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PayPal for a GalPal

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Ei lost all functionality when the notification flashed across her screen. She was almost immediately shot to death by the opposing team’s Jett.

She heard Zhongli lightly laugh through her headphones “What’s wrong, Ei? Is Sara trying to flirt with you through donations again?”

The talk to text, delayed, played on her stream: “Anonymous donated $10,000.” She could hear Childe smash his hand on his keyboard.

The robotic voice continued: “Go buy that new graphics card you were talking about earlier. If you need more, just ask nicely ;)”

Ei glanced at her chat and could see it was blowing up. She didn’t know what to do, or how to respond. She’s only been streaming for 6 months and has only had 50 viewers maximum at one time!

She’d received donations of a few hundred dollars before, but nothing even close to this.

Her screen turned red, “DEFEAT” written in large white letters. She quickly exited her team out of the queue.

Childe began to protest, but Ei cut him off very quickly, speaking very hurriedly at her webcam: “Alright guys! We’re going to take a quick five minute break to grab a snack and some water! We’ll be right back!”

She quickly muted her stream audio, and changed the scene to a flat purple background displaying “BE RIGHT BACK” with an animated graphic of herself as Bongo Cat.

She turned her direction to their group call. “Zhongli, Childe, what do I do?” Ei could feel anxiety crawling up her throat. She’s never even entertained the idea of this happening.

She could hear Zhongli softly grumble, likely lost in thought.

Childe laughed. “Listen, Ei. Obviously this person really enjoys your content and wants to support you.” He sighed, “If I were you, I would just say thank you, buy the GPU and move on.”

Zhongli grunted “Childe does have a point, that is the purpose of the donation box is it not?” Ei could picture how Zhongli was rubbing his chin as he spoke. “However, they can reverse the donation up to 3 days after the transaction, so I would give it some time before making any purchases.” The older man huffed, satisfied with his analysis of the situation.

Ei took a deep breath in, trying to push the anxiety out of her stomach. “Okay. I will thank them on stream and try to carry on as normal. Are you guys ready to keep playing?”

Both Childe and Zhongli grunted, implying that they were.

Ei entered another waiting lobby, unmuted her audio and switched back to her gameplay scene.

“Hey guys! Thanks for waiting, we’re likely going to play ranked until the end of the night. I also want to give a HUGE shoutout to that anonymous donor. Thank you so much for the donation! Please shoot me a Dm at some point during the stream, I would really like to talk to you.”

The timer on their queue started to dwindle. “Anyways, Zhongli, Childe and I are shooting to be in ascendant one by the end of stream….”

“...We’ll be right back!” Ei said, flustered, before changing the screen.

Yae Miko giggled. She could get used to seeing Ei being overly flustered like that.

She may have gone a little overboard this time, but seeing Ei blush like that because of her was worth it.

Besides, Miko had no idea how much a graphics card cost. $10,000 had to be enough to cover it, right? Judging by Ei’s reaction, it was more than enough.

Miko loved watching Ei’s content. It had become a ritual for her in the past 5 months, really.

Miko would come home after a long day at the company, order takeout, grab her most recent reading material and put Ei on her TV.

Typically she would just enjoy the commentary as background noise while reading, but she’s recently found herself paying more attention to the girl.

She loved the way Ei’s brow would furrow when she died. Miko adored the smug smile Ei would make when her team won.

Miko’s favorite though, was the silly face Ei made when she got an ACE, whatever that was.


At first Miko didn’t understand the appeal of giving money to another person just to see their reaction.

A conversation with her friend, Ningguang, changed her mind pretty quickly however.

“Miko, it’s not about getting things only they want. It’s about getting them things you both want.” She recalls Ningguang saying on one of their ‘girl nights.’

The conversation had started because Miko made a comment on Keqing’s new hair, almost styled to look like cat ears on her head.

Ningguang quickly admitted to giving the girl, HER girl, an obscene amount of money to get it done. She had ‘wanted to see Keqing with cat ears.’ Ningguang was happy with the results, and Keqing seemed very content as well.

Miko went home that night, got ready for bed and opened Ei’s stream on her laptop. This was about one month into her viewership, and her only complaint was the low quality webcam Ei used.

Miko scrolled down to the donation link, entered her PayPal information and sent over $250 with a note telling Ei to buy a new webcam.

Ei’s reaction to the donation made Miko’s stomach flutter. She remembers how excited the girl was. She was practically over the moon.

