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Scooby Doo Day

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Scooby Doo Day
MJ got out of bed and ran to his mother’s room. He knew he was not supposed to run in the house, but he was excited. He didn’t realize that his 4-year-old little sister, Kate, was right on his tail. When he stopped to knock on their door, Kate crashed into him. “Shh, Kate we need to be quiet.”

“I didn’t say anything. My body groaned when I ran into you.” Kate said as MJ helped her up off of the ground.

Jane heard the commotion at her bedroom door and decided to get up and see what was going on. She had opened the door just as MJ was helping Kate up. “Why are you two munchkins at my door so early in the morning?”

Kate just shrugged, she didn’t know why MJ was rushing to their parent’s bedroom. “Ma, it’s Scooby Doo Day. Can we wear our Scooby Doo t-shirts to school today?” MJ asked, he was excited. He had been looking forward to Scooby Doo day.

“Yes, MJ, you may wear your Scooby Doo t-shirts.” Jane said as MJ gave her a big hug. He thought it would be okay but he wanted to make sure. He loved Scooby Doo day and he knew tonight they would get to watch another Scooby Doo movie. There were over 40 Scooby Doo movies and Jane had printed out the list and they were watching them in order.

Prior to the twins and Kate being born Jane had just watched the television series with MJ and then continued with MJ and the twins once the twins were born. Now that Kate was old enough, they had started watching the movies last year, so this year they would be watching the second movie, ‘Scooby-Doo Meets the Boo Brothers.’ Last year they had watched, ‘Scooby-Doo Goes Hollywood.’

This year Jane had purchased the children Scooby Doo snacks along with their t-shirts and when the kids got home from school, they would have Scooby Doo snacks and watch Scooby Doo after all of their homework was done. Maura wasn’t a big fan of the Scooby snacks, but when Jane batted those puppy dog eyes at her and pleaded with her, she caved. “Maur, you know we have to have Scooby Snacks when we watch Scooby Doo!”

Jane had gone all out this year and purchased several different types of Scooby Snacks. She purchased: Keebler Graham Cracker Scooby Snacks, Kellogg’s Scooby-Doo! Graham Cracker Snacks, Cinnamon and Betty Crocker’s Scooby Doo Fruit Snacks. In an effort to limit the amount of Scooby Snacks the children consumed, all five of them, Jane and the four children, she made up Scooby Snack bags. The children could only consume what was in the bag, nothing more.

Now she had to find a good place to hide the rest of the Scooby Snacks are Jane would find them and eat them. Maura decided to enlist the help of her brother-in-law Tommy. She called Tommy, “Hey Tommy, I need your help with something.”

“Sure Maura, whatever you need.” Tommy replied. He loved helping Maura out. He knew how Jane was and knew that from time-to-time Maura would need to be rescued from Jane’s antics.

“I need you to help me hide some Scooby Snacks. Jane went overboard again this year and we have way too many Scooby Snacks.” Maura admitted.

“Ah, man I forgot about Scooby Doo Day, what did she buy this year? I thought she only bought the children t-shirts each year.” Tommy was curious to know what his big sister had bought.

“Well, you know your sister is just a big kid herself. She decided they needed Scooby Snacks so she went on the internet and found three different types and of course bought all three.”

“Hey, do you think she will allow me and the kids to come over and watch Scooby Doo with you guys?”

“I don’t see why not, maybe I should call Frankie and have him bring the kids over also and we can just have a big Scooby Doo party.” Maura was kind of teasing.

“Oh, that would be awesome Maura. What time should we come over? Chloe is working tonight so it would just be me and the two kids.” Tommy excitedly told her. “I will call Frankie and let him know.”

“How about 6:30, the children should be done with their homework by then.” Maura said as she wondered what the hell she had just gotten herself into. She hung up the phone with Tommy and proceeded to make additional Scooby Doo bags for all of her nieces and nephews and the other big children. Frankie and Tommy were just as bad as Jane when it came to Scooby Doo.

She told herself she would have to apologize to her sister-in-laws later. Nina and Chloe would understand. They knew that Maura had her hands full with Jane sometimes and they knew that Jane could get Maura to do almost anything when she gave her those puppy dog eyes that all the Rizzoli’s seemed to have mastered. They were under that same spell with Frankie and Tommy.

