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A Proposal

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Lois greeted Kara with a smile and a warm embrace. Kara sank into it a little then lifted Lois off her feet earning herself a smack for making the older woman emit a surprised squeak. Once more back on her feet Lois turned to Lena with a wide smile.

“And Lena.”

Lena smiled as Lois pulled her into a hug as well. Clark appeared at the table with Jonathon and his usual country boy smile.

“Hello you two,” he said.

Kara immediately stole Jonathon and let Lena greet Clark with a soft hug, a kiss on the cheek, and a smile.

“It’s good to see you again,” Lena said.

Clark smiled at her. Apart from their first meeting Lena had found herself very much in Clark’s good graces even after everything following Crisis. 

“And you. The upgrades were appreciated,” he said with a small smile.

Lena winked and they all sat down. Kara snuggled Jonathon close and then seemed to realise she didn’t have a hand free for the menu. She gave the laminated menu a sad look.

“Don’t worry Kara I already know what to order for you,” Lena said noticing her concern.

Kara smiled at her.

“I was thinking I wanted-”

“A burger with the lot, two order of fries, corn, and a rack of the spicy BBQ ribs,” Lena said looking over at her.

Kara opened then closed her mouth and nodded. Then she opened it again.

“We’ll get ice cream on the way home,” Lena added not looking away from her menu.

Kara closed her mouth again and Clark started laughing.

“She knows you too well,” Clark said smiling at Kara.

“Well she is my best friend,” Kara said with a bright smile.

“Try wife,” Lois muttered.

Kara suddenly started stammering. Lena looked at her and laughed.

“She’s not my wife,” Kara said recovering somewhat.

She tried to play it off as a joke but her usual hand waving wasn’t possible holding the baby and Lois was giving her that look that said I have years of journalistic experience you cannot bullshit me.

“Could’ve fooled me,” Lois said looking at Lena.

Lena very carefully opened the menu again smiling and saying nothing. Clark shook his head.

“Lois she can’t be Kara’s wife. First Lena would need to write a marriage proposal complete with genetic history, and a long list of reasons why they should be married,” Clark said with a smile and a wink at Kara.

Kara groaned and shook her head. 

“I don’t expect that on Earth.”

“Wait what’s this about? Did Krypton do written proposals?” Lena asked turning to Kara.

“Yes and no, it was a family thing, you put together a proposal and submitted it to the family for consideration within the matrix. I can’t believe you’re bringing that up?” Kara said glaring at Clark.

Lena laughed pretending not to be too interested in the topic. Lois apparently noticed. She smiled at Lena. Lena quickly looked away from the far too perceptive gaze. She reached forwards picking up her water. 

“You’d have to give it to Clark to consider first though,” Lois said with a smile. “Since he’s the head of the family-”

“Uh no he’s not,” Kara said interrupting Lois. “I was born first so I’m the head of the family on this planet thank you very much. All marriage proposals go to me.”

Lois held up her hands in mock surrender.

“My apologies oh great and powerful head of the family,” she said laughing. 

Kara turned to look more closely at Lois.

“Speaking of marriages Lois, you owe me a proposal workup. I need evidence you’ll be a good genetic match for Kal,” Kara said.

“I already gave you one, he’s drooling on your arm,” Lois said.

Kara laughed and snuggled Jonathon a little tighter. 

“Hang on Kara, I don’t think you can accept the marriage proposals for yourself,” Lena said turning to her best friend. “And if we’re going by age and family position wouldn’t that make Eliza the head of your family, as a Danvers?” 

Kara laughed then thought about it.

“Well yeah,” she said with a shrug. “If someone wanted to marry Kara Danvers instead of Supergirl.”

“She’s got a point you can’t accept and decline your own proposals,” Clark said smiling “So they would have to come to me.”

“No way. I am not letting you pick my partner,” Kara said.

“I can’t be worse than you. Do I need to bring up Mon-el?” Clark said.

Lois sat back her attention on Lena as Kara and Clark started bickering. Lena looked up to see Lois watching her. Lois smiled and gave her a small nod.

“Do it,” she mouthed.

Lena gulped but said nothing letting Kara pull her into the discussion.

“Sorry Clark but she has a point. I stand by my previous statement, Eliza would have to accept or reject them.”


