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The Love of Heroes

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#01 – Walking
The first time they walked down the street holding hands was the happiest day of Charlie's life.

#02 – Waltz
She hated dancing, and so did he, but between the both of them, they managed to hide it.

#03 – Wishes
They always had the same wish every year: peace and each other; oh and Jason tied to a tree, but don't tell him that.

#04 – Wonder
Taking her to Disney that first time, and seeing the wonder on her face, made their entire drive worth it.

#05 – Worry
She always tried to hide her worry whenever he left to save the world; it helped, a little.

#06 – Whimsy
Every once in a while, they got a little whimsical with their memories, if only to stay sane.

#07 – Waste/Wasteland
The first map they ever did together on Hero Rising was a wasteland; is was his favorite, and soon became hers as well.

#08 – Whiskey and rum
He always remembered her first drink, and why he never wanted her drunk with a weapon again.

#09 – War
They may have been at war, but they still had time to fall for each other.

#10 – Weddings
When his voice stumbled when he said his vows, she fell in love with him all over again.

#11 – Birthday
She always agonized about what to get him for his birthday, not because he didn't need anything, but because she wanted it to be something from the heart.

#12 – Blessing
Getting her parents' blessing to marry her was one of the happiest moments of his life, and also the most nerve-racking.

#13 – Bias
Emma always said that he'd win, and Charlie was always quick to point out her bias, which she didn't give a damn about.

#14 – Burning
He pulled her away from the burning building, getting second degree burns, but saving her life in the process.

#15 – Breathing
Lying next to him, listening to his breathing, was the best sound in the universe to her.

#16 – Breaking
Every time they would lose in real life, he would break a little more, and Emma would have to put the pieces together again.

#17 – Belief
Even though neither believed in a single religion, they never stopped believing in faith, and each other.

#18 – Balloon
Everyone in their class tied their secrets to their balloons and let them go, even Charlie and Emma, with their fake secrets.

#19 – Balcony
“Why can't you just have a balcony,” he groaned under his breath, “because it would make everything so much more perfect if you did.”

#20 – Bane
It was official, Charlie was the bane of her existence, and she wouldn't have it any other way.

#21 – Quiet
With Jason finally asleep, they got the peace and quiet they both wanted and, frankly, deserved.

#22 – Quirks
Everyone had their little quirks, Charlie with his ever-confident smirk, Emma with her streaked black hair.

#23 – Question
He knew what he wanted to say, but now he had to decide how he could say, “marry me, Em.”

#24 – Quarrel
They always had their little spats, but usually Jason unintentionally got them back together, much to his displease.

#25 – Quitting
Every time Aaron wanted to throw in the towel, Tamera reminded him why he fought.

#26 – Jump
In his mind, the X5's were Emma's best invention; it made it so much easier to get to her window.

#27 – Jester
Every once in a while, Emma just wanted to slap him, if only to stop his horrible jokes.

#28 – Jousting
He would never let her forget their first medieval fair, where she was a princess and he a knight; fitting, in his mind.

#29 – Jewel
For weeks, Charlie agonized over what type of ring to buy for her; in the end, a simple diamond was enough for her to scream yes.

#30 – Just
Just once, he wished he could do something special, without a mission ruining it.

#31 – Smirk
She just had to fall in love with his little smirk that Aaron always had on.

#32 – Sorrow
Charlie was shattered - Emma had kept his father's secret from him; was there anyone he could trust anymore?

#33 – Stupidity
Cheating was stupid; she had that drilled into his head the moment she found out what he had done.

#34 – Serenade
Charlie's best idea to get Emma to go out with him was for him to serenade her; the bucket of water that soon located to on top of his head told him that it was a bad idea.

#35 – Sarcasm
It started with a sarcastic joke, now they thrived on witty banter to get through these days.

#36 – Sordid
“If you every try to hug me when you're covered in dirt again,” she growled, “my blaster is going to give you such a jolt!”

#37 – Soliloquy
Every once in a while, Emma could hear Charlie talking to himself, usually about how much he was in love with her.

#38 – Sojourn
“Look, just stay with me for a few days while they fix up your bathroom,” he said, well out of earshot of his annoying little brother, praying that she'd say yes.

#39 – Share
On the off-chance that they didn't have a mission, they would spend their time at a small smoothie shop, sharing the most random smoothies they could come up with.

#40 – Solitary
It broke Dark Tamera's heart to see Aaron in Solitary Confinement, because she knew that he would never be stupid enough to jeopardize their mission... right?

#41 – Nowhere
The moment Charlie realized that Emma wasn't where she should have been, he immediately went off to find her, no matter the cost.

#42 – Neutral
Every time the brothers would fight, Emma would pretend to stay out of it; in her mind, however, she was cheering for Charlie.

#43 – Nuance
Just as things started to heat up between them, Jason had to make an appearance, running the mode and royally pissing them both off.

#44 – Near
Sometimes, though they were only a few feet apart in their bedrooms, Charlie felt like it was never close enough to her.

#45 – Natural
They were partners, together every minute of every day; it was only natural for them to fall in love.

#46 – Horizon
With the Omega Defiance defeated, neither of them actually knew what would come next, but together they would face it.

#47 – Valiant
From her point of view, Aaron always tried to make a mess of her lab, whether the weapon that she was showing him was actually capable of the damage or not.

#48 – Virtuous
When in the presence of Vas and Ram, Aaron would do everything possible to prove that he was a gentleman, with Emma as his every willing assistant.

#49 – Victory
Every time he beat his brother, she could just see the happiness on his face, even when he rubbed it in.

#50 – Defeat
Emma froze in shock when Charlie stumbled into Mr. Hall's office, looking devastated, with fear radiation from his entire body.