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Fell At Disneyland (And I Got This To Show For It)

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"Look, I don't have time for this. If you and your band aren't ready to put in the hours practicing, there's not enough 'production juice' in the world that can help you make a hit! Call me when you're ready to actually do your job." Beca slams her hand against the speaker button so the band in the booth can hear her before simply glaring and throwing her headphones off and walking away.

It'd been a couple of months since that faithful Disneyland vacation and Beca can't begin to describe how much she wishes she was still there now.

Especially after dealing with punk ass kids who think they're God's gift to the music industry.

Beca slams her office door shut behind her and throws herself across the couch, letting out a huff as she does so, before grabbing a pillow and screaming into it.

"Rough day?"

Beca feels her soul leave her body at the unexpected intrusion.

She's never jumped so fast or squeaked so loudly in her life. How she's managed to reposition herself behind the couch, she'll never know.

"What the hell-Chloe?!" Her heart is racing, for an entirely different reason now, as she takes in the woman sitting in front of her desk on one of the guest chairs.

The redhead is smiling at her brightly, not at all trying to hide just how excited she is that she's surprised Beca, "Hey you."

Beca steps around the couch, but doesn't go any closer to Chloe, not really believing her eyes, "I…what. How?"

"Eloquent as ever," Chloe teases softly, taking it upon herself to take a step closer, bridging the gap between them slightly.

It's that move alone that awakens within Beca the knowledge that this is no daydream.

The carefree laugh that bubbles out of Beca doesn't surprise Chloe; the giddy way in which she throws herself at her and wraps her arms around her neck does, "Oh my God I don't even care how, I'm so glad you're here!"

Chloe wrap her own arms around Beca and tugs her even closer to her, chuckling into her hair as she buries her face into the crook of her neck, "That's good, this would have been really bad if you ended up not being happy that I'm here."

Beca pulls away slightly, just enough to be able to properly see her face, and raises an eyebrow, "That would never happen. You're basically the human embodiment of sunshine and happiness."

Her eyes widen at that, and her cheeks color, causing Chloe's grin to grow as she bites her lip to stop from cooing at her favorite DJ.

Clearing her throat, Beca glances away as she shrugs, "I mean or whatever you know…you don't suck too bad or something less sappy."

Chloe bumps her forehead against the side of Beca's head gently and whispers, "You're adorable."

When Beca doesn't say anything, Chloe grins and squeezes her arms that are around Beca's waist and presses a kiss to her cheek, "I'd really like it if you'd look at me, please."

Beca fights as hard as she can not to fold so dismally quick, but she does, epically, because the moment Chloe says please, Beca's turning her face so she's looking at her full on, her eyes locking with Chloe's fantastically bright ones.

"Hey you."

Beca rolls her eyes and leans forward, pressing a kiss to her lips, drawing her impossibly close as she does so, almost as if to mold them into a single entity for this one moment.

"Hey yourself," she finally whispers against Chloe's lips when she pulls out of the kiss, before pecking them repeatedly in quick succession.

"Mm, yeah I've definitely missed this," Chloe says breathlessly, once Beca stops kissing her and just goes back to nuzzling Chloe's neck


Stacie wasn't expecting anyone, so when the doorbell rang, her first thought was to check twitter and buzzfeed for anything that might have occurred concerning Beca, as she quickly makes her way to the front door.

"I don't know what you've done but-"

Aubrey was the last person she thought would be on the other side of the door.

Tilting her head, a small smile adorning her face, the blonde teases lightly, "Oh, I haven't done anything…yet."

Stacie can't move, she's rooted to the spot, her eyes refusing to look away from Aubrey's, wondering if perhaps this is some elaborate prank Beca's cooked up.

Aubrey bites her lip, and shifts her weight from one foot to the other, "I uh…I'm sorry, is this a bad time?"

Stacie shakes her head slowly, still not believing her eyes. She does manage to step out of the way and allow Aubrey in.

Aubrey lets out a breathless laugh as she walks into the house, "Okay…is everything alright? You look…confused?"

Stacie nods, and clears her throat before taking a tentative step forward, "I just…I don't understand."

