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gentle mornings

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It was an unusual morning when Leo woke up by himself - Izumi had gotten into the habit of waking Leo up whenever he did as well. No matter how creative it was, be it dragging him out of bed, or gently giving him a kiss on the forehead. That, however, was not the case for this morning. The apartment was quiet. There was no typical hum of the coffee machine, nor the gentle footsteps of Izumi rushing around before work. The quaint morning sun filtered faintly in through his bedroom window. An eerie stillness hung throughout the apartment. Leo sat up and stretched, limbs still heavy with sleep.

Curious, Leo stepped into Izumi’s room. Uncharacteristically, it wasn’t in its typical neatness- Izumi was very particular about the order of his belongings, and made it known. Clothes had been folded neatly, but not put in their respective places, stacked about the place rather haphazardly. His bed hadn’t been made either. Leo was more shocked to see that Izumi was still there, resting quietly. The gentle rise and fall of his chest disturbed the covers.

It was noon when he glanced at the alarm clock.

“Oi, Sena!”

No response. He’d have been yelled at by now, he should have been yelled at by now.


“What, Leo-kun.” His answer came as a hoarse groan that definitely sounded like it hurt. The response lacked any form of Izumi-typical venom. Something was clearly off. Normal Sena would have attacked him already.

“Are you sick? Were you replaced? Where’s the real Sena? You didn’t even wake me up this morning, I’m a little worried, y’know?” He crossed his arms in mock-offense.

Izumi fell silent at that.

Leo sat down on the edge of Izumi’s bed. Leaning over, he gently ran a hand through Izumi’s hair, ruffling silver locks. The other trembled under his touch. It was difficult to assess this situation when Izumi’s face was still obscured by blankets. Although, Leo knew him well enough to tell that he didn’t want him to see him in such a state.

Leo nudged Izumi aside, and laid down next to him. He gave no fight.

“Leo-kun, get up. You don’t want this.”

“Make me get up then, meanie.”

Izumi weakly attempted to elbow Leo. His hit connected, but it lacked any actual force - Izumi was trembling too hard. He rolled around to face Leo. This solidified any suspicions Leo had about the other being sick. Oh so beautiful model Izumi Sena had been reduced to a weakened husk of the name; eyebags shadowed his azure-blue eyes, paired with an unfocused cloudy look. A sickly pale painted his face. It both amazed and horrified Leo that he was still trying to show his prideful side and put on a strong face. It tugged at a specific part of Leo to see him like this, it hurt him.

Izumi tried to fix Leo with a stern look - the important word being tried - in reality, he looked half awake and seconds away from fainting. He croaked, “Leo, go away, please.”

“Oh, you must be really sick then!” He exclaimed, although quieted himself when he saw Izumi cringe at the volume, “Why’s Sena using please?”

As if on cue, Izumi sat up and turned his head to cough. Nothing Izumi could level against Leo would work without embarrassing himself in the process. He knew this, Leo also knew this. Ultimately - in another act uncharacteristic to Izumi - he sighed, giving up on the fight.

“I’ll get you something for your throat, don’t worry Sena! Doctor Leo is on the case!” He was mindful of his volume this time.

Leo rolled out of bed for the second time today, and marched off to the kitchen. He willfully ignored a weak sound of protest from Izumi. That could be addressed afterwards. Setting tea to brew, Leo leaned against the counter, waiting.

A few minutes later, Leo returned, carrying a teacup and some medicine. He set the tea off to the side to cool down to an acceptable temperature.

Izumi called out to him again, “Leo- Leo-kun. Come here-”

“Sena, don’t strain your voice. I’m right here.”

“Lay down with me.”

He quirked an eyebrow at this. Was Sena really this loopy? He’d just been waving him off a few minutes ago, and now is directly requesting for him.

Leo stepped over and pressed the back of his hand against Izumi’s forehead, using a thumb to brush away his curly bangs. He was, unsurprisingly, feverishly warm. Izumi opened his mouth to say something else, but Leo hushed him. He decided to comply with his boyfriend’s request. Whatever happens, happens.

Leo climbed into bed next to Izumi, wrapping his arms around him. He was still shivering as he buried his face in the crook of Leo’s neck.

“Please, just stay here.”