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Art: Adol and Dogi, Mountain Path

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Underdrawing for actual final figures.

I'm very heavily going by the promo art, but hopefully I've introduced enough small changes, mostly in their faces and their clothes fluttering in the breeze.

It's not turning out as sketchy as I planned but I still like it.

Colour test again. I might have to darken that green cloak.

Without the linework.

Nearly finished. Just the dark red areas to shade, then back to the landscape.

Dogi keeps going cross eyed on me. I might fix that later once they're in place with the background to give reference to his eyeline. He looks a bit young as well, although I think he's only 28 anyway versus Adol's 23 so I might leave that.

Working on Adol's sword hand. I used a hand reference from a fencing website. I found a reference for Adol's hair by searching for "boyband hair", which amused me greatly.

I changed Adol's grip on his sword to a more Japanese anime style grip instead of the Western fencing one I used before. This grip looks visually stronger although I'm not sure if it's a sensible grip in real life with the odd placement of that thumb.

Practising hands gripping swords, anime katana style.

New grip.

Back to the landscape next.

I doubled the cloak up by accident but it looked better like that, darker and like it's moving, so I kept it. I think I'll do the same to Dogi's clothes when I have some layers free later after finishing the trees.

Finally getting back to the trees. I make myself all nervous about these kind of things. I also added some highlights and shine on Adol's sword and armour.

Tree versions. No, I can't tell them apart either. I went with version one.

Doubled Dogi's trousers.

Finally did the cloud shadows across the land. I was looking forward to that. They didn't take that long in the end.

Foreground next. I'm going to put in a few wild flowers among the rocks, like in the game.

Messing with the faces at a late stage never goes well.

Reverted it back.

Did the foreground rocks and shadows. They were really quick. Just the blue flowers to add, and perhaps a little butterfly.

Pretty much done. I added some highlights to the front rocks as well. Finished! Woooohoo!

And there you go.

Just the landscape. This is kind of peaceful. The butterfly is the hero!