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Fell At Disneyland (And I Got This To Show For It)

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Beca Mitchell is many things.

However, is she a person who goes to Disneyland? Willingly?

"Stacie, why? Why would you even think that I'd want to go to Disneyland?" Beca asks, throwing her hands up in the air.

Not in the least bit put off, Stacie continues packing clothes into a suitcase, "Because you adore Tamara, and there's no way you're going to leave her to stay away from you for an entire week."

Beca watches as Stacie just continues to pack, "Wait, what?"

Stacie pauses and looks up at Beca, ensuring she looks her in the eyes as she slowly says, "That's why I'm packing a suitcase, we leave tomorrow. There's no way I'm driving over six hours back and forth from Anaheim."

Beca frowns, as she exclaims, "I do it all the time!"

Stacie snorts as she goes back to packing, "You're a music producing DJ who owns a record label in L.A., not Anaheim, and you don’t drive. You have a chauffeur. And you don’t even go in to work every day!"

Beca huffs, folding her arms across her chest, "Dude, I told you that as my PR manager, you get to have a driver to take you wherever you want."

Stacie hums, stepping away from the suitcase and towards Beca, rubbing her folded arms, a gentle smile on her face, "I know, and I'm very grateful for the offer, but I like driving- and thankfully, my client is pretty much a workaholic, which allows me the great opportunity to have a pretty lowkey job where I can work at home and be with my adorable kid."

Beca's frown falls from her face, replaced with a grudgingly small smile, and Stacie bites down her own smile because she knows she's won.

"How excited is the little squirt?" 


"You really didn't have to get us a shuttle, I could have driven us."

Beca grins lazily as she leans back against the seat, wrapping her arm around Tamara's excited frame, "If I'm gonna be dragged to DL at five in the morning, then I'm gonna at least be comfortable. And tell me you aren’t absolutely relieved you don’t have to deal with traffic."

Stacie rolls her eyes, but she can't deny it at all; nor can she stop the smile on her face.

"Aunt Beca?" Tamara's voice sounds and has both women looking at her.

"Yeah Tammy?" Beca asks, tilting her head, waiting for the four year old's question.

"How come you aren’t wearing Mickey ears like me and mommy?" Tamara asks as she points up to her own ears she has on top of her head, and then to her mother's.

Beca gulps, not really knowing what to say, and as she glances towards Stacie for some guidance, she finds the woman sporting a rather devious smile on her face.

"Baby, that's because I haven't given your Aunt Beca her ears yet."

Beca's eyes widen as Tamara's little hands clap excitedly, "Yay! We'll match! Aunt Beca! You'll gonna match mommy and me!"

Stacie's gentle words of, "You're going to match hon, not you'll," fall on deaf ears as Tamara only has eyes and ears for Beca at the moment.

Beca, who manages to put a smile on her face for Tamara, and says, "Aww! Dude that's great, I can't wait to match you both."

She catches Stacie's eyes, who is barely containing her laughter, and Beca narrows her eyes as she mouths, 'I am gonna get you for this.'


They get to the Disneyland Hotel by 8:30 that morning, and they manage to check in rather effortlessly, much to Beca's delight and surprise.

"I'd have thought it would've taken longer." Beca says as they ride the elevator up to their suite, affectionately watching Tamara's wide eyed gaze following the changing floor numbers.

Stacie giggles, as she playfully swings Tamara's hand in hers, "Yeah, I know, but I'm not complaining. Babygirl is so ready to get her Disney on."

The second the elevator doors open, Tamara is gasping and tugging on her mother's hand excitedly, "Mommy, mommy, we're really staying here?! This whole place?"

Even though Beca is still pretty grumpy over being dragged along to Disneyland of all places, even she can't deny how absolutely infectious little Tamara's excitement is. And maybe she's a little bit flattered and glad that Stacie even thought to ask her to come along.

Even though there wasn't really any asking.

Beca has to admit, the suite is actually really beautiful, and the service is fantastic so far, "Even if there is an extremely large number of Mickey Mouse cameo appearances in this one single room alone…I wonder how many there actually are, oh my God."