As they were driving back Kara noticed Lena’s unusually long silence.

“What are you thinking about?” Kara asked gently.

Lena blinked turning away from the window.

“Sorry, I was just thinking about the cultural differences between earth, well this part of Earth, and Krypton. I guess it got me thinking about how many differences there are and how hard that must have been for you.”

Kara glanced at her confused.

“Well there aren’t that many, and some of them are pretty awesome. Like hugging. I did not get to hug many people on Krypton.”

She flashed Lena a smile and got a distracted one back. Kara glanced at her again.

“Was there anything about that in particular that was on your mind?”

“The whole marriage proposal thing,” Lena said smiling at her. Kara blushed. “It just got me thinking how if you’d grown up with that then having to come to Earth and make your own choice must have seemed very strange, and the whole concept of romance and wooing.”

“We still had romance and wooing it was just done during the proposal period.” 

“Oh?” Lena asked carefully controlling her heartbeat.

She’d worked out in the last year how to keep her heart beat in a certain range so as not to make Kara suspicious. Or at least she thought she had, Kara hadn’t mentioned otherwise. 

“Yeah so it wasn’t like a single here’s my reasons and matrix says we’re good thing. It was a whole process,” Kara explained. “There was more than one possible match you know, and each had it’s various advantages. So in actuality there was closer to seven possible partners for each of us and when the matrix did the evaluation there was then a period of time where you could get together do the proposals, and then if you liked someone your family would approach theirs and begin the process.”

“How long did it usually take?”

“Between six months and a year depending. There were some that took a month or less but that was because they already knew each other well. Average about a year just to allow time for the pair to get to know each other and the families to discuss the possibility, and the various connections. Especially because they were essentially giving one of their children to the other’s family in a way.”

“Oh so… like the man’s family had to make promises about the safety and future stability for the woman?” Lena asked.

“Well yes but it just depended. See sometimes a woman’s family was in a better position so they would take him instead. It happened all the time, and like we had queer people too. It was all part of the negotiations that happened. It’s actually a mistranslation to say the children took the name of the father, in reality it’s whichever DNA was put in first. Again that was all negotiated between the families so that the various houses weren’t just losing all their members and would in fact grow and continue.”

“Okay, so that had to be negotiated by the families. Was there ever like hyphenation?”

“Yes and no, there might be first child is this family, second is the other. It kind of depended what you were going for. Like the house of El had a big emphasis on science and if I married an artist and we were planning our child to follow in their other parent’s footsteps we’d make them part of their family instead.”

“So you intend for your kids to follow you or are you hoping for sciences?” Lena teased.

Kara sighed and rubbed her face.

“Honestly, this is one of the things I prefer about Earth, more choices for them so I wouldn’t really bother. It’s probably a little like how in your family everyone expected Lex to run the company and you got to be a scientist, and then later you became CEO. You had the basics for it but hadn’t been raised for it in the same way, though you’ve definitely turned out a better CEO than he did.”

Lena smiled at her trying her best not to show how fast her mind was moving as plans begun forming.

“So tell me more about these proposal documents what was in them?”

Kara sighed heavily.

“Sorry, is this painful to talk about?” Lena asked suddenly worried she’d stepped over a boundary.

“No, I just… it’s a bit sad for me because I know I won’t get that anymore.”

“You never know-”

“Lena those documents are the equivalent of going up to your crush and saying I like you so much I want to marry you and I think you should say yes and here’s all the reasons why. Then letting yours and their families debate it for a year while you date. No one is going to do that for me.”

“That’s kind of how arranged marriages work on Earth so…”

Kara turned to look at Lena and sighed.

“I guess. I just… on Krypton it was this big thing between families.”

“So as a little girl you dreamed of sitting there listening to your parents argue with someone else’s parents about which family would get your kids?”

“Kinda yeah. Sorry I know it sounds dumb.”

“No it doesn’t,” Lena said quickly. “This is your culture, if that was romantic for you then don’t diminish it.”

Kara sighed and leaned over to squeeze Lena’s hand.

“Thanks. I guess I just miss the whole… there was a kind of romance and love to it. Having your families show they cared and wanted you, or wanted what was best for you and your future spouse being so open. I miss that. There was a lot less… pretending on Krypton it was I like you and I think we’d be great and here’s why and here’s all the cool things I’ve done so lets go for a walk and talk while our families fight out the details.”

