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As he put his partner’s ID - now late partner as he painfully reminded himself - into his bag, Lincoln Lee opened the envelope handed to him to reveal Robert Danzig’s death certificate, realizing Olivia must have arranged this personally for him. Even though she’d said she was unable to register the death to avoid unwanted attention to their work, she’d still done it and as grateful as he was, he didn’t understand why. 

He despised her, maybe even hated her when they first met, despite her enigmatic beauty. She was cold, unfeeling and unsympathetic to the fact he’d just lost his partner - his best friend - and only family left in this world. Determined, Lincoln went to follow her, unable to accept her explanation and reasoning, needing closure and justice for his friend. He watched her car drive away, memorizing her license plates to track back to the department she said she came from, determined to get more answers. She must answer to someone, and he hoped they’d tell him more about what happened to Robert.

The two bald men, dressed identically, walked away from the crime scene before he left, and caught his attention with their bizarre appearance.

“Hey! Who are you?” Lincoln called as he approached, demanding a reply as they echoed his questions at the same time he asked them. “What are you doing? How are you - answer the question!” 

They tilted their heads as the shorter man spoke again, this time independently, in an almost robotically calm manner.

Who we are is irrelevant. You knew her - before .” 

Lincoln blinked in confusion, trying to speak and comprehend the hairless man’s statement.

“And you will know her again. One of the Olivias will be your destiny .

“... But it is unclear which one, as the boy remains.” The other bald man finished, looking at his companion.

“Before when? What does that even mean ?” Lincoln demanded again in a more exasperated tone, and turned around quickly at the sound of an emergency vehicle siren heading towards them, but as he looked back at the men, they’d instantly disappeared.

Shocked, he turned away and drove back to the local FBI headquarters to get more information about Agent Olivia Dunham.

Despite her trying to resist his help on the case, and him resisting her, eventually she’d opened up to him; she’d lost a partner too and understood what he meant when he said he felt something missing in his life. He would always be grateful to her for getting Robert’s body released so his family could have that closure.

Then she showed him The Bridge, and that there was another world, and another Olivia with different hair and a different smile. As he looked at her, he recalled the mysterious men he’d seen observing the crime scene where Robert had died. What they said about another Olivia finally made sense because when he saw her, she took his breath away. She was like the Olivia he already knew but not, with her fiery red hair, rock chick swagger and plucky valor. Compared to the Olivia he knew who seemed like a moth drawn to flames in the darkness, she was a light butterfly, fluttering around the little flower blooming in his heart, a tiny single daisy in a bare field, surrounded by blades of grass that grown over it with years of hesitation and fear. Where the Olivia he’d met first looked at him with pity, contempt and inferiority, her red-headed alternative smiled at him with curiosity and fascination, and he shocked himself when he realized late one night he was dying to know her more.