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Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

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Good morning, Violet.

You left your jacket at my place the other night.

If you want to do lunch today, I can return it to you.

What do you think?

I'm busy

I can give it back at game night instead.

I'll just get it whenever

All right, I'll see you tonight, then?


Caitlyn scrolled through her text conversation with Vi, up to their previous chats, down to the one begun this morning, back up to their other recent exchanges. 

Always a good morning when it starts with you, Cupcake <3

I never should've told you my full name smh

I met the cutest little Pittie on my run this morning, she reminded me of you

Knock knock, Cupcake… 

She ran the previous three days back through her head, trying to figure out what, if anything, might have happened to cause such a drastic change in her interactions with Vi. If she had mentioned Powder having trouble, feeling ill, something happening at work, if Caitlyn herself had done anything… She was at a loss.

When Caitlyn arrived at Mylo and Claggor's place, her puzzlement took a turn into disappointment. She let herself in, already planning to ask Vi about her weird, short, bordering-on-assholish texts, only to find that she wasn't there. She was always there before Caitlyn, talking shit with her sister and peeling the label off her beer in a messy spiral. 

"Hey!" Claggor pulled her into a hug while she was still in the midst of removing her coat, so she did her best to reciprocate by pressing her chin into his shoulder. "You're kinda early. Feeling extra eager to hand our asses to us this evening?"

"Maybe," Caitlyn teased, but she was still distracted. "Where's Vi?"

"Dunno, late, I guess. I haven't heard anything from her."

"Powder?" Caitlyn called to her as she padded out of the kitchen, clutching a bunch of beer bottles by the neck and mouth full of something crunchy. Powder's eyes widened at her, and she looked oddly caught-out as she gulped down her food with a wince. "Vi's not here?"

"No," she replied matter-of-factly, setting the drinks on the coffee table. Caitlyn didn't like it. Powder was stiff, like she was trying to close her out. Caitlyn's eyes narrowed.

"Where is she, then?" She folded her arms across her chest, squaring up, and she could tell from the tilt of Powder's head alone that her scent was getting to her. It was a crude tactic, but effective, and she didn't feel guilty enough not to use her alpha-ness against the girl.

"At home, probably." A sour note reached her nose, the disgruntled reply to her blatant manipulation.

"Care to elaborate?"

"I wasn't gonna, because it's not my business," she grumbled, "and clearly, she didn't feel like sharing with you. But since you're feeling pushy, she's in rut. She wasn't feeling up for socializing, so she stayed home."

Caitlyn's expression dropped, and she loosened up her stance. "Oh."

"Yeah." Powder snatched a bundle of pretzel sticks from a bowl on the table, stuffing them all in her mouth, then speaking through the crumby mess. "You're welcome."

Caitlyn brushed against her, sweeping a hand down her shoulder and giving a little neck flash in apology. After a moment's pause, Powder mirrored her touch and returned to the kitchen while she settled in her usual spot. Now, she was puzzled and disappointed. It was a simple answer, Vi could've just told her. Fuck, if she'd asked, Caitlyn would've spent her rut with her. They hadn't really talked about it beforehand, but she would gladly submit to Vi if that was what she wanted. But if she really didn't...

Ruts were shitty, and uncomfortable, and not nearly as neat as they sounded in Sex Ed, but spending them with someone else raised their enjoyability exponentially. Choosing not to do that meant Vi must've thought spending it with Caitlyn would somehow be worse. Maybe she just didn't find Caitlyn appealing right now. Some alphas were repulsed by the scent of other alphas during rut. Maybe she assumed Caitlyn would find her repulsive. Worst case scenario, she'd gone out and found an omega to satisfy her. 

"Okay, who's up for Uno, round uno?" Mylo interrupted Caitlyn's internal spiral with his terrible joke, and she groaned aloud with Powder and Ekko. "Hey, I am the king of comedy. You're all just jealous of my wit. Anyway, I'll deal first."

