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It wasn't like Hua to be jealous. Not once had she expected the calm, stoic and almost unfeeling girl to break character once they were in the solace of their bedroom. 

"Mei…" Hua calls out from behind, squeezing the taller woman's hand she was holding. 

"What's wrong?" Mei tentatively turns around to meet Hua's cerulean eyes. 

Ever since they had left the party Hua has been rather quiet the entire drive back home. Her girlfriend would sometimes sneak glances back at her, but never truly making eye contact as the pair of eyes were aimed a little higher above her head. 

Her horns. 

It all started because of Elysia's not-so-hidden curiosity and fascination with her horns, but tonight especially was on full blast. Almost everyone was tipsy from the high-grade wine Eden brought for the occasion. 

Obnoxious laughter filled the entire room, Mei was holding Hua especially close right until Elysia had come right up to them. Sky blue eyes holding familiar mischief that Mei certainly would not entertain. 

"Mei~" cooed Elysia from a far steadily making her way to the couple seated on the couch. The flush on her cheeks clearly shows how much alcohol she had drunk. 

When drunk, the pink haired woman was especially handsy, more so than usual. Now that she was closeby, Elysia boldly makes herself comfortable beside Mei as they hook their arms together. Mei swears she could see a faint glow of red from Hua's irises from the corner of her eye, fingers digging crescents into the back of her hand. 

Long before Mei and Hua had ever started dating, Elysia was always a matchmaker and an instigator of some kind of trouble, flirting with any girl that catches her eye. Both of them weren't exemptions to that rule either. 

"I missed you two so much, y'know?" Elysia slurred as she leaned further into Mei's arm to grab Hua's hand. "Especially you too, Hua. Has Mei been treating you well? Oh! I'd sure like to hear your bedroom stories-" Mei promptly places a hand over her lips seeing how she's starting to go on a tangent. 

Mei turned to look at her girlfriend. Hua was burning red that Elysia began to tease again when she removed her hands away from her lips. This time the target was not Hua, but her instead.

The drunk short haired woman looked up at her, eyes focused on the features above her head. A dopey smile curled on the corners of her lips, and Mei definitely knows where this was going. 

"Well don't they look sharper and well polished since last time I saw them?" Elysia sat herself up from her previous position. A smirk formed on her lips as she leaned in closer to Mei's ear. "How about for old time's sake you could let me have a feel for it."

Without waiting for a reply and enough time to process what was actually happening, Elysia raising her hand to-

Hua swatted Elysia's hand away from Mei. The harsh impact of limbs reverberated around the room which attracted countless curious eyes towards the three girls. 

This time it was Hua's turn to hook her arm around hers, tugging her upwards rather harshly from their seat. Hua was angry. 

"Please excuse us, Elysia." Hua politely bowed despite the unsettling amount of quiet fury. "We're taking our leave, have a goodnight." 

Dragging the tall woman along harshly by the hand, Mei turns back to see a rather pleased Elysia waving right back at her. She expected her to be rather offended, yet the words that came next were something she wasn't expecting. 

"Have a goodnight with Hua, Mei." Elysia's tone was smug. Her expression told her more than she needed to, clearly and purposely pissing off her girlfriend as if everything had gone according to her plan. 

It's not unusual for the lean woman to be quiet like this, but this was a different kind of quiet. It was tense and utterly suffocating. Hua was always patient and meek when it comes to Mei, but tonight was vastly different.

What catches Mei off guard was Hua's quick and firm movements, the hand that she was previously holding so tenderly was used as leverage to slam Mei against the concrete wall. An aggressive response to her question. 

Okay, there was clearly something wrong, she could tell that much.

Hua's tight grip on her wrists and the harsh impact makes her wince in pain. Because of the little pathetic noise Mei emitted, those predatory cerulean eyes pierced through the darkness to glare right into her soul.

"H-Hua?" This time it was Mei's turn to call out her name, her eyes widened as a shiver ran down her spine. She hasn't felt genuine fear like this in ages, and she certainly has not foreseen this sudden turn of events. 

