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Dysfunctional Disaster

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Had that been a scream? She couldn’t tell. Maybe it had been her own, but once again, it wasn’t clear. Everything was merging together, leaving her in a blind, hazy mess. Where was she again? Stumbling down a darkened hall, although where that hall belonged, she had no clue. He was following her, though, that much she knew, and another fact lingered right behind; He wasn’t far. This was his reality; he contorted it to fit his preference. She didn’t know where, but he was there, lurking, ready to spring free of the darkness.

Her breathing was rapid; her heart pounding without mercy as she dragged herself on, hoping, praying for a miracle, but she knew it would never come. She was his, and knowing that, the closes she’d get to a miracle would be death.



“Yours?” A beat passed before disgust passed along her features, “Yours?! What about our deal, you cheating, assh—“ She stopped midsentence, as if he’d ripped her tongue from her throat, her face paling.

“Language.” What had he done? She couldn’t talk. “I haven’t broken any deal, Ms. Pines. Yes, I may have altered it ever so slightly, however the point still stands. You’re mine, and you’ll reside here. I’ve seen those pesky little thoughts of yours, and I think we both know that here, you’ll do no damage. I have plans for our beloved little gravity falls, and unfortunately for you, I can’t have you trying to destroy me while I’m exhibiting them. Got it, kid?” She glared at him, waiting a few moments before mouthing a very foul mouthed ‘fuck you’. How stupid was he? Thinking she’d just let him destroy her life, her family’s life, everyone in gravity falls life… She wished she could say it to him, to make him realize she’d never stop fighting, even when trapped in his own personal hell.

She saw his annoyance, however he didn’t give up. He stepped forward, his shoes clicking against the ground, his hand shooting out and grabbing her chin, pulling her gaze abruptly to his, “Oh, my dear Mabel, surely you aren’t that stupid to try and deny me what I want, when you know just how easily I can take it. I took you without your permission, what makes you think I won’t take your town and crush it between my fingers? Although perhaps, I’ll just make it more slow, more painful.” He leaned in and she thought for a small moment he was going to kiss her when instead he moved to whisper in her ear, “Perhaps I’ll take every single person you love and make them suffer. And, after I’ve finished ruining everything they are, I’ll come back and finish my business with you. Oh, but I wont kill you, of course. I’ll spare your life. I won’t even hurt you. No, I’ll keep you near, I’ll put little thoughts in your mind, feelings, until you become disgusted with just how much you want me, how much you want to stay here with me and watch the world burn.”

She shoved him back with so much force she fell backwards, landing on her back with a hiss. He simply smirked, arms crossing over his chest, “Oh, you didn’t like that? Wouldn’t it be lovely to have your voice back so you can tell me just how much you despise me, how much your want me to burn? Give me your word you’ll quit with trying to stop me, and you can have it.” She remained still; just staring at him with as much hate a she could muster, nearly shaking with the splitting rage and sudden fear. Never give in. Never give up.

Bill was either about to burst with anger or start laughing, she could never tell, never read him the way he could her, but nothing happened, he simply stared at her, awaiting her submission before pressing at her pressure point: “Well, perhaps Pine tree could convince you.” Her anger faded in a instant as she melted into a puddle, her brothers name trying its best to escape passed her lips, but she was once again met with the realization that he tongue was useless, that this once again a game. Would he let her see him finally? She just needed to see him. “Your word, Ms. Pines.” He spoke as if he’d listened to her thoughts, making her jump ever so slightly. She could lie, pretend that she would, but secretly work behind his back, although she knew it would never work. He was all seeing, especially here, and unfortunately, Dipper was here, too far to protect, to close to hope. Finally, she nodded.

“Glad to see how agreeable you are today, Mabel. I do have to say, I like the obedience in you.”

“D… Dipper.” She tested the word out, before everything she wanted to say tumbled out without hesitation, “Asshole. Let me see my brother! And, I swear to God, you mute me again, I will end you, you stupid triangle!”

