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Enid has always been fascinated by the internet. The way you can get an answer to all of your questions with just a quick search. Infinite amount of funny cat videos that can cheer you up within seconds. And let's not forget the wonderful creation of video games.

Except for her blog (which is growing bigger by the day BTW) her favourite thing to do is play Minecraft.

She never heard of the game until Wednesday made her meet Eugene. At first she thought he was a bit odd, well, as odd as you can get at Nevermore. Obsessed with bees, Minecraft and unfortunately Enid.

If she ignored the constant attempt at the awkward flirting then she could have big fun with him. That's how she was introduced to Minecraft. She either plays with Eugene or plays alone.

She doesn't care about the actual rules and what you have to do to win, she just wants to pick flowers and build pretty houses (which for a beginner she's super good at.)

Eugene actually plays the game and tries his best to keep the blonde alive, he does everything. The mining, the killing of the scary mobs, getting the materials and getting pet Bees. Enid tames as many wolves as she can and picks pretty flowers up. Oh, and stealing Eugens building supplies to build a pretty house for them.

She was on her fourth hour, no, eighth hour of playing the game. It was a Saturday so she can do whatever she wants, okay? Thing was sat next to her, watching the screen intensely.

Wednesday arrives back at their dorm around six who had spent most of her day at the library. The first thing she did when she entered the room was scan the area. To her displeasure Enid was still here; she thought since it was a Saturday she'd be out with Ajak or Yoko.

Nope. Unfortunately she was still here staring at her laptop screen with the biggest smile she'd ever seen. Wednesday rolled her eyes at the sight of her overly happy roommate.

Enid finally noticed Wednesday and somehow the smile grew even bigger. Pathetic.

"Wednesday! Hey! I didn't notice you coming in, how are you?" She asked enthusiastically, pushing the laptop off her lap and onto her colourful bed.

"Fine." The raven haired girl replied walking over to her desk. Thing hopped down from Enid's bed and scattered over to his friend.

Enid decided to ignore her roommate's rudeness. "That sounds boring, I've been playing Minecraft all day."

Wednesday hummed as she sat down at her desk focusing her eyes instantly on her typewriter. Enid seemed to not get the hint and continued talking as she stood next to the gothic girl.

"Have you played Minecraft before? Nah probably not, you totally should though! OMG we should totally play it together!"

The dark haired gripped at her desk in annoyance, looking up at the wolf girl with an unblinking stare. "Enid." She seethed out.

"I hate going into the nether but you seem like you totally would go for-"

"Enid." Wednesday repeated again.


"Stop talking."

Silence. Finally, Wednesday thought. Releasing the tight grip of her desk she went to grab her typewriter.

"Sooooo, is that a yes or a no?" Enid asked excitedly.

"Enid, sto-"

"Please Weds! Pleaseeeeee?"

The gothic girl slammed her fist on the table, Enid was seriously getting on her last nerve right now. The blonde jumped at the loud sudden sound, the words leaving her mouth stopping as well.

"If you ask me one more time to play Minecraft with you, I will slice off your tongue and then force you to eat it."

Enid shrugged the insult off her shoulder. "No you won't. If you wanted me dead you would've done it by now. So please, Wednesday? I swear I won't force you to do anything I want anymore."

The other girl rolled her eyes at the obvious lie her roommate said. "Lies. You will still force me to socialise with your friends and wear that ugly snood."

She tried to ignore the hurt of Wednesday calling her homemade snood ugly. Her smile faltered but she kept smiling.

"I swear I won't make you socialise with our friends for a whole month! Thirty full days of aloneness and no being bothered. Girl scouts honour!" Enid begged, doing a weird salute at the end.

That was a tempting offer. Plus to the raven haired girl's disgust, Enid begging was amusing.

Wednesday rolled her eyes at her roommate. "Fine. Whatever."

Enid squealed in enjoyment, she went to hug the annoyed girl but pulled away at the last second. "Not a hugger. Forgot sorry, but yay! You won't regret it!"

Wednesday hummed at the fact her roommate remembered boundaries. The small gesture almost made the stone faced girl crack a small smile. Ugh, that was the twenty fourth time this feeling has happened to her this week alone just because her stupid cheery roommate.

Enid ran back to her bed to grab her laptop to only return by Wednesday. "Enid." Wednesday said.

"Yeah?" She replied, eyes focused on her screen in her hands.



"Tomorrow or that laptop is being thrown out of the window."


That was two weeks. Ever since Wednesday made the promise of playing Minecraft with her friend she’s been doing nothing but playing it.

In the first week she shared the laptop with Enid, expecting to hate the game. Shockingly, the dark haired girl actually enjoyed it. Especially the killing of the villagers. By the second week she bought a laptop specifically to play Minecraft with Enid and Eugene. Who was thrilled his best friend had Minecraft.