In one swift movement; faster than the normal human eye could ever see, Hua removes one hand from her wrist to grip at one of her horns, squeezing it. An embarrassing moan slips past her lips from the sudden contact. 

Mei was still overwhelmed from the previous action, that the cogs of her brain were working overtime in attempt to process being handled roughly. Hua doesn't give her a moments breather that it takes her by storm when she aggressively yanks her horn to bring her down to her height, kissing the Herrscher desperately with all her might. 

Their kiss was heated and passionate, Hua lunging in to slip her tongue into Mei's lips. It surprises Mei, moaning right into her mouth. There was no room for her to reverse their position, nor was there a chance for Mei to take back the reins to reverse their position. 

Hua had full control of this situation and Mei found that hot. 

Mei attempts to find purchase on Hua's back, her arms brushing on a smooth, scaly appendage while she gets a good grip on the girl's shoulder. She tries to pry her eyes open, the luminescent glow of blue that entered her vision was blinding. 

Quickly tapping the shorter woman's shoulder, Mei disconnects the kiss. The string of saliva breaks as she takes one deep breath, slumping against the wall. 

She wearily lifts up her head to meet Hua's eyes, her irises glowing vibrantly paired with the teal outlines of what seems to be her wings. Mei has never seen them like this at all, nor did she ever think it was still possible to see it in such a time like this. 

It's cute to see how riled up Hua was over something so trivial such as jealousy. Mei didn't think Hua would ever have it in her to feel strong emotions such as jealousy. 

The wide wing span of Hua's wings towering over her makes this short woman look daunting and fierce. 

"Mei." Hua's voice was low and sultry. Her hand descended down to get a hold of Mei's collar, roughly pulling her up from where she was seated. 

"Mm…?" Mei hums, still in bliss over the heated kiss they shared earlier. She lightly grips Hua's wrist to lean in to press a soft kiss to the bridge of her nose. "Hua, you look absolutely stunning."

The girl before her hesitates, the grip she has on her collar eases. Hua averts her gaze. "Do you really mean that?" 

Her luminescent wings grew smaller, tucking them behind her back. There was a hint of insecurity and vulnerability to them as the glow began to dim.

"What?" Mei sounded appalled more than anything else. Does Hua not trust her? Did she think she wasn't genuine with what she said? 

"Come to bed." Hua whispers, turning away from Mei. The previously daunting wings were only an outline of what they once were, the faint glow of blue only indicating its presence. 

Only after a few strides, Mei slowly descended onto the mattress with Hua speeding up the process by pushing her down aggressively. Hua's wings materializing from its silhouette as a low growl rumbled within her throat. 

Daunting it may be, but to Mei it was endearing and adorable to see Hua provoked in more ways than one. 

Mei chuckles softly, stretching her hand to cup Hua's face above her. The woman's fierce, sharp eyes soften into a puzzled expression. 

"Don't make fun of me." Hua says with a sharp edge in her tone. Though she couldn't help but lean into Mei's rough, calloused hands, completely invalidating what she had just said. 

"You're making it hard not to." Mei tenderly scratches Hua's scalp, a purr vibrating within her girlfriend's throat, her harsh and rather aggressive demeanor faded away with just her touch alone. 

Maybe if she tries pushing her luck she could get a feel of those smooth scales with her other hand-

Hua's eyes widen sharply from their previously blissful state, slamming Mei's free hand back down to the sheets. The force of her grip tightening each second, Mei swears she could feel something sharp dig right into her skin. 

Hua's nails were never sharp, she always made sure to keep them well maintained and blunt.

Yet Mei couldn't bring herself to break eye-contact, enamored with how those blue eyes stare coldly at her unlike usual. Normally like any other day, or night in bed, Hua's eyes would look up to meet Mei's violets. Her irises soft, trembling and wanting, awaiting for Mei's next move. 

"I didn't give you permission." Hua's growl snaps Mei back into reality, claws digging right into her skin that it causes her to make a pathetic whimper. 

"Would you let me though?" Mei forces out the smuggest smirk she could muster only for her voice to crack. 