“My, my…” She blinked and suddenly he was in front of her, his hand rested around her throat, however he made no move to squeeze, his thumb gently brushing her skin there, “What did I just say about obedience? You’ve shown me no respect, why should I show you any?”

She wanted to smack him, wanted to rip his eyes from his skull, but she simply waited, not desiring the conversation any longer, “I’m sure your brother must be eager to see you as well, perhaps it would be good for you to see him. To see what’s still at risk if you piss me off.” Ever so slightly she felt his grip tighten, as if his hand had spasmed, but she understood the warning it bared. As long as she could see Dipper, he could have whatever he wanted.

Everything after was a blur as he moved his hand from her and she collapsed, falling hard against the floor.



“Mabel, it’s not very nice to be napping while company’s on the way.” Bill’s voice, that annoying shriek of laughter following it. He was snapping in her face, which irked her more so. Where was she? It was very bright and there was something around her wrist. She coughed before being able to let her eyes adjust, her gaze settling on the demon, dressed up and down in yellow and black, his gloved hand still hovering over her face, however the snapping had stopped. She made a move to bite him, but he pulled back with another laugh, although it was hardly as loud. She struggled, her feet barely brushing the ground as the rope around her wrist pulled painfully at her skin. She was suspended from the ceiling, dangling around like a stupid puppet. She wanted to scream, however it was as if Bill sensed the distress in her, his gloved hand moving to cover her mouth as his lips found her ear, “You’ll wake your brother.” He muttered, dryly, his opposite hand moving to circle around her waist, forcing a shiver down along her spine.

She went in to bite him again however he swept his hand away and as if by magic, cut the rope, her body falling roughly against his, “Get away from me.” She hissed, as she started kicking at him, however, he didn’t move, not even fazed by her movements. “Get. Away.” Finally, she managed to knee him in the lower abdomen, the demon falling back and allowing her to collide against the stone floor. It hurt, but she was done showing pain. He’d mentioned Dipper, but no one else was here?

“Where is he?” She muttered against the ground, hands pressing painfully against the stone as she lifted herself up until she was standing, “You said you’d…”

“Mabel?” She whipped around, her knees buckling as she saw the figure in the doorway, her heart hitting her rib cage like a hammer, “Mabel?” He spoke again, taking a small step inside the door. She wanted to cry, to run over and hug him, but she remembered last time she saw him, the trick that Bill had played. Perhaps this was another?

“Dipper? You’re… hurt.” He was limping, using the wall as leverage as he made his way further into the room, manoeuvring his way around the darkness, “What did he do to you?” She gave in, rushing to his side, arm wrapping around his back as she helped him to the only thing inside the ‘cell’, a small cot, which didn’t even have a blanket.

“Bill… Where is he? Did h… he bring you here?” She glanced around to the spot he’d been only to be met with darkness, her breath hitching, “Did he… do anything to you? He told me he did…” Her attention turned back to him, her body taken over by shivers.

“I don’t know, he brought me here, tied me up, but he was… just here. Bastard must of run off, he’s watching though. I can feel it.” She forced Dipper to lie down, even though he fought it, her arms wrapping around him tightly. She could feel the pain he’d been through, the tension and anger wrapped under his skin, but he didn’t feel afraid. “He’s played with my head, but I have a feeling he’s got bigger plans. He told me that he’s keeping us here to keep us away from Gravity Falls, that he’s got some big plans and that we could ruin it all. Has he told you anything about that?”

