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Alternate Reality

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Alternate Reality
Chapter One: Same Old Song and Dance

Blake whined and rolled closer into Dean’s chest, pulling the blankets closer around her tiny body. She was always so freaking cold in the morning. Dean wrapped his arm a little tighter around her waist, pulling her closer against his chest. She buried her head in his skin, breathing in the smell of leather and spice. She felt him run his fingers lightly up and down her spine. She smiled, closing her eyes again, just relaxing into him.

It’d been about a month since she’d killed the werewolf that had tried to kill them both. Things had been pretty normal—as normal as it could get for hunters anyways. Castiel was hanging around a little more, and she was improving her skills every day. As far as she was concerned, she was living the life.

Dean dropped a kiss on top of her head. “Morning.”

“Morning,” she mumbled. She stretched out, running a hand through her hair, scratching her nails over his scalp. “What’s on the agenda for today?” she asked.

Dean groaned, reaching over her, his body rolling on top of hers for a moment while he grabbed his phone. She laughed playfully, pushing him off of her. “Sorry.” He looked at his phone, checking for messages. Since she’d started sleeping in the same room with Dean, Sam was a little more hesitant about coming in. “Sammy’s got something for us.” He rolled onto his back and stretched an arm over his head.

She sighed, leaning up on one of her arms, leaning over him. “I guess we better go see what he’s got.” She bent down and kissed Dean, her dark hair falling over her shoulder in a curtain. She smoothed her hand up his chest and cupped his face. Dean reached up, running a hand through her hair, pulling her just a little closer. She smiled into the kiss. It was amazing how easy and natural things were with Dean.

He patted her ass and sighed when she pulled away. “If we keep this up we’re never going to get out of bed.”

She smiled a little. “What’s wrong with that?”

He smirked. “Don’t tempt me, princess.” She laughed and climbed out of bed, grabbing her clothes. Dean watched her. She picked up a pair of black, lacy, boy cut panties and slipped them up her long, lean legs. He licked his lips. Next was the matching bra that had a little black satin bow in the middle of those gorgeous breasts. She fastened it in the back and rearranged her breasts so they fit better in the cups. She glanced over at him as she bent over and picked up a pair of jeans from the bottom drawer. “You’re teasing me on purpose,” he accused her.

“I’m just getting dressed.” She winked at him, pulling the jeans up her legs. Dean groaned, watching the way the denim cupped her perfect ass. He got out of bed finally and started dressing himself. “Sam say what he found?” she asked.

“Nope, just to meet him in the library.”

Blake nodded her head and braided her hair, draping it over her shoulder while Dean finished getting dressed. They walked out of the room and headed down the hall to the library. Sam was sitting in front of his laptop, smirking at the screen. “What’s so funny?” she asked, walking around to look at the screen over his shoulder. Her eyes grew wide in her head and her jaw dropped slightly. There was no way, no possible way. She’d deleted the account. “Oh my god…”

“What is it?” Dean walked around and looked at the computer. “What’s that?”

Sam smirked and started reading from the page. “She still looked a little off. “She shook her head. ‘When I broke out of the spell or whatever that was, and I saw you bleeding, I swear I thought you were dying.’” Blake launched herself at Sam, trying to cover his mouth with her hand. He laughed and got up, holding to the computer out of her reach. “‘I thought I was going to lose you. I can’t fight it anymore. I love you, Dean.” He grabbed her face in his hands and kissed her. “Good, because I love you too.’ She smiled and wrapped her arms around him and kissed him again.”

Dean rolled his eyes. “Fanfiction? Damn it, Sammy. Why are you reading fanfiction?”

Sam smirked, setting the laptop back down and crossed his arms. “Because your girlfriend wrote it.”

Dean turned and looked at Blake. “Excuse me?” he asked, crossing his arms.

“It’s not like that!” She looked between Sam and Dean. “Oh fuck me, it was a show,” she whined.

He nodded his head and glanced at the laptop before looking back at her. “What kind of fanfiction?”

“Hey, it’s not like I was writing Wincest or Destiel.” She crossed her arms and glared at the floor. “I don’t ship that.”

