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Future Dreams

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  • Danny becomes pack when Jackson finally tells his best friend that he’s a werewolf.
  • Everyone finds out Lydia is a banshee during the summer after a rogue omega bites her. Derek and Allison kill the feral werewolf.
  • Junior year, a new student comes to BHHS— Kira Yukimira. Stiles remembers a ‘Kira’ being mentioned by Claudia and DJ. When he finds out she’s a kitsune (and a clumsy, loveable dork) Stiles immediately befriends her and recruits her into the Hale Pack.
  • Scott and Isaac become close, forming a romantic/sexual relationship that includes Allison, but the three of them dissolve their poly-relationship halfway through their senior year of high school, though remain close friends and allies.

Stiles has an epiphany midway through his senior year: he wants to be a detective. And the requirements of such are that he first work as a police officer for two years, in addition to, obtaining two years of college credits in criminology.

Derek and the sheriff are immediately against the idea because 1) it’s a fucking dangerous job (no dangerous than werewolves and hunters, but hey), and 2) he was offered a full ride to Stanford University, which he would be throwing away if he decided to become a detective and attend Beacon Hills Community College with Scott.

Stiles knew two of the most important men in his life would find it a problem, and he was prepared. He digs his heels into the matter and announces that he already turned down all his scholarship money to Stanford and the due date for acceptance has already passed.

The sheriff is not happy. Not in the least.

Eventually, however, over time, John accepts Stiles’ decision, because he knows his son better than anyone else does, and he knows once Stiles’ mind is made up, it’s made up. There’s no going back. Derek, on the other hand, still manages to grumble and growl about it the rest of Stiles’ time at BHHS.

  • Upon graduating, Stiles begins to have frequent panic attacks when thoughts of his friends, his pack, splitting up and going off to different colleges, overtake him emotionally. Derek, the sheriff, and Scott assure him that nothing bad will happen to the town. The pack and it’s its allies will remain as close as they ever were.
  • Stiles forgoes Lydia's epic graduation party and decides to spend the night with Derek. They make love, slow and tender, and Derek finally gives Stiles a claiming bite.

Danny attends college at StanfordUniversity. Allison, Jackson, and Kira go to UC Berkley. Erica gets work at a local bar as a bartender. Scott attends BeaconHillsCommunity College with Stiles, and Isaac gets a part-time job as a librarian assistant at Beacon County Public Library.

Boyd begrudgingly attends school at UCLA when Derek forces him to go after Stiles filled out an application for him and sent all his materials to admissions behind his back.

Both Stiles and Derek feel Boyd wanting to put pack before school is a true testament to the reason he’s second-in-command, but know he deserves an education like the rest of group. So Derek pays for his tuition.

Lydia (with Stiles’ encouragement) decides to follow her dreams and attends school in Massachusetts at MIT.

  • She and Jackson try long-distance dating their first year of college, but quickly realize they’ve out grown one another and the 3,000 miles between them is harder than they thought. They break up.
  • Lydia only comes home during holidays and summers, but helps with research via Skype and phone calls. The rest of the pack, that are closer, manage to come home during those times and every other weekend.

Stiles and Derek move in together when he gets his Associates in Criminology from BHCC two years later. Derek and Scott help Stiles train to pass the sheriff’s department physical fitness exam.

  • Stiles passes all his exams with flying colors becoming a deputy at the sheriff’s department. His once apprehensive father couldn’t be more proud.

Stiles nearly dies after he, Derek, the pack, Chris Argent, the sheriff, and Deaton defeat a “fox demon,” or nogitsune, that possesses a deputy named Jordan Parrish. It’s the third time this year Stiles has gotten seriously hurt by jumping into the fray and Derek’s had enough of it.

He and Stiles get into the mother of all fights about it— Derek tells Stiles he can no longer fight with the pack, but Stiles is the last person that likes to take orders; boyfriend be damned.

Hurtful things are lopped back and forth, and can never be taken back.

Stiles calls it quits to their relationship.

He tries to apologize for the whole thing the next morning, but Derek is still too raw, too angry, from last night's bout, and refuses to accept Stiles’ apology.

Stiles lashes out about their break up by moving out and back home with his dad. He throws himself into his work and starts sleeps with anything with a pulse.

Derek takes their break up just as hard; withdrawing even further into himself and becoming distant after catching Stiles going home with another guy.

The sheriff makes him pull himself together, suggesting he get a job to occupy his time (and thoughts of Stiles). So Derek buys the shitty little bar Erica works at and turns it into a gastropub where supernatural creatures (with good intentions) can go and have an aconite beer and venison cheeseburger. It becomes a good way for Derek to busy himself, make extra money, keep an eye on his betas (Erica and Isaac bartender regularly), and spot any supes making their way into his territory, seeing as how the pub is located right at the edge of the county line, across the street from the motel.

  • Stiles is still pack, but tries his best to avoid pack meetings (which he once was adamant everyone— when available— attend), and has not once stepped foot into Derek’s bar. He and Derek send ‘need-to-know’ messages, supernatural intel, back and forth via Isaac.

They hardly look at one another at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and Derek shoves off to Maui for New Years with Boyd, Erica, and Isaac. Stiles rings in the New Year in tears. He and Derek talked about going to Hawaii for their honeymoon…

Lydia returns to California permanently after graduating MIT, and is not happy about the slutty, workaholic pessimist Stiles has turned into.

The claiming bite on his neck will forever tie him to Derek (in addition to a host of other things), but Stiles knows even if he didn’t have it, he’d always have a crippling desire to be close to him, to be his.

And Derek feels their bond just the same.

They're both just stubborn idiots who let a dumb fight drag them further and further apart.

  • Boyd is the last to graduate, with an English degree from UCLA. Derek and Stiles barely speak during the celebratory dinner, but manage to be cordial. Stiles even picks up the tab.

