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going through motions

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Lion inspected the leather of the couch they were currently sitting with great interest. As the heir of the Ushiromiya family, they had an eye for quality, and the couch they were sitting on was a fine example of it. They were used to a certain standard of living, one that they wouldn’t be able to give up on if they tried.

“Mr. Wright will see you now.”

Lion glanced up at the secretary who had come to fetch them - a woman with short-cut brown hair and a youthful smile. She had been the one to direct them to this waiting area, and she had even made some small talk with them on the way. They had the impression that she didn’t understand why Lion was here, which was just as well. It wasn’t for a purpose that they were very proud of.

“Thank you.” They stood up. “Will you show me to his office now?” They gave her a soft smile, and they spoke softly to her as well. They were well-trained in how to remain composed and uphold the family’s honor in any situation.

She nodded. “Yes. Please follow me.”

Lion kept pace with her, merely a step behind. If it wasn’t for the fact that this was an unfamiliar place, they would have been somewhat confused by the audacity of a mere employee to step in front of them, rather than accompanying them silently. They had been raised with the philosophy that servants should only be heard or seen when needed, and otherwise, that they should be present as little as possible. Their sister, Jessica, had always been friendly with the servants, but Lion had never done more than give them praise for jobs well done, or calm their mother down when a servant made an especially heinous mishap.

“Mr. Wright is in a strange mood today, so please be careful,” the secretary advised.

Lion sighed. “I see… Thank you for the information, Miss.”

“Ah, don’t tell him I said that!”

“Of course not,” they reassured her. “It’s a secret between us.”

After a bit more walking, they reached the office, and the secretary knocked on the door. To Lion’s surprise, rather than indicating that they could enter, Willard H. Wright opened the door himself. Without his trademark dark blue coat, and only a shirt and tie, he seemed more formal and imposing, a sharpened blade rather than a loose wolf. His cold amber eyes glanced over the secretary before settling on Lion.

“You’re dismissed, Cornelia. Thank you for your hard work.” His voice was neutral in tone, but his expression was intimidating enough that Cornelia stammered out a thank you and then swiftly retreated.

“Well then. I’ve been expecting you, Ushiromiya Lion.” Will smirked. “Oh, right, it’s just ‘Lion’ now, isn’t it?”

Lion bit the inside of their cheek. “...Yes,” they agreed stiffly as they followed the man into his office.

Will sat down at his desk. It was wooden, with a beautiful polish to it, and various documents neatly organized on the table. There was also a small black laptop, though it was currently closed. There was a chair in front of the desk, so Lion sat down in it.

“I have to admit, I was surprised when I saw your application… Even if you left your last name out, nobody would fail to recognize that face.” Will chuckled. “Seeing the golden child of the Ushiromiya family applying to be my date, of all things…”

Lion’s expression darkened. “You’ve heard the news, haven’t you? At least for the moment, I don’t have the Ushiromiya name, nor do I have funds.”

He snorted. “Yeah. They kicked you out for being gay. Incredible, the lot of them…”

Lion gritted their teeth. “Grandfather is simply… in shock. I’m sure that, given a few months to settle, he’ll rescind the expulsion.”

“So, in the meantime, you’re coming to a rival company’s CEO for money?” Will smirked. “And not only that, you’re willing to get in my bed for the sake of that?”

Will reached out to stroke Lion’s cheek. His hand was warm and calloused, and they wanted to lean into it just as much as they petulantly wanted to pull back. Those urges warred within them, so they merely stayed in place, glaring at him.

“I… have a certain standard of living I’d like to uphold,” Lion admitted quietly. “And… I have to pay for college tuition, so…”

Lion was a prideful person, so they wouldn’t simply apply out of a need for money. There was another reason beyond that: the fact that Willard H. Wright was painfully, achingly handsome. Lion had seen him give speeches at events or seen photos of him online or in magazines, and the only thing they had been able to think was that they wanted him. The man’s attitude was, of course, a problem. He was something like a wild wolf, with fangs bared towards anything and anyone he disliked. He’d ruined countless lives by buying up companies and then liquidating them completely out of spite. He was so well known for it that there were rumors that people had taken their lives, with their final messages being hatred and curses for Willard H. Wright.