“So it was dating?” 

“Pretty much yeah. But more supervised I guess, there was a lot of family involvement. Then the family who would be taking them in would make an offer and it was accepted, rejected or there was more negotiation.”

Lena nodded thinking.

“And that lasted about a year?”

“Total for negotiations and planning the wedding and everything yeah.”

“Right, and then if that went well?”

“Then you got married.”

“So… what was in these proposals?” Lena asked trying to sound casual.

Kara laughed.

“Why do you want to know so much?”

“I’m just curious,” Lena said smiling. “It’s almost Thanksgiving, who knows maybe I want to write up a proposal and give it to Eliza.”

Kara laughed and rolled her eyes. 

“Well be sure to put it in a nice leather folder with the Luthor crest then.”

“Oh, is that a requirement?” Lena asked.

Kara gave her a look.

“Would you buy a company you really liked on a cheap printer paper?” Lena scoffed. “See so no skimping Miss Billionaire. Oh and you’d have to do the ceremony right,” Kara said wagging her finger at Lena.

“The ceremony?” Lena asked laughing.


Lena was nervous. Really nervous. She’d spent a whole two weeks putting her proposal together getting the hand crafted custom leather binder for it and everything else. She’d felt very calm while she put it together. She knew how to write a proposal. But now it was Thanksgiving and she was nervous. In fact she was terrified.

Kara had told her everything about the process but it had been clear she was doing it to share her culture not because she thought Lena would actually do it. Despite the joking.

But Lena had seen the longing in her friend’s face as she talked about it. How much the whole thing meant to her. How important it was culturally and Lena wanted to give her the chance to have this small piece of it. To let her have that childhood dream of sitting and listening to the negotiations. 

She was still terrified though. Kara disappeared to go run a Supergirl errand and Lena decided to get a second opinion. She was anxious about what Alex was going to say but she needed someone to push her and if there was one thing Alex was good at it was pushing people. Probably all that practice from having Kara as a sister.

She met Alex’s eyes across the table and made a small nod towards the kitchen. Alex frowned back and got up following her.

“You okay? You seem very tense,” Alex said.

“Alex I’m going to ask you something and I need you to be really honest with me.”

Alex straightened.

“Okay, hit me,” she said.

“Do you think Kara is, or could be, romantically interested in me?” Lena asked.


Lena blinked at her. She hadn’t expected such a sudden and ready agreement. Well that would have to do because Kara was already back and if she didn’t do it now she’d lose her nerve. She looked back at Alex.

“Okay, good to know. Uh… if this goes wrong then I’m never letting you drink my whiskey again,” she said.


Lena was already moving to her bag ignoring Alex’s alarmed protests. She removed the proposal and taking a deep breath met Kara’s curious gaze across the room. Kara’s eyes widened a little as she saw the leather bound folder. Lena swallowed and turned to Eliza. She took three shaky steps towards her. Eliza was smiling at her a little confused. Lena took a deep breath and held out the folder.

“I offer myself for the consideration of your family in regards to your daughter Kara Danvers.”

Eliza blinked and she heard Kara gasp behind her. She dared not look. Eliza was looking at her bewildered. Lena was working very hard to make sure her hands didn’t shake as Eliza carefully took the folder.

“Eliza say yes!” Kara yelled.

“Uh yes!” Eliza said now looking between Kara and Lena.

There was a rush of air as Kara sped across the room and then scrambled for a piece of paper and a pen writing something down with super speed and handed it to Eliza.

“Read that, please Eliza,” Kara said.

Eliza still clearly bewildered accepted the paper and read it aloud.

“Uh, Lena Luthor the house of Danvers accepts this proposal and formally acknowledges it’s consideration of you as one possibility for Kara Danvers future wife?”

Lena smiled and looked at Kara. Kara looked almost giddy with excitement. She was hovering half a foot off the floor and her smile was probably the biggest Lena had ever seen it.

“I uh, have to go back to L Corp, but I um…” 

The sheer relief surging through her body made it hard to think as she looked at Kara. Lena felt herself struggling against this weird feeling in her chest.

“I’ll see you, later I guess,” she finished.

Kara nodded quickly.

