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When You Think No One Is Looking...

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When You Think No One Is Looking...

Eh? Kakeru said, but his voice sounded like a distant echo. I thought I was studying in the dressing room?

He turned around and realized that 1) yes, he was in the dressing room and 2) he was also sleeping at the table over his school books, snoring quietly.

Am I dreaming? Kakeru asked himself. Again, his voice sounded far away. There's no way I can be in two places at once. Unless...

Kakeru gasped excitedly. He must be astral projecting!

What the hell am I thinking? he sighed to himself. There's no way--

At that moment, Makki entered the room with a bottle of water in his hand, and noticed Kakeru's sleeping form. He went over to Kakeru and looked over his shoulder.

"Ah, studying," Makki said with a displeased expression. He straightened his back and spoke on, "I remember the days when I had to sit behind a scratched up desk and on a stiff as hell chair and spend, like, eight hours in an ugly cement building. But I'm sure you had a better school life, Kakeru. Don't ya?" he asked the sleeping teen.

Sleeping-Kakeru doesn't reply at all. He was dead to the world. Makki stood opposite of Kakeru, leant forward and giggled, "You look so cute asleep! Who's a cute idol with a pair of blue antennas? You are!"

'Dreaming'-Kakeru, on the other hand, said, Goodness, Makki, you're embarrassing yourself! Like, I'm right here, you idiot! Then, with a sigh, he said to himself, This is way too vivid to be a dream.

"Why are you baby-talking Kakeru?"

Makki and Dreaming-Kakeru switched focus and saw Shun standing at the entrance. Kakeru's jaw fell and Makki stood up straight again, not because he was caught, but because of Shun's face.

"Ha- Have you seen a mirror, Shun?" Makki asked, barely containing his laughter.

Shun's face looked like it had been drawn on by a black marker. On his eyelids looked like extra pairs of eyes, on his glasses were also another pair of eyes, a long moustache was drawn below his nostrils and a goatee below his lip.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Shun asked Makki.

Makki laughed, pulled out his iPhone and picked the camera option to show Shun his face. Shun took a few seconds to process his new 'look' and promptly freaked out.

"What the--?!" he shrieked. Shun held his hands to his face as if he was trying to feel the drawings. "Who did this?!"

"Hee hee hee!" giggled two voices. Leaning by the entrance were Kira and Tommy. The former held a paintbrush stained by black ink that was definitely from the black bottle held by the latter. The two quickly left.

Shun's expression darkened, making him resemble a Namahage, and chased after the two boys, screaming, "Get back here, you freaking falsetto idiots! Gimme that brush so I can permanently scar your faces!"

"Who'll give it to you after you said that?" Kira shouted back at the redhead.

"Look out!" Tommy cried for all to hear, though as they ran further and further away from the dressing room his voice became softer. "Namahage on the loose! I repeat, Namahage on the loose!"

"I'm gonna make you guys uglier than a Namahage!" Shun yelled distantly.

Kakeru and Makki were left alone again. Makki pulled back and chair and sat opposite of Sleeping-Kakeru, drinking from his bottle.

Please don't start baby-talking to me again, Dreaming-Kakeru begged Makki, not like the ex-delinquent could actually hear him.

Makki rested his chin on the table, looking at Sleeping-Kakeru. "Is studying that tiring for you?" he asked him. "Well, you do seem to be studying doing all our breaks. Your midterms must be coming up, am I right?"

Where's the lie? Dreaming-Kakeru muttered.

He had been studying hard. He studied during free period in school, during recess, during lunch, after performances, and late until midnight at home. Right now, the boys were given a twenty-minute break after practicing 'Eternally Never Ever' and Tesshi had to do something in his offfice. Kakeru took the chance to study, and very likely fell asleep.

But why am I so deep in sleep? Kakeru wondered aloud. It couldn't have been from excessive studying.

Makki noticed that there was a bottle of pills under Sleeping-Kakeru's left hand. He lifted up Kakeru's hand gently and inspected the bottle's label. There wasn't one. He opened the the cap and sniffed the medicine.

"What are these?" Makki wondered aloud. "Sleeping pills?"

Dreaming-Kakeru's eyes widened. That can't be right. Kakeru was sure he brought energy boosters. His mother said it was the one in a purple case. Maybe he took the wrong one. In which case explains his coma-like sleep.

"Oh, I get what happened," Makki said understandingly. "I bet you were taking energy boosters but brought sleeping pills by accident, didn't ya? I saw this happen in a TV show once! You silly boy, Kakeru!" Makki patted Kakeru's head while chuckling.

Suddenly, Shun reentered the room with Tommy and Kira in a headlock in each arm. "Still talking to Kakeru?" he said to Makki with a satisfied smirk.

"Oh, shut up," Makki replied Shun. "And go wash your face or you'll scare away our fans."

"Not until I get to exact my revenge on these two," Shun stated, looking down at the two boys in his arms. He ordered Makki, "Keep them still while I draw on their faces."

"No!" Tommy cried, trying to squirm out of Shun's grip.

"Let go!" Kira said as he tried to pry Shun's arm off his neck.

"An eye for an eye, guys," Shun replied. "So, a face for a face!"

"Kakeru's really missing out!" Makki laughed.

As a matter of fact, I'm not missing anything, Kakeru replied Makki, not that it was heard anyway. In fact, I've seen everything.

But before Shun could avenge his face, Tesshi appeared by the entrance, telling them, "Your break is up. Shun, clean your face and Kakeru, wake up. We are continuing practice now." Then, he left.

Shun finally relented and released Kira and Tommy, dropping them on the floor and leaving to wash the ink off his face, grumbling along the way. Kira and Tommy breathed sigh of reliefs while Makki walked around the table to Kakeru, who was still asleep.

"How am I gonna wake him up?" Makki wondered aloud again.

"Just shake him," Tommy suggested.

"Or yell in his ear," Kira suggested.

Makki shook his head, and said, "Kakeru took sleeping pills. It won't be easy to wake him up."

"Sleeping pills?" Kira repeated, confused.

"By accident," Makki explained shortly.

"How can you take sleeping pills by accident?" Tommy asked.

"The important thing is," Makki said, "we gotta wake him up. Get me a bucket of cold water!"

No, no, no, Dreaming-Kakeru said, walking up to his body. Okay. It's time to wake up.

He stood behind his body and placed his hands on his sleeping form's shoulders. Get in, get in, get in!

"I've got the water!" Tommy announced, holding a plastic pail of water. Shun followed behind him.

"Great!" Makki said, nodding. "Pass it to me."

C'mon, me- WAKE UP! Kakeru told his sleeping form. Finally, he reentered his body. But it was too late, Makki poured the water all over him.

"GYAAAAH!" Kakeru shouted as he sat up. "Cold!"

"Yay!" Tommy said happily. "Kakeru's awake!"

Except Kakeru wasn't happy at all. Before he could snap at them, Tesshi reappeared by the door.

"What are you all still doing here?" Tesshi said angrily. "To the stage- NOW!"

The boys scrambled out of the room. Looks like Kakeru will have to wait a while before he can tell the boys everything.