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The Doe And The Bellflower

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The Doe and the Bellflower


Morgana stormed into her room and banged the door shut. She exhaled internally, fuming. Uther could be an absolute menace from time to time. She’d spent weeks organising the Annual Fair of Camelot only for it to be cancelled, as the king had ordered a spontaneous raid searching for magic. He claimed that surprise was the best element in “matters so grievous”. Yeah, as if the sorcerers were walking in broad daylight, practising magic as casually as clapping their hands. She sometimes wondered what went through that old man's head.

Adding salt to the wound, Arthur wasn’t fighting her case as strongly as she’d wanted him to.

“Pick your battles wisely, Morgana '' He'd said in his preaching tone. “ You know he’s been a bit testy lately.”

Arthur wasn’t wrong about that. Something had made Uther as wound up as a ticking time bomb. Even Arthur wouldn’t question him about it. It was common knowledge not to ask Uther anything personal unless you wanted a quiet and awkward dinner table.

Morgana quickly calmed herself down. She was going to have this fair. If not today she shall have it tomorrow. She’d only have to inform all the vendors about the unfortunate turn of events and all the townsfolk, who were so excited about this fun opportunity of a break from their daily, tiring jobs. Morgana groaned again. This was going terribly. She sat down, and leaned against her bedpost. She knew worrying would do absolutely nothing for her cause, but that was the only thing she had left to do. She closed her eyes, forcing herself not to cry, when she heard a tentative knock on the door.

Her eyes flew open. Who could it be? She hadn’t called on the servants, and even Arthur knew not to trouble her when her mood was so foul. She stood up, opened the door, and gasped.

It was Gwen. She stood outside the door, holding what appeared to be a glass of hot chocolate milk, smiling up at Morgana.

Morgana stared at her for a few seconds before regaining her senses and reflexively scrunching her eyebrows in confusion.

“ I heard what happened…” Gwen said, reading her face. “ I knew you were upset and I also know that Chocolate milk never fails to cheer you up.”

Morgana widened her eyes, stunned . It was highly unusual for any of her servants to do anything apart from their duties, and rightly so. But then again, Gwen was almost a friend to her.

“ Tha- That’s very nice of you Gwen!” She spluttered “ Please come in!”

Gwen walked in and set the tray on one of the side tables. She smiled at Morgana.

“Also, M’lady, I got you these bell flowers I found in the forest this morning. They look beautiful don’t they?” She held out a neatly tied bouquet of bellflowers that seemed to immediately lighten up Morgana’s mood.

“They are delightful! Thank you Gwen.” Morgana took the flowers, and just for a moment, she felt Gwens warm hands brush against her cold palms.

Morgana tried to hide the blush creeping up her cheeks and instinctively looked at the mirror hanging from the cupboard. She looked like a mess! Her hair was askew, and she’d forgotten to get her dress ironed, in all her tension to confront Uther. With her free hand, Morgana quickly tried to comb down a few locks of hair that absolutely refused to sit down. Gwen looked at her and smiled.

“We’ll soon get that fixed.” She said with amusement. “ Although to me, you always look like a bellflower.”

She said this in a jesting manner, with only a hint of coquetry, but this didn’t do anything for the flush rising through Morgana’s cheeks. Morgana decided to smirk back.

“Well so says the woman with the loveliest doe eyes i’ve ever seen!”

Gwen looked at her incredulously, with a glint of pleasure. “ Morgana! Is that how you speak to your servants?”

Morgana rolled her eyes. “Oh I’m sorry!” She replied, laughing. “Comb my hair now oh useless maid, and do the dishes next!”

Gwen placed her hands on her hips and looked at Morgana with the demeanour of one offended.

“Ha, ha” she said. “Laugh all you want but victory shall always be mine.”

“Oh!, and how so?” Morgana asked, wondering where the topic of winning even came up.

Gwen looked at her mockingly. “ Well I still have the loveliest doe eyes you’ve ever seen! “

Morgana didn’t know what to say to that. She glanced at Gwen, and felt as if she’d finally seen her properly for the first time. Morgana didn’t see Gwen as a servant, or even as a friend. Gwen was something more to her. She couldn’t explain it in words, but her feelings lay in every part of Gwen. The beautiful locks of hair, the creases of happiness around her eyes, the warmth in her smile, and the curve of her hips; something that hadn’t gone unnoticed by Morgana.

“Are you alright? “ Gwen asked, breaking Morgana from her stupor. Morgana nodded.

“ Gwen,” She said, her face turning serious. “ Thank you. For this.” Gwen looked at her in bewilderment. Morgana felt the need to elaborate her sudden statement.
“Well, I meant to thank you for thinking of me, understanding that I might need some cheering up and actually cheering me up.”

Gwen’s face softened and she took Morgana's hand, which sent a spark through her body.

“We’ll make the fair happen.” She said, with such surety in her voice that Morgana almost believed her.
“Well I have to, Morgana said. “I have to find a way.” Gwen playfully patted her. “Don't put too much pressure on yourself. We’ll do this together.”

Morgana was extremely grateful for Gwen's statement. She felt a wave of emotions rising up again. The pressure of being a princess, constantly trying to hide and change herself for her people, for Uther. She’d bottled up her emotions for too long, and she felt it all coming out now. Gwen looked at her knowingly.

“Don’t hold your feelings, Lady Morgana” She said quietly.

Morgana felt the hot tears trickle down her face, and they both sat down. Gwen held Morgana and gently caressed her hair as Morgana let her tears flow, along with her worries. Gwen comforted her, and cried too. They held each other, through the pain until the pain was no more. Gwen looked down at Morgana.
“I think it’s my turn to thank you.” She said with a chuckle.

Morgana sat up, and saw a face with such purity, that she couldn’t hold herself back. She took Gwen’s face in her hands and pressed her lips against her cheek.

“You’re welcome.” Morgana said, a hint of a smile on her face.

Gwen stared at her, wordless and amazed. She let her hands fall and hold Morgana’s hips. Morgana drew in her breath, pleasantly surprised. Gwen looked down at Morgana’s lips. They looked so inviting. She tilted her head and went in, as a wave of euphoria flowed through her body. Morgana responded back enthusiastically. Her hands couldn’t seem to get enough of the Doe-eyed girl, as Gwen gently pushed Morgana, inviting her to lie on the ground. Morgana obliged willingly. Gwen laughed playfully, her hands moving up to Morgana’s chest. The Bellflower finally got what she wanted.

Suffice to say, the day was spent blissfully in Morgana’s room, and for some reason (Neither Merlin nor Arthur could figure out why) Gwen spent an unreasonable amount of time with her Lady.
Morgana’s hair was not immediately taken care of, as Gwen had promised. Instead it was made for the worse, though neither of them could really care less. The hot glass of chocolate milk was not given any attention, until it had completely cooled, and witnessed some wondrous sights from the table near Morgana’s Bed.