“So what did you write?” he asked.

She sighed and remembered the fanfiction Sam had been reading from. “You met a chick hunter named Dalia fell in love, Sam met a girl named Elena. Dalia ended up dying when you had to seal the Titans back in Tartarus, then Aphrodite brought her back and made her a demigod, Sam and Elena lost a baby, Dalia got her soul taken by Crowley. Then they got her soul back and during Sam and Elena’s wedding John showed up and you ended up killing him because he was under Crowley’s control.”

Dean and Sam looked at her. A little shocked. “You’re twisted,” Dean said.

“Bite me.” She stormed out of the room and headed straight for the kitchen. She’d made it so long without them finding that account. She didn’t know how Sam had managed to find it. She’d deleted it. It shouldn’t have been…son of a bitch. She forgot about the second account. She rubbed her eyes as she leaned against the counter in the kitchen. Of all of the things from her past they could have found out, it had to be the freaking fanfiction.

Dean walked in and wrapped his arms around her waist, leaning over her back. He kissed her neck, smiling against her skin. “I’m not mad,” he whispered.

“It’s embarrassing.”

“Maybe a little.” You haven’t written anymore have you?” he asked. Blake shook her head. “Sam showed me one other thing.”

She groaned, rubbing her face. “What?”

He hummed lightly. “What was it again?” He nuzzled her neck with is nose, running it up until he could nip at her ear lobe. “Oh yeah, fuck, Dalia. Your pussy’s so perfect. Gonna get addicted.”

Blake bit her lip, feeling him grip her hips tightly in his hands. “I’ll be your heroine baby,” she whispered back. Dean groaned and fisted a hand in her hair, turning her head and kissing her hard. She gripped the counter, moaning into the kiss as he ground his hips against her ass.

“Guys, come on, we make food there!” Sam said after he walked in and caught them.

Blake blushed as Dean pulled away. “Sorry, Sammy.” She bit her lip, looking up at Dean.

He smirked and slapped her ass. “This isn’t over,” he warned her. He walked out to the library so Sam could tell them about the case.

Blake rolled her eyes and grabbed some coffee. “Sorry, didn’t mean to slip there,” she said looking at Sam.

“What do you mean?” He held his coffee cup out for a refill.

“Sammy, I know you don’t like it when someone other than Dean calls you that.” She topped off his cup and put the pot back.

Sam took her hand until she looked up at him. He smiled, kissing her head. “You’re basically my little sister, you can call me Sammy.”

Blake looked up at him, swallowing hard. She and Dean might have dropped the L bomb to each other, but this…this was big. She set their coffee mugs down and jumped, throwing her arms around Sam. He laughed and caught her, letting her hug him. “Thank you,” she whispered around the emotions choking her.

He smiled, rubbing her back. He kissed the side of her head. “You’re welcome.” He gently set her back down.

She grinned and wiped her eyes, picking up her coffee cup. “C’mon, you’ve got an evil SOB to tell us about.” She took her hand, walking back to the library. She laughed when Sam swung their arms over dramatically.

Dean looked over as they walked in and just smiled. “You know,” he started, wrapping his arms around her hips as she stood in front of him. “I think Sammy likes having a little sister.”

“As long as he doesn’t get too over protective and punch my boyfriend.” She smirked, running her fingers through his hair, pushing the bangs up.

Sam rolled his eyes. “Okay you two.” He sat in front of his laptop and minimized the screen that had her fanfiction up. He smirked when Blake gave him a look. “I saw the sex scenes with me, I want to read them.”

“Narcissist.” She smirked and sat in a chair.

Sam laughed and sat down, bringing up the information on the case he found. “So, we all know that Disney World has its fair share of hauntings, but something else is going on.” He turned the computer around to show them the article. “So, every time a new ride goes up at Disney, someone, usually one of the characters, shows up dead…outside of the property line.”

“So?” Blake wasn’t sure she understood what he was getting at.

“The rumor is that whenever a ride goes up, the ghost of Walt Disney shows up to kill a character involved in the attraction or ride. When the Seven Dwarf’s Mine went up, they found Snow White dead just outside of the park.”

