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Day of Birth: Kagura

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November 3rd was the day a young Amanto
girl of the Yato clan was born, the planet was
dreary but Kagura never was, her Mami, Papi
and Aniki were her joy until her Mami fell ill,
around this time her Aniki had been training
with the King of Yatos, Housen, something changed
her Aniki into attempting to kill their Papi to
prove his strength, if not for Kagura, more
than her Papi's arm would have been lost, her
Aniki left around then and, as he no
longer trusted his daughter or himself,
her Papi left her to care for her
mother while he searched for a doctor
in space, over time her Mami would
go to Heaven and her Papi began
hunting aliens in space to provide
for her, left all alone without her
late mother and absent father and
brother, she became so lonely, when she
was fourteen years old, she left her
home planet and found herself on Earth,
here she would be used by a Punch
Perm gang and find her family on
Earth: Gin, Shinpachi, Sadaharu and Otae, she
would meet many friends and fight bad
people until her Papi found her, thanks
to her Earth family, they reconciled and
she stayed on Earth as long as he came to
visit her, many more events would follow
including her and her absent Aniki
facing one another again and facing her Yato nature,
everything from Yoshiwara to the Four
Devas arc to hilarity with the Shogun to
facing the former Shogun until the Shogun's
life was threatened by Takasugi and
her brother Kamui, while Gin fights
Takasugi, Kagura must stop her Aniki
but no matter what happens, she loves
her Earth family and will stand by them,
she loves her Mami, Papi and even
her baka Aniki, even if she cannot
save his life, she is a strong, gentle
young woman who will fight to protect
with her Yato abilities and never give
into her Yato nature.