Caitlyn played, preened, threatened, and maintained her game night persona, but still dwelled on the empty space beside her where Vi's vibrant energy and malty scent should've been. She also fucking lost.

Caitlyn took the stairs up to Vi's apartment, alternating between counting the steps and rehearsing everything she wanted to say. Her stomach had crawled up into her throat in anticipation. The worst she can do is tell me to leave , she tried to convince herself for the n th time that night. But the idea of rejection still stung, and while logic told her Vi would never break her trust in this way, the insidious fear that she would find her boning a strange omega kept creeping into her thoughts.

But no. This was Vi. This was the girl who held her while she had a mental breakdown over her mother. Who showed up at her apartment with noodles and sticky buns when she was worn to the bone from meetings and clients and legal bullshit, and stayed by her side until she could sleep. Who dove into a fucking duck pond to rescue her portfolio, even though Caitlyn was sure it was destroyed, and wicked the water out of it in time to save most of her work.

With that thought in mind, she knocked on the door to Vi's apartment before any of her shittier worries could make her hesitate.

There was no response, then a heavy thump accompanied by a yelp. Caitlyn raised an eyebrow, wondering how concerned she should be. 

"Just a second," a familiar voice called, and a few moments passed before Vi spoke again, closer to the door. "Who is it?"

"It's me." Caitlyn anxiously tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, then clasped her hand around the opposite wrist. The silence after she announced herself made her fidget.

The locks clicked and rattled, and the door opened just far enough for Vi to peer out at her, eyes narrowed against the hallway lights. "Cupcake?"


"Hey. What, uh... What's up, I guess?" Vi rasped. She looked and smelled miserable. Her face was flushed, skin coated in a sheen of sweat, and the scent of bitter frustration and sex wafted into the hall. There was something mouthwatering about it.

"I was... concerned." Caitlyn measured her emotional response, and tried not to sniff rudely at the musk coming off her. But no omega , her mind whispered. "Your messages this morning seemed off, and then you weren't at Mylo and Claggor's tonight, so..."

"I'm fine."

"Powder mentioned you were in rut."

"That's none of her fucking business," Vi growled, narrowing her eyes.

"I know, I might've bullied it out of her a little. Sorry." Caitlyn raised one shoulder in a shrug. "But I did wonder if... May I come in?"

"Uh." Vi glanced back into the apartment uncertainly. "It's... kind of offensive right now."

"Vi," Caitlyn waited until those quicksilver eyes fixed on her. "It's alright. If you don't want me in your territory, please tell me. Otherwise... you're my girlfriend, and there's really not a lot you could do to offend me."

Vi set her jaw, gaze flickering with indecision, before she inhaled deeply. Her breath shuddered back out as she backed away, letting Caitlyn slip through the door and nudge it shut. Caitlyn shucked her coat, feeling goosebumps prickle along her arms as a draft hit her skin, while Vi stalked the living room. Everything was dark, a couple of dim salt lamps the only sources of light. The windows were partway open to let in the wintry breeze, but it did almost nothing to clear the stink of alpha that permeated the air, thick enough to taste. Despite the temperature, her girlfriend was only wearing shorts and a tank top. She always kept the place cool, but it usually wasn't freezing

"Rough night?" Caitlyn asked her, inspecting the messy sofa. It was piled with pillows and blankets, and a waste basket full of tissues sat beside it.

"You could say that," Vi ground out. She folded her strong arms tight beneath her breasts, nipples peaked against the thin fabric. "So, why are you here? Was there something you needed?"

"No." Caitlyn remained by the door, watching Vi watch her. She kept her voice low and soothing. "I'm just here for you. Solo ruts are difficult, and I wondered why you didn't mention it to me."

Vi grunted and paced the floor. "I was... I didn't want to." When Caitlyn flinched at her words, she continued in a rush. " Fuck . Not like, I mean, I was thinking about it a little, but… I didn't wanna get you involved and maybe, I dunno… Fuck something up."

"Like... what?"