She felt him nodded, her eyes closing tightly, “He’s going to kill everyone, he told me how, too. He’s going to kill Stan, by… making him wait. He’s going to sit there and starve. And, Soos, he’s going to—“

“Stop. Please, stop. That’s not going to happen, I’m going to stop him. I don’t know how, but I’m going to. “ She could feel Bills gaze, knowing he heard her. She could feel the anger rise around them, and then suddenly, it fell away, leaving her with nothing but the cold, “He’s not going to let me see you again. I promised to not to mess with his plans to let me see you.” She sat up, staring down at him with a sniffle, “I love you, Dipper. I promise I’m going to stop Bill and I’m going to get our lives back, I promise. I love you. Please, don’t forget that, no matter how dark…” But, Dipper had fallen asleep.

She sniffled once more before laying back down, snuggling against her twin before shutting her eyes. She knew that when she woke up, Bill would be there, inflicting hell, but for this moment, she was content in thinking everything would be okay. Just for this moment, everything was okay.



She didn’t dream, it was simply darkness, until horrors starting surrounding her. She was screaming, and crying, and running, until she fell, her hands and knees bloodied up with scratches from the stone. Bill chased her until he stood over her, staring down at her with his evil smirk. His hand snaked out as he kneed besides her, nearly straddling her, brushing his fingertips against her cheek, “You know, Mabel. I’ve always had a fondness for you, ever since that stupid little sock opera of yours.”

“Are you falling in love with me, Bill? Because, I’m not flattered.” She laughed up at him, however he simply smiled back, leaning in further.

“You should be flattered, love is such a gift, especially since it could save you. I could offer you such a gift, one where you and your brother are protected, where you never have a fear or worry again. Be mine, and we can both stand over the world, be it’s new creators.” She stared at him in awe, before slowly she moved her hand to gently brush against his cheek, drawing him closer until his lips were mere inches from her own.

“Bill.” She whispered, eyes fluttering from his eyes to his lips, and then back up to his lips, “Is that how you really feel?” He nodded, ever so slightly, his eyes focused on hers, “Do you want to know how I really feel?” He nodded once more, and she drew him closer, her lips brushing his own as her eyes faded to a close, “I’d rather burn with the world.” With a hard shove, she sent him back, rolling out of his reach before taking off in a sprint down hell knows where. It was dark, and she could feel it getting even more so. He screamed her name, but she didn’t dare look back. She needed an escape, away to evade his hell, but it never came. Something grabbed her, although it had no strength behind it, and then something brushed her foot, something grabbed at her hair, and then it tugged at her clothes. “Mabel! Mabel, please… help me, please. He’s…. HURTING ME.” She screamed, but she didn’t stop. It wasn’t Dipper, it was a dream, this was all a dream, and he was in her head, messing with her. She was crying and screaming, her hand clamped tightly over her mouth, but it did nothing to stop the sounds that wailed from her. Hell, she was in hell. Her own personal hell. Finally, it stopped, a set of strong arms wrapping around her torso and pulling her back into the darkness that consumed all, her hand moving from her mouth as she flung about, “Bill, please!” She screamed and then she was thrown, everything around her fading to nothing.

And, then everything came back to her. She woke up, tears streaming down her face, her hair a completely mess and absolutely everywhere, but she wasn’t in hell. She was in a large bed, with golden sheets and a red velvet blanket, silken pillows. This had to be Bills room, something he’d simply dreamt up in that obnoxious head of his. Golden walls, stone flooring, various furniture thrown about with a black wood, red cloth and more yellow. It was an eyesore, that was for sure, but it was better than some ice-cold dungeon filled with something from her worst nightmares. She made a move to stand, but she couldn’t move, her legs aching terribly and her hands pinned to her sides. Was this magic? Of course it was magic. It was never NOT magic, stupid girl.

She thought to call out to him, but she didn’t desire his presence, or his help. But, maybe that’s what he wanted. He’d let her sit her a life time until she finally caved and called out to him, but she never would, but if she didn’t, then her promise was already broken. Perhaps it would be better to give in and pretend to want to spend her life with the demon. Then at least she’d earn some trust that she could eventually burn. With a sigh, she gave in, “Bill.” It wasn’t more than a whispered, but he strode in as if she’d yelled.

