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3. Drunk (or The Morning After)

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I open my eyes. I don’t recognize the roof I'm staring at. A quick glance around the room tells me that it's a hotel room, and a quite fancy one.


My head hurt like someone had hit it with an axe. Yesterday must have been a rough night. But the headache aside, I feel fine. It worries me.


I look to my side. Next to me in bed lays a dark-haired woman, she has almost black hair. It was not the first time I woke up next to someone I didn’t know. I try to remember last night.


The bar at campus. Like every other weekend, we had been at the bar.


I know that we drank beer. A lot of it. That wasn’t something that differed from any other nights at the bar either.


Alex was there too, and I think I’ve got a memory of Winn screaming “Body shots!”


Body shots. I have memories of a belly button. The softest belly button I’ve ever had against my lips. Was it her belly button?


Dancing, we had danced. I tried to remember who I had danced with. Raven hair, green eyes, red lips. No name came to me.


I try to remember more. We talked; I think? I don’t know if it was before, after or maybe during the belly button. She wasn't from NC. She had a friend with her. It isn’t much to go on. I can’t remember anything else from our conversation.


After the dancing, how did we get here?


A cab. What happened in the cab? I don’t remember.


What happened when we got up to the room? I don’t remember.


Did we have sex? I still have my hipsters on, but no shirt.


I turn to look at the woman again. She has a tank top on. Is it? Yes, it must be. It's my tank top. Why was she wearing my tank top?


I see my white button-up up hanging tidy on a chair with the bra over, and my pants are neatly folded on the seat. I would never have done that if we had been having sex. So that would be a no. Why didn’t we have sex?


I sit up carefully. I don’t want to wake her up, mornings like this are always so cringe. I’m starving and need to get something to eat. I get out of the bed and try to walk as silently as I can. Of course, I hit the chair with my foot, and it makes a sound. I make a sound. I moan.

“What are you doing?”

I turn and look at the woman in the bed.


I remember her face now. The green eyes tell me everything. I remember us kissing on the dancefloor, and that she tasted of scotch.


“Come back to bed,” she says.

“But,” I start saying.

“No buts, Kara,” she says. “It's only 8 am. We can sleep two more hours and then call for breakfast.”

She knows my name. Why can’t I remember hers?

“I think I need to go home,” I say. “My sister...”

“Alex is in another room with Sam,” the woman says.


The cab, Alex was with them. And another woman, Sam, it must have been the friend.


I go back to the bed and gently tuck myself in under the cover again. I’m still naked on my torso, not that I’m not comfortable in my own body. I know I look good. It's just that I still have no idea who this woman is. I turn to her and she turns towards me.

“You have to help me a bit,” I say.

“You don’t remember, right?” the woman says and smiles.


She has a lovely smile. Two tiny dimples appear on her cheeks when she smiles. I want to kiss them.


“No,” I say honestly.

“I’ll help you,” she says. “What do you remember?”

“I remember shots,” I start with. “And a belly button…”

“Yes,” she says. “I lost towards you in that game.”

“I’m sorry?” I ask. I had no idea what she spoke about.

“You dared me to a game of rock, scissor, paper.”

“And the grand price?”

The woman sighed. “I think it was your friend Winn's idea. It seemed like a excellent idea at the time, I blame the bad scotch the bar served. But the price was one shot from the loser’s belly button.”

“Oh,” I say.

“Yes, and apparently fire can take out everything. Somehow, I didn’t argue with you over it yesterday. I still blame the scotch. But I will argue with you on that now. Fire isn’t a part of the game, and it would take a hell of a fire to burn rock.”

“I cheated?” I ask. I mean, I see why I did it. The woman looks good, and drunk me would probably do what ever she could to get to kiss that woman's stomach.

“Yes,” she says and arch an eyebrow. “You owe me a shot.”


I will let her take a shot of me anytime.


“That can be arranged,” I say.

“Good, I don’t like losing unfair.”

“What happened after the shots?”

“We danced,” she says simply.


“Nothing more.”

“Are you sure?” I ask. I definitely remember kissing her.

“You tell me,” she says and arch an eyebrow again.

 “I distinctly remember kisses from the dancefloor.”

“Are you sure that it was me?” she asks with a flirty smile and the dimples appears again.

“I’m certain that it was you,” I say. “You tasted scotch.”

“Well, so you remember two things, both containing your lips against me,” she laughs. “Good to know that I’m not easy to forget.”

“Apparently you’re not,” I say. “What happened next?”

“Well, Sam hit it off with your sister and she lives in a dorm and apparently you two do that too. So, she persuaded me to get her a room here as well.”

I look around in the room again. This time I see a bag standing next to the chair. It’s probably hers.

“Are you staying here?” I ask.

“Yes, I wouldn’t sleep in Sam’s dorm.”

“Okay, so what happened next?”

“I ordered a cab for us, and we went here. You started to feel bad, but you didn’t want to throw up on your clothes, so you took everything off and then you threw up at the toilet.”