Needless to say, the following week, Ei’s facecam had 4k quality.

Miko subsequently discovered a new addiction.


So, here she was, sending Ei money whenever the girl mentioned something she wanted to improve on stream, loving every second of it.

“...I’d really like to talk to you.” Ei’s voice from the Tv snapped Miko out of her thoughts.

That was strange. Ei had never asked her to reach out before, even when she got into a donation war with that other girl, Sara.

Miko had entertained the thought of reaching out before, but she didn’t want to scare Ei away. She had even gone so far as to make an account on Twitch, which has since sat unused.

Being the CEO and owner of Yaemazon was usually enough for her to scare people off, intentional or not.

She grabbed her phone off the nightstand next to her, and opened her Twitch app. Her thumb hovered over Ei’s username for a few moments.

She was really enjoying herself now, sending Ei money whenever she pleased for whatever she pleased. She was content.

Part of her wanted more. She wasn’t quite sure what ‘more’ consisted of, but Miko was sure she would figure it out eventually.

She knew Ningguang would tell her to take the opportunity while it was sitting in her lap. After all, it was the way of a ruthless businesswoman.

Miko set her phone back down next to her. She enjoyed being behind an anonymous persona, just someone helping Ei because they could.

She returned her focus to her TV, noticing that Ei’s group had finally broken a long losing streak. Watching them celebrate together was amusing, especially over something so trivial.

“Ei, you should take some of that money and treat us out somewhere nice!” Childe joked, with Zhongli grunting in agreement.

Ei often played games with the two of them and they both had individual channels, but Miko had never felt the urge to check them out.

“Childe, you know I’d rather get a 3090Ti than have you harass me at Uyuu.” Ei chided her teammate.

Uyuu. Miko gets fried tofu takeout from them twice a week.

“Knowing you, Ei, the best we’d get is a treat or two from Tomoki’s food truck.” Zhongli chuckled at his own joke.

Tomoki? Not Miko’s favorite, but definitely a creative aspiring chef. Miko stops by maybe twice a month to get snacks for the office.

Ei got flustered, vehemently defending her love of dango milk, but Miko had tuned out the conversation, distracted by her thoughts.

She knew now that Ei definitely lived close. Probably within an hour radius of her apartment.

Miko could treat Ei so much better in person. She could provide Ei with what she deserved.

Miko picked her phone back up and pressed Ei’s username. A chat box opened for their new conversation. She hesitated for another moment. Did she want to do this?

An image of Ei having her hair styled to look like cat ears popped into Miko’s mind.

Without a second thought, she tapped out a few words and sent a screenshot of her pending paypal transfer as proof of her identity.

She knew Ei wouldn’t respond until she was done streaming, so Miko laid back and enjoyed the gameplay.



“Thanks for tuning in tonight guys, and I’ll see you Friday!” Ei smiled into the camera before cutting off her stream.

She sighed and leaned back into her chair. She wanted to rank up during the stream, not rank down. Whatever. She could always get her rank back, it would just be more difficult.

She said goodnight to Zhongli and Childe, and closed out of their group call.

Man, tonight was a series of ups and downs.

Normally she would open her analytics dashboard to see her streams performance. However, she already knew from today’s events that the performance would be off the charts.

Ei went to close her browser, but noticed a little red circle on her inbox. In her shame of de-ranking, she had forgotten her request for the mysterious donor to contact her.

She clicked the small icon, and saw a chat from a user named ‘K.Guuji.’

‘You requested I message you, so here I am. ;)’

A screenshot of a $10,000 PayPal transaction was included.

Before responding, Ei clicked open their profile. It was completely void of any content whatsoever.

Ei clicked back onto their chat, typing out a simple response: ‘Hey! It’s nice to finally meet you! Or, electronically at least.’

She sent her message, took in a deep breath and began to type out a second message.

‘I wanted to thank you for doing so much for me. You have no idea how much your support has helped! Is there anything I could do for you?’

As soon as Ei hit her enter key on her second message, K.Guuji began typing a response.

She was nervous.

Trying to make friends online was new to Ei. Sure she had been streaming for a while, but she never personally talked to any of her viewers one on one. Much less a viewer who has given her thousands of dollars.

‘You know, Ei, I’m not usually one for asking things in return, but would you be willing to spare some time to chat with me after your streams?’

She was confused. K.Guuji has given her well over $15,000 at this point, and all they want to do is chat?

