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Just For You

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I need your love to guide me back home
When I'm with you, I'm never alone
I need to feel you feel you tonight
I need to tell you that it's alright

We'll never be as young as we are now
It's time to leave this old black and white town
Let's seize the day
Let's run away
Don't let the colors fade to grey
We'll never be as young as we are now
As young as we are now


Harry stirs awake to life with the feeling of the sun shining down on his back and an empty, cold bed.

And okay, maybe he shouldn't immediately jolt up from the warm heat that the duvet is providing him, but considering what happened last time Harry woke up alone in a bed Louis was suppose to be in with him, he can't help it. So.

The room is empty, he notices as he rubs his eyes, wiping away all traces of tiredness. The only sign of life in the room is Harry, who looks around kind of confusedly. Scared, too. Louis wouldn't leave him again, right? Right.

He's absolutely sure about that. Not after last night. Not after Louis trusted him(and only him) by telling Harry his most horrid memory. Or in Louis' eyes, flaw, maybe. It's not a flaw to Harry, though. Nothing about Louis can, and ever will, be a flaw to Harry.

He shakes his head, hair falling onto his shoulders, and lifts the warm duvet off his body. Lazily, he stretches out his limbs and yawns. He can actually get used to this- Waking up in a bed he and Louis shared.

Of course, it has happened quite the number of times before yesterday, too. But this time it feels different. The other times it happened in different hotels, a lot of hotels. It wasn't something constant. It wasn't something that Harry could believe was a forever sort of thing. This time, he can picture it as a constant thing, though. Because even if it's not a home(?) it's still a house. Louis' house.

He throws his legs over the side of the bed, looking around it once more just to make sure louis isn't hiding from him. He's not. With jean clad legs(boy, Harry may love jeans but sleeping in them is not comfortable, like, at all) he makes his way over to the closed door of the bedroom.

Once he opens the door of the room and looks out into the small hallway, he's greeted with an unsettling silence. "Lou?" He calls out, voice maybe a bit too soft. He feels like if he were to be any louder, he'd be breaking an unspoken rule of loudness not being allowed in this lonely, yet lived in, flat.

Again, he's met with nothing but silence and maybe he should kind of be scared, but he isn't. Instead, he feels excitement starting to bubble up in his abdomen. Reason for this is unknown.

With graceful(probably the most graceful he's ever been in his entire life, ever)movements, he starts making his way down the hallway and into the kitchen, which turns out to be empty, and then into the living room. And-

He's met with the sight of Louis, sitting in the windowsill with one leg bent at the knee, tiny foot almost touching the bottom part of the window, and the other legs hanging loosing, daintily, against the cold wall. He's in a pair of boxers, maybe a bit too big, and Harry's jumper. His tiny hands are folded around a cup of tea(there's no way in hell that Louis would drink anything but tea) with steam flowing up into the invisible air.

Louis' head is turned towards the outside of the window, observing what Harry guesses is the people outside it, moving frantically or slowly or maybe just being there for him to watch. He looks like a dream, or, maybe, a beautiful reality.

He looks like Harry's.

Fuck, Harry is absolutely sure he can get used to this. He's sure that if this is his future, he will never grow tired of it.

Harry leans against the doorframe, luckily there's no door, and crosses his arms in front of his chest. "Morning," Again, his voice sounds too soft, and Harry wonders for a moment if Louis even heard him. But then Louis slowly turns his head, eyes lighting up and a small, soft smile on his beautiful face as he sees Harry.

He brings the cup up to his lips, taking a small sip, eyes still focused on nothing but Harry, before he lowers the cup into his lap. "Morning, love."

Harry walks toward the couch, which is only a few meters(two maybe) away from where Louis is sat, and takes the seat nearest the window. He wiggles around a bit, trying to find a comfortable position to sit in before he looks at his boy again. "Sleep well?"

"Mmm," Louis hums, his gaze back on the outside world again. His attention on Harry, and only Harry. "What about you, Sleeping Beauty?" There's a hint of amusement in his voice, indicating that either he's very happy or just very fond of Harry. Which, Harry would be happy if both were to be true.

With an eye roll, Harry clicks his tongue and replies, "Sleeping Beauty? Baby, please," He flicks his hair over his shoulder dramatically, much like a diva would. "I prefer Rapunzel."

A giggle escapes Louis lips and he slaps one sweater-pawed hand over it, drying to quiet down his cute little laugh. "You're so stupid."

