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Love Me for Me

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People would have thought it was weird how they feel into place quite quickly, but once they realized that they were meant to be together they put their differences aside for their omega. 

Lou was still a bit hesitant when it came to letting them get close to her, everyone who gets close to her end up leaving, but there was something about the two alphas that made her safe. She still had her doubts but her inner omega was pleased with them two so for now she was just going by her instinct. 

During the town meeting when Harry had announced that he and Liam were both courting Lou, there was a lot of derogatory terms yelled out about the relationship, but mainly pointed towards the only female omega in their pack. Harry felt Lou’s inner omega crying at all the hate so for the first time in his life he let out a loud roar to get everyone to stop.

He then had to use his alpha voice, something he never wanted to use. “You are to be kind to your pack leader’s choices and to his mate. If neither of you like it then you can leave.” And well, that shut up the rest of the pack seeing as no other pack would accept them. Harry watched as Liam helped calm down Lou as he scented her, the alpha scent always helped omegas calm themselves down.

Once the town meeting was over, Harry saw a change throughout, people were being nicer to each other. He thought that it was just because of what he did, but he didn’t want to think of it as that and just put it as a good change.

“Baby, you alright?” He asked, finally getting to hold his omega after all the commotion. 

Lou just smushed her face into Harry’s chest as he scented her too, helping her completely calm down. “All good here my alpha.”

Harry smiled and got her to look him in the eyes and kissed her softly. “Good, I’m glad.” Liam smiled at his two mates, happy that they figured out a way to work everything out. It still might be weird, but they were still very happy.

Liam kissed her cheek. “I think it’s time to celebrate for a good day.”

“Can we go on a wolf run? You never let me go by myself and we’re all together so why not?” Lou pouted up to her two alphas.

“I don’t know, there’s supposed to be a big storm tonight and I wouldn’t want us to get stuck in the rain with your heat coming soon.” 

“Please just for a little bit? And I will ride on one of your backs so I don’t get left behind. Please?” Lou started begging her alphas to allow her to do something she wanted to do for once.

“As long as you promise to not let go and go elsewhere.” Harry said sternly. Lou cheered as she quickly changed into her wolf, her alphas changing after she did.

She usually would hold onto Harry while they ran, but this time he decided to hang onto Lou. Harry whimpered at her because he wanted her on his back but the omega ignored him as Liam started to run once she gave him the okay.

They ran all the way to the border of their territory. Harry crowned as he sensed that something did not seem right. He made Liam fall back as he went to investigate. He got closer and closer to the lines when a very familiar wolf came within 10 feet of the alpha.

Harry let out a loud growl towards the wolf causing him to freeze. They both looked at each other before Harry realized who he was looking at. It was one of the rogue wolves he used to know. The rogue wolf that found his mate and left to be apart of his pack. 

Harry projected his voice into his mind, “Long time no see Dominick, what brings you over here?” 

The wolf sighed, “Harry you have to be careful there is a war coming. A war that no one will be prepared for.” 

“A war? From where? Who are the leaders?”

“I don’t think you need me to answer that. You know for a fact the rogues have been planning one for years. The only problem is that they’ve sent spies to infiltrate packs so they can attack on the inside and weaken it.” 

“Of course they are. But I’ve just got to know my pack and I still don’t know everything about them.”

“I’m sure the little omega on your 2nd in command may be able to help you.”

“I don’t want to involve her.” 

“All you have to do is ask her if anyone joined the pack before you guys did. Narrow it down. Keep an eye on them and don’t let anyone know your weakness.”


“Yes and by the way your heart rate just increased I know you have an idea of what or who they may target.”

“Let’s set up weekly meetings, is your pack alpha near?”

“I am the pack alpha. The pack alpha was killed in a boating accident and his second in command refused to step up. So since this pack is very old fashioned they wanted an already mated alpha and since my mate happened to be the original alpha’s brother they chose me.”

“Oh well, congratulations you were always a good leader.”

“And you as well.” 

“We hold pack meetings every Friday at noon, so want to do the weekly meetings later at night when mostly everyone is asleep?” 

