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Be My Omega I'll be Your Alpha

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"What, what do you mean?"
"Jake knows you can't smell anything, so he's been leaving his clothes around your room or mixing them with yours." Harry says holding Louis closer to his chest they are naked in bed and stained with cum.

"I would have noticed, especially his clothes." Louis hates that this is one of the side affects of hiding he's biology.

"That's what I mean the pills make you...I don't know just your attention span is like limited and you hardly notice things around you."
"Like what?" Louis asks cause he pays attention, he's been spending time with the boys and interacting to compensate for the awkwardness that still lingers between him and Harry.

"I never come to your room anymore, I don't touch you when there are other people in the room besides the boys and Paul. You're spending more time talking to Jake than you do any of us. It's like going back a month ago were Jake was the only one you trusted." Harry says looking hurt. Louis hadn't noticed he thought everything was going fine, he spent time with the boys and maybe he did watch a couple of movies with Jake, but surely that's not all he's done this week.

"I'm sorry hazz I had no idea, like I just figured I was spreading myself equally because I know you and Jake can't be in the same room, also it wouldn't be fair to bring him in to chill with the boys you know, so I just tried to isolate him from you all."

"I know lou you don't need to apologise." Harry's says running a hand through Louis' hair.
"But why would he do that, so what if I smell of him what difference does it make." Louis can't believe he was so blind to believe Jake would move past what they had.

"He was doing it to rile me up, he knows what the scent of him on you does to me. So if you walk around smelling like him and not caring it tells me you approve of that, some alphas would direct that anger to their omega and punish them for allowing other alphas to scent them."

"That fuckin prick, he took advantage of me." Louis says feeling betrayed, he had trusted Jake as a friend and here he goes playing Louis like the idiot he is and he fell for it.

"Lou you need to look at this from an outsiders perspective. What does he have to gain from all of this, why is he really here. He said he spoke to your father, what did they agree on. He knows if I show any signs of aggression towards you, that would be a deal breaker for you, which means he doesn't want us together at all."

Louis clears his throat, "I need to wipe down I'm sticky." Louis says, he feels like an idiot, a very stupid and gullible omega, Harry had warned him about Jake, Louis should have known.

"I'll get us something to wipe with." Harry says getting up from the bed and goes to the bathroom. After using a flannel to wipe away the cum, they cuddle back in bed. "Louis don't think about it too much yeah, there's noway you could have known." Harry soothes.
"And now we have the upper hand, we can beat him at his own game, he doesn't know we know." Harry suggests, Louis just wants to sleep now. "Yeah let's just sleep on that."

The next few shows go on as planned, Louis distances himself from Jake and attaches himself to Harry. He wants to make it clear to Jake where he stands, Jake already figured him and Harry out so it makes sense that Louis clings to Harry, now that the cats out the bag and all that.

They have four more shows in South America before heading for a two week break and then the Europe leg of tour begins, Louis feels more and more anxious as they get closer to being in the same continent as his parents. He's been keeping up with the family business, wanting know how far the deal has gone, so he knows when the right time is to sit down with the family and get this over with.

They have one more show before break when things start falling apart. It's Niall's birthday he's turning 22 and of course that just calls for a bigger party than last years.

Louis and Harry are getting ready for the party, Niall rented out an old school low profile pub and invited all his mates, Harry has been ready for the past 20 minutes wearing tight black jeans and a weirdly patterned black shirt. Louis is still in his boxers, clothes thrown over the bed and he's sitting on the floor trying to decide what to wear. "Why do you do this every time we decide to go out." Harry queries from where he's lying on the bed underneath a pile of Louis' clothes.

"Because unlike you Harold i don't look fab in just anything I throw on." Louis retorts now lying on the floor staring at the celling, he feels tired today and it's been happening a lot lately but he he doesn't want to tell anyone about it. The suppressants are affecting him in a different way this time, making him feel heavy when moving around, the mood swings are back and this time he feels them come and go. Right now he's irritated, maybe it's cause he can't find something to wear he reasons.

