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Sleeping Beauty

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Robin likes to sleep in. She doesn’t really understand the point of getting up right as the sun rises. 


She usually stumbles into the kitchen, desperate for coffee to caffeinate her while Nancy will jabber on about everything she’s already gotten done. 


Crazy woman, absolutely insane. Because why would anybody feel the need to get up before 6am? 


But today is different. This morning, as sunlight filters in through the curtains, Nancy is still fast asleep beside her, nude body curled up in the bedsheets. Robin rolls over onto her elbow, rubbing her eyes and admiring her lithe figure. 


Last night they had…well Nancy had been rather insatiable. Scratch that, Nancy is always insatiable, but this time she had sat Robin down in her lap, smile so wicked and eyes glinting. 


Robin feels that familiar heat settle between her thighs, mind wandering back to Nancy’s lips over the shell of her ear, voice low as she dragged her hips over her toned thigh. 


“Show me how much you want it, birdie.” Robin shivers, gently peeling back the blanket that covers Nancy, eyes trailing over her lily-white skin. Positively filthy ideas blooming in her little genius brain. 


Robin gets up slowly, carefully, not to wake her sleeping princess. She crawls to the end of the bed, removing the rest of the blanket to reveal Nancy’s pretty pink cunt peeking between her thighs as she lays on her side, face half tucked into her elbow. Ugh, it’s ridiculously unfair how beautiful she is. Robin can hardly get anything done when she’s around, almost impossible to take her eyes off her. 


Robin ghosts her fingers over Nancy’s freckled thigh, fingers trailing down, hesitating for a moment. 


She wouldn’t necessarily call herself bold. No, Nancy usually made the first move and Robin was always happy to oblige, finding relief being held in her steady embrace. But Nancy was always a giver, hesitant when Robin insisted on lowering herself between her thighs. Now was her chance to get Nancy at her most relaxed. 


Her fingers continue trailing over the lips of her cunt, watching Nancy’s face scrunch adorably. Her little feet twist in the sheets, but magically she remains asleep. Excitement twirls in Robin’s stomach as the tips of her fingers caress Nancy’s clit, a little gasp escaping her lips as she twitches. Courage floods through her, kneeling on the mattress until her lips touch the growing slickness pooling at Nancy’s core, tongue swirling in it and licking upwards to her bundle of nerves. 


Nancy moans, trying to move, but Robin gently places her hand on top of her knee, holding her still and she slowly continues to draw her tongue languidly up her cunt. Robin wants to moan, because Nancy's taste is always rich, flooding over her taste buds and seeping into her soul.  


Robin knows she doesn’t have long until Nancy wakes up, but she continues just as gently anyway, hoping to let this moment live for as long as possible. If Nancy truly wanted, Robin would sit on her knees and devour her for hours. 


“Please, Nancy. Please let me taste you, please, that's all I want.” Robin has learned that sometimes Nancy just needs to hear how much she’s wanted. Hands rough in her hair, Nancy guided her to the apex of her thighs and things had never been the same. Robin craves it. 


Her tongue dives deep, slick covering her lips, nose bumping against her clit. Nancy let’s out another moan and Robin looks up, seeing her lashes fluttering, eyes still rolled back, somewhere in between sleep and consciousness. 


Nancy tries to move her legs, but this time to open them, which is in Robin’s favor. So she obliges, gently guiding her onto her back and parting her legs, blue eyes peeking for a moment before fluttering back shut. 


Robin slowly lowers back down, tongue lightly running over her clit, fingers feathering up her abdomen, tracing around her nipple. 




Oh god, Robin looks up, heart soaring to find Nancy’s bright blue eyes glassy and unfocused, lids still drooping with sleep. 


Did Nancy dream about her? Robin’s brain is running about a million miles an hour at this point, because she’s just little old Buckley, forever a clumsy band geek. Nancy is sleek, graceful, elegant, the girl from Hawkins that everyone wanted, and ice queen with an un-meltable resting bitch face. And she’s dreaming about Robin Buckley. Jesus, Robin is going down on her for god’s sake. 


Robin needs Nancy awake, needs to hear her little squeaks and moans, to hear her say her name again. 


She wraps her arms underneath Nancy’s thighs, fingers digging into her hips and tongue circling her clit. 


“Rob?” Hazy, sleepy, Nancy props up on her elbows, looking down. Chestnut brown curls mussed up and wild, face pink, sleep lines curving on her cheek, Robin swears her heart is going to stop. 


“Nance, lay back down princess, let me make you feel good.” With her finally awake, Robin slides in a finger, shocked with how wet she is, practically dripping. 