“You will,” she promised. “Brunch tomorrow, Noonans at ten thirty.”

“I’ll be there.”

Lena gave Eliza a nod then turned to their stunned friends and carefully collected her bag before walking out the door and down to her car. 

The moment she got in she let herself finally feel it. Her driver gave her an alarmed look then he smiled as he realised she was happy.

“Had a good time?” he asked.

She grinned back at him.

“I got a girlfriend,” she said.

He laughed.



Everyone was looking at Kara very confused but she didn’t care because she was dancing around the room too happy to care. Lena had given her proposal.

“Okay what just happened?” Nia asked.

Kara flew over and hugged her excitedly. Nia gave a small squeak but patted her back.

“Something I never thought anyone on this planet would do for me,” Kara said.

Kara let Nia go and spun around the room again letting herself float a little higher. She didn’t want to come down ever. Lena had given her proposal.

“That doesn’t answer-” 

“Lena just said she would like to see if we would be a good match. She’s basically asked to date me.”

“That’s a bit archaic,” Alex muttered.

Kara glared at her.

“No it’s Kryptonian. She’s- oh Rao she actually did it!”

Kara was so happy she couldn’t stay still. A tiny part of her had hoped after all the questions but she’d given up that idea years ago. But she’d done it. Lena had actually done it!

“Okay we need to do the response.” She wrapped her arms around a confused Eliza. “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome sweetie,” Eliza said hugging her back. “I just… what does this mean?”

“Okay so Lena is following Kryptonian rules, as head of the family Eliza she’s asking permission for you to consider her as my future wife. There’s a whole process and negotiation and we’ll have to write up my half of the proposal for her family and then there’s- Alex you have to write up your section!”

“How come Lena wanting to date you means I have to do homework?” Alex asked.

Kelly gave her a sympathetic pat and a smile.

“Because if you don’t you don’t get to see your nieces and nephews,” Kara said firmly.

“Seriously?” Alex asked wide eyed.

“Yup, it’s a big thing so you have to do it. I’ll give you a list of what you need to put.”

“How come Lena didn’t have to get her family-”

“Because they made the request. It’s all very Kryptonian. Essentially because they came to us the aim is to add Lena to our family not combine them. Well kind of, that’s like part of the final negotiations.”

Kara was already writing things down and then realising it was in Kryptonian crossed it out and started again in English.

“Wait so Mum will have to meet with Lillian Luthor to discuss this?” Alex asked incredulous.

There was a silence as Kara thought about it.

“Yes, but if Lillian is against the marriage she won’t get to see her grandchildren or have any say in their futures.”

There was a moment of silence then Eliza sucked in a deep breath.

“Well that should be fun.”


Alex dropped into the seat beside Nia with a sigh. She had a stack of papers and a box of chocolates. Nia looked at her confused. Alex held out the box of chocolates. They looked expensive.

“I need your help,” she said.

Nia accepted the chocolates.

“What do you need?”

“I need a writer to help me make all this,” she indicated her stack of papers. “Look good for Kara.”

Nia’s face softened as she started looking at the papers.

“Is this for the proposal?”

“Yes,” Alex huffed. “I would be upset about all the damn nagging if she wasn’t walking around looking so damn happy. She got punched in the face by some giant rock thing the other day and she was still smiling.”

Nia laughed softly sorting through the papers.

“Okay so is there like a format we need to follow?”

“Kara said there’s no official rules but general business formal is the norm. Problem is unless it’s a lab report I’m not really sure how to do that.”

Nia nodded opening a new file on her computer.

“Okay, well let’s just get it all down then sort from there, can you read these out to me?”

Alex sat down and they started. It took a good three hours to get it all written and ordered correctly.

“Okay so I think that’s good but maybe get a business person to take a look if you can,” Nia said.

“Thanks Nia. I owe you one,” Alex said with a sigh.

“All good, honestly I’m just happy to be involved the whole thing is adorable.”

“Yeah if they’re in public,” Alex muttered bitterly. “Strictly no PDAs which means everyone thinks they’re just cute Bambi lesbians but in private…” Alex shuddered. “Have you seen Lena’s neck?”

Nia smiled and nodded.

“Yeah, I got a glimpse. She’s actually starting a trend with the scarves.”