The Ushiromiya Group acted similarly, buying up competitors and liquidating them as needed, but they were more pragmatic in their approach, keeping assets intact when they would be beneficial. In addition, they avoided bad PR by padding people’s pockets with severance bonuses, donating to charities, and hosting lavish parties that took up most of their media coverage.

Lion wished that they weren’t attracted to Will, almost. It would have been far easier for them if they’d swallowed their pride and asked Jessica or their mother to secretly send them money. But, no, they just had to be attracted to him and reckless enough to send in an application once they’d seen the posting online.

“Well then. I can certainly help you with that.” Will’s smile was a bit too sharp, and it made Lion shudder.

“I see,” they said, keeping their voice steady. “I would appreciate that.”

“And you understand what I want in exchange, yes?” Will asked casually. His eyes made their way down Lion’s form, and his hand caressed their neck.

Lion almost regretted that they had chosen to wear a red collared shirt and tight black dress pants. It meant that Will was soon touching them through the fabric, and that his eyes could see their body all too clearly.

“Y-Yes.” Lion despised the fact that they had stammered. “I understand.”

Their nervousness only made Will’s smile even sharper. “If I decide I like you, you’ll get all the money you want.” He chuckled. “If.”

They scowled. “There’s no ‘if’. You invited me all the way here. After forcing me to go through the trouble of waiting for you, you aren’t allowed to toss me away.”

“Oh?” Will’s eyes narrowed. “You’re going to tell me what to do now?”

Lion glared at him. “Yes.”

The man burst out into laughter, his hand returning to the desk as he laughed and laughed. Lion could only grit their teeth, knowing that he was laughing at them.

“Haha… Alright, alright.” A lazy grin crossed his face. “I was going to keep you anyway.”

“Then why would you -” Lion snapped, but Will interrupted them.

“Don’t think too much about it. It’ll only give you a headache.” He smiled to himself, enjoying some sort of private joke, and slid a set of papers over to Lion. “Here. A formal contract. You can take your time reading it.”

Lion sighed. “Really? I’m surprised that you’ll allow this to be on paper…”

He shrugged. “This is just to cover non-disclosure and the possibility of you trying to sue me. Or your family, I guess. Doubt they’re going to be pleased to hear about me defiling the precious heir they tossed away.”

“You look happy about that,” Lion muttered as they read over the contract. It seemed to match what Will had said precisely, with no hidden clauses or loopholes that would cause trouble.

“Heh. Can’t say it’s not a perk.” Will laughed - he’d been doing quite a bit of that - and the sound, as irritating as it could be to their pride, was pleasant to Lion’s ears. “Anyway, the money isn’t going on that contract, obviously.”

“...I see.” They sighed as they finished reading it. “I’m supposed to sign here, yes?”

“Yeah. Ah, here’s a pen.” He casually held out a high quality pen with his initials engraved in gold. It was such a ridiculous move that Lion rolled their eyes as they accepted it and signed the document before sliding it, and the pen, back over to him.

“Anything else you’d like me to sign?” Lion sighed.

Will shook his head. “Nah.” He tucked the paper away in a drawer before standing up.

He was already a tall man, but now, with him standing and Lion sitting, that fact was painfully apparent, and Lion had to crane their neck up to look at him. Will walked around to the other side of the desk, a smug smile on his face. He was probably enjoying how much trouble Lion was having with his height.

“Now that that’s settled… I get to touch.” It wasn’t a question, or a demand. It was merely a statement.

Will took a stray lock of Lion’s hair between his fingers, idly curling it around one of them as he looked Lion over. As though he was assessing a new purchase and ensuring that everything he’d paid for was present. As though checking to make sure a new piece of furniture would fit in its intended place.

“You’re not… going to wait?” Lion shifted a bit in their seat, crossing their legs.

He snorted. “Am I supposed to?”

“Ah, well…” Lion wasn’t sure what to say.

Will’s thumb brushed over their lips, the skin rough and warm. Lion had to hold back a yelp, surprised. In contrast, Will had an intense expression, one that Lion couldn’t read. Will leaned down. Lion assumed that it was to get a closer look. It was somewhat exciting to have his face be so close, to be able to better see Will’s features. He was handsome, though his hair was messy and his eyes were burning into them, and they half-wanted to be able to freely touch him back. But that would be presumptuous, so they didn’t move.

