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high-school sweethearts

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There's nothing logical about Koko deciding to visit Draken and Inupi's bike shop. It's been years without any communication from either side and Koko had abandoned Inupi quite cruelly without a word of farewell. So the man wouldn't have been able to convince him of anything as he joined up with a gang that expanded into something infamously great but despairing. 


Yet he had this intense urge to go because he was up in his feelings while he was drunk and started to feel like shit for days afterwards. He can't even explain what had been plaguing him, but he decided he needed some sort of closure so he'd get back on track instead of performing his duties sloppily since his mind was quite distracted and no longer sharpened. Trying to use his analytical brain for anything had become harder since cracks in his stone heart had been stealing his attention away. And he needed to fix that up so he can continue performing excellently as an executive. 


Bonten isn't an ordinary organization and to be an executive there's shit you have to do to earn and keep that place. Koko had passed all the examination processes and came out on top. 


So whatever redeeming qualities he had left is drowning in a pool of blood. Blood that belongs to his victims, people that he didn't have to personally kill to get their death warrant. 


He feels like a reaper sometimes.


Walking the streets of Tokyo in his human form so he'd be able to pretend like he was a common mortal when he has shadows lurking around him as ghosts haunted him wherever he went. 


But he's embraced the horrors like they were an old time friend, so he isn't anxious about anything anymore. He just feels more dangerous and invincible since he's just another monster masquerading amongst humans. Their lives are at the tips of his fingers if he decided to take action. It's just take a quick call on his phone. A hired assassin because he has the money and connections. If he wanted to do it himself he could but he doesn't like getting his hands more tainted than he has to. 


He needs his hands clean to count money and not leave a trace behind after all. 


However he feels quite unsettled standing around the front of the shop that he's known about for years, but put into the back of his mind. He avoided trying to think about it and it easily slipped to his deeper subconscious because he had other stakes to worry about in his life. 


He'd resort to drinking or getting high sometimes to forget. Going to clubs and bars to get his mind off things as he released any of his pent up emotions until he was just a hollow person with a working brain.


A brain was all he needed to survive. His heart was a viable organ but it was nothing special. 


Koko clears his throat in a distinctive fashion to get Inupi's attention as he saunters further inside the building; fortunately the man is alone, but Inupi only tenses briefly before resuming his work and he doesn't even look up from where he's polishing a piece of metal? Koko doesn't know much about bikes but he thinks that it's already shiny and squeaky clean enough, so Inupi doesn't need to be so intensely focused on it. Yet the man ignores him. Seemingly too busy to even spare him a glance. 


Clicking his tongue, Koko walks over to the counter and taps on the bell to get his old friend's attention. 


"We're closed," Inupi's voice rings out coldly, still not looking his way. 


"But I was able to walk right through the door," Koko says like a smart ass but he's right. The door had been unlocked and wide open. Not to mention that the sign still reads OPEN out front. So Inupi is lying to him.


Grudgingly, he's impressed. And it's almost effortless to slip back to his old persona around Inupi, even though he feels dissociated. Like he isn't the one in control of his body as it's possessed and being used by a ghost.


A ghost that belongs to the boy that Kokonoi Haijime killed to become the heartless, but formidable man that he is today. 


Inupi's silence is rather loud. But Koko isn't deterred. He's spent years beside Inupi's side and knows his friend quite well, even if they've been estranged, that doesn't make them strangers. 


"How's Takemichi?" He asks as an icebreaker since he's well aware of how Inupi softens like putty whenever the omega is brought up. 


He doesn't expect for Inupi to pick up a wrench from his toolbox then to throw at the wall, so it creates a loud clanging noise that reverberates throughout the room, before falling to the ground, and Koko actually startles from it. He stares wide eyed as Inupi stands up from where he had been crouching and finally turns to look at him. But there's a harsh glare on his face. 


"You have the nerve to ask that," the man says with his eyes glinting and lips twisting unpleasantly. "After you left him to fend for himself."


Koko blinks, he expected Inupi to be angry at him for leaving without a word but he'd also expected the man to get all sad like a puppy before pleading for him to stay or something. It's how they usually worked. He also doesn't know how to respond to that accusation. 


"I hardly left him to fend for himself," he says carefully as he squints. "I'm pretty sure that Takemichi has other friends to rely on."


