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Goodbye Arthur

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"Get out." Arthur screamed
"Get out!" He screamed again but this time he threw the cup in his hand at merlins head.
Merlin barely managed to miss it, the cup hitting the door as he ran to leave.

"Gaius!" Merlin yelled for the old man that he desperately needed help from.
"Why are you yelling merlin?" Gaius said, waking up slowly.
" I need your help." Merlin said frantically
"What is it now boy?"
"He knows."
"Who knows what merlin?" He asked exhausted by the boys frantic nature
"Arthur. He knows about my magic."
"How?!" The panic in gaius's eyes matched merlins perfectly .
"He caught me using magic when we were attacked in his room."
"Oh merlin" Gaius said slowly shaking his head in obvious worry. "What did Arthur say?"
"Not much other than screaming at me to get out"
This only made Gaius that much more worried.
"What do I do gaius?"
"The only thing you can do. Give him time. Don't push him, this is an obvious shock and we can only hope that his father's teachings aren't as far as we've previously thought ."
Merlin just shakes his head. He obviously hates the idea, but he knows Gaius is right. The only thing he can do is wait.
He enters Arthur's chambers the next morning with his food in hopes Arthur is still asleep. He's not.
"I thought I told you to leave" Arthur says angrily
"I have your breakfast?" Merlin says putting the food down in front of him
"Merlin you have to leave Camelot. Now. I will give you today to pack and say your goodbyes, but if you are still here by tomorrow you will be executed."
"Please Arthur,"
"No, the decision has been made. Leave Camelot and do not return, or be executed for the use of magic."
For the first time merlin was completely speechless, it took many moments, but finally he said,
"Goodbye Arthur," he lowered his head in shame and left the room. The walk back to Gaius felt longer than usual. The tears he was desperately trying to hold back finally came when he got back Gaius, he had held them in for as long as he could. Gaius pulled him into a hug, letting the boy cry until he could finally speak,
"I have until tonight to leave and to never come back. If I'm still here, he says I am to be executed." This just causes merlin to start crying again.
"Oh merlin," Gaius says quietly, "where will you go?"
"I don't know," Merlin says defeatedly, "it might just be easier to be executed."
"Merlin don't say that," Gaius says, in shock from the boys confession.
"I must say my goodbyes, despite my choice to stay or leave. This will be my only chance, I will be back soon Gaius." Merlin leaves the room, his face still puffy from crying, he goes to the knights, to say his final goodbyes.
"Merlin!" Gwaine says, before he notices merlins face and his distraught, "Merlin? What happened?"
"He found out,"
"Arthur?" Merlin nods his head.
"What happened?"
"I am to leave by tonight, and to never come back, if I am still here tomorrow, I am to be executed." Gwaine stands there, not knowing what to say or how to feel. He pulls Merlin into a tight hug.
"Where will you go?"
"I have no clue, I might just stay. It'll be easier that way."
"You want to be executed?" Gwaine says, scared for his friend.
"I have no where to go, I can't see any other option."
Gwaine can barely look at his friend and the defeated look on his face.
"I will come with you." Gwaine says decidedly.
"Gwaine you can't do that, you're a knight. I am to be banished, I can never return to Camelot." Gwaine just nods his head,
"I would rather be with you, banished, then work under a king who would willingly throw away the only person that has been completely loyal at his side." His voice shows that it's obvious he's made up his mind.
"Gwaine are you sure?" Merlin says, he does not want to be the reason that Gwaine leaves Camelot without the ability to return. Gwaine puts his hands on merlins shoulders and looks him right in the eye.
"You are the most honorable man I've ever met in my life, it would be my honor to accompany you." The sincerity in Gwaines voice, makes merlin emotional all over again. Gwaine gives him another hug, and says,
"I will pack my things, I will meet you at gaius's at nightfall." Merlin nods in agreement, turns to leave, takes a step, turns back to gwaine, and says,
"Thank you." Gwaine nods, and leaves to pack his things. Merlin turns, and makes his way to the last person he needs to say goodbye to.
"Oh hi merlin!" She is holding a basket of laundry, folding the clothes, when she looks up against merlin, she can tell something is wrong. "Merlin?"
"I have come to say goodbye,"
"Goodbye? What are you talking about?" Guinevere desperately searches his face for an answer.
"I have been banished, I must leave tonight and not return." The shock in Gwen's face is obvious, she drops her basket of laundry and pulls merlin in for a hug.
"Why? What happened?" Her voice, obviously full of emotion.
"Arthur has sent me into exile, my choices are either leave by tonight, or be executed tomorrow. "
"Executed?" Gwen gasps, merlin just nods. After merlin answers all of her questions, she hugs him again, and tells him she will find him food for his journey.
Merlin makes his way back Gaius, and starts to fill up his pack.
Once he has fit all that he can in his pack, he comes back out to meet gaius. Gaius has packed him herbs and a few potions for merlin, just in case.
Merlin looked through the window, to see it was growing darker.
Guinevere knocks on the door, and when she opens it, merlin can see the basket of food she has brought for him.
"I grabbed all that I could," she says, handing the basket to merlin.
"Thank you Gwen, I'm going to miss you," Guinevere starts to tear up,
"I'm going to miss you too," her voice breaking, as she pulls merlin in for one last hug. "Be careful," she whispers into his ear, merlin nods,
"I will definitely try," Gwen laughs sadly,
"Goodbye merlin."
"Goodbye gwen."
Just as Guinevere leaves, gwaine walks in, prepared to leave.
"I have secured us two horses, it's almost time to go, are you ready to leave old friend?" Merlin nods, putting his pack on. Gaius goes over and hugs gwaine, saying his goodbyes, and then goes over to merlin, and holds him tight.
"I remember the day you came to camelot, barging in, and making a mess of everything, I would have never believed you could be the man you are today, I will miss you dearly merlin."
"I will miss you too Gaius"
Merlin grabs the basket Gwen had left for them, and Gwaine and merlin head for their horses.
"This is your last chance to stay here Gwaine. Once you leave with me, Arthur will not let you return."
"Oh really? Well I guess I have to stay here then." He laughs and pats merlin on the back, "I know my decision, and I stand by it. I stand by you."
They mount their horses, and leave, it is dark, but they will be able to get away from Camelots lands by morning. As they leave, merlin whispers,
"Goodbye Arthur." And Arthur Pendragon in his room, can hear merlins voice in his head, and breaks down into tears.