That earns her a swat to the arm and Stacie walking away with a roll of her eyes, "I'm going to grab the fastpasses and then we can go down. Tammy, baby? Are you ready? We're going to be leaving in a little while."

Beca throws herself onto the admittedly comfortable couch and bursts out laughing when Tamara replies, "I was born ready mommy!"

Beca shuts her eyes for a second, and contemplates her life and her choices.

She adores her best friend Stacie, and she'd do absolutely anything for her little munchkin, but Beca isn't sure she can take all the cheer, enthusiasm and just over the top positivity she's sure she's going to be subjected to all day.

Just as she's getting herself into a rut she feels a tiny finger poke her stomach and she lazily opens one of her eyes, a smile flitting onto her face when she finds herself looking into a pair of eyes that look exactly like Stacie's, and then she's smiling wider when she once again sees what Tamara is wearing, "You poked?"

Tamara giggles and tries to school her face as she offers Beca a baseball cap with mouse ears flapping around on top of it, "Mommy said I could give this to you now."

She sits up slowly and smiles as she lets Tamara put the hat on her head, pinching her nose playfully in return, "Thanks dude, I'm gonna look so cool."

The little girl just laughs as she throws her arms around Beca and nuzzles into her neck, "No silly, you're not supposed to look cool. You have to look like a big dork that's having fun!"

She lifts off, looking into Beca's blue eyes and gives her a big sloppy kiss on her cheek, "Come on! Mommy says we're gonna get breakfass."

Beca absentmindedly corrects her gently, "Breakfast, Tam," allowing herself to get pulled up off of the couch and turned towards the front door, where Stacie is waiting for them, holding her camera at the ready.

She snaps pictures the second the both of them are facing her, a laugh bubbling up out of her at the sight of her fantastically excited daughter and the rather grumpy Beca.

"Look at you! Don't you two look entirely too adorable to be real!" Stacie laughs as Tamara twirls for her, showing off her adventure shorts and pointing at her princess t-shirt, silently asking her mother to take a picture, which she does so willingly.

Beca fixes Stacie with a blank stare, eyes clearly saying she doesn’t appreciate all the picture taking at all. Tamara having her picture taken is all well and fine, she encourages that; in fact the more pictures there are of the little munchkin, the better. However, Beca didn't sign up for being part of the photographs.

"Don't you want to take a picture with Tammy?" Beca asks, holding out her hands to take the camera off of Stacie.

The taller woman smirks and shakes her head, "I can manage."

She flips the display and throws out her gracefully long arm and takes a selfie with her daughter, both smiling brightly, "Get in here dork." Stacie calls out, Tamara waving her hand to beckon Beca over.

Beca rolls her eyes but shuffles over quickly, throwing her arms around the both of them as Stacie takes another picture of all three of them.

Beca has a feeling she's got a long vacation ahead, filled with nauseatingly cute moments like this one.

'The things I do…' she thinks to herself as she begrudgingly leaves the hotel suite they've only just barely walked into.

She's armed with her shorts, black converse, red and black plaid button up over her favorite white tank top, and of course the Mickey Mouse baseball cap to boot. Not to mention her cellphone.

"You wouldn’t guess I'm some big shot DJ right now." Beca comments, rolling her eyes as they pass yet even more kids who seem to be hyped up on sugar already.

Stacie laughs lightly before threading her arm through Beca's, her other hand holding Tamara's as the little girl excitedly skips as they walk through the hotel, making their way towards the big front doors, "You're still a big shot DJ. You're just a big shot DJ, who can also have fun, and enjoy herself with her best friend and said best friend's daughter, because she loves us and deserves to let loose too."

Beca rolls her eyes, but she can't deny any of that. She is a big shot DJ, and she does love these two dorks very much.

As they walk out into the morning sun, Beca pulls out her vintage clubmaster shades, slips them and accepts the fact that she's going to be surrounded by these two rays of sunshine for the duration of the trip.

'There are worse things,' she thinks as they take their first steps towards the home of Sleeping Beauty's castle.