‘Are you sure that’s all you would like? We could arrange to meet in person or something if you’d like.’

Ei cringed a little at her hasty offer. She didn’t think it through before sending the message. She knew she could handle herself if anything were to happen, but she could ask Zhongli or Childe to shadow if necessary.

She could see the typing indicator appear and disappear a few times from K.Guuji.

Finally, a message.

‘Actually, I think I might like that idea a little more.’

Another message followed immediately after.

‘I heard you talking about Uyuu on stream, how about we meet there this Saturday evening, my treat?’

Ei hesitated. This person was ridiculous.

‘I would love to get dinner with you, although please, let it be my treat.’

She knew she was fighting a losing battle, but she wanted to make sure that K.Guuji knew she wasn’t taking advantage of them.

‘Whatever you’d prefer, Ei. My name is Miko, by the way.’

Ei read the last part of the message several times. She forgot to ask what K.Guuji’s name was! A dumb mistake on her part.

She quickly got over her embarrassment and typed out her response.

‘I’ll see you on Saturday, Miko.’

‘It’s a date ;)’

Ei almost immediately opened her group chat with Zhongli and Childe to fill them in on the situation.

‘Guys. I’m going to Uyuu on Saturday with that donor. Apparently her name is Miko.’

‘Looks like Ei has a girlfriend that she didn’t know about!!!’

‘Quite, it does seem as though she is trying to court you, Ei.’

Ei slumped and put her forehead on her desk. These two were never any help.

Needless to say, Miko was excited.

It has been a very long time since someone has intrigued her as much as Ei. In fact, she can’t recall having ever been this excited for a date before in her life.

Well, it technically wasn’t a date.

Miko had hopes that this meeting would snowball into a beneficial relationship, for both her and Ei.

She had the scenario planned out in her head already:

Miko gives Ei anything she wants, Ei smiles and keeps Miko company.

After her conversation with Ei had finished, Miko contacted one of her assistants, Maki, to ensure that Uyuu would be completely reserved just for her and Ei.

Apparently it was a rather difficult task to achieve, but Maki went above and beyond to ensure that Miko would be satisfied.

It was finally Saturday and Miko had ensured that her schedule was completely clear for the day. She wanted to spend an appropriate amount of time getting ready for the evening.

She had set aside her favorite outfit, sent her jewelry to be cleaned and had her car detailed.

After all, first impressions were incredibly important.

Miko really just wanted to spoil Ei. She wanted to see Ei’s smile, Miko wanted to be the CAUSE of Ei’s smile.

She had offered to send a private car to pick Ei up, but the girl had politely refused. Miko supposed she was probably moving very quickly, but she couldn’t help herself.

With all preparations said and done, Miko grabbed her purse and walked out her front door.

Tonight was going to be perfect for Ei, and Miko was going to personally ensure that.

Ei glanced in the mirror at her outfit and nodded in contempt.

Uyuu was not the fanciest of restaurants, so she had opted to wear her favorite hoodie and jeans. She didn’t want to overdress and look like a fool in front of Miko.

She could tell the other woman was excited, as she had offered to pick Ei up. However, Zhongli advised her to be cautious as this was their first meeting, so she politely declined Miko’s offer. Instead, she had Childe pick her up.

Almost as if she had summoned him with her mind, Ei heard the beep of a car horn outside.

She hurried down the stairs of her apartment complex and waved at the black sedan parked at the curb.

Making herself comfortable, Ei settled into the front seat and started messing with the seatbelt, trying to buckle in.

“Dammit Childe, you should just get a new car at this point.” She cursed, attempting to pull the belt around her chest.

“Well good afternoon to you too, princess.” Childe snapped back playfully.

“Finally.” Ei felt the seat belt click, after struggling for around three minutes.

Childe put his car in drive and departed the sidewalk. He had taken his car through the wash at Ei’s request, and was driving exactly the speed limit.

“So…. Are you excited to meet your sugar momma?” Childe teased, sticking his tongue out at EI.

“Childe! It’s not like-” Ei paused “Actually, yeah. She is my sugar momma.”
Childe appeared shocked that Ei was so quick to admit. “Wait, Ei, what ‘sugar’ are you planning on giving her?”

She elbowed her driver “Are you saying just my presence isn’t sweet enough?”

“What- no- I–”

Childe’s protest was cut short by their arrival at the restaurant. There was a distinct lack of cars around the building.