“Good morning, sunshine.” He smirked, strolling over to the bed and plopping down beside her, his eyes boring into her own, “Sleep well?”

“I want to know what the hell’s going on inside that head of yours.” She muttered, tiredly, as if she’d finally given up, “Please, just explain to me why you’re doing this, why you want to destroy Gravity Falls and kill everyone.”

He scooted closer, laying on his side and grinning from ear to ear, “My mind is so far from understanding, and it would take millions and millions of years just to understand why I like the colour yellow so much. But, you want to know, I’ll tell you, however I want something from you.”

She shivered, letting out a deep breath before muttering the fatal words: “And, what would that be?” She regretted them instantly.

“I want that kiss you denied me of.” She nearly choked on the vomit that wanted so badly to come up, her need to turn away rising by the second, but she couldn’t, his stupid magic was holding her tightly in the same position.

“You don’t love me, Bill. You’re delusional.” She spat, although she tried to repress the hatred in her words. She was shaking with fear, with anger, with curiosity. Why did he want to kiss her? Where had that come from? She felt disgusted, but she wanted to know.

“You don’t get to tell me I’m delusional, princess.” He muttered, sitting up right before crawling over towards her, imitating a cat as he stopped just besides her, staring down at her, although this time, unlike the dream, he wasn’t smiling. He was just staring at her, “Those are my terms. Give me a kiss, and I’ll tell you everything you desire to know so much.”

Minutes went by before she finally spoke, feeling like she’d been holding her breath this entire time, “I’ll kiss you, and however I don’t want you magic near me. Got it?” He sighed, super dramatically before snapping, the invisible restraints becoming nothing more than a distant memory, however before she could attempt to run, his lips were on her, his hand very gently brushing her neck. She squeaked, eyes wide as surprise took her, but after she’d finally calmed herself down enough to the point where she wasn’t shaking anymore, she kissed him back. It was disgusting and vile, but he was very soft, her fingers gently touching his cheek in turn, her other hand gently wrapping itself around the back of his neck. She could feel him hum gently, his opposite hand bunching in the blanket at her side. She had meant to break away long ago, but he melted her mind, hypnotising her. Was she enjoying this? She wanted to scream, of course she wasn’t! Of course… not. Before she could pull away, he already had, moving so his back was facing her. What just happened? She was breathing really hard, her hand moving to rub her lips of his saliva. Gross. She let a few beats pass, before speaking up, “Start talking, lover boy.”

He snorted, turning to glance at from over his shoulder, “Are we lovers now?”

“Generally lovers aren’t one sided, but whatever floats your boat, as long as you get talking. I want something else to think about besides you chapped lips.” She pulled her knees to her chest, arms wrapped tightly around them as he shifted to face her, eyeing her carefully. She knew instantly he was thinking about putting the magic back.

“My lips aren’t chapped.”


“I am talking.”

Anger bubbled, the bastard. “Bill, please just tell me what I want to know. I kissed you, now please. Please, please, please just tell me.” She closed her eyes, her hands wrapped in fists.

“I was casted from the demon world about eight million years ago because of a woman named Morgana. She tricked me into stealing one of the demons most prized possession, some stupid cup that cared magic of each realm. I was throw out and left to the human world, until I created my own; the dreamscape. Your dear and beloved Gravity Falls is the entrance way back into that hell, and by destroying it, It will destroy the path way from here to there, and there to here. Their stupid world is connected to this stupid world, and if I break that connection, it’ll crush their world in a million little bits, however Gravity Falls will die, too, along with all it’s lovely little citizens. Got it, kid? Story times over.” He moved to the end of the bed, and stood, stretching his arms out before his cane popped into existence.

This was all about revenge? He was going to kill everyone over a dispute with his people? “Bill, no, please, you ca—“ And, then it was gone, her voice ripped from her once again. He turned, a dangerous look in his eyes.

“I can do whatever I want.”