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Day of Birth: Otae

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On October 31st a family welcomed
a daughter they named Shimura Tae or
better known as Otae, soon enough she
also had a brother named Shinpachi and
they were a family of four but it wasn't
meant to last as their mother died
when they were young, the family dojo left
debts that their father struggled to pay
off, sadly when he died, Otae and Shinpachi
were left with the burden of paying their
father's debts, thanks to her childhood
friend Yagyuu Kyuubei who saved her and
Shinpachi when the Amanto attacked them on
account of the dojo's debt, this cost Kyuubei
her left eye and Otae promised to be her left
eye, time passed until the day that the
brother and sister met the man who would
change their lives: the wandering samurai
Sakata Gintoki, even though he lost her
brother his job and was beaten by her
on their first meeting, Gintoki became a
very important friend who took her brother
under his wing, the group would be complete
when the Yato Kagura came to Earth,
she adopted her like she was her younger
sister and they were a family, eventually
the Sakata family included Otose, a cat-
eared Amanto named Catherine, a robot
named Tama and Sadaharu the inugami,
through Gin's Yorozuya she meets many
people including the Shinsengumi commander
that is in love with her and stalks her, despite
her always beating him up, she may have feelings
for him and Kyuubei again, through struggles, her and
Kyuubei reconcile despite the Yagyuu clan affairs, all
through her time in Kabuki-chou, she goes through
serious times like the Four Devas arc to
silly things like the Guardian Ghosts up
to serious time when Takaasugi and
Kamui plan to assassinate the Shogun,
no matter how her life goes with
them all or even if she gives Kondou
a chance, she will always stand by
her loved ones in Kabuki-chou as a
strong but gentle woman.