“Well I got an eyeful the other day. You’d think they’d lock the damn door but no, I walk in and Lena’s on the couch with Kara on top of her. I swear I’m gonna need therapy by the time this is done.”

“You know…” Nia said smiling. “You could put a request in the proposal for them to always lock the door."

“Really?” Alex asked excitedly.

Nia nodded smiling.

“Okay how, and how do you know this?”

Nia smiled again. 

“Because I asked Kara about the process. I’m actually going to be at the table as an interested party when the family sit downs happen.”

“Wait the family sit downs. We’re actually going to- Oh wow.”

Nia laughed.

“Lillian is gonna hate that.”

“Well that’s if she doesn’t reject it outright,” Nia said opening the box of chocolates. “Though I suppose she wouldn’t be the only one for Lena’s side.” 

“What do you mean?”

“Well Brainy has already said he’s going to sit on Lena’s side as an interested party because they’re friends, and I would expect Sam and Ruby would too.”

“Sam!” Alex said excitedly.

Nia looked at her confused.

“I bet she knows all this business stuff, if we take it to her she can check it over, and help with the request for them locking the damn door.”

Nia laughed and nodded as Alex pulled out her phone. 

“Sam, hey. You know the whole proposal thing- What? Oh no between Lena and Kara- No they’re- Wait you haven’t heard? Okay so they’re doing the Kryptonian thing and it’s got a lot of paperwork and I need- Catco with Nia why? Yeah sure can do.”

Alex moved the phone away to look at Nia.

“Sam had no idea, she wants to do dinner in ten minutes at Paka’s, her shout. You in?”

Nia nodded packing up her stuff as Alex returned to her call.

“We’ll be there. Nia and I. Did you really think I wrote anything myself. Also we need your help to draft a door locked before they fuck rule because I am scarred Sam. I did not need to see my sister- Yes I’ll tell you everything.”


Lena sighed as her phone rang leaning over as Kara continued undoing the buttons on her shirt kissing her way down as she did.


“Why didn’t I know about the proposal?” Sam demanded. “I’m an interested party! And considering your family I’m practically your sister so doubly insulted here.”

“Wait what?” Lena asked confused. “Hang on, how did you find out?”

“Alex. We’re doing dinner and going over her section for the proposal. Also what’s the process for requesting additional clauses, because from what I heard locks are gonna need to be a thing with your sex life.”

She heard Kara’s sigh as she dropped her hands. Lena gave her a look and Kara motioned for her to give her the phone. Lena complied.

“Hey Sam it’s Kara,” she said.

Lena took the opportunity to start on Kara’s pants. 

“Okay so if you want to put in requests they must be written and submitted for discussion at the family meets. You can email myself or Lena depending who the clause is in protection of, or by, and it can be added to the discussion section for the formal sit down.”

Lena slowly pulled her pants down and threw them off the bed. She smiled as Kara automatically spread her legs. Lena moved between them as Kara continued smiling at her.

“Yeah sure Sam, I’ll just give you back to Lena.”

Lena accepted the phone as Kara continued undoing her shirt. 

“Okay Lena, now that we know where to send this I want to know why you didn’t call me earlier.”

“Well to be honest I didn’t think you’d want to take part it’s a- Fuck Kara.”

Kara smiled her as she added a second finger.

“What the fuck happened to my clothes?” she asked looking down.

“Superspeed,” Kara said.

“Hey no fucking while you’re on the phone to me!” Sam yelled.

“Sorry Sam you were saying?” Lena said thoroughly distracted as Kara begun kissing her way down her body.

“Unbelievable, how long have you two been doing it?”

“Pretty much since day three. Who knew paperwork and business negotiation was a turn on for Kryptonians?”

Kara stopped and looked up to glare at her. Lena gave her a what? look. Kara sighed and Lena smiled at her.

“Well she always did love hearing you talk business,” Sam said. “Okay since you’re clearly distracted I’ll see you tomorrow. I’ll get Jess to find me a time, wait does Jess know about this?”

“Uh no…”

Kara decided to take advantage of Lena’s distraction and buried her face between her legs. Lena covered the receiver as she moaned.

“You know she should probably be kept in the loop since she probably counts as an interested party.”

“Mhmm,” Lena bit her lip her eyes closed as Kara continued her assault on Lena’s clit.