"I didn't wanna ask you to come over and stuff, and then just end up in a fight." She ran her fingers through her sweaty hair. 

"I don't think I quite understand," Caitlyn admitted carefully. "We haven't ever really fought before, we might argue a little, but — "

"No, not like that. I mean... alpha fight."

Caitlyn's eyebrows rose. "You want to fight me?"

" No, Cupcake, never. But people always talk about how alphas in rut hate the smell of other alphas, and all they wanna do is fuck, or fight. They meet an omega, they fuck. They meet another alpha, they fight. I don't wanna hurt you just because my instincts told me to," she explained miserably, and Caitlyn thought she could see a glimmer of tears in Vi's tired gray eyes. 

"Darling..." She wanted to go to her, to press their bodies together and rub her face in Vi's neck, but she held back. "Do you feel like hurting me right now?"

Vi sighed, considering. "No?"

"Are you angry that I'm in your space?"


"May I hug you?" She waited for Vi's stiff nod before crossing the room in long strides and wrapping around her snugly. Vi squeezed back around Caitlyn's waist, the muscles of her broad shoulders rippling. "That is an old stereotype, that alphas will fight like that. It's much more to do what kind of alpha you are than instinct. You're one of the most secure, confident alphas I know, and I know you wouldn't hurt me. Not if I didn't ask, at least," she teased, stroking down Vi's strong back. 

Vi rubbed her face into Caitlyn's neck, huffing at the rich scent concentrated there. She let out a satisfied purr, the sound vibrating through their bodies. Caitlyn took this as a sign that she could reciprocate, pleased at the more relaxed signals Vi emitted. After a couple minutes spent only scenting one another, sex pheromones ramping up all the while, she felt the press of a very familiar bulge against her lower belly. 

"Mm..." She slipped a hand between them, stroking along the length of Vi's cock where it strained against the fabric of her shorts. "See? Nothing to worry about."

The timbre of Vi's purr changed, and her teeth scraped against her lover's neck. The sharp rake of her canines sent a ripple of arousal down Caitlyn's spine, muscles tensing as she arched. Blunt nails clawed at her skirt, rucking it up until Vi could get a handful of her ass.

"Would you like some company for the next few days?" Caitlyn whispered, teasing at Vi's ear. The other alpha's hips jerked reflexively against her, and it took all her self-control not to rub back.

"Bedroom," Vi rasped, chest still rumbling, and Caitlyn allowed her to lead the way. Her hand was hot, warming her girlfriend's slender fingers. Her touch would burn so pleasantly in the chill apartment, driving the cold from Caitlyn's skin. The den of her bedroom was shadowy and dark, the bed a nest of tangled sheets and blankets. The smell of rut intensified here, traces of come from countless lonely, unsatisfying orgasms, layered with something close to rage. That bed was probably disgusting already, and it made Caitlyn's mouth water.

Vi pawed at the buttons of her top, growling in her uselessness and frustration, until Caitlyn slowed her down with a gentle touch. She steadied, but only enough to pop them in a series of harsh tugs, dangerously close to ripping them out. She didn't bother pushing the fabric from her lover's shoulders, planting her face straight into the softness of her cleavage and humming happily. Caitlyn couldn't hold back an eyeroll.

"You're ridiculous." She scratched at the nape of Vi's neck, waiting for her to get her fill. Lips started sucking at the tender skin of her breasts, teeth nipped, and a warm tongue laved across the marks left behind. "There's more where that came from, if you let me take off my bra."


The rut-struck alpha pulled away, and for one fanciful moment, Caitlyn thought she would actually allow her to keep undressing. Instead, the cups of her bra were yanked down so Vi could suck one of her tight, pink nipples into her mouth. The sensation shot through her core and she clenched around nothing, groaning at the ache building between her legs. Hands scrabbled at her skirt again, tugging it up until they could knead roughly at her lace-bound hips and ass. When Caitlyn very clearly felt that lace begin to tear against her skin, she halted Vi with a low growl, not challenging or hostile, just enough to make her recognize her partner's discomfort. 