“So what’s going up this time?” Dean asked.

“Something to do with Peter Pan.” He shook his head looking back at the screen. “I think it’s worth checking out, at least, just to be sure.”

“Yeah, maybe, but how do you expect to do this?” Dean asked. “You’re talking a twenty-four hour drive, plus how much cash it’s going to take to get in.”

“That’s just it. We won’t have to pay. They’re hiring.” Sam looked up at them. “They need a couple of guys to help build the attraction, and they’re looking for someone to play Tinkerbell.” He looked over at Blake.

“My hair’s a little long and dark to play Tinkerbell.” She crossed her arms. She didn’t like the sound of what Sam was implying.

“They have wigs, and you fit the size requirements.”

Dean smirked a little. “Well, let’s go to the happiest place on earth.”


Blake walked into the audition room and looked around. How the hell was she going to guarantee that they chose her to play Tinkerbell? The boys had already secured their jobs working on the new attraction. Now she just needed to ace the interview. She faced the table, looking at her. The man in the middle looked her over, nodding.

“Why do you want to work at Disney World?” he asked.

Blake took a steading breath. “Honestly, I could use the job. I’m trying to put myself through college. I don’t have anyone to help me. My family died years ago and I packed up and moved here. I don’t have anyone.” She sighed a little. This wasn’t going to get her the job. “I never got the happy family vacation to Disney. If I can make that just a little more special for the kids who do get it, then that’s enough for me.”

He leaned forward, smiling. “Welcome to the family, Blake.” He pressed a button on an intercom. “Brittany, we have our Tinkerbell, could you see that she’s taken care of?” He looked back up at Blake. “Right through there.” He gestured to a door on her left.

“Thank you.” She headed for the door, frowning a little. That had been a lot easier than she thought it would be. She walked through the door. An older woman was waiting for her. “Brittany?” she asked.

“I am. You must be Tinkerbell.” She shook her hand and led her down a row of costumes.

“Blake.” She looked over the costumes, the illusion was officially shattered. “So, what do I have to do exactly? Just smile, don’t talk, and take pictures with kids?”

“Pretty much.” Brittany pulled the Tinkerbell costume down and handed it to her. “You get a lunch at one, the break room will be show to you tomorrow when you start. Be here by seven.” She sighed and handed her a box. “This is your wig. Bring it with you. When you get here in the morning we’ll get it on you along with your makeup. Come in costume.”

Blake nodded as she ran down the rest of the list. What the hell had she walked into? As soon as Brittany had finished giving her the quick rundown, Blake hurried out. Sam and Dean were waiting outside, watching the mass of people pass by. Dean looked up, noticing the green dress peeking out of her duffel. “You got the job.”

“I got it.” She ran a hand through her hair and looked around. “I’m supposed to report here at seven tomorrow morning.”

Dean nodded. “That’s when we get off. We’re supposed to start at closing.” He sighed and looked around. Blake could tell he and Sam were nervous about her being at the park alone, but they didn’t have much of a choice anymore. “Let’s go back to the room, get some research done while we’ve got the time.”

Blake nodded and followed him and Sam back to their hotel room. Since Sam and Dean were only hired for the one ride, the park was putting them up in the resort. She had to admit, it would be nice to have a decent room for a change. When they got back to the room Dean dropped into a chair and sighed. “We should stay in nice places more often.”

Blake rolled her eyes and set her bag down. “With our salary? Good luck.” She pulled her Tinkerbell outfit out and looked it over. “I’m going to go try this on.” She walked into the bathroom and stripped out of her clothes. She pulled the sparkly green dress on and smoothed the skirt over her hips and modeled in front of the mirror. It didn’t look half bad. She walked out of the bathroom and looked over at Dean.

He looked up from some of the information on the deaths Sam had printed out. His eyes grew in his head and he whistled. “Damn baby,” he said getting up. “You really know how to rock Tinkerbell.” Blake smiled and batted her eye lashes as he walked towards her. He smirked, running his hands over her hips. She silently gasped and slapped his hand away, shaking her finger at him. He smirked and looked down at her. “Really getting into the role, huh?”