Aubrey smiles at her beautifully, lifting her hand to reach for Stacie, smiling wider when the brunette easily takes it and pulls her closer, so that they're now nearly toe to toe.

"I missed you," Aubrey says it so simply, so matter of fact.

Squeezing the hand she's holding onto, Stacie then lets go so as to place her hands onto Aubrey's face, holding her head so delicately, rubbing her thumbs across the top of her cheeks, "I've missed you."

Aubrey blushes slightly, and goes to duck her head but finds it nearly impossible to do with Stacie holding her in place.


The brunette shakes her head before drawing her close and crashing their lips together in a kiss Stacie's been imagining since she opened the door.


"Aubrey came with you?" Beca asks, as she and Chloe enjoy a quiet lunch in her office, not wanting to leave the calm.

The redhead grins as she nods, "Mhm, except she uh had more important people to see first before meeting up with you."

Beca rolls her eyes, "Yeah, uhhuh. You know, you two are the worst. You coulda told us you were coming, I'd have planned a decent lunch date for us."

Chloe shakes her head, "But where's the fun in that? I got to see your adorable face light up like the fourth of July. I'm quite flattered really," she teases lightly, eyes alight with joy.

"You'd think, after having seen that sort of reaction from millions of people, you'd get sick of it," Beca grouses playfully, eyeing her as she grabs a couple of fries and popping them into her mouth.

"It's different," Chloe says simply, shrugging her shoulders as she says so, a small smile on her face.

"How's it different?"

Chloe chuckles, "Well for one thing…you were excited to see me, not Princess Anna."

Beca hums, a grin on her face as she nods.

Chloe continues, "And, another thing…it's different cuz it's you."

She goes back to her lunch as if she hadn't just said anything of consequence. And, granted, she really hadn't, but it felt it to Beca.

"It's ridiculous, honestly, how happy you make me…"

Beca shakes her head once she says this.

She hadn't meant to say anything.

Chloe bites her lip as she tilts her head, "Oh yeah?"

Humming, a low note deep in her chest, Beca flicks her eyes towards Chloe for a moment before focusing on her food in front of her, "Yeah…"

"I don't think you completely get how happy you make me."

Beca wasn't expecting that from Chloe, because, "How do I even do that?"

Chloe shakes her head, like she can't believe that Beca's actually asking her that, "By just being you. Completely and totally unabashedly you."

Fighting a blush, that wins and shows up fully, Beca ducks her head, "I feel like a kid, getting all bashful and shit around you, the hell are you doing to me?"

Chloe laughs lightly, glad that the semi-heavy moment that was coming, passed before it even actually arrived, "I'm not doing anything to you…" she pauses then, as she gets an idea, and the next thing that comes out of her mouth is said so sinfully, Beca's not sure if her brain fully comprehends the events.

"But I sure as fuck would like to be." Her tone is dripping with suggestiveness and the guttural way her mouth forms the word 'fuck' has Beca shifting in her seat, as her eyes snap towards Chloe's, and she takes in the innocent smile, and the devilish glint in her eyes, and focusing further on the lip that she has trapped between her teeth.

Beca feels a smirk forming on her face as she slowly replays the words Chloe just uttered because, "Damn."

Chloe laughs fully, eyes shut, with her head thrown back, and in that moment, Beca's never been more certain about her decision to commit to this fully and completely. She's never been more certain that she never really had a choice.

The moment they met, she was a goner.

As they walk out of the building, hand in hand, Chloe easily swinging their hands between them, Beca shakes her head, "I never thought that I'd be one of those people."

Chloe's grinning when she turns her head to look at her, "One of what people?"

"Oh you know…one of the ones that tell anyone that will listen that they fell in love at Disneyland or something equally as sappy," Beca says, a small grin on her face.

She feels Chloe's hand go slack in hers for a second before squeezing Beca's a second later. She starts swinging their joined hands again with gusto, a newfound excitement accompanying the action now.

When they come to a stop at a crosswalk, waiting for their turn to cross, Chloe's lips bump against Beca's ear as she breathlessly whispers, "I fell in love at Disneyland too…and I got this, to show for it." She pecks Beca's inflamed cheek then, smiling at her adoringly before pulling her along.