Around this time, a newly-turned, Omega wolf, Liam Dunbar, ends up in Beacon Hills when he’s expelled from Trinity Prep and his parents enroll him at BHHS. With Scott’s coercion, and Satomi’s influence, Derek makes him pack, along with his human friend, Mason. Scott, Allison, and Lydia (finally) officially join the Hale Pack as well.

Liam oddly imprints himself onto Stiles like a duckling to its mother, always asking for him, wanting him around, and aching for his approval. Stiles obliges, to help Derek out in training him, and because he genuinely likes Liam and Mason.

  • Mason works part-time after school at Derek’s bar, which is how he convinces Stiles to finally come check it out. From there, Stiles and Derek slowly begin to rebuild a friendship, over the coming months…

John and Melissa get married in September.

Derek brings a date to the wedding (Braeden) and Stiles. Has. No. Fucking. Chill.

He and Derek spend nearly half the reception screaming at one other in the parking lot, only to end up fucking each other stupid in the backseat of Derek’s car.

Stiles hasn’t been with anyone since Boyd’s graduation, but Derek still needs to get the smell of other people off his mate’s skin. And Stiles is boiling with rage at just how attractive Derek’s date is, and the nerve he had in bringing one when Stiles thought they were getting back to where they were 2 years ago.

The next day, Stiles sees his dad and Melissa off to Paris for their honeymoon (wedding present from the whole pack) with Scott, then heads to Derek’s place to talk. They’re mates, and being apart is making them act stupid and crazy; their break up was immature and shouldn’t have even happened. They should have worked things out like adults instead of calling it quits to everything just because they were upset with one another.

Derek apologies for the things he said, and trying to use his ‘I’m-the-Alpha’ authority on Stiles, of all people; he loves him, and was scared he was going to lose him. He’s lost so much too quickly and the last thing he wanted gone from his life was his mate. He’s not great at communicating, and was too quick to anger at Stiles being hurt and refusing to back down.

Stiles apologizes, too, because he knows all this. He knew why Derek was upset, what it all really meant when Derek was screaming and yelling at him after he was brought home from the hospital. Yet his own stubbornness got in the way of truly listening to Derek and the fear in his voice. He was too focused on being reprimanded like an insolent child, and told to hang back like the ‘weak little human’ of the pack. He’s not weak. He’s strong in so many ways, and being a cop should have added to his boyfriend seeing how much strength and authority he truly has, but it didn’t, Stiles had thought, and it made him seethe.

They were having too different fights with one another and it all got out of hand. It got nasty and vile, even after they broke up; Stiles sleeping around and Derek working hard to act like Stiles meant nothing to him.

Stiles also recognizes that Derek is a born werewolf, and mating, romantic relationships for him, are far more intense than human-with-human relationships. The need to protect and provide for is in his blood, so Stiles knocking on Death’s door, and refusing to slow down would of course be beyond problematic.

They forgive each other for being morons, then kiss and make up…3 times that night.

Stiles moves back in three days later. He and Derek have a courthouse wedding two weeks after (because they can't stand to wait any longer), and a mating ceremony in the preserve later that night.

  • Stiles serves as best man at Scott and Allison’s wedding the following year, and passes his detective’s exam.
  • Lydia and Parrish begin dating.

The year after is when all hell breaks lose.

A pack of Alpha werewolves blows into Beacon Hills, attempting to take it over, believing the newly formed Hale Pack is not as strong as it once was.

The ensuing war between them over the next 3 weeks results in the death of innocent humans, Jordan Parrish being turned, Deaton in a coma, half of the high school being blown to bits, Stiles being kidnapped (then rescued), Erica’s seizures temporarily returning, and Peter showing back up in town.

Stiles calls on their alliances with Alpha Lilly and Satomi’s pack for help against the Alpha pack. The Alpha pack is not only physically stronger than the Hale Pack, but also has a powerful druid/emissary, Jennifer, in their pack, and uses guerrilla warfare tactics against them. They’re always on their guard, paranoid, sleep-deprived, and scared.

However, Satomi, surprisingly, refuses to get involved; not wanting her pack in jeopardy, and Alpha Lilly is unfortunately dealing with his own problems. Namely the developing war brewing between his own pack and the hunting clan in his territory.

They’re alone in this and terrified and have to move underground to avoid getting killed.

But Stiles refuses to go down like this. He’s not a coward. Stiles does as much research as he can, digging for intel in seedy corners of the supernatural and begrudgingly working with Peter for info.

They discover that Jennifer and Kali, the Alpha pack’s second-in-command, are mates, and that Marin Morrell, his old guidance counselor, used to be the Alpha pack leader’s ex-lover; he’s still in love with her, and bitter about her leaving him, hence, his attempt to take over the town she resides in.

Stiles believes that by killing Jennifer, they can unravel Kali, who seems the most unstable (re: deranged) out of the pack. With her mate dead, Kali will become irrational and consumed with anger, weakening the pack and enabling them a better chance to take on the Alphas.

Danny finds Marin. Derek and John convince her to come out of hiding to help the Hale Pack defeat her unhinged ex-boyfriend and his psychotic pack of werewolves. It’s imperative she get involved before hunters come to town and kill everyone. Chris Argent is doing his best to keep “concerned” hunting clans at bay from Beacon Hills.

Peter, having avoided most of the foray into the pack war as he hangs back to interject with snide comments and bits of werewolf history and lore, pretends to double-cross Derek and fight alongside the Alphas, hoping to kill one of them in order to obtain Alpha powers for himself. Yet, Stiles sees right through his plan. He keeps it to himself though, and works with Lydia to find a spell to curse Peter with so that he may never become an Alpha.