Will’s face grew closer and closer, and his hand cupped their jaw. Lion closed their eyes for a moment, half-sensing what was to come, and then Will’s lips met theirs before pulling away.

“You’re so shy.” He chuckled. “What’s that about?”

“...You just stole my first kiss.” Lion scowled. “I’m going to pay you back for that someday, Wright.”

“Heh. At least call me ‘Will’.” He was smirking in spite of Lion’s cold words. “I’m going to take more firsts of yours than that… I wonder how you’re going to pay me back.”

They smiled pleasantly. “You’ll see.”

“Haha. Alright then.” Will kissed them again, this time more forcefully, his lips moving against theirs.

It was pleasant, enough so that Lion wanted to melt into it, but they deepened the kiss instead, trying to match Will in forcefulness. That made Will respond the same in turn, so that they were both kissing each other more and more passionately the longer their lips remained together. Will tugged on their collar, trying to make them tilt more into the kiss even as he pressed down on them. Lion could only oblige.

Will was the one to end the kiss, panting slightly and smirking like he’d won some sort of competition. Lion wanted to kiss him again so they wouldn’t have to endure such an expression, but Will was too tall for them to reach.

“For your first time, that wasn’t so bad.” He patted their head, ruffling and messing up Lion’s hair.

“...Bastard,” they hissed.

“If you want to insult me, you’ll have to get more creative.” Will didn’t appear to be fazed by Lion’s crassness at all.

He started unbuttoning Lion’s shirt, and Lion froze, too shocked to respond. Will was so focused on them, eyes glued to their body and hands sliding their shirt off and onto the floor as swiftly as possible, that they wanted more of it. When Will ran his hands down their chest, they had to fight not to shudder. They wanted to be touched more. They didn’t want Will to ever take his eyes off of him, to ever let his hands fall away. It was thrilling to be the recipient of such intense attention, especially when the one giving it was a man Lion was hopelessly attracted to.

“You were always in your grandfather’s shadow at events,” Will mused. “I never got a chance to get a good look at you before.”

Lion swallowed. “You wanted to look at me?”

“Hm?” Will glanced at Lion’s face with a wide smile. “Maybe I did.”

“Maybe…” Lion exhaled slowly. “Be more clear.”

Will chuckled and didn’t reply, instead gently pinching one of Lion’s nipples. They let out a gasp, shocked by the pain and suddenness of it.

“D-don’t… Ah-” Will pinched them again.

Lion narrowed their eyes and sneaked one hand around to pinch Will’s ass in retribution, and Will let out a yelp that was comically high pitched.

They smirked. “How does it feel to have a taste of your own medicine, Will?” Another pinch.
“You…” he gritted his teeth.

Lion did another pinch. “Every time you’re rude, I’ll punish you.”

“Ha… I see.” Will chuckled. “Don’t worry, you’ll pay for this.”

“Wasn’t that my line?” Lion chuckled too.

There was animosity, but there was also the pleasure of teasing and being teased. As a result, both of them were smiling.

“Mm… Anyway, what’s this from…?” Will’s hand traced a circle around their heart. “It looks like a pretty bad scar.”

Lion glanced away. “...It’s… there was an accident.”

It hadn’t been an accident. It had been a murder attempt. But everyone in their family called it an ‘accident.’ It was easier that way. Even Kyrie, the one who had held them at gunpoint with a cold smile, their aunts and uncles at her side as she declared that Lion didn’t deserve to be the heir, now called it an accident. Kinzo had stated that Lion had survived because of a miracle. He had murmured thanks to a ‘Golden Witch’ under his breath as he had sat at Lion’s side, holding vigil over them. Lion didn’t understand why, and they likely never would. And everyone in the family blamed the entire affair on the woman who had sparked it all - Frederica Bernkastel.

Ever since then, that troublesome person who was like a witch, and her partner, Lambdadelta, had been loathed by the Ushiromiya family. And yet, they were untouchable high society ladies, so unfathomably wealthy that even they couldn’t touch them. Without a culprit to lay blame on outside the family, they had taken to calling the entire affair an ‘accident.’ It was better to pretend it hadn’t happened at all. It was better to forget sins than to admit an ugly truth.

