Lover Boy?"

"Oi, what's going on here?" Louis steps in between them, pushing them apart. Once their chests aren't touching, Louis curls himself into Harry's side, head leaning on Harry's shoulder. Harry's hand immediately goes to hold his waist. "Well? Care to explain?"

Niall, from where he's standing still glaring at Harry, eyes look over at him before they return to Harry's, meeting his glare with an even colder one. "Your stupid frog of a boyfriend thinking he can make fun of me amazin' dancing skills."

"Amazing?" Harry snorts, hand tightening around Louis' waist. "More like disastrous."

"Oh, it's fuckin' on," Niall steps close again, only to be stopped by Louis' hand on his chest. Immediately he steps back and Harry is amazed by the effect that Louis has on all these people(including himself).

"Alright, alright, calm down," His blue eye look between them. "There's only one way to settle battle!"

"Who's gonna be the judge?" Harry asks, making love eyes down at Louis.

The beauty looks up at him, smiling. "Me."

"That's not fair!" Niall immediately injects. "If you're judge then you're obviously gonna pick Frogface!"

"He will pick the best dancer!" Harry fires back, doing the good thing and defending Louis' honor. "And that will be me!"

"If it's such a problem, I'll get Liam to help," Louis shrugs, stepping away from where he's standing and reaching out to grab a bottle of water.

For a moment, Niall looks like he's considering it. Then he sighs. "Fine," He picks up his bottle from the table. "But I need time to prepare. I'll see you both in an hour." Then he looks Harry in the eyes, bringing his hand up to his neck and drags his thumb over it. After that, he turns and walks away.

When Niall's gone, Harry turns to Louis. "You're gonna pick me, right?"

"'Course, Haz," Louis says, taking Harry's hand in his own. "C'mon now, I'll help you prepare."

He follows Louis.



Harry loses.

But it's not his fault. He was doing great, fantastic even, but when he turned around doing his last twirl(that Louis showed him how to do) his foot caught on the table's foot and he tripped and landed hard, causing a bruise to form on his arm.

Niall laughed. Liam looked at him sympathetically. Louis kissed his arm better.

"Don't worry, love," Louis says an hour later, as he caresses over Harry's arm. It's not even hurting, but Harry won't tell Louis that. "You're still the winner of my heart."

Before Harry can even coo at how adorable Louis is, he hears a click to off. He turns to look over at the sound, seeing Niall with his phone in his hand. It's not really weird that he took a photo of them. Kind of flattering, really.

"You might be a bad dancer, Harry, but you two make such a cute couple." Niall says, eyes locked on his phone screen.

Harry doesn't even comment about the the dance thing. "Can you send that to me?" He asks, referring to the photo.

"No," Niall immediately says, head snapping up and glaring daggers at him.

Harry frowns. "Why not?"

"Because I have a feeling that you're going to post it on twitter or Instagram and I don't want your robotic social media skills ruining such a beautiful photo." Niall shrugs, already editing the photo. He chooses the fade filter.

"My social media skills aren't robotic!" Harry nearly shouts, offended that Niall would even say that.

"Whatever floats your boat," The blonde mumbles, not really looking at Harry.

Harry turns to Louis, affronted. "You're just gonna let him talk to me like that?"

A snort comes from the blonde. He puts his phone in his back pocket before smirking at Harry. "Please, who do you think pointed out your robotic ways?"

Harry looks between the two of them. Shocked. Betrayed. Hurt. His own boyfriend.

"What was it ya' called him 'gain, Lou?"

Louis mumbles something incoherent and that causes Niall's smirk to widen. He looks like a scientist that's gone mad with power. "Sorry, speak up. Can't year ya'."

An eye roll is received from Louis. He isn't even caressing Harry's arm anymore. "Harbot. I called him Harbot."

A loud laugh escapes Niall. He even bends down and slaps his knee a few times. Honestly, what Harry wouldn't do just to throw him with a chair. Or a brick. Either will work.

