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The Undressing Room at Debenhams

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Clara pulls the skirt's zipper closed and looks up into the mirror of the dressing room. Behind her, Amy's turned up her nose at her outfit.


"I'm starting to think you don't like me in skirts."

"Oi, Clara. I like you in skirts just fine. The ones here just seem kinda...trampy."

"Kinda trampy? Did you just call me kinda trampy?"

"Not you, for fuck's sake! The skirt!"

Clara starts to sigh, but her curiosity stops her.

"Well, if you really hate it you could just take it off."

Amy smirks, moving so she's pressed up against Clara's back, her chin sitting upon Clara's shoulder and shimmering lips coming to her ear.

"Now that, Clara, sounded kinda trampy."

She unzips the skirt slowly, taking the opportunity to get her hands all over Clara's arse and inside her panties.

Clara, too, smirks, watching in the mirror while Amy discreetly fucks her.