Marin lures Jennifer away from the pack under the guise of wanting to set up a meeting between herself and Deucalion (the Alpha pack’s Alpha), her former lover, in order to ask him to stop the bloodshed he’s causing throughout the town. Jennifer refuses, threatening Marin, and nearly killing her, until Allison puts an arrow through the druid’s heart.

Stiles was right, and Kali goes mad at the loss of her mate. She attacks Derek alone, and without Deucalion’s permission. Derek claws her throat open, killing her.

Deaton wakes from his coma. His recovery is slow, but he manages to find the curse Stiles and Lydia need for Peter.

Allison and Chris create traps for the werewolves, and one-by-one, Derek kills the rest of the Alpha Pack. Having obtained all their power, Derek now has the ability to shift into an actual wolf, like his mother.

Peter is beyond pissed after having killed Ethan (Aiden? One of them) that he doesn’t have Alpha powers. Stiles gloats in telling him why, and Peter is livid…but continues to hang around, despite how much the rest of the pack wish he didn’t.

  • Alpha Lilly’s pack is nearly wiped out by hunters, but Derek and the rest of his pack, along with Chris, come to the aid of those left and kill the hunters responsible. As a result, Derek obtains the territory, seeing as how it’s without an Alpha, close to him, and he was an ally that came to the rescue; he leaves Scott in charge of it (Del Notre County). The 3 werewolves and 2 werecoyotes left from the pack move to Beacon Hills to join the Hale Pack.

Four months later, Stiles discovers he’s pregnant. The sheriff takes the news that male pregnancy is possible amongst werewolves shockingly well (and why not after all he’s seen?); he's too overjoyed with the knowledge that he’s going to be a grandfather to freak out and care as much as he should.

  • Boyd and Erica finally get married.

Nearing the end of his pregnancy (and starting at the beginning of Allison’s), Satomi’s pack engages in a war with a neighboring pack. Derek and Stiles attempt to help negotiate peace between Satomi and Alpha Roberts (from MendocinoCounty), but neither side like the terms of the treaty and walk away from the table declaring a war.

Both packs want the Hale Pack to fight with them, but Derek’s only interest is creating some sort of civility between them. Stiles is pregnant. He’s about to have their first cub, and the last thing Derek wants to do is fight in a war while Stiles is giving birth.

The rest of the Hale Pack don’t think Satomi deserves their loyalty after failing to come to their aid with the Alpha Pack, but Stiles understands the misgivings she had then.

Derek ultimately decides to stay out of it; waiting for the birth of his first born while the two packs have at it.

The whole war last only 5 days, with both packs suffering huge losses. Those left from the Roberts Pack head north to Canada, and the 3 werewolves, 2 kitsunes, and 5 humans from Satomi’s pack, with nowhere to go, join the Hale Pack.

One of which is Satomi’s second-in-command, a human named, Freya. Freya and Isaac immediately begin a romantic relationship.

And again, Derek absorbs both territories, leaving Boyd in charge of both of them. Giving the Hale Pack a total of 4 counties as part of their expanded territory.

Stiles gives birth to Derek Stephan Hale, Jr. shortly thereafter. They toyed around with possibly changing his name, but realized there was no name that suited him more when they laid eyes on him. And they wanted to continue to honor the young man that came into their lives as a seventeen year old boy for a month.

  • John retires, to spend more time with his grandchild, and because he’s admittedly getting older. Parrish is elected sheriff after John leaves the force.
  • Allison gives birth to she and Scott’s daughter, Natalie.
  • Isaac and Freya elope to Vegas-- much to Stiles' aggravation (Pack Mom!Stiles likes to be there for all his betas' milestones)-- and buy a house close to the pack house when they return.
  • Lydia is pregnant the following year. She's 6 months along when she and Parrish marry. They name their daughter, Beth.

As nasty coven of witches blows into town, wrecking havoc upon Beacon Hills’ citizens, and decide to activate the power within the nemeton.

Deaton discovers their plan and works with Stiles and Lydia to come up with something…but it’s too late. The nemeton’s power is unleashed when a young girl, Hayden, Liam’s girlfriend, is sacrificed on its roots, and chaos breaks out all over town.

Lydia can't stop banshee screaming at all the death plaguing their town, and Derek is having painful flashbacks of Paige, given the events. He finally decides to tell Stiles about how he unfortunately had to kill his first girlfriend after the bite didn’t take when he planned to make her a werewolf. That’s why this whole ordeal with the witches is making him more overprotective than usual.

Stiles understands, and tries to lighten things up by telling Derek he’s pregnant again, however, Derek’s too terrified to be as overjoyed as he was the first time.

Deaton discovers that they can’t cease the power the nemeton has, but they can slow it down at least. However, they need to do so with another sacrifice. Mason suggests they use one, or all, of the witches as the sacrifice. Hopefully their magic/power and blood will siphon into the nemeton and cease some of the chaos running rampant through Beacon Hills.

Derek, Boyd, Isaac, Erica, Scott, and Deaton go hunting for the witches. Stiles stays behind with Lydia, Mason, John, and Melissa. Jackson and Allison also stay at the pack house, but are mainly there for protection and defense, seeing as how the pack children are there, too.

Peter, Parrish, and a few betas are attempting to handle a kelpie situation brought about by the nemeton.

The house is attacked by the last of the coven! Sensing Stiles’ spark, they attempt to take him with them to absorb his power. Lydia manages to get ahold of Derek as Jackson, Allison, and John fight them off! Melissa and Mason usher the children into the attic!

The witches render Allison incapacitated when they magically revert one of her arrows back toward her and it stabs through her shoulder!

John is knocked unconscious, but Jackson manages to sink his teeth into one of them, ripping out her throat. He’s unfortunately rewarded with a poison spell and Stiles can do nothing but watch in horror as Jackson coughs up black blood until his last breath is gone…

Peter and Parrish get there before Derek. Peter snaps the neck of one of the witches trying to drag Stiles with her by his ankles!