A pregnant pause fills the room, heavy tension falling between the two women as Hua shifts herself a little higher above Mei's head. 

"I don't know." Hua finally spoke, lips ghosting lightly over her horn. "Do you think you deserve it?" 

"I… Hah-" Mei could only moan in response. Hua didn't want her to respond, and neither did she give her a chance to. 

It starts off with just a simple, feather light kiss to her horns that causes her to moan. Hua gives each and every part of it attention from top to bottom, making sure her very touch engraved itself into Mei's body just as she had done for her. 

When Mei gets accustomed to the sensations, her moans growing quieter, Hua darts out her heated tongue to lick the length of it. 

"H-Hua!" Mei jolts from beneath her, writhing from the jump in sensations as she begins to see stars in her vision. 

Seeing how Mei was reacting more to her touch more than she had expected, Hua abruptly stopped her ministrations on her horns. Mei's breathing was shallow, and quick, a testament of how close she was to her first climax just from light touches alone. 

It was understandable seeing how Mei wasn't used to being on the receiving side. Always controlling and dominant in bed, denying Hua of her orgasm or forcing it out of her not once, but several times depending on their mood. 

Glaring violet eyes meet her blues. Hua cockily smirks. "No, not yet, Mei." she reprimanded the woman beneath her, shamelessly bucking her hips in midair in search of friction. 

Growling, Hua descended herself to comfortably sit on Mei's hips to minimize any further movement. 

"Don't move." Hua's voice was low and commanding, her stern look indicating that there will be consequences. 

Mei only gulps quietly, accompanied by a nod before Hua plunges right back to her drenched horn. This time the previously neglected horn was now given attention, Hua running her tongue over the dry horn. 

It takes all Mei's self control and concentration to not writhe under Hua's tongue. Her hand aimlessly grasping for somethingーanything, she needed something to ground herself with and that's by finding purchase on Hua's shoulder.

Now that she has both of her horns drenched, Hua harshly wraps her hands on the unattended horn, still drenched with her saliva on it. There she begins to pump it roughly, her hands sliding along the length of it easily in tangent with her sensual licking on the other. 

The overwhelming amount of sensations manages to rip out a loud, guttural moan she had desperately tried to hold in. 

"Ngh… ua, Huaー!" Mei blissfully babbles in pleasure, her knuckles turning white as she digs her fingers deeper into the fabric of Hua's suit. "D-Don't stop. IーI'm so close, I…" 

Hua lets her climax, still diligently pumping the length of her horn as she mouths it roughly. Meticulously making sure to leave a hot sensational mark on it that Mei would never forget, possessively reminding her that no one else could ever touch this. No one else but her. 

Mei whimpers, whining out Hua's name needily. She was on Cloud 9 still desperately seeking out for something to ground her from her high. 

"Pathetic." Hua extracted herself from Mei's horns. The two purple lengths were now soaked and vibrant, electricity crackling between them as its owner was still trembling from the aftershocks. 

She digs her claws into Mei's firm abdomen, earning her another cute whimper from how sensitive she was. The sense of power and control she has over this woman led that dormant carnal instinct of hers to awaken. Hua wants to fuck Mei until she cries, until she couldn't take it anymore, making her girlfriend have a taste of her own medicine when she over stimulates her. 

Trailing her eyes down to the lower half of Mei's body, she could make out a dark wet spot leaking through her pants. Hua brings her hand between her legs to cup her heated center, causing Mei to tremble and squeeze her hand between her thighs. 

"Wait…" rasps Mei frantically, sitting herself up to lean against her chest. "I just came-" 

"No." Hua's voice resonated with authority, making the usual domineering woman tremble. Did Mei ever wait for her to recover? No, she never did. Always pushing her off the edge to fall in a never ending state of euphoria. What makes her think she would wait for her either? 

She sinks a singular claw to hook under the band of her pants. "I don't think I will wait. Now, lift up your hips for me."

Mei follows her orders obediently, grasping Hua's shoulder as she struggles. Hua notices this, placing her hand on her lower back to effortlessly lift her up. The singular finger that was hooked under her garter slid her pants down with her underwear in tow, freeing her cunt from the suffocatingly damp fabric. 