He's not sure why Inupi is making that a big deal anyway since he believes that Takemichi wouldn't have missed him that much or anything since he's surrounded by so many people who give him their attention. 


"The one he wanted was you," Inupi practically spits out with blazing eyes. And Koko feels sucker punched but also strangely elated. Like a young alpha preening.


"Oh," he says nonchalantly, trying to act unaffected but Inupi gives him an unimpressed glare for that. 


"Oh," Inupi repeats bitingly. Then says with a lot of venom, "That's all you have to say for leaving Takemichi alone with your baby?" 


There's quite a lot that Koko is an asshole about or that he's aware of as a private broker but something like knocking up an omega and abandoning them without trying to help- that's not something he would've done. 


Especially since it's Takemichi. 


But Koko doesn't remember anything of the sort. So he asks, even as his heart pounds in his chest and fingers twitch anxiously by his sides, "Are you sure it's my baby?" 


He's sure that there are other candidates, and he definitely will not have forgotten fucking an omega with blue eyes and such a round fat ass. He wouldn't. 


Inupi narrows his eyes at him as his body trembles then something calm slips over his face and even though he looks relaxed after that with a blank face, Koko has the feeling that he's unleashed some sort of beast.


Then he digs into his pocket to take something out, then he's throwing his phone at Koko's face. And Koko manages to catch it through his shock but his brows raise to his hairline as he shoots the other alpha a look. Inupi's mask remains the same. 


"Turn it on," the man says. And Koko does with trepidation. 


When Inupi's phone lights up it shows his lockscreen, and there's a picture of a little kid with black hair, but it takes a while for him to perceive the features of the boy. Mostly because he's in a state of disbelief. 


His hands shake as he soundlessly gasps and like a desperate man he holds the phone closer as if it'll make the boy appear in front of him. But the boy looks like Koko, just softer and his eyes are blue. His heart expands. 


But then it drops to his stomach. 


He has a son? 


With Takemichi?


How the hell did he not know about this? 


He swiftly turns to Inupi. Whatever the alpha sees on his face has him thawing a bit. 


"It was quite some time after you left so I never would have been able to guess... but Takemitchy came to me one day crying because he was pregnant. He didn't say anything about who the father was, but then no one can deny the uncanny resemblance after he's given birth. Takemitchy just didn't want to upset me," Inupi says in a controlled voice but his eyes become a bit shiny and his lips tremble afterwards. 


Koko rapidly blinks as his mouth moves wordlessly. Trying to think of what to say in the tangled mess of his mind that's not quite comprehensible right now.


But he knows a few more facts now. 


He has a son with Takemichi. 


The baby is now a toddler, so it's been years. But three at the most. Even though he isn't all that familiar with children he can guess the age and although he hadn't missed out on that much, it bothers him that he hadn't known from the beginning. 


He just doesn't remember fucking Takemichi. And he laments on missing that piece of his memory because it clearly happened. There's proof in the form of the boy. His son. 


"What's his name?" He demands before he starts asking anything else. 


Inupi rapidly blinks to clear up his eyes and says softy with warm affection on his face, "Kazumi." 


Koko takes the name and engraves it instantly into his soul as his heart thumps madly in his chest, almost painfully so. 


"Inupi," he pleads like a dying man begging for his life and his eyes are wet with tears, but he doesn't care as he stares at his friend's slightly shocked face and grabs onto the front of his shirt. "Please take me to him. I want to see him- and Takemitchy, I swear I didn't know. I wouldn't have left."


The Koko back then wouldn't have is something he can get certain of. And he doesn't really care for anything else right now but meeting his son. 


And he'll get the truth too. About how Takemichi ended up carrying his pup. 


Inupi fortunately seems to believe him, because his expression soothes out. He looks more friendly but not completely warm yet but it's something. 


"Okay," Inupi promises to his breathtaking relief then the man adds, "Let me lock up first. And you have to follow my lead." 


"Anything," he promises, he's not going to make the situation any more difficult than it has to be. Inupi pauses thoughtfully for a second then nods. 


And Koko waits in his spot, trembling from excitement as he stares at the picture Inupi set for his lockscreen of his cute loveable son, and he knows that Inupi adores the boy a lot. It makes him smile tremendously as his heart starts pumping with blood so it's no longer made of stone.