Memories starts to come back to me. Fuck. That’s why I’m naked. I always do this. Once in High School I got puke on my favourite shirt, and since then I get totally naked when I feel the need to barf, at least if I got the chance to do it.


“I told you to keep your hipsters on at least,” she says and smirks.

“Thank you.” I say. “I’m sorry that you had to hear that.”

“Oh darling,” she says and smiles. “I saw it all. Do you really think that I would bring a woman home to my hotel room and then don’t help her? I held your hair and made sure that you drank water.”

I feel like I want to disappear. Is it possible to just sink into the bed and end up on the floor below?

“Don’t be embarrassed,” she says. “It can happen to anyone.”

But it didn’t, it happened to me.

“Still, I’m sorry.”

“After that, you fell asleep. And I didn’t want to wake you up by searching the room for something else to sleep in. I didn’t fancy sleeping in my tight skirt and my button-up, so I borrowed your tank top. I hope that was alright?”

“Yes, of course.” I say, just because I slept almost naked didn’t mean that she had to do it.

“And that would be all that happened last night. Do you want to sleep some more, or should I just call for room service?”

I feel that my stomach growls after food, and now I understand better why it does.

“Food sounds nice,” I say. “And I would very much like to take a shower.”

“Be my guest,” she says and sits up. “What do you want for breakfast?”

“Coffee, and the rest doesn’t matter. As long as it's plenty.”

She nods, gets up from the bed and starts to read the folder from the room service. I pull the cover off me and stand up next to bed. I can see that she cast a glance at me when I leave the bed. I wonder if she likes what she sees. Her body is amazing. Her tits are larger than mine so they fill the tank top really good, she's not wearing any bra under so I can clearly see her nipples. I know that if I hadn’t thrown up last night, we would have had sex.

“Do you like what you see?” she asks still reading the menu, like she can read my mind.

“I do,” I say.

“Hit the shower now,” she says with a smirk and then she throws my button-up and bra at me.


I use the toilet, take a shower and borrow her toothbrush, I need to feel a bit fresher. I put on my hipsters again, take on my bra and button my shirt. I had thrown up in front of a hot woman. It was a low mark. I will have breakfast with her and then leave, she doesn’t live in town so it seems unlikely that we’ll ever meet again.


When I get out of the bathroom, I see that she has got dressed. She wears a pair of black jeans and a black turtleneck. Her black curls are put up in a messy ponytail. She looks amazing where she sits by the table. I want to grab hold of that ponytail and bare her neck so that I can kiss it.


“Breakfast is here,” she says and then she nods towards the bed. “Thank you for the loan.”

I see that my tank top is laying on the bed.

“No problems,” I say, and before I sit down next to her, I put on my pants.

The table is set with everything I can imagine having for breakfast, it's pancakes, eggs and bacon, freshly baked bread, butter and cheese, orange juice and a big pot of coffee.

“Help yourself. I’m just going to use the bathroom,” she says and leave me alone with all of the food.


When she’s back, I’ve already eaten most of the pancakes and a few slices of the bacon. I’ve also texted Alex, we planned to meet up in the lobby in 30 minutes.

“I guessed that you had to be hungry,” she says with a smile.

She sits down by the table again. We have a quite pleasant breakfast together. She tells me about herself, or as she puts it; she repeats what she already had told me yesterday. She's at her last term at MIT and is planning to move to NC in August. Her brother has a company that is supposed to open a office in town and she’s going to be in charge over it. I find myself enjoying her company. It feels natural and not forced as it usually does the morning after. It bugs me that I still can’t remember her name and she doesn’t give me any clues about it. When we’re full after the breakfast, I know that I want to see her again.

“How long are you in town?” I ask.

“I'll leave tomorrow. Me and Sam are attending a party at our friend Andrea's tonight.”

“So, when can I see you again?” I’ve nothing to lose. If she laughs at me, we’ll never see each other again, and if it she doesn’t... well time will tell.

She arches her left eyebrow again. It does something to me.

“Well,” she answers. “I'll be back in a few months.”

“And if I don’t want to wait until August?”

“Give me your phone,” she says.

I pick it up, unlock it, and give it to her. I watch her do something with my phone and then she gives it back.

“Call me and we might be able to arrange something.”

“I will.”

I look at my phone and sees that it's time to leave. Alex must be waiting for me.

“I have to go now,” I say.

“Okay,” she says.

I get up from the chair, take my tank top, and walk towards the door, I can hear that she follows me. I put on my shoes and when I turn to say goodbye, she presses me up against the door and kisses me. She doesn’t taste like scotch this time; she tastes of coffee. I put my arms around her and keep her close. There is something special about this woman. She ends the kiss and I release her from my grip.

“Bye, Kara,” she says.



In the elevator I start to search through my phone to see what name she put herself under. When I find it, I smirk. She's not making it easy for me. She has put her number under “The hot woman I threw up in front of”.


In the lobby Alex is sitting in a chair waiting for me.

“How did it go with Lena?” Alex asks.

Lena, that’s right. Lena Luthor. I lift my tank top up and put it under my nose, it smells like her.