Fuck, she was absolutely wet. Her cunt's nectar dripped right onto her girlfriend's lap. Hua tosses her pants across the floor, her hand reuniting with her burning heat. 

"Ah…" Mei moans as Hua gathers the slick of her cunt, spreading it around with her sharp claws. She couldn't stop herself from bucking her hips to meet her hands. 

"Eager aren't you?" Hua smiles mischievously, nails poking her soaked entrance knowing full well how her actions hotly stir inside of Mei. 

Hua knows that almost anythingーand everything would make this woman she was cradling come undone in a matter of seconds. Mei never touches herself from what she's seen in their most heated moments of intimacy, choosing to only touch her and only her alone. Rough calloused hands kept taking and taking until she couldn't give anymore. 

She intends to do just the same for Mei. Fucking her out of her mind that the only thing that would come out of those trembling lips is none other than her name. 

Slowly, Hua uses her elbow to spread Mei's legs apart, her claws meeting her intimate place once more. She uses her index finger and thumb to spread apart Mei's entrance, her middle finger penetrating her heated walls steadily to make sure she wasn't hurting her. 

The way her girlfriend moans is indicative to how much she's enjoying this. Her back was arching, jaw slackened as pathetic whimpers escaped from deep within. 

"More…" Mei begs hotly against her neck, "Hua, add another one. Please."

And that she did, prodding her ring finger alongside her middle finger as she pushes both of them right up to her knuckle. Mei's insides delightfully tighten around the two sleek digits. 

Just as she was about to thrust her fingers, Hua notices the awkward angle she caught herself in. It was slightly uncomfortable, unable to withdraw her fingers fully to pound Mei's cunt in fullforce. 

But Mei didn't seem to mind, moaning and drooling in ecstasy as her mouth finally found her neck to sink her fangs into her supple skin. Mei was intent on leaving her mark in her own way as Hua began to fuck her soaking pussy senseless. 

"AhーHua!" Mei moans as Hua roughly swipes her clawed thumb against her swollen clit. There, she cums for the second time, biting harshly on Hua's neck, the unpleasant taste of iron on her tongue. 

Hua pumps her fingers slowly throughout her orgasm, small little spasms surging throughout her whole body. Even though the motion was supposed to be comforting, her scales would suggest otherwise as it smoothly, yet roughly plows through her inner walls that she could feel another orgasm coming her way. 

"I-It's too much, Hua-" Mei whimpers, her hand digging crescents onto her girlfriend's arm to make it stop for only a brief moment. 

"Surely you can take more than that." Hua sadistically pumps her fingers into Mei once more, bringing her into another orgasm. 

Mei could only whimper into her chest and take it, clinging to Hua like a lifeline as another wave of convulsions washed through her body. Anymore than this and she would go crazy. 

Shifting from their previous positions, Hua's fingers still sheathed inside of Mei's cunt. Hua gently lays the raven haired girl back down into the soft sheets to get a clear view of her ravaged work. Debauched violet eyes remained fixated on her, Mei's arms wrapped around her neck. She pulls Hua down into a rough and sloppy kiss, their tongues battling for dominance.

It leaves Hua breathless when they part. Both of them panting for breath while Mei sports a shit-eating grin as she was able to gain a semblance of dominance for tonight. This wouldn't be the last time. 

"Don't worry." Hua whispers, leaning down to nip on the line of her jaw. "We're far from over."


Hua gasps for air, emerging between Mei's thighs. She has been eating her girlfriend out fervently this whole time, her head being roughly shoved into her sopping wet pussy all for the taking. 

She inhales, taking in a sufficient amount of air into her lungs, the musky scent of sex still present. When she felt stable, only then did she finally stand up from her position. Her knees ached painfully once they were upright, Hua had knelt for who knows on the hard wooden floor as she worked jaw and tongue skillfully on Mei's sex. 

Lifting her head up, Hua's eyes trailing from the juncture of Mei's thighs to her face. Red claw marks alongside bite marks engraved onto her pristine skin, each and every part of Mei's body claimed that she was hers alone. 