Nancy, probably for the first time ever , actually listens to her, falling back onto the mattress, walls fluttering around Robin’s finger as she searches for that special spot. 


Tongue lapping at her clit and finger crooking inside her, Nancy whines, thighs clamping around Robin’s ears.


“Oh fuck—“ Robin doesn’t think she’s ever heard Nancy sound quite like this, so needy and wrecked, “Oh birdie, please.” 


Robin is losing herself, drowning in her taste, the sound of her voice, the feel of her thighs against her cheeks. She adds a second finger and Nancy lets out a sob. 


“Oh—so, so close birdie, please —“ 


Robin could die, like die right now, and be perfectly fine. Because clearly this is heaven, as good as it gets. Her eyes flicker up, drinking in the sight of Nancy with her eyes blown wide, lips parted so prettily, perky breasts heaving with each breath. 


Robin sucks on her clit, fingers finding that special spot and Nancy is a goner. 


“Robin—“ Her voice breaks, head dropping back, cunt clenching and pulsing around her fingers and slick spilling into her mouth. Robin can’t help but moan, her own cunt aching from the excitement. 


Seeing Nancy falling apart is something that will never get old, something that will always bring Robin back to peak arousal no matter the situation. 


Robin slows her pace, but darts her tongue down to lap up all of Nancy’s orgasm, making her squeal and twitch. When she fully pulls back, Nancy seems to be wide awake, eyes sharp and primal, eyeing her in a way that tells Robin last night is going to be an appetizer compared to what she’s about to do to her. 


“Get up here.” Perfectly manicured nails wrap around Robin’s chin, pulling her up from the end of the bed and she shudders. “What a sweet girl you are, Birdie, waking me up like that. What did I do to deserve you?” 


Mouth hot and teeth sharp, Nancy descends on her, tongue licking the taste of her own cunt out of Robin’s mouth. She can’t help but moan, Nancy’s nails scraping down her neck to pluck at a nipple. 


“Something as wonderful as that deserves a reward, don’t you think Rob?” Nancy’s fingers continue to trail down, ghosting over her abdomen, stopping at her thigh to trace small circles. “How many times was that last night? Four? How about we beat that.” 


Robin’s eyes widen, whimper escaping her as Nancy bites at her neck, fingers trailing to her inner thigh. 


“O-only if you get the same.” Robin’s voice comes out weaker than she would like, Nancy’s needy pleas still bouncing around in her brain. 


“Hmm?” Nancy hums, lowering down to bite at her nipple, tongue flattening over it after to soothe it. Robin’s ability to think straight is quickly dwindling, however she will not be stopped by her wicked temptress. 


“I think it’s only fair if I do the same to you.” Her voice is firmer this time, making Nancy quirk an eyebrow, mouth continuing to lavish one breast while her hand wanders dangerously close to Robin’s center. 


“I’m serious Nancy–” she tries to sound serious anyway, bossing Nancy around has never been her strong suit, it’s so easy to comply with whatever she says. 


Nancy does stop, laying her head in Robin’s lap, looking up at her with those clear blue eyes. 


“I’m listening.” 


“I want to make you come.” Nancy laughs, a smile gracing across her lovely face. 


“You just did.” Her hand is soft against Robin’s face, finger tracing over her lips , over her cheekbone, along her jawline. “And that is definitely the happiest I’ve ever woken up.” 


“Maybe I want to do it again, maybe I want to set a new record.” 


Nancy stills, thoughts obvious behind her eyes, hands continuing up into Robin’s hair. Everything is always obvious behind Nancy’s eyes, her face may stay firm and icy, but her eyes are always fire. 


“I–” Nancy hesitates, hand dropping from Robin’s hair, “Being vulnerable isn’t my strong suit.” 


Robin dips down, capturing Nancy’s lips with her own, cradling her face in her hands. 


“I know, but think of it as a favor.” Nancy laughs again. 


“How is it a favor?” 


“Because, I’m obsessed with you. I thought that was obvious?” And there it is, that familiar wicked smirk that flits across Nancy’s face. Heat licks up Robin’s spine, pooling in her belly, wetness pooling in her sex. 


Nancy pulls herself up, only to crash into Robin, pinning her down against the bed. 


“Let’s make a deal.” She offers, hands quick to find Robin’s wetness, making her gasp. “I’m going to make you come first, then I’ll let you show me just how obsessed you are.” 


Fingers swirl around her clit, Nancy’s teeth on her jaw. 


“Deal?” Tongue licking down Robin’s throat, fingers moving faster, pressure increasing, her vision begins to blur and she knows she’s not going to last long, far too turned on from going down on her sleeping beauty earlier.