“Can you two go two minutes without thinking about fucking each other?” Sam asked. “We’ve got a killer to stop.” Blake pouted and walked over. She took his papers from him and sat on his lap, crossing her arms, giving him the best puppy eyes she could muster. Sam rolled his eyes. “Yes, you make a very nice Tinkerbell.”

She smiled and kissed his cheek before getting up. She walked back into the bathroom, swaying her hips as she walked past Dean. She smirked, a swell of pride filling her when he slapped her ass. She quickly changed back into her normal clothes and walked out of the bathroom. “I think I’m going to enjoy playing Tink.”


Dean sighed, wiping away the sweat covering his forehead. He hated manual labor when it didn’t involve digging up graves. He held up a panel so Sam could screw it into place. He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t nervous about Blake being back at the resort by herself. She was the main attraction in the new ride they were building. They’d basically set her up as bait.

She was back at the room, sleeping off her first day as far as Dean knew. She’d texted him when she’d left for the night, but they were already on their way to the job sight. He hadn’t heard from her since then so he assumed she was sleeping. She said she’d had a pretty rough first day.

“That’s lunch people,” the foreman called out.

“About time.” Dean stated back out of the attraction to the breakroom.

“I think it’s time to talk to some locals,” Sam said nodding to the foreman.

“Oh yeah.” He sighed and walked into the breakroom. They caught up with their boss as he was heading out for a cigarette. “Hey, Richie, got a second?” he asked.

“Make it quick boys.” He leaned against a tree and lit his cigarette. “How’s the work going?”

“It’s uh, its fine,” Sam said. “We were wondering though, we heard some rumors.”

Richie sighed and flicked his ashes. “Let me guess, you heard about the dead college kids?” he asked.

“Well, yeah.” Sam looked at Dean who nodded. “You know anything about that?”

“I know what I get told, they die off the grounds.” He rubbed his eyes and sat down. “But what I think is different.”

“And what do you think is going on?” Dean asked.

Richie shook his head. “It’s not important.” He put out his cigarette with the heel of his boot. “You boys shouldn’t ask questions like that of anyone else. Understand?”

“Yes sir,” Sam said. They watched him go back inside and sighed looking at each other. “That went well.”

“Yeah, no one around here wants to talk about it.” Dean rubbed his eyes and looked around. “So what do we do now?”

Sam shook his head. “No clue.” He sighed and looked back at the attraction. “Let’s go look around.”

Dean nodded and followed Sam back inside. They weren’t going to find whatever was killing coeds if they didn’t look around. And since no one was talking, they were going to have to do it themselves. They grabbed their flashlights and started looking through the attraction, going into the places where they hadn’t been working.

“So, if someone really is killing the college students, my question is why?”

Dean shook his head. “Hard telling. I mean, plucking some poor shmuck from the crowed of people isn’t necessarily the smartest thing ever.” He frowned as they rounded a corner and could hear chanting and flickering lights up ahead. He nudged Sam and nodded towards it. Slowly they made their way down the tunnel. The chanting grew louder but they couldn’t place the language.

They carefully looked around the corner. Six men in suits were standing around a wooden table in a room surrounded by torches. Five of them were holding black candles while the other man was reading from an old looking piece of paper. He would chant a few words in whatever language he was speaking and pause while the others repeated the last word. “I think we found the killers,” Dean whispered. He tried looking around the bodies to see what they were chanting over.

The chanting stopped and they started to move. Blake was bound and gagged on the table, still fully dressed in her Tinkerbell costume. She was pulling at the ropes, trying to get free. He growled and without thinking, pulled his gun and walked into the room. “Hey!”

The six men turned and looked at him. The one who’d been chanting stepped forward. “You shouldn’t be here.”

Rage was eating away at Dean. If they thought they were going to sacrifice Blake they had another thing coming. Sam moved forward to cut her free while Dean kept his gun on the evil suits. “What the hell is wrong with you?” he demanded. “You don’t just go around killing people.”