Slowly, the lithe girl crawls to bed to join with Mei. Hua tucks her wings behind her back in compliance with the size of their bed. She never really liked these pair wings as they only ever came out when she was at the peak of her emotions. 

Tonight was one of those nights. Her pent up jealousy had overflown and transformed into something ugly. The honkai beast within her rejoiced and was delighted to feast off of her negativity, letting her repressed desires run rampant by devouring the Herrscher in sight. 

"You're beautiful." says Hua in a whisper, ghosting a soft kiss to Mei's ear. 

Mei smiles easily, turning to lay on her side. Violet eyes still in a daze, she slings her arm over Hua's small waist to brush the scaly appendage with the back of her hand. Hua unexpectedly whimpers against the touch, further curling up into her chest, trembling claws digging right into her forearm. 

That was the first time Mei has heard Hua moan under her touch tonight. Her little bird had done quite a number on her body, leaving bruises and scars everywhere in spots where it was hard to hide. 

A mischievous smile forms on her lips. Mei pushes Hua on her back, swinging her leg over her hips to tilt her chin up to lick cleanly the remaining traces of her nectar. 

"You're beautiful yourself aren't you?" Hua blushes under her, eyes darting frantically unable to focus in one place. Mei coos, "Eyes up here."

Her girlfriend finally focuses her cerulean eyes on her, yet her body says otherwise. Muscles tightly wound up, including her steel colored wings, tucked as best as Hua possibly could making it look small and rather comfortable. 

She slides the back of her hand slowly against the scales. Hua jerks from the contact alone. 

"Could you spread them for me?" Mei asks for permission, still gliding the back of her hand on smooth scales. 

Hua doesn't reply, choosing only to spread the lone wing Mei was already touching. The luminescent glow of blue brightened her vision, it's honestly astounding how beautiful and marvelous the neon streaks span across her entire wing. Mei could only begin to imagine how they would look during the day. 

Descending the palm of her hand, Mei gently pressed against the sleek membrane as Hua's breath hitches under her touch. 

"Relax." Mei presses a kiss to her temple, earning her a cute whimper. She continues to run her hand all over Hua's wing, a singular finger tracing the rough, spiky outline of it. 

The texture of Hua's wings were almost similar to her dragon, but her girlfriend was on the smoother side of the spectrum, unlike Kurikara's rough and ragged scales. Each gentle ministration of her hand on Hua's wing makes the girl's pitch ramp up. 

Hua rises from where she lay, hastily throwing herself onto Mei, claws finding purchase on her back. Mei slightly winces from it, not being deterred from what she was doing as Hua could only whimper and writhe beneath her. 

She was just too cute, absolutely adorable in the privacy of their bedroom. Mei wishes she could see more of it in broad daylight. 

"Mei!" Hua cries out desperately, her fingers scraping along her back to add to the innumerous marks she had already left hours ago. 

Mei doesn't mind it, whispering soft praises that slowly bring her down from her high. Quite ironic how their first orgasms of the night merely started with simple touches on their beastly features, both of them were utterly pent up and in need of each other's touch. 

Soon after, Hua fell limp against Mei's broad shoulders. Sharp claws trailing along the scars she had recently inflicted on her body. 

Mei winces. 

"Sorry." Hua quickly pulls away, avoiding eye contact. 

"For what?"

"Hurting you." 

"Aw, Hua." Mei wraps her arms around her waist to haul her in, peppering tender kisses on her temple. "Don't be. You looked absolutely hot doing it, too."

Blood rushes to burn her cheeks red. "But-" 

"Shh." Mei quickly swipes a finger over her lips. "If you want to make it up to me how about you lie back down first, hm?" 

Hua audibly gulps as her girlfriend pushes her back down onto the mattress. Mei lifts herself up from her hips she had been straddling, falling to the side of their bed.  

Aside from Hua's wings there was another addition she had not noticed until now. 

Hua has a tail. 