"You okay?" Vi pulled back far enough to look her in the face, pupils blown wide enough to turn her irises from their customary pale gray into rings of graphite. Even like this, she's so eager to please, Caitlyn considered her endearing girlfriend.

"I'm fine, but I'd like to have my clothes in one piece when I leave," Caitlyn admonished gently.

"Like you're gonna leave here in your own clothes," Vi teased, voice low and husky in the way that made Caitlyn want to roll over and show her belly. It must've been more effective than she predicted, too, because she found herself landing on the messy bed with a flump. The smell of the blankets was potent , and when she inhaled it across her tongue, she could taste Vi. She had a moment to hope she wasn't rubbing her hair into any fluids, but was interrupted by a powerful, naked body pouncing on her.

Vi pushed her thighs apart, forcing her skirt up to her hips, and shoved her face between her legs, huffing against the damp lace. A constant rumble vibrated through her chest into Caitlyn's sex, and Caitlyn responded with a noise that would've been humiliating in front of anyone else. Two fingers pushed beneath the fabric, gliding easily through her slickness, and the alphas shuddered together. Vi found her entrance unerringly and pushed.

" Fuck ," Caitlyn hissed, clenching around the intrusion, and Vi's eyes flashed up to her face.

"Too much?"

"No, that was just... sudden," she replied, a little breathless. She shifted her hips, felt those fingers sink a little deeper, and groaned at the stretch. Most alphas weren't as flexible as she and Vi were, and before they started dating, it might have been uncomfortable. Now? She could handle way more than this. "Are you just going to tease me? Did my big, bad alpha girl go soft?"

"I don't wanna hurt you," Vi snarled, teeth bared, sounding exactly like she did .

"I do. I want you to." Caitlyn brushed her thumb over the VI tattooed on Vi's cheek, then scratched possessively at the back of her neck, digging her nails in. " Hurt me, Vi."

A vicious noise ripped from deep within Vi's chest. She jerked the wet strip of lace aside, threads snapping in protest, and there was a moment of sweet tension before she popped the head of her cock inside without warning. Muscled arms hooked around Caitlyn's thighs and hauled their bodies together, and Vi went so deep so fast that Caitlyn felt it in the back of her throat. A punched-out noise left her, trailing off into a high keening as Vi began fucking her, sharp canines nipping and raking at the skin of her breasts. 

The savagery of Vi's thrusts and the animal sounds she emitted stroked something in Caitlyn that mirrored her primal state. Caitlyn growled back, clawing her lover into a frenzy, bursting faint lines of blood across the surface of inked skin. Her clit was swollen, heavy with the urge to unsheathe, but she held back, maintaining the sense of extra pressure every time Vi's hips slapped against her cunt. It was her favorite trick to fucking another alpha, and the pleasure she received from it was unreal.

That was probably for the best, since she could already feel Vi reaching the limits of her own endurance. She had been so tense, so pent-up with arousal and dissatisfaction, that a few good tugs could've gotten her off when Caitlyn arrived. Her thrusts were already unsteady on the brink of her orgasm, and she hitched her girlfriend a little higher with a bruising grip. The angle hit something just right, startling a broken noise from Caitlyn, and then Vi was frantically humping in, no friction, just pushing as deep as she could possibly go. She bit just below Caitlyn's collarbone, whining in one long, sonorous note as she came. Her knot swelled so hard within her that Caitlyn thought something would tear before her orgasm burst from her with a yelp, her body going rigid and her inner walls clamping down on Vi's cock.

The both of them lay in stunned silence, disrupted only by their heavy breathing and the occasional hiccup or hiss when a pleasure or pain made itself known. Vi had gone boneless, teeth still fitted around a swath of abused flesh, cock still twitching periodically following her release. Caitlyn couldn't bring herself to move, like her brain had lost the ability to command her limbs. Every time her cunt squeezed with aftershocks, the knot within her caused a confusing mix of sensations. It took a few half-hearted attempts for her to regain enough control to stroke Vi's choppy pink hair, brushing it away to look into her sleepy gray eyes. 