"Are you sure you want to go out?"
"No I'm just looking for an outfit for the fun of it."
"Okay fine wear these." Harry says throwing a pair of dark jeans with a white t-shit and a denim Jacket. Louis' over this so he grabs the clothes and puts them on.

"I gave you that ten minutes ago and you said it's a definite no. Why now diva?" Harry asks smiling now.

"I didn't feel like it then." Louis says sticking he's tongue out. Louis gets ready finally and it's time to go, they are both late so they take their own car with a driver to meet up with the boys.

Louis has been here for an hour, sitting on a bar stool next to Harry, he's drinking to get his energy onto a social level. They drink, they laugh when Niall comes around and orders shots for everybody, Louis finally gets in the mood and moves to the made up dance floor with Zayn and others he can't care to recognize. Harry keeps popping about for a dance but Louis knows he's just there to check on him, that's understandable so he lets it slide.

Louis doesn't know how long he's been dancing, but all the boys have had turns dancing with him and he feels relaxed and he welcomes the beats around him although he has no idea what songs have been playing. He needs the bathroom so he dashes out to find it, the bathroom looks so clean Louis can't believe it belongs to this pub, black tiles on the floor white on the walls, dark framed mirrors and fancy looking taps. He goes for a wee washes his hands with some great smelling soap and goes to the hand dryer.

He feels someone approach him from behind like a creeper, "Dammit Jake, stalker much!" Louis says turning to face Jake and trying to calm he's suddenly fast beating heart. Jake doesn't respond but grabs Louis by the shoulders and pushes him against the wall. "Jake what are you doing."
"I'm sorry lou I wished it wouldn't come to this but it's for your own good."

"Jake..."Louis says warily now, he's not sure what's happening, but he feels a lot more sober than when he came into the bathroom.

"Louis you need to stay calm, you will not panic, we need to leave now. You will walk out of here without alerting anyone else, my car is packed out back walk into the back seat. Go now Louis!"Jake is using his alpha voice to command Louis.

Louis feels his legs move on their own accord and he leaves the bathroom ducking through the crowd to get to the back exit. He walks out and sees Jake's car packed directly in front of the door like he knew this was going to happen like this. Louis gets in and waits, seconds later Jake gets in the drivers seat and they start moving.

Louis' phone starts pinging with messages from Harry, "Louis you will not do anything without me telling you too, you will wait for my permission!" Jake commands again.

"You can text Harry tell him you're going back to the hotel and you asked a driver to take you. You didn't want to spoil anyone's fun and he should stay for Niall's sake. You don't want to take attention away from Niall's night." Jake says as Louis texts back to Harry, he wished his biology didn't lose it's control to an alphas command like this, because that's not what he wants to tell Harry right now. He wants Harry to come take him back to his safe arms and cuddle him till he feels safe again. He doesn't know what is going on, why Jake is acting like a kidnapper and taking him from the boys.

The drive is short and when Louis looks up he a sees his fathers private jet waiting for them. " we need to get a move on you'll be safer once we're in the air." Louis is not so sure about that he is trying to fight his biology so that he could make a run for it, or maybe dial Harry quickly to scream his where abouts. Louis doesn't see Jake move but next thing he sees is Jake's black hair right next to his cheek, Louis feels Jake's teeth break the skin on his neck, it's not on the mating spot but on his submission spot, Louis goes pliant under Jake's hold. The bite makes Louis drowsy and Jake picks him up and carries him onto the plane they take off and Jake tells Louis to take a nap, Louis' body complies on it's own accord.


Harry knows Louis is not one to just text him instead of telling him face to face or call. He knows something is wrong and he can't stay here and party when something is wrong with his mate, so he looks for someone to drive him back and is surprised to see the driver that brought him and Louis is still here. "Hey Tom could you drive me back to the hotel please?" Harry asks standing in front of Tom waiting, he feels on edge, something is happening to Louis right now and he can feel it, that scares him and he needs to be with his omega as soon as possible to settle his alpha.