The long gray and slender limb drooped from their mattress alongside her legs. There, by the literal tail end of it was a small, bluish tuft discreetly swaying to and fro as Mei towers over her. 

Bringing her hand to almost the base of Hua's tail. Hua's breath catches in her throat, whimpering cutely. Mei could grasp the entire length of it as she went all the way down brush against plush fur. 

So this was the thing that had been slapping the back of her shin all along. She had assumed that Hua's hair had simply grown out as her genes went haywire, but that wasn't the case. It was just the cute little additions all along. 

If only Hua's mouth was just as honest as her body. 

"Gh…" A fragment of a moan escaped her lips. Hua was biting down on her hand harshly, trying to keep her noises in. 

In retaliation, Mei strokes the tip more harshly which causes Hua to fully arch her back. This time her moan wasn't stifled. 

Mei continues to work the tip of her tail. "You really like this alot, don't you, Hua?" 

Hua slightly nods, accompanied by a drawn out whine. "That's- Ah… because nobody has ever touched them." Not even herself. She always loathed them as they always appear in the worst of times and disappear later rather than sooner. 

"They're beautiful." Mei gingerly kisses along the length of it, working all the way up til she ends up between Hua's already exposed cunt. 

She was soaked, her arousal dripping onto the sheets. All this just from being gently touched. How pathetic. 

"You're soaked." Mei pokes at Hua's swollen clit. The poor girl yelps, her tail scurrying over to hide her most intimate place. 

A frown marrs her face, placing both of her hands on either side to spread Hua wide open, her slender tail is not budging one bit. 

"Come on, Hua." she slots herself between her thighs, her tongue licking her toned abdomen. "Don't be a brat." Mei roughly yanks her tail, squeezing it. 

"I… sorry-" Hua stammers between moans, "It has a mind of its own." 

"Oh really?" Mei doesn't look convinced at all, her sharp purple eyes piercing right through her as she drags her tongue on smooth scales. 

"Please…" she whines out, tears leaking from the corners of her eyes. Her unsteady hands reached out to cup Mei's cheek. 

Mei stops her ministrations, shutting her eyes in faux contemplation. She just wanted to burn time, watching how Hua would react as she felt her jerk and twitch beneath her.

After a short while, Mei decided to break the silence. The biggest smirk forming on her face as she laid her eyes on the helpless, trembling Hua. 

"Do you think you deserve it? Have you been obedient?" Strings of questions leave her lips and Hua nods to each one of them. She was desperate for release. 

Then, finally, "Have you been a good boy?" 

Hua freezes from the nickname alone. It sends a spiral of heat down to her core, yet she couldn't bring herself to nod. 

What exactly has she done right? Her eyes trail to the wounds she had inflicted, marks scattered around her shoulders, armsーeverywhere. None of her actions could ever be called 'good' behaviour. 

Hua chokes on a sob, the tail tucked between her thighs grew tense. Mei notices this, backing away from her. 

"N-no.. please." 

Mei growls, landing a sharp slap to her thigh. "Turn around, I want you on your knees. Now." 

The authoritative tone of Mei's voice makes her quiver. Hua painfully scrabbles herself up from the sheets to hastily throw her ass up to face Mei. 

In more ways than one, this position was more embarrassing than the last. She couldn't see what Mei was doing as she shoves her face into the pillow, biting into it as she braces herself. Her tail was the only thing keeping Mei from touching her where she needed, the slender appendage wound tightly around her thigh. 

This wasn't the time to be embarrassed now! She needed to do somethingーanything to keep her own body from cucking herself from release. 

But Mei didn't seem bothered by it one bit, she had gotten over it. 

Joining her in bed, Mei's hand wandered north to caress her nape to make her whimper. Teasing her playfully, Mei trails her calloused hands southwards. She traces the expanse of her entire spine, fingers lightly grazing the roots of her wing until she reaches the base of her tail, squeezing it. 

In an instant, Hua's tail unwrapped itself from her legs, shooting straight up as a loud, unfiltered yelp escaped from her lips. 

Mei smiles proudly, nibbling on her wing. "There we go. It wasn't that hard, was it?" 


