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A Book Can Carry Me Away

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Reading is my favorite thing to do in the world. When I'm wrapped up in a good book, nothing else matters. I'm carried into a world where anything can happen.

Unfortunately, if it's a really good book, that applies to my boyfriend. Michael hates it when I read, because I don't pay attention to him.

"Mady, baby." Michael cuddled up next to me on the couch, wrapping his arms around my middle. "Put the book down.

"In a minute Michael. I'm almost done with this chapter." Michael whined, placing his chin on my shoulder.

"Madysson, give me love." I giggled, keeping my eyes on my book but raising a hand to run through his hair.

"Hold on Mikey." Michael pouted but let me finish. As soon as I set the book down, Michael pulled me into him, kissing me hard.

"Tell me you love me more than your books." I rolled my eyes, but pecked his lips again.

"I love you more than I love my books." Michael grinned, kissing my cheek.

"I love you too." Michael pulled me into his chest making sure I had no way to escape from his loving arms.