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A Picture Of Hope

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What do you think of

when you hear the word hope?

What do you see? feel?

You could answer innumerable ways.

Hope can mean many different things

to each and every person.

Each has their own picture,

a symbol of what it means to them.

Hope is like a phoenix

rising from the ashes

in a beautiful raging

blaze of fire.

Hope is the dawn of a new day

as the sun stretches out her light tot he world.

It is warm like sunshine

and beautiful when it reflects off snow.

A person's heart may be full of compassion and love,

though it may have been filled

with ice from the cold of night.

But because of hope it is now full of light.

Hope is like a rose

that is very tender and beautiful.

Hope is also like a violet,

for it is delicate and fragile.


whether a little or a lot,

does a great amount for us.

It revives our spirits and our dreams.

It could continue to write,

to tell you what hope is to me

for hope is beautiful and special

but you need to decide for yourself

what it means to you.