Lion… disagreed with that. Their scar still ached sometimes, as if the bullet was still inside, still trying to reach their heart. And yet, they couldn’t do anything about it, especially with their expulsion.

“An accident, huh…” Will mused. He knelt down, pressing his lips to it. They lingered there for a long, long minute. “You’re lying,” he murmured. “I’ll have you confess the truth sometime.”

They sighed. “What, are you going to interrogate me?”

He chuckled. “Not today.”

Lion scowled. “That’s not an answer - Will!” they hissed, jerking back a bit in the chair.

Will’s hand had settled on their thigh and then drifted to the button of their pants, undoing it without a single warning or an ounce of hesitation. He didn’t reply to Lion’s outburst until after he’d slide their pants down, dark fabric pooling around their ankles.

“Is there a problem?” His hand drifted over to the hem of their underwear. “I’ll give you a nice advance payment.”

“...How much…?” Lion mumbled.

It was strange that while they wanted Will to do whatever he was planning, they were hesitating, and were using the transactional nature of their newly begun relationship to justify themselves. It was easier to blame it on bribery than admit aloud that they were attracted to Will and would be very happy if he did whatever he liked to them, albeit with more warning.

“Hm. What about ten million yen?” Will’s expression was too smug for the large number to be anything but a brag.

Lion closed their eyes. “Alright,” they said softly. “There’s no problem here.”

“Good.” Will’s voice was deep and pleasant to the ear. It was a rich sound, one that Lion could listen to for a thousand years.

Lion felt Will tugging their underwear down, just as he had done for their pants, and then felt a finger brush against the tip of their cock. They had to suppress a squeak, unused to others touching them there, and their eyes flew open.

“You’re rather cute,” he noted. “See? It practically fits in my hand.” He curled his fingers around it.

“Ah - Don’t just do that,” Lion muttered. “At least warn me.”

Will chuckled. “But you like it, don’t you?” He leaned up to kiss Lion gently, and to whisper against their lips, “You’re getting my fingers wet.”

Their face turned rose-red, hot blood rising to it. “You…”

Will stroked Lion’s length a bit before pulling his hand away and standing up. He then held his hand out, so that Lion could see the faint dampness of it and the way it shone slightly too much in the light. The sight of it, and what it implied, only made Lion blush more, and they were unable to say anything.

“I’m going to guess that you’re a virgin.” His lips quirked up. “So I’m going to have to be gentle with you this time. A shame.”

Lion clenched their fists. They wanted to pinch him, but now wasn’t the time. “I don’t need you to be gentle,” they snapped. “I’m not a delicate damsel.”

“Right,” Will snorted. “If you want your first time to be me fucking you raw until you’re bleeding and screaming, then I can’t say I’m not into that.” He loosened his tie as he spoke, so that it hung loose around his shoulders.

Lion turned their head away from him. “...”

“Yeah, I figured,” he said dryly. Lion heard the sound of fabric falling, but didn’t turn to look. “Trust me, I’m not treating you like a ‘damsel.’ I’m just going to make sure that you enjoy this. Regardless of what rumors say, I’m not that heartless.”

“Fine.” They sighed. “So long as you aren’t treating me like glass.”

They’d had more than enough of that from their peers. Lion couldn’t count the number of classmates, male and female, who had rushed to open doors for them or carry heavy things or invite them to take a break from badminton practice when they were only slightly winded. Jessica had cracked jokes with them about it, and she’d loudly blamed it on their ‘stupidly princelike stuck-up face.’ Lion had always pinched her for that, but it had made them smile nevertheless.

“I won’t,” Will promised. He put a hand on their shoulder and forced them to turn and look at him.

Lion’s mouth felt dry. It had often done that when they’d looked at Will, but now it felt as though any words they tried to speak would crumble to dust.

“Hah. You’re cute like this.” He squeezed their shoulder before letting go. “Stand up.”

Will hadn’t bothered taking his shirt and tie off, but his pants and underwear had been pulled down. Lion’s attention had been completely taken up by the sight of his exposed cock. They hadn’t bothered to date people in high school, busy with their duties as student council president, their studies as the top student of their year, and obligations as a member of the badminton team. And in college, they had just come out as gay to their family when the entire confession had caused nothing but disapproval, chaotic arguing, and their current disinherited status. It wasn’t as if they’d had many opportunities to see unclothed men.