Harry sticks his tongue out at the beauty before turning his head to the other side, glaring at the blank wall, and crossing his arms firmly in front of his chest. Much like a child would.

He's not going to press Louis about last night. He's afraid that if he does he'll make Louis uncomfortable, and that's the last thing he wants. If Louis wants to continue talking about it, Harry will wait until he starts by himself.

Happily, he lifts himself from the couch and walks over to Louis, taking his head in his hands and placing a sweet, long kiss to his forehead. It feels so good, to be able to touch Louis like this again. To let his emotions linger on the softness of Louis' skin.

He pulls away, quickly kissing Louis' nose before he looks into his eyes, eyes beaming and dimple prominent. "That's a better good morning."

A small hand is placed on his chest, Louis' one hand now holding his cup of tea, before he rolls his eyes. "You can kiss me on the mouth, you know?" He places the cup next to his bare feet on the windowsill before locking both his arms around Harry's neck, pulling the man child closer to him. "I'm not fragile."

Of course he's not, Louis is one of the strongest people Harry knows. He was forced to be strong, not only for himself but for the people around him too, Harry thinks. And Harry wants Louis to know that he doesn't need to be strong around him, he doesn't need walls protecting him when Harry is around because Harry will protect him, always.

"I know you're not," He places one, two, three, kisses on Louis' temple. "But I have morning breath, so."

Louis pulls away, hand still on Harry's chest. "Thanks for saving me from that."

With a nod, Harry pulls away from Louis, and starts moving to the kitchen. Once inside, he opens the cabinets and searches for something to eat, only finding bread. There's a fruit bowl to his left with nothing but bananas in it. "Lou? You have something to eat?"

Not even seconds later Louis stumbles into the kitchen, empty cup on his right hand, confused expression on his beautiful face. "Isn't there? Could've sworn mum bought me something the day before yesterday."

"Well," Harry begins, turning around and facing Louis. "There's only bread and bananas."

Louis raises an eyebrow, walking towards the sink and placing his cup in it. When he's done, he looks at Harry. "So? Eat that."

Harry pulls a face of disgust. "That's gross."

"You're gross," Louis mocks him in a deep voice, trying to sound like Harry. It doesn't work but Harry can't help the smile blossoming on his face. His boy is truly something else.

It's nice, he decides, joking around with Louis like this. Like they don't have any care in the world. Like Louis isn't bent and Harry isn't suppose to be in another country.

Louis sighs, moving closer to Harry. "If my banana on bread is such a disgrace to you, then I'll take you to me mum. Bet she still has some pancakes left."

"Not even properly courted yet and already meeting the parents," Harry jokes, although he sees Louis tense. Right, they still need to discuss the entire relationship thing.

Louis shrinks back, not shy, not entirely comfortable either. "Right," He trails off, eyes locked on the ground. "Uhm, we should probably get ready. There's an extra toothbrush in the bathroom cabinet, and you can use my hairbrush."

He walks away, leaving behind a cursing Harry.


30 Minutes later, Louis stands by the front door, arms crosses in front of his chest and left foot tapping impatiently on the floor. He's in black skinny jeans, hugging his legs tightly and a big Adidas jacket. "Haz," He calls, fake annoyance in his voice. "Get your arse out here, I've been waiting for an eternity."

Harry comes stumbling out of the bathroom, wearing the same clothes as yesterday and tying his hair up in a bun. He walks to Louis, rolling his eyes. "You're such a drama queen."

"Whatever," Louis scoffs. "Just hurry up."

They're acting like an old married couple, Harry thinks, trying to bite back the smile on his face. He walks past Louis, opening the door and stepping outside. Louis follows, quickly locking the door and putting the key in his back pocket.

They walk in silence for awhile, and once they step outside, they're immediately hit by the breeze. Damn, inside the flat it had looked so warm, but now Harry kind of regrets not having a jumper.

Outside of the building, Harry's car is parked, not too far from the left. Immediately, Louis walks over to it.

"Lou?" Harry questions, a bit nervously. "I was wondering if we could walk?"

Louis looks at him, right eyebrow raised, smirk present. "It's quite far. At least half an hour on foot."

With a shrug, Harry walks closer to Louis. He takes his right hand into his own, thumb caressing over the skin. He brings Louis' hand up to his mouth, kissing over his knuckles. "That's fine. I like spending time with you. And nobody knows where I am, so the chances of us getting mobbed are small. And I'm pretty sure all the kids are in school."

Louis eyes him up and down, sharp teeth biting over his bottom lip before a smile breaks out on his face. He laces their fingers together, hand only shaking a bit. "If you insist."