“Jesus, I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Goddamn perverts the pair of you,” Sam muttered.

Lena hung up and tossed her phone aside burying her hands in Kara’s hair.

“You know I’m really liking this Kryptonian courting,” she said.

Kara smiled up at her.

“Well we do need to check sexual compatibility.”

Lena nodded quickly pushing Kara back down.

“We need to thoroughly check that.”


At the six month mark Eliza decided it was time. She made the arrangements via Alex and went to the prison. Lillian sat waiting at the table her hands shackled and a pair of guards by the door. Lillian looked her up and down.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“Eliza Danvers, Kara’s mother.”

Lillian fixed her with a very cold stare. Eliza didn’t flinch. She sat and slid the folder over along with a pad of paper and a pen. Lillian looked down at the folder and turned it around seeing the crest of El embossed on the front she raised an eyebrow.

“Shall we negotiate,” Eliza said opening her folder.

“What are we negotiating?”

“Our daughters marrying.”

Lillian’s face twitched and she looked up to glare at Eliza.

“And if I don’t want them to marry?” Lillian asked.

Eliza smiled at her.

“Then you never see your grandchildren, have no right to claim any benefit or pride from their successes, and cannot claim any part of your daughter’s achievements going forwards.”

“I think I need an explanation as to what all this is about,” Lillian said opening the folder and flicking through the pages.

“It’s the marriage process for Krypton. They’re doing this the Kryptonian way.” Eliza fixed Lillian with a hard glare. “This is a chance for you to raise concerns or put in requests or suggestions.”

Lillian thought about it for a moment her eyes darting over the page reading the headlines. She picked up a pen and moved the notepad closer.

“She’s not becoming a Danvers, the name Luthor holds too much power and prestige. Either Kara takes Luthor or they hyphenate.”

Eliza made a note on the second lecture pad she’d brought with her.

“And they’re getting an appropriate residence. Kara lives in a hovel and Lena’s apartment doesn’t have the room required for a growing family,” Lillian added.

“Agreed. House or penthouse?” Eliza asked.

Lillian thought for a minute.

“Considering who they are, penthouse. They need roof access. Discussion will need to be had about where exactly. I don’t want them in bad school district.”

Eliza nodded her agreement.

“They are required to attend at least three family gatherings a year,” Eliza said. “Christmas is non negotiable even if we have to do it on a different day-”

“I’m not sure how-”

Eliza glared at Lillian over the table.

“Lena left Thanksgiving to go work. I’ll allow it now, but when they have children that is only going to be permitted for actual emergencies and should be dealt with as quickly as possible so she can return.”

Lillian nodded.


“And the children are to be given love and attention equally by the family. There will be no treating them as pawns to be used,” Eliza said firmly.

Lillian raised an eyebrow and Eliza found herself distinctly reminded of Lena. Eliza fixed Lillian with a hard stare.

“I feel like this might be a pointed comment-”

“It is,” Eliza said returning the glare. “If you’re going to see the grandchildren you will treat them with the love and care they deserve otherwise you will lose your rights.”

Lillian nodded slowly writing a note.

“Don’t worry I learnt my lesson with Lex,” she muttered.

Eliza nodded looking back down at her own notes.

“The children will all learn chess where possible,” Lillian said.

It was Eliza’s turn to raise an eyebrow.

“Chess is a traditional family activity for Luthors, that is not about to change.”

“Understood. I want Lena to learn at least the basics of Kryptonese. The children too,” Eliza said making notes.

“Are you suggesting she couldn’t become fluent?” Lillian asked her eyes narrowing at Eliza over the table.

“I think she might not have the time.”


Kara and Lena sat together looking at the pages Eliza had sent them. 

“There’s five pages of notes!” Lena said shocked.

“It seems they took it seriously,” Kara said smiling. “Wow, there’s a whole section about you getting rights if I fall to Red Kryptonite and a requirement that the children be given normal childhoods… and your mother wrote it. She wants them to participate in sport!”

“You’re joking!”

Lena turned the laptop towards herself and looked at the notes. Sure enough her mother had written the request. Lena pulled out her phone and called her mother.

“Lena,” Lillian said answering on the first ring.

“Why sport?” Lena asked.

“I want to attend the games,” Lillian said.


