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say “please”

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Pardofelis looks pretty like this, sitting atop Aponia’s clothed thighs. She looks so enchantingly pretty that Aponia can’t help but to take a moment to stare at her. 


Her lover's cheeks were dusted with a beautiful pink. Her soft, fuzzy ears occasionally twitched in an ever-growing anticipation. Her tail, too, was swaying uncontrollably. She had her arms draped across Aponia’s neck as she stared into her eyes. 


A gaze of lust, a gaze of love. The two emotions came together equally, as one. 


Aponia’s heart leaped at that, the sight of her lover’s determined eyes and pouting lips. Pardofelis was simply too cute. 




Oh, but her voice was definitely something even cuter. “Yes, love?” 


Pardofelis’s ears twitched. Her cheeks grew darker. Aponia smiled in awe. 


“What is it, my love ?”


Pardofelis blinks a few times, ears twitching once again, tail rapidly swishing back and forth and back and forth and- 


“My love?” Aponia was teasing her now. It was evident on her face, in her smile. She slides her arms around Pardofelis’s waist and smiles wider when her lover pouts, whines, and looks away. 


Aponia laughed. It was light, soft, wholehearted, and gentle. It was full of all the love she had to give to the very woman beneath her. Her delicate laughter dies down as she leans her head against Pardofelis’s. 


“Okay, okay. I’m listening now.”


Pardofelis huffed. “ No w ?!


Aponia grinned cheekily. “Yes, now. What is it that you wanted to tell me?” 


Pardofelis blushes, her eyes still adverting from Aponia’s intent gaze. “But we.. We already talked about it..” 


Aponia raises a brow. “Did we? I don’t recall such a thing.” 


“You’re teasing me!” 


“I just want to hear you say it.” Aponia smiles, bringing a hand forward to stroke Pardofelis’s head. “Won’t you say it for me?” 


Pardofelis looks at her. 




Pardofelis looks absolutely attractive right now. She looks so incredibly irresistible with her eyes glossy, lidded, and craving. Aponia feels her own blood pumping, her heart accelerating. 


“Only if you say please.” Pardofelis holds her breath.


Aponia bites her lip in uncertainty as she continues to carcasses the area between Pardofelis’s ears. “Are you sure?”


“I’m sure.” Pardofelis whispers. 


Aponia blushes. “I don’t want to make you do anything you don’t want to do.” 


Pardofelis shakes her head. “But this is what I want, Aponia..” She leans forward towards the woman’s ear, brushing her lips against them as she speaks, “Please use your discipline on me.” 


Aponia swallows, her eyes fluttering shut. Why must her lover say it like that ?




Pardofelis brings her hand up and presses her index finger against Aponia’s lips. “Please, Aponia?” 


Aponia swallows again. Her hands grip tighter onto Pardofelis’s small waist. She bites her lip. She’s unsure if she could hold back any longer when her lover is acting like that. 


“It’s simple, Aponia.” Pardofelis pokes lightly at her lip. “I’ll show you.”


She traces the outline of Aponia’s plump lips, being sure to go over every little bit of it. “ Please ,” She puts an emphasis on the word, “Open your mouth for me.”


Aponia’s cheeks, ears, and neck begin to redden. Did.. Did Pardofelis really just? 


Oh how her words had affected her. Aponia is quick to comply. Her lips part so slowly, yet so eagerly. 


“Good.” Pardofelis slides her finger into the heat of her mouth. Both women softly moaned at the contact. “Good girl, Aponia. Did you see how easy that was?”


Aponia moaned, nodding her head. She’s never been praised in such a way before. She kind of likes it. 


“Now.. Can you.. Discipline me?” Pardofelis smiles. She smiles in that soft, beautiful way that Aponia could never get enough of. 


Aponia blushes harder. She doesn’t know how much longer she can’t handle this side of Pardofelis. 


“Pardo.. It doesn’t exactly work like th—” 


Pardofelis cuts her off, pressing her finger against her tongue. Almost immediately, Aponia clamps her lips around the finger. 


“Aponia.” She sounds breathless when she speaks. Aponia takes it as a sign to continue. 


Aponia swirls her tongue around her lover’s finger. She brings her hand up and wraps her long fingers around Pardofelis’s wrist. She swiftly slides another one of her fingers into her mouth. 


Pardofelis bites her lip, being unable to properly register anything. Everything in Pardofelis feels good. Her body tingles. She feels like she’s being electrified. There’s a pleasure that flows deep inside her body, there’s blood rushing towards her head, there’s pleasure that shoots straight down to her core. 


“Ah— A-Aponia-”


Aponia hums, pulling away from Pardofelis’s fingers. It’s coated with her own saliva that still connects to her lips. She darts her eyes up at Pardofelis whose tail couldn’t stop whooshing across the sheets. 


Aponia smiles and presses a feather-light kiss onto Pardofelis’s fingertips. She kisses her fingers, softly nipping them after each kiss. It’s gentle, delicate, and full of love. It makes Pardofelis tremble. 


Aponia loves it when she does. 


When she nips on the last finger, she draws her mouth around two, grazing Pardofelis’s fingers lightly as she wraps her tongue around it. Aponia never breaks eye contact when she sucks on her lover’s fingers. She fully takes in the alluring look of Pardofelis’s half lidded eyes and fluttering lashes. She swirls her tongue around the tip, before sliding it between both fingers. 


When Pardofelis whimpers, Aponia slowly draws the fingers from her lips and glides her tongue down the expanse of her hand, down to her wrists. 


Pardofelis swallows hard with eyes squeezes shut. She’s biting her bottom lip, squirming against Aponia’s thigh. 


Aponia hums. “Did you like that?”


Pardofelis nods shyly with her gaze still averted away from Aponia’s stare. Her cheeks have grown impossibly red. It makes Aponia smile. Her lover’s shy expression really does wonders to make her heart race. 


“Pardofelis.” Aponia breathes. “Pardofelis look at me.” 


Pardofelis whines. She doesn’t look. She’s much too embarrassed. 


“Pardofelis.. Please , look at me.” 


There’s a tingling in Pardofelis’s head. There’s a certain fuzz, an almost tipsy sensation that hazes within her head. The feeling spreads across her body as she looks at Aponia. 


Despite the lack of control over her actions, Pardfelis had felt completely safe. It made her insides feel much more heated.