The final witch escapes, flying off before anything can happen to her next.

The pack is overcome with grief at Jackson’s death. But Stiles is angrier than he can ever remember. Almost as angry as he was when his mother died.

They get Allison to a hospital and Deaton explains that the witches must be under the impression Stiles has an incredible power inside him to want to steal it so badly that they’d risk attacking the den of an Alpha werewolf in an attempt to kill his mate.

Stiles could give two fucks. Jackson is dead. His beta is gone, trying to protect him and his pack. So someone has to pay for that. And the rest of the pack agrees.

It takes them 3 days, but eventually Derek, Peter, and Chris find the last witch. Deaton binds her with a spell and they bring her back to Beacon Hills.

They haul her to the nemeton where Stiles drags an ancient dagger across her throat, without the slightest bit of hesitation, spilling her blood on the tree stump as he recites the spell Deaton told him to memorize. Afterward, he and Deaton carve ruins and wards into the tree's stump.

Kira and Liam are left in charge of making sure the witch's rotting corpse isn’t disturbed as it lies decaying atop the nemeton.

Gradually, over several weeks, the town’s supernatural activity slows down, but it feels hollow given they lost such a good friend in the end… They bury Jackson beside the graves of his birth parents.

The ordeal with the witches, the nemeton, and losing Jackson were like a shock to Derek's system. His past traumas were never dealt with, just cast aside and lived with. He has PTSD and it was ignited wildly with everything that occurred over the last two months. Stiles suggests he see a professional, and Derek thinks he might have to.

Marin, a trained psychiatrist, agrees to see Derek once a week for therapy.

Stiles gives birth to their second child: Claudia Siobhán Stilinski-Hale. She has the same violet eyes as his mother, and they just know they have to name their baby after her.

Although, Claudia they met years ago was a werewolf, this one is human.

  • Scott and Allison welcome their second child. Another girl, Isabella ("Izzie").
  • Freya gives birth to she and Isaac’s son, Gaius a year later, and Derek frowns at remembering Gaius was the boy Claudia let touch her. Stiles can’t stop laughing.

Mason leaves the pack. He wants to travel the world and put down roots somewhere that isn’t as dangerous as Beacon Hills can be. He’s no longer the invested, excited teenager he once was with all this; he’s a scared adult now and needs to get out. He hasn’t left Beacon Hills in years due to his loyalty to Liam and the pack, but he can’t anymore and needs to go.

Derek and Stiles give him their blessing, and Mason leaves for Europe.

  • Danny moves to San Francisco, a few hours away, to be with his kitsune boyfriend he met online. He’s still pack, but at a distance, and comes back home at least one weekend a month to spend time with all of them.

Stiles quits the force to spend more time at home with his kids and protect them from any danger lurking, but being a stay-at-home dad is slowly driving him a little mad. He loves his children, but every parent needs a break, and work provided that for him, and now he no longer has it.

Then Lydia comes up with an amazing idea and Stiles feels himself getting as excited as a kid at Christmas: a private investigator agency for supernatural creatures. For werecreatures who can’t go to the actual police with their issues, and founded by someone(s) who have access to certain law enforcement records, but can also go around the law if need be.

Sold! He, Lydia, and Allison open their own agency and work with Danny when need be for anything that requires hacking and forged documents. Occasionally, John helps them out as well.

They work mainly out of Lydia’s house instead of having a proper office in town in order to avoid suspicion, but mainly so that Lydia can stay with the kids while Stiles and Allison do the investigative leg work.

Their business starts out a bit rocky, with only a few trusting clients, but after helping a couple of wayward werecreatures, and solving a big case for a pack in San Diego, their clientele grows rapidly. They’re even asked to help solve a missing persons case in New Orleans.

Freya, Isaac’s wife, eventually becomes a part of their PI firm when their workload becomes too much to handle for just the three of them.

  • After two miscarriages, Erica is pregnant again. The pack holds a collective breath with her until she gives birth to her son, Vernon Michael Boyd V.
  • Stiles and Freya wind up pregnant at the same time in the spring. Freya gives birth to another son, Camden Lewis Lahey, while Stiles goes through a very difficult birth with his third child they name after Derek’s mother, Talia.
  • Allison is on baby number three by the time Danny and his boyfriend get married, and Peter starts dating a dancer (and werecoyote) named Yvette, who strangely seems to make him into a decent, likable person.

Scott’s father is killed in the line of duty. His partner comes to Beacon Hills to break the news to Scott and Melissa, and Scott loses it. He disappears without a word for two weeks then attempts to show back up like nothing happened. Stiles and Melissa rip him a new one. He's missed the birth of his son due to his absence.

Allison throws him out of the house and only lets him come over to see their kids.

After a month of sleeping on John and Melissa’s couch, Allison eventually forgives a very, very sorry Scott, and lets him come back home.

Stiles and Derek discover their daughter, Claudia, is a druid when she accidentally turns DJ into a toad when he doesn’t share a toy she wanted to play with! Deaton concludes that her strong power was obtained when Stiles was pregnant with her and she absorbed most of the energy from his spark. She’s the power the witches saw in him, Stiles assumes, because Stiles was never capable of magic like that.

Claudia being human already has Derek worried. Add magic to that and you have one very overprotective father.

Stiles and Deaton work with Claudia in trying to teach her how to control her powers.

Stiles is pregnant a fourth time, and after Talia’s difficult birth, he and Derek are more cautious than anything. But all is well when Stiles gives birth to their second son, Theodoric “Theo” William Stilinski-Hale.

  • Shortly thereafter, Peter is made a father, having a daughter, Malia, with Yvette. And it’s like The Twilight Zone with how mellow and happy he’s become.