Dominick nodded, “We also won’t make the meeting points the same every time so no one will catch on. Since we are here now use your old rogue ways and figure out where to meet me next week.”

Harry thought for a second before he figured it out. They bid farewell and he watched him run away and disappear into the forest. 

Harry turned around and saw his omega jump off of Liam and she went and climbed on Harry, nuzzling her nose into his neck helping him relax. 

“Let’s go home we need to have an emergency meeting with everyone.” 

Liam sat back on his haunches and let out a loud howl, the howl that was specific to their pack that only can be understood by those in the pack. But the specific howl was a message to the leaders to meet at the house, which was Lou’s house. 

Lou licked at Harry’s neck fondly as they ran faster and faster home. They barely made it inside before Niall was rushing over to them thinking that something happened with Lou. He was ready with clothes for the three of them, he checked and double checked them for wounds and injuries but frowned when he didn’t find anything. 

“Why did you call an emergency meeting with the leaders if there’s nothing wrong?” Zayn smiles fondly at his mate for trying to understand, but there was more to the howl that Niall could understand as he was only an omega. The part he didn’t get was in Liam’s message he added, “Meeting at the house for leaders, war is near.”

Harry sighed but then he looked at Niall who was looking at him with wide eyes. The two alphas and omega finished getting dressed before they all sat around the kitchen table. Harry explained to everyone around the table what had happened at the border and the only person to really react was Ryleigh. 

“Mummy what’s a war?” The little girl asking her father having put a lot of thought into it before she asked. 

“It’s when there is conflict between two things, in this case is the rogue pack versus the four packs including us all around the state.” Zayn took it upon himself to answer since no one else did. 


“When someone disagrees about something.”

“Oh, okay. But why do they want to fight us?”

“Because of me.” Lou spoke quietly before anyone could answer. She shifted in her seat before she got up off the chair and went up the stairs.

“Why does she think it’s because of her?” Josh questioned quietly after she left. 

For once Harry and Liam were confused, this definitely is not at all her fault. Liam decided to go up and talk to her while Harry filled one everyone in on what they needed to do. 

Liam walked into the room and found his omega sitting by the window looking at the stars. “Baby, why do you think that?”

“Because I am.”

“You can’t keep blaming yourself on being the fault of everything. This time it’s not your fault.” The alpha walked closer to the omega and lifted her up and placed her on the bed and he moved to sit down in front of her. 

“This time it actually is.” the omega spoke shakingly. “A lot of my past stays in the past because of what happened.”

“What do you mean? You’ve told us everything, right?”

She shook her head no and she couldn’t dare to look at her alpha in the eyes as she uttered the words she never wanted to repeat. “I was raped, beaten and left to die.”

Liam frowned, not knowing what to say. 

“I know what you’re thinking, this still relates. The only reason why that happened was because I rejected the original alpha of the pack. I rejected him and he thought it was okay for him and his buddies to rape and beat me until I almost died.”

“I thought the original alpha left voluntarily?” 

Lou shook her head. “He left because I wouldn’t be his mate. So him and his buddies eft and last I heard they are now the leaders of the rogue pack because no one wants an omega beater as their commanding alpha.” 

“So you’re saying his starting a war because you have found your soulmates and he’s jealous?”

Lou couldn’t help but giggle and nodded. “Pretty much.” 

Liam groaned. This is going to be fun he thought to himself. He put his hands on Lou’s and rubbed circles with his thumbs before he spoke to his omega, “Baby, no matter what happens I want you to know that Harry and I will make sure no one harms you and nothing happens to you. We two are here with you for a reason and they will have to kill us to get to you.” 

Lou finally looked up at Liam with glassy eyes. “That’s what I’m afraid of alpha, he will do anything to get what he wants. If it’s me who he wants he will kill everyone that gets in his way.” Lou was right and it scared her, she knows Liam doesn’t believe her when she said that. She needs him to believe her so she moved her hands from Liam and pulled out an old box. It was filled with old pictures and newspaper clippings from the killing rampage that this alpha went on after Lou rejected him. 

Lou was not only bullied by the town because she was the only female omega but due to the fact that everyone believes she should have mated with the alpha so he wouldn’t have left when they needed him the most.