Ei unbuckled and checked her hair in the visor mirror. After deciding she was presentable, she opened the car door and took one step out before turning to look at Childe one last time. “Alright. I’ll see you in a few- Remember, please keep an eye on your phone in case I need backup.”

“Aye-aye captain!” The ginger playfully responded, before frowning “Ei, be careful, please.”

She gave him a reassuring smile before closing the car door and heading into the restaurant.

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Miko was sitting alone at the counter, chin in hand while she tapped her nails on the wood.

She had arrived at Uyuu about an hour before their agreed meeting time. She had to make sure everything was arranged exactly as she requested.

As she hoped, everything was to her liking. The dango milk she ordered was in the fridge, the building was clear and Uyuu’s top talent was present to cater to their every need.

Typically Miko wasn’t a fan of putting this much effort into a dinner. Usually she would simply order takeout and eat at her office or at home.

Occasionally, she and Ningguang would go to their favorite bar just before close, offering a hefty tip if they would stay open another hour for just the two of them. It worked, most of the time.

Miko doesn’t like tossing around her status. Though she loved being able to do whatever she wanted, public image was still a crucial aspect to her company.

She could take her jet to avoid car traffic, but a 5 minute jet ride would be a very large waste, not to mention distasteful and stand-offish.

Renting an entire restaurant to impress a girl though, that was acceptable.

Her thoughts wandered to the messages she had exchanged with Ei a few days ago.

Miko had been planning to chat the other girl up before inviting her out to dinner, but it seemed like Ei was just as excited as herself.

After all, Ei had offered to meet her in person first.

Maki cleared her throat to get Miko’s attention. “Ms. Yae, we believe Ei has arrived. Are there any final preparations you’d like us to do?”

She took one last look around the room. The lighting was perfect, the table was set and the kitchen was prepared to cook anything and everything they ordered. “Everything is perfect.”

Her assistant nodded, happy that Miko was pleased with her efforts.

“We will greet her at the door and bring her back then, Ms. yae.” Maki then disappeared from sight.

Miko got up from the counter and made her way to the table in the center of the room. She sat down and took off her gloves, putting them in her purse.

She grabbed her phone and sent Maki a text asking her to raise the thermometer a few degrees.

Her assistant replied swiftly with a thumbs up emoji.

Miko made a mental note to double Maki’s bonus this year.

She leaned back in her chair, staring at the ceiling while playing with the tablecloth. Her excitement was now completely replaced with anxiety.

Miko had been just fine until now. This was unusual for her. Ei was just a girl she enjoyed giving money to, so there was no need for her to be so nervous. Right?

The restaurant door closing snapped Miko out of her thoughts. She seemed to be doing a lot of day-dreaming recently. She sat back upright in her chair, quickly fixed her hair and placed her elbow on the table, chin resting on her hand. She played with the tablecloth with her other hand, feigning boredom.

She glanced up when she heard a very familiar voice:

“I’m assuming you’re Miko?”

She was floored. Ei was stunning. No camera could ever capture just how perfect the girl in front of her was.

Her hair was long, silky and beautiful. Normally Ei would put her hair up for stream, but she had opted for a loose braid with an accompanying hair piece for their dinner.

Miko thought it framed her face perfectly.

“Uhm- Yes. It’s nice to meet you, Ei” Miko managed to stutter out.

Well, so much for her acting cool and dignified.

The silence between them was deafening. Miko usually prided herself on her ability to make small talk, but Ei rendered her speechless.

Miko was completely entranced with the girl standing in front of her.

The atmosphere was incredibly uncomfortable.

The waiter who had greeted Ei at the door cleared his throat and pulled the seat back for her, gesturing for her to sit down. The other girl smiled at the man as she sat down “Thank you.”

“Good evening, ladies, my name is Thoma and I will be taking care of you tonight.” He began, “Can I start you off with anything to drink?”

Miko gazed at the menu briefly, before looking back up. “I’ll have a Rainbow Aster, please.”

Thoma nodded and turned his attention to Ei, smiling at the other girl. Miko could see how he was Uyuu’s top performing server.

“Hm. I’ll have some water for now, thank you.” Ei smiled and set the drink menu down in front of her.

Thoma bowed slightly and left to go fetch their drinks.

Miko had planned for this dinner to be perfect, but completely forgot to account for the possibility of an uncomfortable atmosphere.

Well, it was mostly her fault really. How was Miko supposed to know Ei would look ten times better in person?

“Thank you for meeting me tonight, Ei.”

