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Be My Omega I'll be Your Alpha

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Louis' slumped on the seat at the airport waiting for Liam and Harry to show. Zayn and Niall are sleeping across from him both still dead from excessive drinking over the break. Louis can relate, he hated being home, after that day he spent most of his days in the woods behind the house. He felt more or less okay when he was there without the eyes on him feeling sorry for him.

"Can't believe these kids are sleeping when I'm bringing breakfast." Liam says whilst dragging his carry on with a handful of coffee cups and donuts.

"If it's not the one and only daddy payne, still taking care of us in 2014 I see."

"Tommo! Bring it in." Liam asks as he places everything on two seats. Liam always gave comforting heartwarming hugs, Louis thinks he missed that the most about him.

"It's good to see you mate, you've been on radio silence for the past two weeks." Liam inquires casually like he hasn't been asking every other day if he was okay.

"Well you know pissed of dad a bit some privileges were taken out of the equation so....yah know same old...." He trails of in his I really don't wanna talk about it hope you can hear that voice.

"Well your pops sucks." Niall chips in now very awake coming over to give Liam a hug then heading over to get the donuts.

"All this sugar loving and I getting nothing." Says a new voice it's Harry Louis knows before he sees or smells him. His voice still so familiar after so many months apart.

"Hazza still got your frog face that's just so last year-" he's cut of by Harry drawing him into a hug arms tight against his waist nose tucked into his neck, Harry smells different now like home and comfort. Louis grabs onto Harry's shoulders suddenly feeling open, what if Harry smells the lies off of him. He breathes and tries to slow his heart rate.

"Oh Lou bear how I've missed- You, you smell different." Harry says sniffing Louis' neck.

"Oh you know a year older my scent is maturing." Louis tries to brush it off. Liam and Harry both being alphas will make this whole suppressant thing even that much harder.

"Oh zayn kitten you're awake." Louis deflects the attention away from him. Harry's eyes linger on him though, like he senses something's not quite right. Louis keeps his distance till they get on the plane.


Being back on tour is way better than being at home for Louis, but he has become more paranoid about taking his stupid pills.

He doesn't know when the right time is,the doctor said it should be around the same time everyday. At home it was with his breakfast and no one battered an eye when he did but now surely the boys will want to know why.

So he hides not only the pills but himself, he doesn't see himself doing it. He makes himself smaller, tries to be invisible, succeeds in being quite, but fails to not let the others notice because they do.

Niall starts trying to make him laugh more times everyday day, trying to come up with pick up lines for picking birds that they all know will probably never leave the bus. Zayn invites him to smoke whenever he goes for a blow even though Louis turns him down every time. Mark hated that he sometimes smoked so he figured he's low on his "piss dad off" quota, he hasn't had a blow since coming back on tour, it's been weeks.

Liam just invites him to the gym cause that's how Liam is, and Louis joins him most of the time since now he feels weaker. He's biology makes him weak and he's gaining more fat than muscle that he comes back pissed from the gym almost every time.

He feels like throwing something, Harry texts to ask if he wants to hang out and watch Disney movies. They haven't been alone since coming back on tour Louis' made sure of that, Harry knows something's up and it's only a matter of time before he corners him.

: sorry I can't tonight :( in serious need of some zz's for tomorrow's show xx

:I can come stay with you if you're too lazy to walk across the hall? x

:no I have to call my parents anyways. See you tomorrow haz

His phone vibrates again but it's a call from an unsaved number.

He answers "Hello.."

"Hey Louis it's Jackson, I mean Jake...hey."

"Oh'd you have my number?" Louis asks warily.

"I got it from your sister. Uhm I hope you don't mind me calling but I wanted to ask for your advice..." He finished of phone rattling like he's holding it between his shoulder and ear.

"I'm not sure I'm good on advice these days but sure." Louis has a feeling his father might have something to do with this phone call so he tries using what he he thinks is his distant tone.

"Well you might be an expect on this, it may sound weird but bear with me."


"So your dad hired me but he has been, a bit prickly this past month and I was wondering how one gets on his good side.... or just you know, out past shooting range?"

Louis wants to laugh cause fathers treasured intern wants his advice an alpha asking an omega. Well Jake doesn't know that part but still.

"I don't know man, like be strong headed with your opinions he respects an alpha who's strong willed as much as he is." Louis' not sure if that's helpful or if it makes sense.

"Oh okay but I don't want to come off as intimidating, like being alpha puts that stereotype on me and I don't want to just slip comfortably into that misjudgment."

Louis is lost for words an alpha who doesn't want to stand out is an alpha who should not be working with his father.

"Well that's a different way of thinking, have you voiced this to Mark?"

"No ways I could never, do you know the stuff you need to go through to get this job, I'd rather persuade him in ways I know are guaranteed to work." Jake rushes like he doesn't even want that thought to linger in his own mind. Louis guesses his has figured how old school alpha Mark is and is not one for open minded thinking when it comes to genders.

"He never really shares how he hires but I see the pattern, really strong minded alphas who have brains of sorts or genius betas who know their place and on the rare occasion an outstanding omega who has defied the odds and is hired not so much for the exceptional skills but more for publicity." Louis feels like he's ranting, Jake lets him.

They talk for so long about his father, the business and the wife who pops up from nowhere to scare everyone shitless because she hardly ever speaks. They end up talking about Louis' tour, how the lads are, what Jake is doing about at work. Turns out Jake might be considered for the team heading out to America for the launch of his fathers many business endeavors this time in architecture, by the time they say goodnight Louis feels a lot less pissed off.