“To watch my grandchildren win.”

Lena frowned at her phone for a moment then put it back to her ear.

“What if they lose?”

“They’ll have superpowers I expect they’ll win eventually. Until then I shall be supportive as per clause 17 B of familial duties,” Lillian said.

Lena flicked through the to the section and sighed.

“You do remember you’re in prison right?”

“Only for another six years. By the time they’re in sport I’ll be out. I’m thinking team sports, I hear they build good social skills.”

Lena looked over at Kara horrified. Kara shrugged and then she smiled back.

“Noted,” Lena said with a sigh. “You know we might not have-”

“Don’t bother finishing that lie. We both know the two of you will have a whole collective of them and I expect to benefit. I trust you have read through my request regarding names. I shall be Grandmother Lillian, none of that G-ma trash that’s popular these days.”

Lena sat down and then looked at the notes. Sure enough the clause was there. After she hung up Lena turned slowly to see a smiling Kara.

“I think my mother is… having fun with this.”

Kara nodded.

“Eliza is too. Alex less so. But I think that’s mostly due to her habit of walking in on us.”

“I did see her request about locked doors.”

Kara smiled and then flicked the lock on the bedroom door. Lena laughed.


Andrea stormed into Lena’s office with Jess following behind her looking very apologetic.

“I want in,” Andrea said firmly.

Lena frowned at her.

“In on what?” she asked.

“The whole proposal thing. Sam and Ruby are so I want to be there too. I have some concerns about a few clauses and I think your mother is neglecting you in the the negotiations to focus on the children. Also I want to see the sex clauses-”

“There are no sex clauses,” Lena said quickly.

“Seriously? Well we’re fixing that.”

Andrea took out her phone.

“Jess who else is at the negotiating table?” Andrea asked.

“Jess doesn’t-”

“Ms Arias and her daughter, the Danvers, Mrs Luthor, Miss Nal, Mr J’onzz, Ms Olsen, Mr Olsen, Mr Dox, Mr and Mrs Kent-Lane. The Kents were also invited and have given their confirmation and will be present for the final sit down a observers, as well as Ms Grant.”

Lena stared at Jess in surprise. Jess gave her a slightly apologetic look. 

“They needed help,” Jess said as though that explained everything. 

“See you clearly need me for your side. Jess send me the details and I want a copy of the proposal to go over.”

“Ms Luthor?” Jess asked.

Lena sighed heavily.

“Give her what she needs, also I would like a rundown of how this happened.”

“Of course Ms Luthor. In short, I’m going to be on your side of the table as an interested party.”

Lena blinked at her secretary and then just nodded.


Kara looked at Lois in surprise. 

“What are you doing here?” she asked smiling.

“I’m here for the ring shopping obviously. You needed representatives from the family.”

Kara looked at her still confused.

“What do you mean?”

Nia however came running over.

“Excellent now we can go and-”

Kara looked at her about to ask what was happening, but then Andrea was there.

“I just cleared my afternoon let’s go,” she said.

“Don’t we need Lena?” Lois asked.

Kara shook her head. 

“Alex and J’onn will meet us there and Jess says Frank is downstairs with the car for us,” Nia said.

Kara had a bad feeling as she let them drag her from Catco and into the waiting car. 

Half an hour later that bad feeling was proven right as she stood in the middle of a jewellers while everyone fought around her. It had started with J’onn suggesting rubies, then Alex saying she should get something simple. Andrea disagreed arguing it needed to be something unique and special. That argument escalated until Andrea was talked down by J’onn to a unique cut for the gem. 

Everything had seemed fine then somehow in the space of three seconds Andrea and Lois were in a screaming match about one particular cut and something to do with conflict diamonds. Kara had just called Clark to come end it. He turned up as Superman so now there was a half dozen people with their phones out as Superman carefully carried Lois away while Alex restrained Andrea who was yelling what were probably obscenities in Spanish.

Lena sent her a message and Kara walked back in and asked if they had a collection set aside for a Ms El. The jeweller took out a selection of ten rings from a safe.


The guards looked a little alarmed as everyone turned up. Then the DEO agents poured in and the whole thing seemed to go up five spots on the dramatics scale as they escorted Lillian through to the conference room. The two sides moved to their places and Lena found herself smiling as she and Kara stood at the head of the table. 