Kira travels with Stiles to Portland, Oregon for pack/PI business with a family of kitsunes. There she meets a coffeeshop owner named, Upton, who takes a liking to her. They hit it off and Kira spends the night with him before heading back to Beacon Hills.

A month later she discovers she’s pregnant. Kira means to tell Upton but he has unfortunately disappeared. He was in the midst of selling his shop to a corporate chain when he met Kira. He took the money he got for it and moved out of the country.

Stiles and Danny offer to find him for her, but she declines their help. He was just a one night stand and not father material. She makes the decision to keep the baby and raise it as a single mother, with her pack as support.

She names Derek and Stiles as her daughter, Hannah's, godparents.

  • Derek opens another gastropub in Del Notre County.

Stiles and Lydia are taken to another reality after Lydia pisses off a fae queen at the bakery. Stiles tries to break up the ensuing argument, but it’s too late. The hostile faerie transports them to a reality where Scott is something called a ‘True Alpha’, Erica and Boyd are dead, Jackson’s in London, Isaac’s in Paris, Allison’s dead, Kira and Scott are apparently dating, Derek fucked off to God knows where with some girl, looking for Peter’s ex-lover (???), who also happens to be the mother of the girl Stiles is dating (???).

Neither one of them like this and want the fuck out now! Especially Stiles who anchors himself with Derek, his mate, his Alpha, but in this world Derek has just given everyone a big peace sign and drove off into the sunset with some badass mercenary.

He misses him. And his kids.

Lydia, however, seeks comfort with this reality’s Parrish, needing him near (or some version of him) to keep her calm and centered, which oddly makes younger, high school-Lydia seethe with jealousy.

They’re helping their younger, alternate reality selves deal with crisis after crisis, stirred up by some kid named Theo and some trio calling themselves The Dread Doctors.

Stiles’ alternate self finally bites the bullet and asks how did their realities turn out so different. They were on the same path, the same instances occurring, when something happened that must have propelled Stiles into a better future and his alternate self into a more bleak one.

Stiles doesn’t know if he should reveal anything to himself, but this Stiles is broken and in need of hope, something to hold onto, or maybe something/one to blame so he has a reason, a catalyst, as to why it all turned out so horribly this way.

Stiles tells him about Luna the cat, the bad spell, he and Derek becoming something real and good, and about the four children they love and raise together.

He can see the bright light of something hopeful on his face, and then his alternate-self tells him: “I miss Derek. I get why he left, but… I need him here.” Stiles remembers that there are an infinite number of universes out there and he wonders in how many of them is he in love with Derek.

Alternate reality-Deaton and both Lydias find a way for Stiles and his Lydia to return home. Stiles hates leaving them so fractured, scared, and alone. So ruined by death and abandonment, but he has his own world, his own life, to get back to. He has his own Derek who he misses and knows is probably going crazy missing him.

They leave, sorry to have intruded, and even sorrier to be living like they do...

Stiles bothers not to tell Derek that his dead sister, Cora, is alive and living in South America in the reality he visited.

  • Isaac caps off all the baby-making with twins, Olivia (named after his mother) and Jackson, named after his lost friend and pack-brother.

Beacon Hills County and their two territories stay pretty peaceful, and pretty quiet for a number of years, save for a succubus Peter’s girlfriend, Yvette, catches in their bed just before he rips her head clean off, a rabble of pixies who pollute the town with sex pollen for 24 hours— resulting in Derek/Stiles/Lydia/Parrish finding it hard to look at one another the next day when it wears off (*wink*wink*)— and a sickly, feral Omega wolf Derek feels remorseful about killing.

  • Mason visits for about 2 months, staying in a guest room at Stiles and Derek’s place. He earns his keep with free babysitting that allows Stiles and Derek a couple date nights and a long-deserved trip to the Bahamas for a week.
  • Danny and his husband divorce, but he stays in San Francisco, keeping up with his visits and helping with Stiles’ PI firm.

The pack's lives dissolve into a suburban bliss/chaos of work, kid-themed birthday parties, PTA meetings, band practice, science fairs, werewolf training, Parent-Teacher conferences, barbecues, car pools, lacrosse practice, college applications, full moon runs, basketball practice, winter formal, anniversary dinners, first crushes/dates, pack vacations, prom, camping trips, spelling bees, cheer camp, debate team, ballet class, driving lessons, werewolf summits with other packs, Christmas pageants, bake sales, fencing lessons, a werewolf convention in Austin, Texas that Stiles loses his shit over every year, a third bar in Mendocino County, etc.

Stiles suddenly looks up and he’s nearing forty and he has two teenagers. One’s off to college and the other makes it her mission to start and end every day with a fight…




Stiles comes downstairs grumbling angrily to himself as he makes his way into the kitchen.

Derek comes in from his office watching as Stiles moves about the room sniping under his breath, ignoring him.

And to be honest, Derek isn’t so sure he wants to be noticed given the hard scowl Stiles has on his face and loud noises he makes as he slams the cabinet shut, slams the dishwashing liquid down, slams the cabinet shut again, throws a plate into the sink, and another plate, and—

“She hates me?! My own child looked at me, screamed: ‘I hate you’, then slammed her bedroom door in my face," he shouts, finally acknowledging Derek. "I never, not once, spoke to my dad like that! No matter how mad I got I never said something like that to him! Especially over a stupid concert!”

Stiles and Claudia have been at it all day. Truth be told they've actually been at it for the last year, but it's been at it's worse for about 4 months now. Sometimes for days. Weeks. Always ending with them screaming at one another and Claudia slamming her door. Or fucking off to Kira or John’s place to vent about how “unfair” Stiles has been that week.