It's really nice, walking with Louis down the street. Not being mobbed. Attention solely on his boy, and his boy alone. It's probably the most normal Harry has felt since the X-Factor.

Louis gestures wildly with his hands, pulling Harry's hand up and down as they walk past a park and he tells Harry a story about how he fell from the monkey-bars, ending with with a sprained ankle and a broken arm when he was 8.

Harry can only watch. Watch as the sun shines down on Louis' tan skin. Watch as Louis smiles happily. Watch as Louis gets more beautiful with every word leaving his mouth.

And it's so weird- because Louis is literally the most beautiful person Harry has seen(Zayn doesn't count, obviously. Because Zayn isn't a person, he's a Greek god) based on looks. But his inside...His inside is what Harry likes(?) the most. He's tough and sassy and witty. Sharp with words. Not afraid to fight for the ones he loves. But he's also soft and gentle and careful. He shines like the sun- Or, something brighter than the sun. Harry thinks Louis is better than the sun.

Suddenly, there's fingers snapping in front of his face. When he snaps out of his trance and looks to his left, he's faced with Louis, who's head is tilted slightly to the side. "I'm sorry, what were you saying?"

"I said, we're here." Louis shakes his head fondly. Harry didn't even notice that they stopped. That's what happens when you have Louis Tomlinson in your life- You get so lost in him that you somehow lose yourself, in the best way.

He looks at the house, and he can't help but sense something familiar about it. The entire walk to the door Harry tries to figure where exactly he's seen this house, and it's not until Louis knocks, quite loudly, and a woman open the door that Harry knows.

It's the same house, and same woman, from yesterday. Today, Louis' mum he guesses, eyes him cautiously up and down, before her eyes lowers and settles on their locked hands. A smile appear on her face before she's, quite literally, pulling them both into a hug.

"Lou," She breathes out when she pulls away. "Good to see you, love."

Louis rolls his eyes, hand still locked with Harry's, and smiles at her. "You saw me the day before yesterday."

"Still," She steps to the side, allowing them to enter the silent house. It's clear that there's little to no children in the house at the moment. Although, Harry can spot some toys lying around on the wood floors. "Come in, come in."

Louis steps in, pulling Harry along with him. The walls of the house are littered with pictures. From Louis to children that Harry doesn't quite recognize, but nonetheless, their features look very familiar. Obviously, it's Louis' siblings.

"Right," Louis says, snapping Harry back to reality. He pulls Harry a bit closer to his side and his hand tightens where it holds Harry's. It doesn't go unnoticed by his mum. "Mum, this is Harry and Harry this is mum."

"I know," Louis' mum says, extending her right hand so that Harry can shake it. "We've already met."

With a eyebrow raised, Louis looks between Harry and his mum, obviously wanting to know when they've met. Harry only shrugs when Louis' eyes settle on him once and for all. "Liam said you lived here when I asked him. Your mum just told me the right address." Louis nods, satisfied with the answer, and Harry pulls back his hand, smiling at Louis' mother. "It's nice to officially meet you, Mrs. Tomlinson."

"It's Mrs. Deakin, actually." She says quite harshly, eyes narrowing at him and lips pursing. Harry doesn't know what to do. Should he apologize? Run? Hide? It's not even thirty seconds later that both Louis and his mum burst out laughing, Louis quite literally clutching his stomach.

"Oh man," He pretends to wipe away a tear, little laughs still escaping him. "You should've seen your face, Haz!"

It continues for another minute, them just laughing and Harry not quite sure what to do before Louis' mum smiles at him. "Nothing personal, Harry. Just something we do. Oh, and please call me Jay."

Harry nods, smiling at her. She's really pretty, now that he's looking so close. Louis starts walking deeper into the house, into a room that Harry guesses is the dining room. It's quite messy, plates with half eaten pancakes still on them, littering most of the table. "Right, well now that introductions are done, Harry and I came for some breakfast."

Jay, from where she's standing leaning against the door frame, looks at them like they've lost their mind. "You're a bit too late, love. I just came back from dropping Dory and Ernie at daycare."

Louis shrugs, plopping down in a chair, finally letting go of Harry's hand. "Please, we're hungry."

Jay sighs. Then, "Fine. Louis, clean the table. Harry, come with me. We're gonna heat up the left over pancakes."

With a shrug from Louis, Harry follows Jay into the kitchen. When he enters, he finds her opening the microwave. He awkwardly stands to the side, not really knowing what to do.