Kate was the first to get home from school and Angela had already been informed by Maura that if Kate wanted a snack, it would have to be fruit. Maura reminded her that it’s Scooby Doo Day and that they would be having Scooby Doo Snacks later so she didn’t want Kate hyped up on snacks.

Kate changed clothes and then immediately sat at the kitchen island and began her homework. Angela understood Maura’s request and when Kate asked if she could have a snack, she gave her sliced apples. Kate loved apples so she didn’t fuss.

Angela was in the kitchen working on dinner when Jane called to check in. She was working on a case and wasn’t sure what time she would be able to leave work. She had informed Korsak about the fact that it was Scooby Doo Day and she needed to be home with her children. She even showed him that she was wearing her Scooby Doo t-shirt under her button up. He just shook his head. He agreed with Maura that Jane was a big kid. Frost just laughed. He knew that Korsak was going to let Jane leave around 5 PM but they loved to tease her and make her think she had to stay at work and miss the fun with her family.

Jane had softened over the years and Korsak and Frost loved the soft side of Jane that the other homicide detectives didn’t get to witness. Jane kept up her ‘bad ass’ persona with the rest of the squad but not with Korsak and Frost, they knew her too well.

Maura had finished her bit for the case and she took off work at 4 PM. She wanted to help Angela with dinner and have time to make up the extra Scooby Doo Snack bags. She had sent Angela a text earlier letting her know that the entire family would be coming over for dinner and Scooby Doo activities. Angela just smiled when she read the text, and thought to herself, ‘Maura still had so much to learn about being with Jane.’

Maura picked up MJ and the twins on her way home. Kate had finished all of her homework and her apple slices by the time they walked in the door so she was just coloring and talking with her nonna. She ran up to Maura and gave her a big hug, “Hello mommy, did you have a nice day at work today?” Kate asked with such enthusiasm.

“I did baby. Did you have a nice day at school?” Maura knew that Kate was excited about getting to watch more Scooby Doo with her family.

“Mommy, I told you, I am not a baby anymore. I am four now, I am a big girl.” Maura just picked her up and hugged her. She loved her baby so much.

“You will always be my baby Kate. Did you finish your homework already?” Maura asked as she put Kate back down.

“Yes, mommy, would you like to see it?” Maura loved that the children did their homework and didn’t argue about it. She gladly walked over with Kate to review her homework. Because Kate was in a private school pre-school program, Kate actually was learning above her grade level. She was already working on math and language arts assignments.

Today for her homework she had to write a story about anything she wanted so she wrote about Scooby Doo and how her mama loved to watch the movies with her family. Kate included everybody in her story. She loved her mommies and her brothers and sister and included them in her homework whenever she could.

“That is such a nice story. Are you going to share it with mama when she gets home?”

“Yes, I would like to share it with all of you if I can.”

“I think that would be great, maybe you can read it before we start the movie.” Maura suggested.

“That would be great mommy, thank you.” Kate said as she ran off to see what MJ, AJ and Lilly were doing.

Angela then said, “You know, you and Jane got so lucky with those four. They are all so well behaved. I remember my friends talking about their grandchildren and what little hellions they could be at times. I am proud that I have no such stories to share with them.”

Maura smiled, she loved when Angela spoke so lovingly about their children. “Yes, we did get lucky. I couldn’t imagine having four little Janes running around.”

“Me either, she was the worst of my three kids. Probably because she was always trying to protect her brothers. She was a great kid though. I am proud of the woman she has grown up to be.”

“Me too, I am so thankful you had her so I could meet and fall in love with her.” Maura stated as she hugged her mother-in-law. “Okay, I have to finish my mission, I will be back in about fifteen minutes and then I can help you with dinner.” Maura went into the garage and set out to make the extra Scooby Doo Snack bags.

Jane got home about 5:30 and was happy to see that everyone had finished their homework and that dinner was coming out of the oven. She was hungry. She kissed Maura and then the children before walking over and saying, “Hey Ma, how are you?”

Before Angela could answer Kate had walked up to Jane, “Mama.” Jane looked down and picked Kate up and gave her a big hug.

“What’s up, Kate?” Jane said as she nuzzled her head into Kate’s.