"Whatever," He mumbles, sticking his nose up in the air and crossing his arms in front of his chest like a little child. "I hate both of you anyway." Louis raises an eyebrow, almost as if to say, 'oh?'. Harry immediately smiles at him, wrapping an arm around his shoulder. "I don't hate you."

"Better not," Louis mumbles into Harry's neck. "Me heart would be broken."

Small kisses are placed onto Louis' forehead. "Would never try to break your heart, ever." Harry mumbles softly in his ear.

"You two are so domestic that it actually makes me heart hurt." Harry almost forgot that Niall's been watching them.

He glares at him. "I still hate you."


@Harry_Styles : My boyfriend is so mean :( @Louis_Tomlinson .

He even adds a sad face just to prove Louis wrong. Ha. Robotic. That will show him.



I repeat, Harry Styles is not single. This is not a drill.

Well, well, well. Would you look at that? Our dear beloved Harry just broke a million of hearts right across the globe by a simple tweet. For months, we've been wondering what's been going on between Harry and the quite lovely, Louis Tomlinson. They've been playing this game with us far too long and now we have answers.

Styles, 21, confirmed that he and Tomlinson are, in fact, an item. By a tweet! Earlier today the young popstar tweeted: ' My boyfriend is so mean :( @Louis_Tomlinson ' (he even tweeted a sad face!) and then not even five minutes later, Tomlinson replied: ' @Harry_Styles sorry my love ! '

It's all very cute, if you ask me. A close source to the singer reveals: "Yes, Harry and Louis are dating. It's all very recent, though." Well, I don't quite believe that's it's all very recent at all! They're been teasing us with hugging and kissing photos and videos for weeks now!

I, for one, am very happy for our dear Harold. It looks like quite the serious relationship.

Tell us what you think by leaving a comment in our commentbox down below!


Amanda: im so happy for Harry! He looks so happy and Louis is very gorgeous!

Tiffany: I've never really liked Louis :/ feels like he's only there for Harry's money.


Colette: fuck off. harry isnt dating him.

Nicole: Nope! I refuse to believe that Harry is in a relationship.

Stella: Why can't you just stop hating on poor Louis and just be happy that Harry found someone who obviously makes him very happy?

Marcus: Can Louis dump Harry? I want to date Lou.


A frustrated sighs leaves Harry's mouth as he scrolls through twitter later that night, after the concert.

There's so many people who are hating on Louis and it's just so fucking frustrating. He wants to shout at them to shut up because they don't know Louis.

They don't fucking know Louis at all and they can't judge him. They don't that Louis saved Harry. They don't know that Louis is Harry's everything. They don't know that without Louis, Harry wouldn't be as happy as he is now.

Louis is the absolute most wonderful person and he deserves the world. The people in the world just doesn't deserve Louis.

Another sigh leaves Harry's lips as he comes across a tweet saying that Louis caused the bruise on Harry's arm, that's why he tweet that Louis is mean. Honestly, Louis wouldn't even hurt a fly. A fly would probably hurt him, but he wouldn't even dare hurt it back. He may act all though in front of everyone, but Harry knows Louis is a softie.

"What's wrong?" Louis asks as he slips into the bed beside Harry. He's wearing the same jumper as the previous night, looking as small as ever and all that Harry wants to do is protect Louis from the cruel, cruel world.

He logs out of twitter and puts his phone on the bedside table, then turns to Louis. He's looking at Harry like he could do no harm in the world and it tugs at Harry's heartstrings. "I'm so sorry, Lou. You're getting so much hate and it's all my fault."

When he avoids eye contact with Louis, his face is being placed in two small hands. They're very warm. "Love, it's true that I'm getting hate and of course it does sting a little but you know why I put up with it?" At Harry's shrug, Louis pressed his lips to Harry's forehead. "Because you're worth it, Haz. I love you and I won't let stupid words change that okay?"

Harry doesn't understand how he got Louis. It doesn't make sense how he ended up with somebody so, so perfect.

He kisses Louis long, getting so lost in everything that his boy is before he pulls back, placing another two kiss to his forehead. "Thank you."


@Harry_Styles: The summertime, and butterflies, all belong to your creation.