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Just Some Time

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It was a girls night out at Dana’s. Whole gang was there Shane, Bette, Finley, Tess even Tina was there some of them were dancing and some of them were having a conversation.  Dani was having a conversation... With her fiancee. And Gigi was dancing, well you couldn’t say she was dancing cause she was actually looking at Dani and Sophie. They were holding hands and Dani was stealing a kiss or two. They looked happy, they were happy at least Sophie thought so. But when Dani’s eyes met with Gigi’s eyes she took her hands from Sophie’s and acted like she took her hands to take a sip from her beer..

After looking in Dani’s  eyes Gigi came up to the table and took her things. She said that she’ll  have an early day and left without even looking at Dani she just left. After she came home, she changed her clothes and opened a wine bottle, she was sipping wine while watching tv. She was watching something silly , she didn’t even know the name of it. Luckily someone was knocking at the door, not just someone Gigi knew who it was. She thought about not answering it, but she knew she would eventually.. and she did opened it.
“what do you want Dani “ said Gigi
“ you know what I want. What was that Gigi. “ said Dani
“ what was what” said Gigi
“ You can’t act like that around Sophie. We’ve  talked about this” said Dani
“ Wow Dani... So you thought I would be fine with you kissing and hugging Sophie “ said Gigi
“ What am I supposed to do? She’s  my fiancee... it’s not a good time to be jealous“ said Dani
“ and what am I to you Dani?  An easy fuck? A mistress ?” said Gigi. Well she was getting angry and she was practically yelling now.
“ Ah come on Gigi you know it’s complicated.” Said Dani
“ well you never kiss her around me!  You don’t  even touch her around me! Are you fucking her?? “ said Gigi she was furious. She couldn’t  keep her away from that thought
“ What?? No I don’t. Baby just calm down okay. She asked ne to hold her hands and she asked for kisses too. What am i supposed to say to her? I’m trying to keep us as a secret.” Said Dani
“ Dani it’s been a year you said that you’re going to break up with her. I feel like you’re  just fucking around with me.” Said Gigi
“ Baby... You know it is not true. I love you. I just couldn’t find the right time to tell her.” Said Dani
“ Well I’m sicked of waiting Dani! I’ve been waiting for more than a year now. I won’t  wait for you anymore... Maybe it’s  my time to find someone else.” Said Gigi dani could feel the fire in her chest not just her chest all of her body. It was her time to be jealous. Thinking about Gigi being with someone else made her sick. Gigi was hers body and soul. She just couldn’t  find the courage to tell that to Sophie. She took few steps towards to Gigi, she almost pinned her to the wall. Dani was looking through Gigi’s  eyes. Gigi could see how angry she was but didn’t  take her eyes away she wouldn’t  let Dani win this.
“ Why did you even say that!!... Huh? You think I would let you be with someone else. “ said Dani. Now it was her turn to be jealous.
“ I’m  not asking for permission” said Gigi. She was challenging Dani. They both knew  they would end up in bed wrapped around each other. It was a game they play well. They were so close, they could feel each other’s breath. Dani didn’t say anything for a second she just looked at Gigi’s  eyes she knew she had to win this round what she didn’t knew was, it was different this time. So Dani kissed her hard almost expressing her anger. Gigi was kissing her back, their tongues were dancing with each other. Gigi lost herself at Dani’s  lips but she came back when she felt Dani’s  lips on her neck. She was so tired from keeping this relationship as a secret and she didn’t  want to feel jealous all the time it was exhausting. Dani was kissing Gigi’s neck while she was trying to unhook Gigi’s bra under her shirt. And she did it, Gigi hold a moan at that moment. Suddenly Gigi pushed Dani away and Dani thought it was part of their little game so she just went back to kiss Gigi’s  neck again. 
“Dani no!” said Gigi while pushing her.
“ What happened? Did I hurt you? “ asked Dani
“ No nothing happened. I just- I can’t keep doing this. I don’t  want be you side chick.” Said Gigi.
“ You’re not... You know it is not that easy. I’m  doing my best baby.” Said Dani.
“ I honestly don’t care anymore. I don’t  want to be the bad woman in this movie”said Gigi
“ Babe I know you struggle. I will break up with her, I just need some time” said Dani
“ I gave you time Dani more than a year actually. I’m done waiting either you break up with her or we are done. I’ll  wait for another day or two. Make up your mind.”said Gigi with tears down on her cheek.