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maybe it was a set-up

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"My dear Mobius, why are you keeping me out of your lab~"


Who else could it be? Upon hearing the pink elf's high-pitched voice at the other side of the door, Mobius frantically pushed MEI away from her.

"Fuck. Isn't it Sunday today, she shouldn't be here ."

Mobius sighed in annoyance, but MEI was too distracted trying to keep her breath even to say anything.

They weren't exactly in the best position to be receiving visitors right now, and Mobius got caught up with their mini make-out session. By mini make-out session, it was actually a totally different story— both women are brazenly naked and was just about to fuck each other's brains out, so Elysia witnessing this will be worse than being murdered by Honkai beasts over and over.

At least that's what Mobius thinks, she glanced around her lab and to her horror the calendar is currently marked at July 17, Monday.

The fact that it isn't Elysia's fault or intention to be intruding makes this even more embarrassing than any other day.

"E-Elysia! You weren't supposed to be 1 hour early, I'm still busy right now!!"

MEI, who was distractedly staring at Mobius' lips the whole time, flinched at that horrible excuse.

She stares at her, incredulous— but Mobius could only scowl in response.

"1 hour early? Oh Mobius stop trying to push me away it's exactly 3pm! Unless you need more time?"

"Yes so just—"

Mobius abruptly stopped when she felt MEI's cold hard nipples press into her own, a moan almost escaping as the woman decided to cause mischief and rub her fingers to her exposed crotch.


The green haired scientist is struggling to keep her composure together, especially when MEI started grinding her right thigh while simultaneously sucking her already bruised neck.

Mobius is aggravated but also incredibly super fucking horny, she knows MEI is doing this on purpose. Despite the cold and apathetic face she usually wore, there's this hidden playfulness in it— and it is so very dangerous.

Mobius loves it, she loves the thrill and the danger they constantly put themselves in.

Two incredibly powerful and smart women, fucking each other raw from behind closed doors where no one can see despite the organization and their colleagues thinking that they're rivals, it gives Mobius a different kind of high she usually doesn't feel with the experiments she does.

Finding this side of MEI has been one of the most delightful discoveries she's had in her entire career but right now…

Right now…

MEI plunging her fingers inside Mobius' without warning jolted her awake back to reality, and god she had to bite MEI's shoulder to prevent herself from screaming. 

This woman is going to kill me.  

MEI used her free hand to grip her waist in response, the pain of a snake's bite only spurring her on to increase the pace every passing second, as the raven haired doctor moaned softly next to Mobius' ear.

She had to say something, she really do or else MEI would think of something even crazier—


The raven haired doctor decided to take that opportunity to suddenly pull out, the loss of her fingers sending Mobius to the edge and before she could even stop herself,

"…Please!" An unmistakable sound close to a pleasured scream/whine slipped out of Mobius' lips, and that was it. That was the end of her.

Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck no that wasn't supposed to come out—

"...Ah, I see~" It is totally over for the green haired scientist, Elysia's tone immediately switched from concern to amused. 

This pink elf knows and there is no doubt she will never let Mobius live this down until the day she decides to take her own life.

Which is never, in her case.

"Just. Leave." Mobius didn't bother to hide her pants and gasps of air anymore, she's been found out and by Elysia of all people just because she let herself get distracted.

Mobius vaguely recalls MEI telling her it was a Monday today.


"Of course I wouldn't want to intrude on your special hands-on experiment Dr. Mobius~ Have fun! I'll come back in 2."

Mobius stared at MEI, fuming. As they listened to Elysia's footsteps slowly fade away from the door until it was the two of them alone again.

"What the hell MEI." MEI's lips stretched into a mocking grin, a face of a woman that got what she wanted— she proceeded to readjust Mobius' lab coat that draped on her shoulder to cover her front.

"Relax Professor, it's just Elysia, our secret will be safe." Now that the mood was ruined, Mobius couldn't help but have this undeniable itch to slap MEI's irritating face, she realized it's better for the doctor to keep that unfazed and stone cold persona of hers— it suits her better. 

"That's not what I—"

"I should get going now, duty calls."

MEI swiftly dodges Mobius' wrath, exiting the laboratory through the same door Elysia was at the other side in just a minute ago, leaving the professor alone in a seething mess. 

It's futile to chase her down, her legs are barely working at the moment and she still has this check-up with Elysia.

That insufferable bitch.

It was a set-up, MEI knows Mobius was too absorbed in her work and needed the stress-reliever to think about double-checking the date and time before they began.

And Mobius will make sure MEI is going to pay for this.

She needs to deal with a very nosy pink elf first though.