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Too Much Fun (at Family Video)

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Out of the classic fight, flight, or freeze, Robin tended to be someone who freezes.

Which is exactly what she does when she feels someone grab her ass while she leans down to stock the bottom shelf of Family Video. Expecting to see, or unfortunately feel, a predatory man behind her, she relaxes most of the way when she hears the breathy voice of her girlfriend in her ear.

“Hey, hot stuff.”

Robin spins around, coming face to face with Nancy, who is standing only a few inches behind her.

“Nancy! God, you scared me half to death.”

Nancy grins. “Sorry. I couldn’t resist.” She leans into Robin, letting her hands slide behind her and grip her behind in both hands, earning a gasp from Robin.

“Oh? My ass is that fine that you couldn’t have announced yourself?”

Nancy chuckles. “Exactly.” Her expression loses its mischievousness for approximately two seconds while she genuinely says, “I’m sorry I freaked you out,” before the glint in her eye returns.

Robin studies her face for a moment, finally noticing her wide pupils and dark stare. “Are you…okay?” Her concern fades quickly into a smirk as she realizes. “Were you missing me?”

Nancy nods, leaning in to press a barely there kiss to her neck. “Couldn’t stop thinking about you.”

Over Nancy’s head, Robin gives the store a once over. They close in less than an hour, it’s a Tuesday. It’s definitely not busy. She considers if she should get Nancy to move their interaction to the break room. A gentle squeeze of Nancy’s hands encourages her not to move a muscle. They’re in one of the back aisles, after all. The only real worry is being caught by-

Steve walks past the end of the aisle, slowing briefly when he sees the two girls. His eyes widen as he makes eye contact with Robin, who gives him a pleading stare. He makes a face for a moment but then salutes and walks off.

Now, probably, they had some time undisturbed.

Nancy has been biting marks into Robin’s neck and groping her progressively more roughly. Robin lets out a quiet moan at a particularly well placed bite.

“What were you thinking about?” she breathes, returning to the last thing Nancy had said.

Nancy chuckles darkly. “About how much I couldn’t wait for you to get off.”

Robin nearly chokes and Nancy laughs into her neck. “Get off of work, dummy.”

“Oh,” Robin replies, fighting a rising blush. “Go on.”

Nancy replies with a harder squeeze to Robin’s cheeks. “About all the things I want to do to you. All I want you to do to me.”

Nancy pulls back just enough to look Robin in the eye as she continues with, “and I couldn’t wait. Plus you know I love you in your uniform.” Another squeeze. “Especially these pants.”

Robin nods, fighting to keep a single coherent thought in her brain. “I do know that.”

At Nancy’s amused smirk Robin continues, “um, what things?” Her voice goes up an octave at the end, betraying how much this conversation was getting to her.

Nancy bites at her ear lobe. Despite having significantly less presence of mind than any previous point, Robin finally moved her hands from her sides to land one lightly on Nancy’s waist and the other in her hair.

Nancy starts whispering directly into Robin’s ear, her breath hot on her face. “You on your knees, using your mouth on me. Being the good girl you always are.”

Robin swallows hard.

“Us on the bed, with my fingers slamming into you so hard the bed shakes.”


Nancy slides one hand up from Robin’s ass to cup a breast, squeezing that instead through her shirt and jacket. Robin bites back a groan.

“Making you come over and over,” her finger brushes a nipple roughly, enough force to harden it even through the layers and shooting pure arousal to Robin’s core, “and over. Until you’re begging me to stop. But I don’t. And you let me. Because you want to be good for me so badly, don’t you, Robbie?”

Robin isn’t breathing at this point, and she’s so close to falling over the edge she knows she must be practically purple in her blush. Nancy presses a soft kiss to her overly warm cheek. “Do you like when I talk like that, baby? When I tell you what I want?”

“Yes,” she barely eeks out.

Nancy smirks, running her hand roughly over Robin’s chest. “Do you like it when I do it somewhere we could get caught? When I just absolutely,” Nancy’s voice becomes a high whine, “cannot resist you.”


“Are you having fun, Robbie? I bet you’re dripping for me.”

Robin can only stare as Nancy meets her eye. “Good. I’ve been sitting at home getting myself wet at the thought of your touch, so it’s only fair I return the favor.”

Nancy can tell that Robin is close by her inability to respond, or take more than a small gasping breath. She moves her hand to meet the other on Robin’s chest, cupping each breast and squeezing hard, running a nail harshly over both nipples simultaneously.

Robin throws her head back, hitting the shelf of movies behind her. “Again,” she manages.

Nancy does it again as Robin’s head falls forward into her neck. Unprompted, Nancy strokes her one more time, this time hearing a gasp and a moan Robin tries to bite into her skin. She feels Robin’s body shake as she comes.

Nancy presses a kiss behind her ear a moment later. “You okay?”

Robin nods. “You-you didn’t even touch me.” There’s astonishment clear in her voice with a hint of embarrassment.

Nancy gives a breathy laugh. “I’ve even impressed myself, Buckley.”

“You didn’t even-“ Robin cuts herself off by kissing Nancy roughly. Nancy responds eagerly, but pulls back only a moment later when the lights flicker, presumably Steve trying to get their attention.

Nancy presses one more brief kiss to Robin’s lips. “If you hadn’t assumed, come to my house after, okay?”

Robin nods again, not trusting herself to form more words. Nancy finally lets go of her and takes a step back. Seeing how flustered Robin still is makes her giggle as she starts walking backwards towards the front of the store, giving a little wave and blowing her a kiss.

Only after Nancy has retreated nearly completely from Robin’s view does she regain her composure. She quickly moves the last movie she had been stocking from the floor to the shelf and starts walking towards the desk.

Steve shakes his head as she approaches. “Have fun?”

Robin laughs awkwardly. “Too much.”