It’s Saturday night again and Wednesday is sitting alone in their dorm playing the game on her bed. Thing is sleeping soundly beside her, curled up on his own black pillow.

Enid left about thirty minutes ago to go meet Yoko about an ‘emergency meeting’ in Enid’s words. Wednesday couldn’t care less as she continued to play in her and Enid’s world together.

She had just come back from the Nether and needed to go back inside their house to grab some food, new amour and to sleep. When she enters the house mostly Enid built she furrowed her brows. Everything inside changed from the last time she entered. Huh, she must’ve been in the Nether’s for a long time.

Her character, Steve, walked up the stairs and into where she thought her room was.

“Huh.” She mumbled as she walked into the room. There isn’t many things left. An empty chest, her armour stand that once had a full Netherite armour replaced with an Iron one. Her black bed is gone. How strange, she thought.

‘Steve’ leaves the room and goes to Enid’s room to search for items. To her surprise that’s where all of her things are. She checked a double chest first to see it full of her items. Next to that is her Netherite on an armour stand. Lastly her black bed is placed next to Enid’s pink bed.

“Stupid wolf.” Wednesday grumbled as she went to grab all of her items from the chest. “How mature, moving all of my items into her room.” She mumbled to herself.

Within minutes she retrieved all of her items back into her room. Even her bed.

‘Steve’ changes her armour and grabs a stack of bread before heading back to the Nether, not bothering to sleep.

The door to the dorm flings open with Enid standing there with a goofy grin applied to her lips, her eyes falling onto her roommate as she walks further into the room. “Addams.” Enid giggles, flopping down onto her bed. Pulling her laptop onto her lap.

“Sinclair.” The Addams girl replies, eyes removing off her screen for a couple seconds to look at her pret- friend. Enid, already looking at her, has a glint in her eye that Wednesday has never seen before.

“Told you wouldn’t regret playing Minecraft.”

The raven girl rolls her eyes dramatically, looking back at her screen. “It’s the biggest regret of my life. The game is for toddlers' minds and for their entertainment. Yet I haven’t been able to stop playing it.” Enid only chuckled at her response.

Something that made spiders appear in Wednesday’s stomach. Disgusting.

“Still in our world?” Enids asks happily. She only hums in reply. Too focused on fighting a Ghast.

thelesbianwolf joined the game

She fights the urge to crack a small smile at the absurd name Enid chooses. As usual she wins the battle and her lips stay in a straight line

Wednesday continues to fight the monsters of the Nether until she hears a weird sound from Enid’s side of the room. Her head moves speedily to the side as she eyes Enid up and down. The wolf is staring directly onto her laptop screen, a deep frown on her face now.

The sight makes Wednesday shift in her seat, sitting up even straighter. She glances at Enid’s screen expecting to see a picture of a dead dog or something instead it’s just her Minecraft room. Why is she upset?

“I can’t believe you, Addams.” She closes her laptop and goes to stand up before Wednesday can comprehend what she just said.

“What?” Wednesday asks, confusion coursing through her veins. Enid doesn’t even look at her, she just storms out of the room, the loud bang of the door waking Thing up.

thelesbianwolf left the game

Wednesday sat in complete silence. Eyes locked on the door Enid just left. Thing stretched his fingers next to her finally making her look away from the door. Thing hops onto her shoulder looking around the room for Enid.

Tapping her shoulder Wednesday shrugged him off. He then promptly flipped her off before jumping to the floor. “I don’t know what just happened?” Wednesday says to herself and Thing. If Thing had eyes she knows he’d roll his eyes at yet again another Wednesday and Enid kerfuffle.

Thing signs to the girl, Wednesday groans loudly. “I said nothing!” She defends herself from the accusations Thing’s makes.

The girl looks back at her screen saving the game before logging off, that was enough Minecraft for one day.

Enid would come back later and would explain everything. She wouldn’t just stay away from the whole night right?

Why is Wednesday thinking so much about this anyway? She hates Enid with a passion she’s never felt before. She knows that because everytime the girl laughs, compliments or remembers something about Wednesday she gets spiders in her stomachs.

She’s never felt this way before, so she assumes it's pure hatred.

Yeah, she’ll just come back home later. That thought calms her down slightly.

It’s only seven in the night but Wednesday needs her sleep. So, if she goes to sleep now then by the time she wakes up early in the morning Enid will be here, and she’ll talk to her in the morning.


That sounds like a good plan.

There is no point in running after the girl because one, if she’s that mad then she’s gone to Yoko’s room and then Yoko would be angry with Wednesday and then she will try to hunt Wednesday down and murder her. And even though Wednesday does enjoy a good staking through the heart, she isn’t really in the mood to make Enid even madder at her by killing her best friend.