The man in charge slid his hands into his pockets, watching as Sam helped Blake up and back over to Dean. She didn’t ask if he had her gun, she just reached into his jacket and pulled it out. He was always packing a backup since she’d suggested it. “You don’t understand,” he tried to reason. “We need to make the sacrifice if we want to stay in business.”

“How is killing a couple of coeds every time a ride goes up keep you in business?” Blake demanded.

He sighed. “Uncle Walt…he bought this land cheap. Before the Natives had it, before the Paleoindians. This land is cursed. If the sacrifice isn’t made hard times fall on the inhabitants.” He shook his head. “The sacrifice must be representative of what is being built. This is a Peter Pan ride, so we sacrifice Tinkerbell.” His eyes leveled on Blake.

“Yeah, well I got news for you, buddy,” Dean growled. “You’re not killing this Tink.”

The men all threw silver knives at them. Dean growled, taking one to the shoulder. Sam got one lodged in his thigh. Blake managed to duck, but she was too preoccupied with them. The man in charge got ahold of her gun and threw it off to the side, out of her reach. She growled and kicked him in the nose, his body falling back. She grunted when another man grabbed her in a bear hug from behind. She kicked the guy running at her, breaking his nose and head-butted the guy holding her. He dropped her.

Sam managed to get up first. He took the knife that he’d been stabbed with and threw it, lodging it deep into one of the men’s chests. Dean slit another’s throat. Blake ducked under a knife that’d been pulled from the dead guy’s chest and rolled, grabbing her gun. She shot one of the four left, dropping him, leaving three.

Dean glanced at her as she made her way closer to him and Sam. “Ready to give up?” he asked. His shoulder was killing him and Sam was limping on his bad leg.


“Too bad.” Without blinking, Blake put a bullet in the leader’s head, quickly followed by the other two. She sighed and looked at Dean. “You two were late.” She walked over and took as much of Sam’s weight as she could manage, helping him limp out.

Dean rolled his eyes and followed. “We got here, didn’t we?”

“Barely.” She took them out of the back exit and they didn’t waste any time getting back to their room, avoiding as many people as possible. As soon as they were in the room she put Sam down in a chair. “Shirt and pants off boys,” she said, going to her duffel. She pulled out the field kit and opened it up, tossing Dean a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue.

“Hey, I’m the only one you get to say that to,” he pouted, opening the bottle and taking a drink.

“You get stabbed in the leg,” Sam bitched. He pushed his jeans down, taking the bottle from Dean and taking a deep drink. Dean rolled his eyes and pulled his shirts off.

“Fix up the baby first,” he grunted, sitting in another chair. Blake rolled her eyes and knelt on the ground beside Sam. She quickly patched him up with minimal complaints from either of them. She didn’t see what the big deal was. So they got stabbed. She was the one who’d gotten kidnapped and nearly sacrificed for a freaking theme park.

She got up and moved to Dean, straddling his lap. “Don’t scare me like that again,” she whispered as Sam limped off to take a shower.

“What do you mean?”

She glanced up at him as she threaded the needle. “I really thought I was going to die that time.” She looked back down at his shoulder as she started to stich him up.

Dean lifted her chin and kissed her softly. “I wouldn’t let that happen.” She nodded her head a little and finished with his shoulder. She started to get up, but Dean held her close. “You know, it was pretty sexy, watching Tinkerbell kick some ass like that.”

She rolled her eyes. “Seriously? That turns you on?”

“I didn’t think it would, but yeah, it did.” He leaned forward, kissing her neck. “How about you join me in the shower?” he whispered.

She shivered against him and bit her lip, nodding her head. She needed it, honestly. She needed to feel him under him. As soon as Sam got out they made their way in. It was exactly what she needed, slow, passionate, romantic, hot, steamy. Dean held her close as he loved her, rocked against her, and sent her to new heights of pleasure. After, when they were lying in bed together, curled up under the sheets, his arms wrapped around her, she looked up at him. “No more theme parks, okay?”

“Deal.” He kissed her head. If she’d been scared, he’d been ready to wet his pants when he saw her lying on that table. He pulled her a little closer, just needing to feel her next to him. Hopefully the next case they got would be an easy one.