Ei smiled and looked around the room before returning her gaze to Miko. “You really went all out for this, didn’t you?”

“I’m just trying to impress my favorite celebrity.” Miko replied coyly.

She really just wanted Ei to see how serious she was about this. She wanted to know Ei better, on a more personal level.

“I really am a big fan of your content, although I do not play Valorant or Overwatch myself.” Miko continued, “I must say that I quite enjoy when you play ranked with your friends, Zhongli and Childe. How did you three meet?”

Ei’s expression softened at the mention of her hobby and friends. Having some common ground to talk about was nice.

“We’ve been playing games together for a few years now. Childe is one of my sister's friends from high school. She was never one to game though, so he and I bonded over that.” Ei began, trying to put their relationships into words the best she could.

Miko hadn’t thought about Ei having siblings, but she wasn’t surprised. She entertained the thought of prying a little more into that topic, but Ei hadn’t finished speaking yet.

“Zhongli and I, well, that’s a little more complicated. I went shopping to find parts for my first custom PC. I went to the Micro Center in Mondstadt and he walked me through the entire process, even down to which thermal paste would give me the best ‘bang for my buck.’”

At this point, Miko was just lost in the other girl’s eyes. They were a brilliant, deep shade of purple.

Ei was extremely fond of her friends, and it certainly showed. It was incredibly charming.

“It wasn’t until after I checked out that I learned he wasn’t an employee. I was going to fill out the survey on the receipt, to let the manager know how wonderful he was. When I asked him what his employee number was he told me that he was just shopping for some new case fans.”

Miko chuckled. Maybe she should consider hiring Zhongli as one of her assistants. Or she could even refer him to one of her executives, Guizhong.

As Ei continued to tell her story, Miko noticed that Thoma had returned with their drinks and was waiting for a break in their conversation.

“I knew at that moment that I wanted to be his friend. You know, if he’s willing to go out of his way to help a stranger like that, then surely he must be awesome at playing support! So I got his Discord ID and that was that. He and Childe get along great, too.” Ei concluded.

Thoma set their drinks in front of them, taking advantage of the pause. “Have you two decided on what you would like for your main course yet?”

Ei’s eyes flitted down to the menu that lay on the table, completely untouched, then back up to Thoma. “Uh, no I’m sorry.” She quickly picked up the menu and began scanning the pages.

Miko couldn’t help but laugh at Ei. It seemed like she had some attention issues, but Miko didn’t mind. She actually found it quite charming.

“Thoma I apologize, we were too engrossed in our conversation for either of us to decide. May we have a few more minutes please?” Miko winked at the waiter.

“Of course!” He laughed and disappeared back into the kitchen.

Miko picked up her menu and began scanning the pages. She already knew what she was going to order, but she did not want to embarrass Ei, so she took her time.

The two of them sat in silence for a few moments reading their menus before Thoma arrived.

“All set?” The waiter smiled, pen and paper pad in hand.

Miko glanced at Ei, who nodded and began to reply “I’ll have the Butter Crab with a side of rice, please.”

Thoma nodded, wrote Ei’s order down, took her menu and moved his gaze to Miko.

“I will have the Kitsune Udon with extra tofu, fried, please.” Miko handed her menu to the man.

“Alright! Sounds great! We will get that cooking for you two. Can I get you anything else in the meantime?”

Before Miko could dismiss the man, Ei spoke: “Actually, Thoma, could I get a dessert menu?”

He smiled “Getting a little ahead of ourselves, are we? I’ll go ahead and grab one right now.”

Miko giggled at his tease. It appeared Ei had something of a sweet tooth. She had an inkling from how the ‘snacks’ Ei would eat on stream were always some form of mochi.

Thoma came back with the menu, and set it between the two of them, before swiftly exiting back into the kitchen.

“I know you said you wanted to treat, but since I’ve already put this much work into tonight, you should just let me take care of the bill too, hm?” Miko smiled innocently.

In reality, she had already given Thoma her card.

“I-” Ei gave Miko a guilty look. “I would feel bad accepting.”

“Don’t. Tonight is my treat. Consider it a thank you for coming to see me.” Miko winked.

Ei smiled “Thank you, Miko. I mean it.” She held Miko’s gaze for a few seconds before looking back down at the menu.

They sat in silence for a few minutes.

“So, Ei, you said you have a sister?”