Brainy sat opposite at the other end with a stack of notes. Beside him was Cat Grant as the voice of reason. The shackles were removed and Lillian took her seat opposite Eliza. Everyone sat with a remarkable amount of coordination. They both opened their folders and Jess opened her laptop fingers poised to take notes. Brainy started the discussions.

“First item for discussion, joint proposal by Alex Danvers and Samantha Arias, the couple shall practice locked doors when engaging in all private marital activit-”

“Agreed!” Eliza and Lillian said simultaneously.

Kara laughed quietly at that and Lena found herself laughing too. Sam and Alex glared at them and they held up their hands in surrender.

Lena was smiling more and more as things progressed. She’d been part of a lot of business proposals and legal discussions, but none like this. Despite Brainy’s dry delivery the discussion seemed almost cheerful, both sides wanting to agree or having full on arguments and debates. Cat intervened a few times as debates dragged on.

The most interesting part for Lena was how everyone got involved. Ruby jumped in on the discussion of sport arguing with Lillian until she backed down and made the ruling for one chosen extra curricular activity per term maximum of three for the children. Sam had looked very proud as the agreement was made.

When it came to events and social engagements Jess had actually engaged in a full on debate with Alex and Eliza about what events they would and would not be required to attend and how. 

“The L Corp picnic on July fourth is a very important event for the company and it’s various shareholders. They and the children will be attending!”

Lena couldn’t help her smile seeing her normally very reserved secretary slamming her hand on the table and glaring down the DEO director.

Lois and Andrea had a ten minute screaming match over the division of wardrobe assets that bordered on ridiculous.

“They’re not even the same shoe size!” Lois yelled.

“Lena has a reputation and certain standing she must maintain. Her wardrobe changes every season as expected with only a small collection of long term pieces. She needs the extra space and so a seventy thirty split is fairer to her demands!” Andrea yelled back. 

“Then they can go in a rotation, but Kara has a right to equitable wardrobe space!”

Cat eventually stepped in and an agreement was made allowing them both a minimum forty per cent each the remaining twenty to be negotiated between themselves.

As Alex and Andrea argued about which of them would carry their children Lena turned to Kara.

“Kara has the better healing capacity it would be safer for her to carry their children to term!” Alex yelled.

“Is this what it was like on Krypton?” Lena asked with a smile.

“Lena has better maternity leave and it would be dumb for Supergirl to get pregnant, everyone would notice!” Andrea yelled back.

“Yes,” Kara said with a smile. “This was exactly what it was like.”

“And whose fucking fault is that Andrea!” Alex yelled. “You’re her boss and it’s your maternity leave policy!”

Kara frowned for a moment and then laughed looking over at Lena.

“There was less swearing though.”

Lena laughed too. She leaned against Kara as the debate raged until it was decided the choice would be made between Kara and Lena depending on the technology chosen for the process, and the risks.

“Are the parties agreed on all terms?” Cat finally asked.

“Agreed!” Chorused the two sides.

Lillian and Eliza swapped folders and there was a scrape of chairs as everyone stood up.

Kara smiled at Lena as Clark handed her a small velvet box. Lena held back a few tears as Kara got down on one knee and opened the box.

“Lena Kieran Luthor, will you marry me?” Kara asked.

Lena nodded quickly.

“Yes darling, of course.”

The ring was slid in place and she pulled Kara in for a kiss. There was a round of applause and a few cheers from everyone else around the table.

“So when do we plan the wedding?” Lillian asked.

Kara shrugged.

“Oh that’s just a small thing-”

Lillian turned to Eliza ignoring Kara.

“I’ll email you,” she said.

Eliza nodded smiling.

“I’m thinking a summer wedding. There’s some beautiful parks around where we could-”

“Everyone will die in the heat, fall. It will give us more options in terms of location and prevent any glare issues with the cameras,” James said.

“Early September?” Andrea suggested.

“No way,” Sam said. “Term break. It’ll need to be over a couple of days to get everything in and for everyone to arrive.”

“We’ll need to set it well in advance for all the guests to plan,” Jess added. “There’s at least a hundred important contacts who will need to be invited and given enough notice to plan their arrival.”

Everyone looked at each other and then sat down again.