By the time they make it to the hotel Harry has been constantly dialing Louis' number only to find out the phone is off, that just makes Harry freak out more, he knows Louis has been having his moods swings getting agitated easily and storming off to have his alone time but he always calls Harry to let him know he's okay and he never wonders of too far.

Harry has been trying so hard to be patient with Louis and not push him about the suppressants until they talk to his father, but this is pushing it, Harry can't let this go on any longer Louis deserves better than being in constant fear of being caught out.

Harry goes into Louis' room and his heart stops and he thinks maybe this is it, this is what he gets for being a careless alpha because Louis' is nowhere to be seen. The clothes he was swimming in on top of Louis' bed before they left are all gone, the room looks like it has never been lived in, it looks clinically clean only thing left is the lingering scent of Louis and a hint of rotten, Jake is that rotten smell Jake was here, Jake took Louis his Louis, the omega he swore to protect with his life. He has failed as an alpha how can he be worthy of Louis if he has lost him to that sorry excuse of an alpha Jake. Harry's sees red he's giving into his alpha and the anger keeps building inside him, he has no point of release, he doesn't know what to do with this pent up energy so he screams, he shouts for Louis for his mate, the room suddenly smells of nothing but rotten things that Harry hates.

He starts trashing everything, he tears everything apart and he screams, Louis' father was right he was never worthy of Louis and now he has lost him, maybe Louis finally realised what a soft alpha Harry really is, that just makes Harry feel worse he wants to be good enough for Louis but maybe he never will be. He's throat feels raw from the screaming so he stops screaming and breaks everything. The flat screen, the bed, the couch, paintings and mirros around the suite, he breaks them all.

"HARRY!" Paul alpha screams from the bathroom door, Harry is holding the bathroom cabinet in his hands he doesn't know how he was able to remove it from the wall. He looks around himself as he slowly comes back to his senses, the entire room looks trashed like a wild dog went through everything with its teeth and claws.

"Harry you need to come sit down." Paul shouts from the main room and Harry follows he doesn't know where to sit, the couch is on it's side, the room is unrecognizable the mattress is not even on the bed he looks around but he doesn't see it. "It's in the hall way." Paul says gesturing for Harry to take a seat on an office chair that definitely doesn't belong to the room. Harry sits down carefully.

"The mattress is in the hall way, is what I meant." Paul continues handing Harry a cup of tea, it's nothing Harry recognizes but he drinks it anyways and feels calmer with each sip.

"I guess I alpha'd out a little." Harry's says sheepishly now feeling calm enough to talk about whatever Paul wants to.
"I wouldn't say little, you threw the flat screen across the parking lot from the balcony." Paul says.

"Did you hear anything from Louis? how long was I under?" Harry asks, when an omega is in distress they drop and need to be taken care off until they come up. Alphas on the other hand need to be given space when they go under rage, that's when their strength is seen and they don't need to feel challenged so most people let the rage run its course like how how Paul let Harry trash the hotel.

"It took me 15 minutes to get here and another 20 to get you to at least be aware of my presence and another 10 to get you to hear me, so I'd say 45 to 50 minutes. Louis' father called and informed me that Louis wasn't feeling well and had to take a flight home so they can take care of him." Paul finishes.

"You know that's a lie, Louis would never go to his father if he felt sick, sick Louis feels weak and wouldn't want his father to even know about it." Harry says feeling his calm leaving him again. How could they blatantly lie to them like this and what do they want with Louis.
"Harry keep drinking that herbal tea it's used to keep alphas calm, and you need to be calm because you are useless when enraged." Paul informs and Harry goes back to drinking his tea, but he can't stop but wonder if Louis is okay, if he could maybe ask to talk to him, hear his voice and apologise for letting him down and failing him as an alpha. By the time Harry has a third cup of tea he feels drowsy and follows Paul out of the room to the room across the hall way, and falls asleep the minute his face meets the pillows thinking of Louis all the while and how to prove he is worthy of him after this.