"I know." Mei slips her fingers into her wet entrance without much resistance. 

Hua could only moan into the sheets, claws digging right through the soft fabric. Guess they know what they're throwing away in the morning. 

It only took a few harsh thrusts to bring her into an orgasm. Hua's legs were quivering uncontrollably, her screams held in as she bit into the sheets.

Fueled by her anger and dissatisfaction, Mei pulled Hua's hair to raise her head up from the sheets. Her girlfriend could only moan from the pleasure-pain, her cunt squeezing down on her fingers. 

"Don't hide your moans from me. Don't hide anything from me for that matter." Mei lightly tugs on Hua's hair. "Let it all out. Let me hear you sing for me, my precious song bird."

Like a spell was casted onto her, Hua did exactly what she was told like the good boy she was. Moaning and crying loudly to Mei's ministrations against her poor cunt, the slender appendage snaking itself around the raven haired girl's forearm to keep her grounded. 

Each and every rough thrust of Mei's digits deep inside her makes Hua soar higher and higher. Her tones vary in pitch each time she cries out Mei's name, her girlfriend's fingers sending her into an onslaught of ruthless, mind-blowing climaxes that reduce her into a babbling mess. 

When Hua's legs finally buckled beneath her, only then did Mei stop. 

Her little bird was still trembling helplessly against the sheets. Eyes closed as she cries out her name, arms flailing aimlessly til they wrap around her waist. 

Hua's grip on her waist causes her to fall onto the sheets, a dopey and blissful smile was on her lips as she places her head over Mei's arm. 

"Mm…" she moans from the slightest of movements. Mei's fingers were still sheathed deep inside of her pussy. 

Mei gives it small pumps for good measure before she pulls away, leaving Hua empty and satisfied to the core. Her little bird trembling against her pathetically, nails digging crescents into her waist. 

Oh, they aren't painfully sharp anymore. 

She turns her head around to see those once sharp claws revert back to their original form. The familiar sensation of calloused hands running against the small of her back. Mei turns her head again to see Hua's wings had shrunk compared to its original size. Now that she was satiated and calm, Hua wrapped her tail around her shin, cuddling as close as she possibly could. 

With her clean hand, Mei pushes the back of Hua's head into a position where she can conveniently shower her with kisses. 

"Are you hurt?" Mei asks softly, brushing her drenched hand along Hua's waist.

The girl snuggled beneath her shook her head, a barely audible 'no' escaped from her lips. Hua grabbed Mei's hand that was drenched with her cum between them. She takes the wet digits into her mouth, licking each individual finger clean until there was nothing left other than her saliva sticking to it. 

"Look at you getting ready for another round." Mei teases, watching Hua continue to lap at her fingers. Hazy and lustful azure eyes peeking right through her hand. "Did you really miss my fingers that much?"

That somehow makes Hua come to a halt, her tongue withdrawing back to her mouth as she tastes herself. Hua closes her eyes, leaning against Mei's warm and slick hand. She nodded. 

"I love you," Hua croaks tiredly, her eyes threatening to shut close. There was no chance for another round. " much."

Maybe she should give Elysia her thanks for provoking Hua in every way possible. 

Though, behind those fierce blue eyes. Hua's actions were filled with quiet solemnity, her actions would sometimes come to a stop in the throes of lust. HandsーClaws shaking nervously deep inside her, Hua gazing up at her silently. Waiting for her response. 

She'd be lying if she didn't think that Hua was tortuously edging her, but no. Hua wasn't that cruel despite her aggressive and possessive demeanor throughout the whole night, she always wanted to pleasure her, doing everything Mei had asked of her obediently. She wanted her approval, her reassurance. 

And that's exactly what makes her so cute. 

"I love you too." Mei whispers back, Hua's head slumping back down onto her arm.

It was comfortable like this, lying down together, quietly listening to one another's heartbeats. Hua lightly jerks awake to stretch one wing to wrap around the both of them. 

Mei was enveloped in everything that is Hua. Holding each other close in their own way, neither of them wanting to let go as they slowly drift off to sleep in the comfort of each other's warmth.