Will’s hand took their wrist, which seemed slender and frail in comparison to his strong grip, and pulled their hand forward. “Do you want to touch?”

Lion stood up slowly, almost entranced. “Yes,” they said quietly, the word almost a whisper.

They tried to reach out, now dearly wanting to touch it. Will’s grip tightened, keeping their hand in place, and he had a cold, smug smile on his face, his eyes resembling fireflies in the night that flickered and disappeared the moment you reached out to catch them in your palms.

“Sorry. I want to check my purchase first.” He laughed to himself at the joke as Lion glared at him. “What’s that look for?”

“...I’m not just a purchase.” They were too proud to let Will reduce them to an item.

“Alright, an investment then?” Will suggested. He used his other arm to pull them closer to him in an embrace, and Lion gave up on glaring in favor of pressing their cheek against his chest. “You run your mouth a lot, but you’re entertaining.”

“I’m more than that,” they huffed, and then sighed when they felt Will let go of their wrist and put his hand on their rear. “Are you going to pinch me in revenge now?”

“Nah.” Will snorted and squeezed gently, causing Lion to squeak. “I'm going to do something way worse.” He took a small bottle from his desk, causing Lion to break out of their shock and to chuckle. “What?”

“You had that sitting there the whole time?” Lion asked, their lips quirking up into a smile.

He shrugged. “I knew you were coming, didn’t I?”

“...You were planning on this the entire time,” they deadpanned.

Will shrugged as he opened the bottle and poured some lubricant over his fingers. “Can’t deny it now, I guess.”

Lion sighed. “I see.”

It was somewhat flattering that Will had been intent on this, that they had, from the start, been wanted by him. It only felt right. They were a precious thing, golden and prized, not something gaudy he’d happened to take a liking to, or needed to be coaxed into taking.

Will slipped a finger between the cheeks of their ass, pressing the digit against the entrance before starting to press it inside. Lion shuddered. They hadn’t done too much on their own, so having even a finger inside them was something that they weren’t yet used to. Once Will had slid the finger in somewhat, he started moving it around slowly. It was pleasurable, with Will holding them close with one hand as he prepared them with the other. All Lion had to do was lean against him and keep from making any strange noises.

However, when Will added a second finger, a soft moan slipped out in spite of their best efforts. Will hadn’t given them any warning, and it felt good to have two thick fingers inside with the promise of something more very, very soon.

“Haha. Are you sure that you’re going to be able to do this?” Will taunted with a smirk. “If it’s too much for the precious Ushiromiya heir to handle, you can back down.”

Lion scowled. “Not at all,” they replied, voice crisp and cold. “You can be as rough as you would like with me.”

“You’re so insistent on that.” He laughed and slid his fingers out of Lion. “Don’t say I didn’t try to be nice.”

With that, Lion was unceremoniously pushed against the desk, forced by Will’s strong hands to bend over it. They pressed their elbows against the wood for support. They heard the sound of Will opening the bottle again, and breathed out slowly, trying to maintain their composure.

“I don’t think you could ever be considered ni- Will,” Lion hissed, cutting themself off, “at least warn me.”

Will had placed his hands on Lion’s hips, and pressed his cock against them. “Why should I?” He spoke in a low tone. “I can do whatever I want to you.”

They exhaled. “Still.”

Will slowly pressed more and more, so that the tip entered them. That alone was enough that they squeezed their eyes shut and pressed their palms flat against the wood, so that they didn’t clench their fists or dig their nails into it. While the slowness was supposedly for the sake of easing Lion into it, as an act of mercy, it only resulted in an agonizing sort of pleasure as they were made to adjust to Will’s length bit by bit.

When Will had entered them fully, they began to relax, but then the man slid back, chuckling into their ear as he did. “This is where I stop going easy on you,” he whispered. “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time now.”

Lion wanted to ask what the hell Will meant by that, but once Will began to thrust, gripping their body tightly as his cock forced its way back in, they didn’t have the capacity to do so. The rough act was painful - their body wasn’t used to this yet - and yet pleasurable as well. They liked the knowledge that someone was hungry for them and wanting them and taking what they wanted, and Lion didn’t have to do anything, simply had to exist and relax and enjoy it.