"Feel a little better?" she asked tenderly, sweeping the pad of her thumb across Vi's temple. Post-orgasm, Caitlyn's reaction was a little mixed. Between the pressure inside her that still stung, and rumpled clothes still tangled around her body, she was growing uncomfortable. But Vi felt better to her, less tense, no longer swimming in clouds of desperation.

"Yeah." Vi lifted her heavy head, drawing a filament of saliva between her lips and her lover's skin, then sank back down. "Shit, I can't believe you let me knot you." 

"Really?" Caitlyn raised an eyebrow, and Vi just gave her a bright, artless smile in return. It made her heart thump wildly at the base of her throat. "Believe it, darling. My vagina will never be the same."

Vi snorted abruptly enough to make her jump and rubbed her sweaty face against Caitlyn's tits. All the little scrapes and bruises she left there ached with the pressure.

"You're a mess," Caitlyn informed her softly.

"I love you." 

This time, her heart tried to strangle her. She stared down at Vi until her eyes welled with moisture, from drying out or dust. Or something. She let her head thump back against the bed for a moment, unable to hold that intense gaze any longer, then snapped back up when she felt Vi tremble. Her jaw was clenched tight, brow furrowed, but her eyes were glassy with tears. Vi jerked her head awkwardly to the side, like she was trying to hide the hurt, and Caitlyn panicked.

"Shit, I didn't mean — "

"I love you, too," Caitlyn confessed, petting Vi desperately to reassure her. "I'm sorry, I hesitated, I choked for a moment." She pushed at Vi's jaw, guiding her back to look her in the eyes, willing her to understand. " I love you. "

This was not how she had planned to admit her feelings, but it was worth it. Vi sniffled ever so attractively, pressing against her like she wanted to sink into her chest, and Caitlyn couldn't help giggling at this beautiful, ridiculous girl that she fucking loved . She brushed away some of the liquid that spilled from those gorgeous silvery eyes, watching it sparkle in her lashes, and started to purr. Vi laid her hand against Caitlyn's ribs to feel the vibrations, then joined with her own gravelly purr.

"I realize we can't fix it all right now," Caitlyn murmured after a minute or two of resting peacefully in the afterglow, "but could you help me get my clothes off? The bra is sort of killing me."

"Oh yeah, sorry." Vi lifted off her, making her shiver as cold air seeped between their bodies. She was careful not to move too far, but her knot strained at Caitlyn's entrance regardless. The temptation to push it out grew, but the sense of fullness was too satisfying for Caitlyn to let go yet. 

"No need to apologize," Caitlyn reassured, working her blouse back off her shoulders and unhooking her bra once it fell away. "Ugh, sweet relief."

Without her even having to ask, Vi unfastened Caitlyn's skirt, then helped her slip it up and off her body. Vi's gentle handling of her sent her emotions into paroxysms all over again. 

"You read my mind," she sighed, pulling Vi back down so they were pressed together from breasts to hips. 

"You said you'd stay for a couple days?" Vi asked softly, sweeping her hand along Caitlyn's newly-bared skin.

"For as long as you'll have me." Caitlyn scratched through the shorn hair above Vi's ear, smiling when her purring kicked up.

"And for as many times?" Vi grinned and bit at a tender spot above her breast, making Caitlyn wince. "Sorry."

"For as many times," Caitlyn promised. "Perhaps without the knot, though. I would like to be able to walk once this is over."

"Eh… We'll see. Ow!" Vi yelped as Caitlyn's teeth snapped down on the shell of her ear. "Alright, you win… Knot sparingly?"

"Sparingly is acceptable," Caitlyn allowed, purring in satisfaction. Then, because she couldn't help herself, "Love you, darling."

"Love you too, Cupcake."