It's not awkward. Or, at least, not much.

They're working in silence- or, mostly Jay is heating up the leftovers pancakes without talking to Harry. Until, "You make him happy."

Harry snaps his head up, looking over her. Her eyes aren't on him, instead looking at her hands. "He makes me happy."

"Good," And now she's looking at him- or, well, glaring at him. "Look, I don't know what happened with him...He refuses to tell me." Her eyes look sad now, her voice lacing with hurt. "But it's clear that he trusts you. And I just want you to know that if you hurt him, I won't hesitate to hunt you down. No matter how famous you are."

Harry takes a breath in. "I won't hurt him. I promise."

She looks skeptical. Lips pursed, eyes scanning over him. Then she nods. "Good. Because he's my baby. I can't take it seeing him hurt."

Almost carefully, Harry walks to her, placing his large hand on her shoulder. "I won't hurt him. Not now. Not ever."


When they eventually return from the kitchen, they're met with a groan. "Took ya' long enough."

"Just shut up and enjoy it," Jay smiles fondly down at him, placing the stack of pancakes on the table in front of her tiny son.

Harry catches her eye, nodding, before he takes a seat next to Louis.

Although he should be terrified, he actually quite likes Jay.


The rest of the day is spent at Louis' flat, laughing over tea at ridiculous stories of their childhood. Harry almost forgets about the tour, until he gets a text from the tour manager, telling him that he needs to fly back to Japan the next day, with it without Louis.

When Harry lies on Louis' bed later that night, he watches as Louis walks around his room, picking little things every now and then. It's more endearing than it's suppose to be.

When Louis finds something that Harry can't see, a smirk settles on his face. With the item behind his back, he moves to his bed, taking a seat at Harry's feet. "Haz," He begins rubbing small circles with his thumb over Harry's bare foot, trying to make it seem like he's innocent from whatever crime he committed. "Can I paint your toenails?"

A small, black bottle of nail paint is relieved from behind Louis' back. It's only half full and Harry wonders for a moment if Louis ever used it on himself. "Where did you even get that?"

Louis shrugs nonchalantly, already placing Harry's left foot in his lap and opening up the small bottle. "Lottie forgot it here when she came over a week ago."

Harry can only watch as Louis starts painting his big toenail, going over it with the paint two times before moving on to the next one. And suddenly, Harry thinks of something. "Lou?"

Louis hums, not looking up from where he's busy. He's already on the third toe now.

"Can you tell me the story of you and Liam?"

Surprisingly, Louis' head doesn't snap up to glare at him. However, his hand stills for a moment before he releases a breath, continuing with the work. "Not really much to tell, we met how we said we did. And then I conveniently called him a month before the tour stared, and then wha-la, I'm on tour with you lot."

"The full story, please," Harry says, eyes following Louis' movement.

When he's done with the last toe, he quickly blows over them before removing the foot from his lap and then taking the other one. "Uhm...well. I just got tired of strangers. Like, ya'know. I didn't see his face...and it killed me knowing that I could've been walking past him without knowing it. So I just...called Liam. He was the only friend I had that didn't live here. So."

For a moment, it feels like Harry can't breathe. Fuck, he's still so angry. So sad. So sorry. So...disappointed that it had to happen to Louis. But Louis doesn't want his pity, so he closes his eyes and breathes in. Then out. "Have you ever considered therapy?"

Okay, maybe it's the wrong thing to say. He said he wouldn't press Louis about this. And he isn't...right?

The only thing Louis does is shrug, eyes still on Harry's feet. "Don't need it."

And it's a clear indication that Louis doesn't want to talk about it further, so Harry just shuts up. Louis is done with painting now, blowing over all of his 10 toenails simultaneously.

When he's done, he closes the bottle and throws it somewhere on the floor, not caring if he didn't close it right. He moves up to behind Harry, wrapping his arm around Harry's waist and pressing his nose between Harry's shoulder blades. "So, you have to go back to the tour tomorrow."

Harry frowns, turning his body so that he's facing Louis. "How do you know?"

"Saw it on your phone," Louis shrugs, opening his eyes. "Gonna miss you."

Okay. Now is the time.

"Louis," Harry begins in a soft voice, caressing Louis cheeks. "Come back on tour with me? As my boyfriend."

It's the exact same question than yesterday and Harry's only afraid for a moment that Louis will say no again. The nerves are settling in his stomach and for only five seconds he can't bring himself to look at the beauty in front of him. But when he does look up, Louis has a smile on his face, pearly whites showing.