“Thing, may you turn off the lights for me?” She asks the hand in a bored tone. He complies quickly and within a second the room is completely dark, except from the pale moonlight shining through the spiderweb window.

Crossing her arms over her chest Wednesday lays down on her bed like a corpse, quickly falling into a slumber.

Enid being the last thing she thinks about.


So, Enid was not in their room when Wednesday woke up the next morning. Meaning she slept in Yoko’s room. Jesus, she must’ve really angered the inner beast inside Enid then.

The girl thought about her plan of action before she settled on one plan.

Knock on Yoko’s door.

Simple right?


If she remembers correctly the conversation went on with something like:

“Is Enid here?” The pale girls asked, giving Yoko a deadpan look. The girl chewed her gum loudly making sure to blow a large bubble and then pop it before answering.

“None of your business.”

“Sinclair is my roommate, Yoko. Not yours, mine.”

The unfairly taller girl snickered. “Possessive much, Addams?”

“Bite me.”

“In your dreams.”


Wednesday rolled her eyes in annoyance by the vampire. Wanting the conversation done with.

“Is Enid here?” She repeated again, demanding an answer from the girl leaning on the door frame.

“Maybe. Maybe not. She doesn't wanna talk to you though. From what she told me you fucked up royally.” The smaller girl's eyebrows furrowed in confusion by what she meant by that.

“Did she tell you what I did wrong?” Yoko laughed at the pitiful sight of a confused Wednesday in front of her.

“You don’t even know what you did wrong?” Wednesday kept her deadpan look on the girl in front of her. No emotion on her face.

“No.” The gothic girl grumbled through her clenched jaw. Yoko let out a pitiful laugh at the girl.

“Good fucking luck, Addams. You’re gonna need it.” Yoko said, slamming the door in Wednesday's face. The girl didn’t flinch or move at the loud slam.


Wednesday knows Enid is in Yoko’s room, but she’s clearly not ready to talk to her roommate. So she turns to her last resort.


He might help her to crack the mystery on what she did wrong to hurt Enid. A weird feeling is starting to gnaw at her heart at the thought of Enid being hurt. A painful one tugging at her heartstrings, not a satisfactory one.

“Eugene?” She yells into the field of bees, hoping to see her friend pop up out of nowhere. As she hoped, her friend popped up from behind her. He’s in his bee suit with a lopsided grin on his face. “Wenny!”

“Don’t call me ‘Wenny’.” She replied swiftly in a stern voice. Eugene gives her a big nod before making his way over to the hut, so they can talk a bit better. Wednesday follows quietly behind him.

He pulls off his big mask to this bee suit, throwing it on the desk. “Did my honey appreciate my honey?” He asks in a cheeky tone that makes Wednesday grimace.

“Never call Enid honey again.” Wednesday threatens. “But yes, she did appreciate it and enjoyed it thoroughly on her toast.”

“Noted.” He said with a slight quiver. “Glad she enjoyed the honey! Anyway, what can I do for you, Wednesday?”

The girl lets out a small breath before speaking again. “Enid is cross with me and I have no idea what I’ve done wrong.”

“Yikes, that does not sound good.”

“Really? I thought it was a spectacular idea.” Wednesday snarked out, rolling her eyes in the process. Eugene took no offence to his friend's snarkiness.

“You want my help to find out what you did wrong?”


“Worry not my friend. I am a ladies man who can woo women and solve any relationship problem.” Wednesday decides to ignore the fact Eugene said ‘relationship’ and carry on the conversation.

“Tell me everything leading up to when you noticed Enid getting mad. Spare no detail. Absolutely none.”

Wednesday shrugs her shoulders, walking around the room. “She was fine until she went back to playing on her laptop.” Eugene hummed, silently telling her to carry on. “We had been playing Minecraft on our world together for the last couple of hours. Around six thirty she left to go meet Yoko quickly, she was no longer than thirty minutes. While she was away I continued in our world. I was in the Nether for the longest but around ten minutes before she arrived I came back into the normal world and went into the house. In there I noticed Enid had moved my stuff into her room, th-”


“Pause!” Eugene yells loudly, abruptly stopping the goth’s girl monologue. “What did she move?”

Wednesday gave the boy an annoyed glance. “Why does that even matter?”

He snaps his fingers excessively. “What did she move, Wednesday?”


“My armour, all of the items from my chest and my bed. What difference does that make?”

Eugene gasps dramatically walking closer towards her. He places his hands on her shoulders only to be gifted with a death glare and an aggressive push.

“This is important now. Where did she place the bed?”

“Next to hers?” Eugene gasps happily, clapping his hands together. “That is totes buzz-tacular!” Wednesday shakes her head in annoyance at the boy.

“Why is that the weird word you said moments ago?”

He scoffs at her as if it’s the most obvious answer in the world. “That is literally the most romantic thing a person can do! Place their Minecraft bed next to yours.”