Ei looked up from the dessert menu at the sound of her name. “Yes, her name is Makoto. We are twins, actually.” Her eyes moved back down to the menu in thought, before she glanced back up again.

Miko has to stop herself from daydreaming about being around TWO of Ei at the same time.

“Actually Miko, you haven’t told me much about yourself.” Ei set the menu back on the table between them.

“I’m not particularly interesting, Ei. I’m sorry.” Miko sighs, playing with the seam of her jacket.

Ei’s face turns into a pout “Miko, do you honestly expect me to believe that? What kind of boring person would have so much money to give away?” She gestures to the restaurant around them “To do this?”

Miko could feel her eyebrow twitch. Well, Ei did have a point. Still, she didn’t want to scare the other girl away.

“I sell light novels and other things for a living.” Miko picked up the dessert menu, scanning it as she spoke. “It’s an online store, and it keeps me quite busy.”

Well, it was a severe oversimplification but still technically the truth.

Ei stared at her for a few moments before pulling her phone out.

Oh no.

Miko starts praying that Thoma somehow teleports to their table with the food. Anything to avoid the awkward moment that’s about to occur. Alas, he cannot read her mind, so he doesn’t come to her rescue.

Only one word came from Ei’s mouth: “Yaemazon.”

Well, so much for that.

“You’re the owner of Yaemazon.” Ei was staring at her now, expression totally deadpan. “I have the prime membership for Yaemazon.”

Miko was surprised. What an odd thing for Ei to say. “Thank you…?”

“Yae Miko.”


“What do you want with me? Why am I here?” Ei’s expression remains stern, but not aggressive. Miko can see that she’s processing the entire situation.

“To be completely blunt, I have a proposition for you, Ei.”



Ei couldn’t wrap her head around it.

Miko was rich, obscenely rich. The second richest person to have ever lived, actually.

And she wanted Ei.

Miko wanted to give Ei money, buy her things, take her on vacations and take her to events.

And Miko only wanted her company in return, nothing else.

How completely nonsensical.

Yet, Ei would be an idiot to turn the offer down.

There had to be some sort of catch. But what could she even offer Miko? The other girl had the world at her fingertips.

Ei was just a person who enjoyed playing video games online after she was done with her nine to five. Her life was hardly exciting, nor did she have any political or business connections.

Miko was drop dead gorgeous AND rich. She had a whole world of women to choose from. Many who were much more qualified than herself.

Anyone would scramble for the position Ei is in right now.

Yet, Miko chose her.

The two sat in silence, eating their respective meals. It wasn’t quite as suffocating as before, but it was still mildly uncomfortable.

She looked up from her dinner only to see that Miko was staring at her. It wasn’t a harsh gaze, but a soft and gentle one.

“So, have you given my offer enough thought, Ei?”

“Miko I-” Ei took a deep breath in. “Miko, I really appreciate your offer, but I can’t really wrap my head around it.”

The other woman tilted her head, puzzled.

“Wouldn’t something like this harm your reputation? I don’t have any social status or money. I don’t have anything I can offer you in return.” Ei rushed the words out.

Miko’s eyes widened as Ei spoke. She began to laugh.

“Ei, I don’t want anything from you other than your company. We went over this!” She said airily, trying to ward off more laughter. “Also I don’t care about that, I became so successful because I simply did what I wanted.”

Miko reached into her purse and pulled out three sheets of paper, neatly stapled together and offered them to Ei. “I had a feeling you may have some worries, so I made my legal department write this contract up for us.”

Well, having something written would make her feel a little better. Ei took the papers from Miko and began scanning the pages “Thank you.”

It was very short and simple, but very airtight. Miko would give Ei a MINIMUM of $25,000 in compensation each month in exchange for Ei going out with her at least once a week.

Ei had to re-read it several times. Surely she was dreaming.

She finally looked at the final page, where she saw a dashed line ready for Ei’s signature. Directly next to it was a matching line with Miko’s signature already neatly printed. The CEO was very serious about this.

“So, what do you think?” Miko winked at her from across the table, sliding a pen in her direction.

“I think this offer is completely nonsensical and absurd.” Ei tried to keep her voice as steady as possible.

Miko frowned. That look didn’t suit her.

“I’ll sign it.” Ei took the pen from Miko and scribbled her signature on the page.

Miko’s expression completely changed. If she could smile any wider, Ei was sure her cheeks would pop.

If Miko wasn’t so beautiful, Ei may have been a little scared.

Hopefully she won’t regret her decision.