“I just wanted you to hold me. I missed you. I was hoping you would be home in time for our Scooby Doo movie.” Kate said a little sad.

“Hey, you know mama wouldn’t miss watching Scooby Doo with you. It’s Scooby Doo Day and we need to celebrate.”

Kate had seen a hint of print on her mama’s undershirt and started to undo her top buttons so she could see her undershirt. Jane wondered what she was doing and then Kate said, “Oh, I thought you forgot and didn’t wear your Scooby Doo shirt that I had picked out for you this morning.” Kate immediately smiled when she saw the t-shirt that Jane was wearing.

“No, sweetie, I just had to hide it under this button up shirt for work. I can take the button up off now that I am home.” Jane didn’t even finish her sentence and Kate was undoing her buttons so she could see the Scooby Doo t-shirt that she had selected for her mama to wear today. It matched hers and that made Kate happy.

Maura walked in right then and saw Kate unbuttoning Jane’s shirt. “Is Kate undressing you?”

“She was upset, she didn’t think I was wearing the matching Scooby Doo t-shirt she picked out for me to wear today.” Jane informed Maura as she finished taking off her button up shirt.

“Oh, Kate, I should have told you that mama had to put a shirt on over her t-shirt. She couldn’t wear the Scooby Doo shirt at work, but she could wear it under her work shirt. I don’t wear t-shirts to work but I did wear the Scooby Doo pin that you picked out for me today.” Kate reached over and touched the Scooby Doo pin that Maura was still wearing. “Would you like to come upstairs and help me pick out my Scooby Doo t-shirt to wear?”

“Really, mommy, you are going to wear a Scooby Doo t-shirt?” Kate stated.

“Yes, Kate, if you pick one out for me, I will wear it.” With that Kate and Maura headed upstairs. Kate was so happy now. Maura was a little upset at herself for missing Kate’s distress.

The doorbell rang, and the rest of the family walked in. They knew if they were expected, that the front door would be unlocked and they could just knock and announce themselves as they entered the house.

They all sat down and ate and then went downstairs to watch the next Scooby Doo movie. Everybody was excited when Maura passed out the snack bags before the movie started. Jane looked at her wife, “Don’t I get two? I’m a big kid and these are little snacks.”

Maura tried her best to ignore Jane’s request and she was doing good until Kate, who was sitting in Jane’s lap looked over and told her mommy, “Mommy, they are small snacks and mama is big, she should get more Scooby Doo snacks.”

That was Maura’s undoing. She now had two of her loves giving her puppy dog eyes, how could she say no. She handed Jane an extra bag and then sat down beside Jane. Kate leaned over and gave her a big kiss and hug. “Thank you, mommy.” She snuggled into Jane and then Kate asked, “Mommy, can I read my story now?”

“Yes, sweetheart.” Maura almost said baby but she remembered what Kate said earlier about being a big girl now.

Kate jumped off of Jane’s lap and stood in front of the tv and read her story to everyone. When she had finished, she jumped back up in Jane’s lap and Jane gave her a kiss and a hug and started the movie.

Kate as usual was asleep before the movie had ended and she had managed to snuggle up to both of her mothers with a hand on both of their cheeks as she slept. Angela had to take a picture it was so sweet how Kate had managed to move her little body and snuggle with both Jane and Maura at the same time.

Before she fell asleep, Kate had managed to finish all of her snacks and reached in and grabbed Maura’s fruit snacks also without her noticing. Jane had noticed and told Kate to behave herself, those were her leftover snacks. Kate just laughed at her. “No, mama if I get them before you then they are mine, mommy shares with me.” Jane just laughed she loved these little moments with Kate.

Maura hearing part of the conversation, closed up her bag and let both of them know, “these are my snacks and I will not share them with either of you, you have your own." Maura had no idea that Kate had already helped herself to some. Kate and Jane had just laughed.

The family said their goodbyes as Maura and Jane sat there with Kate sprawled between them. Once everyone had left and MJ, AJ and Lilly had gone upstairs. Jane carefully took hold of Kate and put her so that her head was resting on her shoulder and reached down to help Maura up. It had been a long day and they needed to get some sleep as it was a weekday and they had work in the morning.

Kate stirred a little and said, “Happy Scooby Doo Day, mommies.” And went right back to sleep.