The first thrust had been a swift surprise, but the second was expected, so Lion thought that they might be able to adjust to this, to settle into the rhythm. And yet, Will’s pace and power was overwhelming nevertheless. Lion found themself biting their lip, trying not to cry out, to give Will the satisfaction, before giving in. Biting their lip would only result in them bleeding with how hard they had started to bite down.

Lion’s moans weren’t soft this time; they were loud sounds, loud exclamations of pleasure, shameless and unrestrained and wordlessly saying, ‘more.’ In response, Will continued to give them the ‘more’ they craved, chuckling with what little breath he had and digging his fingers into the soft flesh of their hips. He didn’t slow his pace, nor did he quicken it, merely continuing steadily and rapidly at the one he had begun from the outset.

“Will - Will -” It was somewhere between a moan and a hiss and a cry, pleading and scolding and in awe all at once.

“Mm?” Will sounded smug, unphased by anything he was doing to them.

“Slower -”

He didn’t stop, nor slow, nor speed up. “You asked for this.”

Lion whined plaintively, but it didn’t sway Will. He continued to mercilessly fuck them, the slide of his cock in and out and forcefulness of the thrusts overwhelming. They couldn’t keep up with it, couldn’t process it or adjust, their body shaking in place as they leaned over the desk for support. When they came, come spilling from their cock onto the floor, they almost felt relief. Will would slow down now, wouldn’t he?

Will didn’t. His only reaction was to chuckle, and to whisper, “Impatient,” before quickening his pace, as though punishing them.

“Will -” they hissed again, nails digging into his desk half out of need and half out of spite. “I’m going to -” Lion was cut off by a groan, their body needing to express how Will was dominating it completely.

Will chuckled again, and all Lion could do was wordlessly moan and whine, like an upset cat that its owner was indulgently playing with. They hated it, found it humiliating, and yet they loved it too, knowing that Will was taking them seriously.

Their family would have never approved of Will in a thousand years, and that was part of why Lion had been attracted to him from the start, had wanted him badly enough that when they were disinherited and in need they had used it as a pretense to approach him. If they would have never approved of Will, they would never have approved of Lion being bent over his desk and fucked for money. If their mother found out, she would probably pass away from shame.

“Almost there,” Will murmured.

His pace, which had been steady until now, became rapid and erratic, as though he’d become sloppy with his need for release. Lion let out a shaky exhale, bearing it as their body rode out a dry orgasm, shuddering and silent.

Will finished with a groan, and Lion felt something hot and wet filling them. For a moment they both were silent and together, breathing in and out with sweaty, trembling bodies that were painfully close. Then Will let go of their hips as he carefully slid out of them, and Lion’s knees buckled.

Will’s arms wrapped around their torso and steadied them against his chest. “You okay?”

“...It’s your fault,” they muttered petulantly. “I told you to slow down.”

He sighed. “You brought this on yourself…”

They sighed, too. “It aches.”

“I’m sure,” Will said quietly. “I’ll be more gentle next time. Like I was planning on from the start.” He chuckled, and this time Lion chuckled with him.

“You want a next time with me,” Lion stated, smiling.

“Yeah, of course.” Will laughed to himself. “I was thinking I’d take you to dinner too, even. We’re dating now, right?”

“That’s one way to put it…” Lion’s smile widened. “Unless you’re serious about that?”

“I’m not an idiot.” He snorted. “You’ve got people to go to, and you came right up to me instead.”

Lion’s face heated up now that they had been caught. “I… Well…”

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone,” he promised softly. “I think it’ll make a great story in the news: ‘Exiled Ushiromiya Heir Forced to Turn to Rival’ or something.”

Lion craned up their neck, wanting to kiss him, and Will obligingly leaned down so that their lips could meet. “You should pick one of my uncle’s restaurants,” they murmured. “And you’ll buy me clothes first.”

“Right, right,” Will agreed, smirking. “I’ll heed your commands, young mast - Really,” he muttered, “did you have to pinch me again?”

Lion smiled like an angel at him. “After what you did to me, I think I can pinch your ass as much as I’d like.”

“Then I get to fuck your ass as much as I’d like?” Will retorted.

“Sure.” Lion’s smile didn’t falter.

They had gotten everything they wanted. There were no regrets.