John usually lets her sit and gripe to him, working off whatever frustration she’s feeling, then makes up the guest room for her to stay in. Kira, on the other hand, is always good about bring her home after they “girl talk.” Claudia’s usually calmer when she returns home from her grandfather’s or Kira’s place, and Derek sees that her tamed attitude eases Stiles a bit, too (needing a break from each other). But soon after there’s a stench of cinnamon and thyme clouding around Stiles. As though he’s ashamed he can’t be the one his teenage daughter opens up to.

But Derek is done. 100% fucking done with this. After the fight he just heard, he can no longer deal with this. And it has to fucking end.

“I mean, what the hell is going on with her, Derek?! What am I doing wrong?”

Derek can smell a tart, fermented scent waving off of his husband and he knows he’s on the verge of tears. Derek pulls Stiles into his arms. “You’re not doing anything wrong.”

“Really? Because she doesn’t yell in your face. She doesn’t tell you she hates you. You’re not the one fighting with her all the time and about every little thing. I can’t even ask her about her day without it setting her off on me and us getting into a screaming match! I hate it. I’m sick of it. It’s personal, Derek.”

Stiles’ eyes are wet with tears and Derek’s instantly furious. “It’s not personal, Stiles, and I am going to go up there and have a few choice words with our daughter.”

“No. Don’t," Stiles begs, holding tight to Derek. "It’ll just make her angrier and she’ll take it out on me even more. I don't have energy to deal with that right now.”

“I don’t care! You’re her father! She doesn’t speak to you like that, she doesn’t treat you like this! And she shouldn’t get to keep disappearing to Kira’s or your dad’s when she’s angry about not getting her way!”

Derek thinks about Stiles and Claudia’s fights over the last few months. They’ve gotten nastier and more volatile. Claudia’s taken to swearing at Stiles and ignoring him all through dinner like he doesn’t exist. Derek’s kept quiet; believing it’s just a phase and it’ll all blow over soon, but with him leaving her rude behavior for Stiles to deal with, she’s just gotten more and more bratty, and it’s breaking Stiles down.

There’s no one on this planet he loves more than his mate. And right now his mate is hurt and confused and worried. Derek wants to fix it. Needs to fix it. Even if it means going Alpha on his own daughter.

“Derek, don’t. Please. I just… It’s my fault.”

“How is our daughter’s shit attitude your fault, Stiles?”

“…Because I keep forgetting that she’s not our other Claudia,” he answers.

Derek wants to contradict Stiles’ response with…something, but he can’t, because he gets it. He sees what Stiles is saying, so he just nods.

She looks exactly the same as the darling girl that was transported into their lives 27 years ago. Sounds like her, and has her sweet smile and intriguing eyes like her grandmother. But she’s different.

That Claudia understood pack, family, and responsibility. She wanted nothing but closeness with those she loved, and gave everyone the respect she felt they deserved. She was a clever little thing with Stiles’ smarts and Derek’s heart.

This one, their daughter here and now, wears her face but shares very little of her traits. Most of the time.

She’s a typical teenager: condescending, sullen, miserable, aloof, selfish, and disobedient. Derek and Stiles get that, they really do, but even with such an understanding, patience can wear thin.

She’s also a bit of a mean girl which disappoints them fully. They’ve been called to the dean’s office at Trinity Prep more than once over how she treats other, "less popular" girls, at school.

They love their daughter to death, and would lie, cheat, steal, kill, and die for her and her siblings, but occasionally they have to remind themselves that she isn’t the same girl from all those years ago, and that it’s wholly unfair to compare them. They remind themselves often that shifts in time and space due to poorly performed magic spells have created differences as the years have gone by. They knew it would, and they knew better than to long for something that wasn’t going to repeat itself perfectly.

“It’s because she’s not a wolf,” Derek says. “Claudia, the first one, was a wolf, and she…she got things, understood things, that our Claudia doesn’t, and most of it is because she was a wolf. She’s a druid now. That’s mainly what’s different.”

“So druid kids are biological assholes,” Stiles drips with sarcasm. He loves his child, but referring to her as an asshole is pretty accurate of her behavior over the last year.

“No, but being a wolf made Claudia more…mature. Things that are ingrained in a wolf: the need for responsibility, the desire to please your Alpha, wanting to be the best at everything, the craving to protect and provide; these are all wolf traits that’s embedded in our DNA. It’s why the first Claudia was more…compromising,” Derek tells him.

“That…actually makes fucking sense. Have you been thinking about this,” Stiles asks.

“A little," Derek admits. "Didn’t really cement until you mentioned the first Claudia.”

Stiles nods, but there’s a frown on his face. Like a sad truth he’s being forced to swallow.

“Stiles,” Derek pulls him close. “I wasn’t saying that Claudia being a druid is an excuse to accept how she's been acting. I was just pointing out that it might be one of the reasons why she’s different this time.”

“…I’m just tired of fighting with her; of there never being anything reasonable between the two of us. I just… I thought this would be easier. I thought we’d be naturals and awesome at this. It seemed like we would be. Parenting is hard,” he whines, and it makes Derek smile.

“Maybe we’re spoiled. Maybe DJ and Claudia coming to us all those years ago made us think we had this in the bag and it’d be a cake walk.”

Stiles nods. “Maybe we got spoiled by the betas, too. After we became one pack it was just so flawless. Everybody fell into their roles and it was simple,” he says.

“I know,” Derek rubs his hands soothingly up and down Stiles’ arms.

Derek thinks of how polar opposite Claudia is from the future self she was supposed to be; she’s human, so most of her instincts, her priorities, are different than that of a wolf. She’s also a teenage girl. He isn't making excuses, just recognizing the facts. Facts that have been making for a rough ride during these formative, teen years. But the last thing Derek’s going to do is to keep letting Stiles suffer in it alone.