The raven haired girl’s eyes widened by the slightest at this information. Enid was being romantic with her? Enid likes her? Enid likes her. Enid likes her! Why in the hell is she getting an intense feeling of spiders in her stomach at this realisation.


Enid was being romantic with her and she ruined it.

“I have to leave.” Wednesday says unexpectedly, running through the doors of the hut before Eugene can even utter a word.

Enid has been avoiding her gothy roommate all day. Was she deeply hurt over the fact Wednesday removed her bed away from hers? Yes. Is she overreacting? Maybe.

It’s now five in the evening and she just finished supper with Yoko. She decided it would be best to finally return to her dorm room and finally talk with her Wednesday again. Even though she’s upset she can still miss her crush very much! Yes, Enid has a massive crush on the coldhearted Addams girl. Everyones knows about it, everyone but Wednesday herself.

Aponing seeing the door to her dorm she braced herself before finally walking in. She expected to see Wednesday at her desk with her typewriter, instead she was sitting on a bunch of pillows and blankets on the floor where the window is exactly split to Enid’s colourful side and Wednesday dark side. In front of her is a laptop, Minecraft music being played loudly from it.

The girl wordlessly taps a patch of pillows next to her, hinting Enid to come sit by her. Like a little puppy being told what to do, Enid does exactly that. Dropping herself to the floor she sits cross legged next to her roommate.

“Look.” Wednesday says in a slightly softer tone, arguably the softest tone she’s ever heard Wednesday use. The Addams girl pushes the laptop onto Enid’s lap. “Look around the house.”

Enid obeys and uses the ‘W’ key to walk forward. The kitchen hadn’t changed, nor has the living room. So, the blonde ventures upstairs towards the bedrooms and bathroom. Checking the bathroom first, no difference. Wednesday's room is closest to the bathroom, meaning naturally she goes there first. There is change in this room.

Nothing is in there. No chest, no paintings, no armour. It’s completely empty. She glances at Wednesday suspiciously who is already staring at her. A warmth spreads across her face at the sudden eye contact, quickly she averts her eyes back to the screen.

Holding onto the shift and ‘W’ key, her character sprints to the final room, her room. Opening the door she’s quite shocked to see the changes made. It looks almost identical to hers and Wednesday dorm except the massive window. And the fact her pink bed is next to Wednesday black bed in the game.

Unconsciously her smile widens massively at the sight.

“Do you prefer it this way?” Wednesday asks in an almost small voice. As if she’s nervous. Enid nods her head enthusiastically, turning her head back to her roommate she opens her mouth. “Yes! It’s so cool and pretty!” She goes to hug Wednesday but as usual she stops at the very last second, pulling away. “Not a hugger.” Enid reminds herself.

For once, Wednesday wants to be held by the bubbly girl. She’s craving it almost.

“I guess, just this time, you can hug me.”

Enid gasps loudly. “Really?”

“Yes, before I change my mi-”

Wednesday doesn’t even get a chance to finish her lie before Enid dives towards her. Wrapping her surprisingly strong arms around her neck. Wednesday falters for a second, raising her arms to push Enid away instinctually but stops herself. Instead she places her arms around the blonde’s waist; pulling her even closer towards her cold body.

Wednesday can’t help but place her head in the crook of the wolf’s neck. Engulfed with her scent of lemon grass and sleep. She smells astonishingly, Wednesday can’t help but think. Closing her eyes she holds her even closer.

Enid can hear Wednesday heartbeat beat loudly, that causes her own to beat loudly. She can feel her cheeks turn a crimson red colour from blushing at the contact of being so close to Wednesday.

“I like you.” Enid whispers, hoping her voice doesn’t sound as scared as she feels. She feels the other girl stiffen in her arms and panic takes over her body. Instantly she pulls away, apologising profusely.

Wednesday still doesn’t say anything. Sitting there in silence with the slightest amount of pink on her cheeks. Enid goes to stand but doesn’t get the chance by Wednesday, arms wrapping around her neck and pulling her in for another hug. “I like you as well, Sinclair.” She finally replies into the girl’s neck. Enid squeals loudly giving Wednesday a bone crushing hug as a reply.

Both girls stay like that for a few minutes, holding each other, relaxing in each other's embrace.

That is until Wednesday pulls away, only by a bit. Looking into her blue eyes she removes one of her arms off of Enid’s waist, raising her hand she gently places her hand onto the blonde’s warm cheek.

“May I kiss you?” She asks softly.

“Please.” Enid begs in a whisper, moving her head towards the dark haired girl. The moment she feels Wednesday’s cold lips against hers she can’t help let out a soft groan. Closing her eyes as she wraps her arm around Wednesday's neck, bringing her even closer.

She tastes like cherries from her lip balm. She can’t help but feel that she’s now addicted to the taste and feeling of her lips.