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I like something like this too

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Jeongyeon woke up to the sound of Nayeon giggling next to her, covering her mouth trying to silence her giggle but to no use. Jeongyeon contemplates turning around to see what Nayeon's been up to this early in the morning. After a few seconds of thinking, she finally turned around and saw Nayeon using her phone, and spoke, "Nay, what are you giggling about this early in the morning?"


"Nothing... "


Okay so there's absolutely something there, Jeongyeon thought. She sat up and moved behind Nayeon and rested her head on Nayeon's shoulder so she could see what she's been up to with her phone. Not that she have something to hide, they've been together for so long that it doesn't bother her anymore, Nayeon's birthdate is even her passcode, so yeah, it's definitely fine, she's just curious since it's just 7:24 in the morning as she sees on the screen.


"Okay... Can I use my phone now?"


"Yeah sure here..." Still giggling about what she did on Jeongyeon's phone. "Well, let me go to the bathroom so that I can wash up." Leaving a kiss on Jeongyeon's cheek, which was her daily routine. Jeongyeon received the phone and looked up at Nayeon who was still standing and looking at her.




"Nothing." Nayeon shrugged and kissed her. And finally went to the bathroom.


Jeongyeon who's about to see what Nayeon did to her phone, but in her mind she already had an idea what it might be since Nayeon had done it a couple of times. Nayeon likes to change Jeongyeon's lock screen photo with her picture, usually a funny picture like she's being silly or put what she calls a "seductive" photo which is just Nayeon winking or at least trying to wink.


But when she opened her phone, she was right. Nayeon did change her lock screen photo again, but what she didn't expect is the photo that Nayeon used.


"Oh…" This woman is going to be the death of her.


She went downstairs where Nayeon is, already cooking their breakfast.


"Nay, what's with this picture on my lock screen?"


"Oh, did you see it already?"


"Yeah, which is weird since it's not your usual picture to put on my lock screen."


Jeongyeon stared at Nayeon, while Nayeon was just fidgeting, thinking if she's going to tell her the truth. A beat passes and Nayeon sighed.


"It's nothing, I just like that picture. Why do you not like it?"


"No, no, not like that, I'm just curious." Jeongyeon quickly defended herself, sensing something might go wrong.


"It's embarrassing, okay?" Nayeon said and murmured about something that only she can hear.


"Come just tell me, it's fine, I'm not going to be mad or something, if that's what you're worried about."


"Alright fine, I'll tell you, but you can't laugh okay?" Nayeon pointed at Jeongyeon's face and Jeongyeon quickly raised both of her hands.


It happened two days ago when Nayeon was hanging out with Momo, she borrowed Momo's phone to take a photo of their food and saw Momo's lock screen. It was cute, it was Momo and Tzuyu and from what it looks like they were on a date.


"Mo, when was this?"




"This! Your picture and date with Tzu."


"Oh that, Uhhh about a week ago? Why?"


"Ah nothing, you both looked so cute in here." She smiled and continued to take pictures of their food.


Momo felt something else behind Nayeon's smile but chose to ignore it for now because she knew Nayeon would tell her if there's something wrong or something bothering her or maybe Jeongyeon will tell her something but for now they focused on eating, since it's been such a long time before they hang out, with just the two of them alone.


Jeongyeon recalls what happened yesterday, they had a date and naturally they took photos of each other and together.


"Maybe she was jealous of Momo and Tzuyu?" She thought and looked at Nayeon who was focused on cooking. But what she didn't know was she said it out loud and Nayeon heard her.


"I WAS NOT JEALOUS, OKAY!?" She defended herself. "I just thought it would be cute to have our photo on our lock screen."


"Alright, alright, Princess you were "not" jealous, I got it. She went and helped prepare their table so that they could finally eat their breakfast.


After breakfast they were hanging on the couch watching some random k-drama that Nayeon was so excited about. She was enthusiastically explaining the plot to Jeongyeon, sharing her opinion about a certain character or scene, but Jeongyeon's mind was far off. She's thinking about how cute this dork is.


Jeongyeon remembered when they were just dating that,


"You know using my photo as a lock screen brings money." Nayeon said when she was done taking their photo, they went out on a date today since it was the weekend and they didn't have any school work to do.


"Really?" Jeongyeon smirks at what Nayeon said because it was unbelievable. They were now walking towards Nayeon's dorm, since they both have a busy day tomorrow.


Nayeon looked at her in disbelief because Jeongyeon was laughing at her for what she said. "It's true! Try it, here let me take a photo and make it your lock screen wallpaper. Money will come in a few hours, that's for sure." She handed back her phone."Alright, alright, if there's no money tomorrow, you should give me money." She joked while staring at her phone.


Nayeon laughs while slapping Jeongyeon's shoulder. "Okay, Jeong I'm going in now, text me when you arrive at your dorm, okay?" "Okay, Goodnight Nay."


Jeongyeon didn't receive any money the day after but she did receive something money can't buy, it was Nayeon. That day Nayeon said yes to her and they became official.


"And yeah that's why I hate him." Nayeon said, looking at Jeongyeon and when she realized Jeongyeon wasn't listening to her, she slapped her shoulder.


"Yah! I've been talking here for half an hour and you weren't listening?" She moved away from Jeongyeon and was pouting already. Jeongyeon realized she may have messed up and quickly apologized.






"I mean no, I was listening, I was just thinking about something you know." Jeongyeon slowly moved towards Nayeon.


"What is it about hmmm?"


"How you're such a dork, Princess." Jeongyeon trapped her in a hug and let them lay down on the couch.


"WHAT DID YOU SAY!?" Trying to move away but Jeongyeon was much more powerful.


"My Dorky Princess Nayeon." Kissing Nayeon in every syllable she enunciates. Jeongyeon laughed at what she said. Nayeon tried to fight Jeong's grip but eventually laughed with her.


Jeongyeon grabbed her phone and showed Nayeon her lock screen, she smiled and said, "You know, I like something like this too." And she kissed Nayeon.