“CLAUDIA,” Derek shouts at the ceiling. DJ, Talia, and Theo are all wolves, and they forget sometimes they have to yell in order for Claudia to hear them.


Stiles rolls his eyes at how she answers.

“GET DOWN HERE NOW,” Derek shouts back. He can hear her huff under her breath.

DJ still looks like the spitting image of Derek. He’s quiet though, and shy; thoughtful and reserved. He's so much like Derek’s own father it aches. He’s also more academic than athletic, despite being the captain of the basketball team at school. Yet, that’s primarily as a release for all his werewolf prowess that builds up at times. Especially around full moons.

He’s going to Princeton in the fall, which makes both Derek and Stiles proud, but also nervous, and a little sad that their baby, their first baby, is growing up and headed 3,000 miles away from them in 6 months.

He’s not as much of a player this time around. He’s gone on a few dates with a couple of girls and a boy from school over the years, but nothing serious. Nothing like Scott and Allison back then. Though Derek knows he does have a very big crush on a boy that goes to BHHS and is a Mathlete like him. Which unfortunately breaks the heart of Scott and Allison’s eldest daughter, Natalie, who happens to be madly in love with their oblivious son.

They never got to meet Tally and Theo, and in a way, Derek was grateful for it. He had no expectations or fears, and go to watch them grow up without any idea of who they’d become. Like a normal person. And in a life that’s anything but sane at times, he relished in the things that were.

Talia, or "Tally," is all Stiles. She talks a mile a minute, knows everything in the world, and wants to know more. She’s loud, eats like food goes out of style (burning it all off with the fencing classes Allison teaches every Saturday night at Beacon Hills Community College), argumentative, funny, talks her way out of all kinds of harmless trouble (that she drags Camden into with her), and she’s loyal to a fault at only 10 years old.

Derek tries with everything in him not to dote on her, but he can’t help it. She’s just like her father and it makes him coddle her, and indulge her, for being all the best, crazy parts of Stiles.

She’ll make a great second to DJ when he becomes Alpha.

Theo, their youngest, is 8 years old and the sweetest child on the planet. He’s kind and generous. Considerate and friendly and warm. He’s helpful, with the biggest heart. He’s been in trouble at school only twice, but for what Derek and Stiles thought were acceptable reasons, and defended him fiercely when called to the headmaster’s office.

The first time, Theo had defended a classmate against a bully, pushing him into the dirt (and growling at him) when the bully stole something that belonged to the other kid and destroyed it on purpose. They took him out for ice cream after being suspended from school for a day, but explained to him that physical violence is a last resort and he has to learn to control his wolf better when he’s upset.

The second time was just before Christmas break. Theo wasn’t so much in trouble as his teacher was concerned about him. She noticed he wasn’t eating at lunch for the past week. When Derek asked him about it, Theo confessed he’d been giving the lunch Stiles made him everyday to a homeless woman who lived in the park across the street from the school. He’d sneak over there quickly before Stiles came to pick him up and give her the food.

They had to have another talk with Theo about his tendency to makes friends with random strangers, but afterward, Stiles started packing two lunches for Theo everyday. Each time he’d tuck a simple note inside letting the woman know she was more than welcomed to call him and he’d do all he can to help her.

She never called, but she did send a note back once via Theo, simply saying “Thank you.”

He has four beautiful children, and wouldn’t trade them for the world. Even if it means having to growl at his daughter in order to put an end to her shitty posturing.

Claudia trots downstairs and into the kitchen, looking ever so bothered and annoyed as she taps on her cellphone. Derek snatches it right out of her hand! She opens her mouth to protest but he flashes his eyes at her.

“Did you tell your father you hate him,” Derek asks.

She glances at Stiles and rolls her eyes.

“You don’t talk that way to either of us.”

“Fine. Whatever. Gimme my phone back please.”


“Oh, my God! Am I seriously getting lectured again?!" She groans and slams her fist onto the counter!

“We are your Alphas and your fucking parents! So stop with the attitude,” Derek snarls at her.

She quiets, looking timid and a bit scared. Derek's never, never, flashed his eyes at his children before. And he's never snarled at them either.


She takes a seat at the island.

“You have been a nightmare for a year now and your behavior has done nothing but gotten worse over the last few months. We’re trying, Claudia. We’re trying to give you space, to be understanding, to take our own parenting techniques into consideration— everything. But we’re tired now. Exhausted.”

“If something is going on with you, then now’s the time to tell us,” Stiles tells her.

"Oh, my God. No. There isn't," she says snidely. 

She’s not lying; Derek can hear her heartbeat. A small part of him was wishing there was something else going on with her, because at least he’d know she wasn’t being a brat just because she felt like it.

“You’re going to act like a member of this family from now on. You’re going to give us the proper respect we deserve. Which means there's going to be an awful lot of changes around here And I'm going to start by taking certain things away from you. Like no more cheerleading,” Derek tells her.

“Oh, my God! Are you joking,” Claudia shouts, breaking from her chair. Derek flashes his eyes at her and she flops back down with a scowl.

“No. I’m serious. I don’t like those snobby girls you hang around. I think they’re a bad influence. So you’re going to spend that time training with Deaton again to work on your powers. Just being a druid and your brother’s sister doesn’t guarantee you being DJ’s emissary when the time comes. You need to practice. I’ve told you this a thousand times.”

She scoffs, folding her arms over her chest.

“You’re going to train with Deaton, and if I hear one word about you being rude and uncooperative with him, you will be sorry.”

“…Fine,” she says softly, avoiding their eyes.

“You also don’t get your phone back until that D in English is brought up to an A,” Stiles chimes in. “And the C in history. If you need a tutor DJ will do it, but I doubt you will considering your teachers believe you understand the material, but you’re just lazy.”

She huffs.

“There’s also no TV, no going out unless it’s with pack, no running off to Kira and and your grandfather, no laptop or tablet—”

“How am I supposed to do my homework?!”

“On my desktop in my office. So I know for sure that you’re really doing your work.”

They’ve taken her phone away before. Stiles busted her using instant messaging and Skype to chat with her friends online.

“This is so unfair,” she grumbles.

“Wait. It gets better,” Stiles gloats. “All of your free time will be taken up by babysitting your pack-cousins until your attitude changes for the better. We’re not just your family. The pack is, too, and you’ve been distant and crappy toward them for a while as well. That ends immediately.”

“No cheer camp this summer either. DJ’s going off to college in September. I want us all together as much as possible before that happens,” Derek adds.

Tears well in her eyes as she pouts, but they know they have to stay strong. It’s been a year of the worst kind of behavior from her: sneaking out, drinking, lying, failing grades, back talk, and some random boy in her room Stiles never told Derek about.

Stiles caught them one afternoon on her bed, making out, with his hand up her skirt. Stiles threw the kid out and Claudia begged, begged, him not to tell Derek. He wasn’t planning on it. If he did, Derek would have found the boy and murdered him.

“And if we find out you bullied some poor girl at school again, we will send you to OMI,” Derek assures her, red eyes flaring. Claudia looks horrified. “Understood?”

She wipes her tears away and nods solemnly.


She stands to head back to her room—

“Wait. Apologize to your father for what you said,” Derek demands.

“...I’m sorry, tata. I don’t hate you.”

“Claudia, we love you, and we’d give our lives for you. We want you to know how amazing you are and how much better you can be. We want you to understand that to your very core. We’re not punishing you. We’re teaching you. And we demand respect for that,” Stiles tells her. “Okay?”

She doesn’t respond, too overcome with emotion, and just runs upstairs to her room in tears.

“Were we too hard on her,” Stiles asks.

“We put up with her shit for a year. I think everything we laid out was more than fair.”

“But threatening her with military school, sourwolf?”

“She was picking on a girl so bad she started having anxiety attacks. We didn’t raise her to treat people like that, Stiles. Think about all the assholes that tormented you in school. How happy would you have been if their parents shipped them off to reform school or something?”

Stiles chuckles dryly. “I would have loved it. Even fantasized about it with Jackson.”

“And then you’d have the effervescent Lydia Martin all to yourself," Derek teases. "And she’d swoon into your scrawny, pale arms, thanking you for rescuing her from her mean, mean boyfriend—” 

“Shut up. You’re the absolute worst. That was practically a hundred years ago.”

Derek can’t help the laughter bellowing deep from his belly at the bitter look on Stiles’ face.

“Can I come out now,” a little voice interrupts.


Tally emerges from the walk-in pantry.

“Tally, what were you doing in the pantry? Why didn’t you know she was in there,” Stiles asks.

Derek doesn’t have a good enough answer, so he shrugs.

“I was going to make popcorn and went in the pantry for it, but then you and Claude got into one of your epic battles, and I so didn’t want to get swept up in that. I thought I’d wait it out until you guys were done, but then you came downstairs and started talking to daddy about it. So I stayed in there because it was super awkward after that. Would you guys really send Claude to military school?”

“Hopefully not,” Derek says, wrapping Tally under his arm.

“I mean, I know she’s been a big bitch—”

“Tally,” Derek warns lazily.

“—for forever now, and going to OMI like, really straightened out Natalie for Uncle Scott and Aunt Allison, but…I’d really miss her. She’s my sister, and she’s pack. Pack shouldn’t be separated like that. It’s bad enough DJ is going to school far away, you know?”

Derek kisses the top of her head. “Don’t worry about Claude. She’ll choose the right path.”

“If it makes any difference, I could feel her shame. Smell it, too. She wasn’t angry, but embarrassed. Like she was sad your guys were so mad at her,” Tally tells them.

“Is that true,” Stiles asks Derek.

“Yeah. She smelled like thyme, and her heartbeat was different; slower.”

Stiles hates the idea of his little Claude feeling like that, but he knows that talk needed to happen. “Well, maybe we got through to her,” he says.

“I’ll help you guys keep her in check,” Tally says seriously.

“I’m sure,” Derek rolls his eyes with a smirk. “Now go upstairs and finish your homework please.”

“What about my popcorn?”

“I’ll make it and bring it to you after you recite all the state capitals for me,” Stiles tells her.

“Ugh. So tedious. Fine,” she groans about her homework. She turns from the kitchen, then stops, “Hey. What did you two mean by ‘first Claudia’?”

Derek and Stiles clam up and freeze like statues, because holy shit.

“I can hear your heartbeats! What is it,” Tally asks with a bright, nosy smile on her face.

“N-Nothing you need to worry about,” Derek says, trying to sound stern.

She narrows her eyes at her fathers for a beat. “Alright. But you guys know I always find out what you’re hiding…”

And she does.

“I’ll give you 50 bucks if you pretend you never heard that. Forever,” Stiles says.


“Deal,” Tally says.

Stiles hands her two twenties and a ten from his wallet. She takes it and skips upstairs.

“What,” he says to Derek’s bewildered face. “You and I both know who she takes after, and the best we can do with her prying right now is cash to keep her quiet.”

“Did that ever work with you and your dad?”


“We’re fucked.”


Derek cracks first, snorting loudly, then turning beet red at the wide grin Stiles answers back with. They’re laughing. Gut-busting, spontaneous loud laughter as they grip one another and fall to the floor in a fit.

They can’t help it. It’s gotten so ridiculous. This thing called their lives, where they have to blackmail their werewolf daughter to keep from asking questions about a spell her father botched when he was sixteen.

But despite all the chaos, all the weirdness, they wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. Ever.