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Succulents or Succubi?

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Apparently, succulents and succubi aren’t the same thing, or even… related to each other, at all. Kiana learns it the hard way— by summoning a sex demon in her own room, that is.

She realizes she’s messed things up as soon as the woman that has appeared in her own room from a miniature storm of lightning and fire settles her neon purple eyes on her. 

The white haired girl does feel a tad foolish, now, holding the dying plant in her hands in front of such a majestic being. 

“I’m Raiden Mei, Herrscher of Thunder, Third within the demons of Hell,” She speaks with a powerful voice that sends electric shivers— due to either fear or excitement, she’s not quite sure herself— running down Kiana’s spine.

“Tell me, human, what is it you’ve summoned me for?”

She’s beautiful, in a slightly terrifying way. Every feature of her face seems to have been sculpted from marble, rendered artificially perfect. Her hair is long enough to almost reach the floor, but her most defining features must be the blood red horns protruding from her head.

“Uh…” Kiana shifts on her feet, as the demon in front of her patiently awaits for an answer, “I’d need you to… revive my plant…?”

It’s like her words turn off a hidden switch. Suddenly, the howling noises and darkness all around her dissipate into nothing, as if they’d never been there in the first place. The demon now looks at Kiana like she ’s the creature that just appeared from thin air.

“What?” Her tone is something between flabbergasted and annoyed. “What do you mean?”

“My plant,” Kiana explains again, reaching out the small vase for the demon to observe it better, “It’s dying, and I’m not sure how to pick it back up. It’s a succulent plant, and that book I used to summon you with said you were a succubus, which sounds a lot like succulent and—“

“Wait, hold on. You summoned me , the Third Herrscher of Hell herself, for a plant ?”

Kiana gets the impression the demon is not particularly impressed by the revelation, and she has at least the decency to look somewhat flustered when she answers. 


“Hells,” Mei slaps a hand against her face, “How did you even manage to..? Ah, nevermind. I’m already here, anyway, so might as well make something out of it.”

Kiana basically jumps into place at the affirmation, tightening the plant against her chest. While not particularly expensive, it had been a present from someone dear she hadn't seen in far too long. Kiana really hates watching it die slowly as she tries everything she can, somehow making things worse at every attempt.

She’s not sure how she ended up thinking of a demonic summoning before a florist, but here they are.

“Oh! Thank you so much!”

The demon lets the hand fall down from her forehead, and she starts observing the human in front of her. 

Mei’s eyes are… intense, a shade of purple that no common mortal holds. Kiana swallows, self conscious at the demon’s staring, immediately loosening her own excitement.

“You know what the price for succubi is, yes?”

“N—not really,” Kiana replies, “Not my soul, I hope. I’m a bit too young for that. But anything else, I’m willing to offer. Probably.”

She laughs awkwardly, and the demon blows air from her nose, clearly unamused at just how clueless the girl is.

“Succubi feed on sexual gratification.” She explains, matter of fact. “That’s what I’d be asking in return for helping out with your… plant.”

“Oh.” Suddenly, Kiana’s face feels like it’s on fire, reddening from her neck to the roots of her hair. She definitely hadn’t been expecting that, of all things. 

“So you and I would— like—“

She gestures between them, unable to come up with the right words without stuttering.

Mei frowns.

“What, are you actually surprised?”

“I mean— yeah. Yeah I am. But that doesn’t… I could be willing if… if you…”

“Human, you’re blabbering.”

“Sorry!” Kiana takes a deep breath to calm herself down and to will her brain into motion  once more. 

She looks at the demon standing tall inside her room again, this time more attentively. Mei is undeniably attractive, especially with the bodysuit that leaves long, fair legs and shoulders bare, accentuating her curves. 

“What I meant to say is that I would be willing to do it. If you’re alright with it.”

Mei raises a dark brow. “Really? Well, at least you’re brave. Or foolish— that is to be seen.”

When she extends her hand, Kiana notices just how long and sharp her dark nails look. She gulps softly. 

Taking that hand in her own, she’s surprised to find how pleasant and smooth the skin feels against hers, though.

“I’ll need your name.”

“Oh! I’m Kiana.”

“Fine, Kiana. Let us seal this contract, then.” 

There’s no glowing light or burst of flame. Just a brief handshake, which happens to be a bit of a let down in her book. 

“That’s… it?” She asks, hoping not to come off as too rude at her own disappointment.

“That’s it.” Mei nods with finality, “Now, hand over the plant.”



Succubi don’t actually have the innate ability to revive plants, Kiana finds out. 

Mei manually changes the vase, the moss, gives it the right amount of water and adds some fertilizer she’s sent Kiana to buy. She looks really focused when she works, and the image is sort of hilarious in a sweet kind of way.

Kiana mostly just watches, impressed by the demon’s expertise. Mei hasn’t yet requested her to fulfill her own part of the deal— and Kiana thinks it’s because she wants to finish things properly, first. That’s what leads Mei to hang around her room for a whole day, until the plant looks somewhat better. Her company is actually far more pleasant than one could have expected. Beyond that first glacial layer, the demon is amicable and kind, a silent yet easy companion to have around.

Where Mei seems completely relaxed, there is an air of expectancy hanging around Kiana, though. She wonders just how, exactly, she’s to provide that… gratification that Mei spoke of. Sometimes she’s caught staring— because the demon is just objectively pretty— and the girl looks away, embarrassed.

Mei is sitting on her bed with a tranquil expression on her face— they’ve talked quite a lot, in the meanwhile, since none of them had much to do while the small plant heals— when Kiana finally asks that one question that had been buzzing in her head for a while.

“Can I touch your horns?”

Mei seems taken aback by the request, and she lowers her eyes in an almost suspicious frown.

“What? Why would you want to do that?”

Kiana shrugs innocently, trying to look like someone that had definitely not been thinking about it for hours, now. 

“I was just curious to know what they feel like, that’s all.”

She’s never really met any human looking being with horns, before, after all. Well, she’s never met a demon either, but that’s besides the point.

Mei falls silent for a while, considering, and Kiana worries she’s asked something she shouldn’t have. She’s about to apologize, when Mei beats her to it.

“Fine.” She states, regal and authoritative, before loosening her more serious air slightly, “But I should warn you, they’re… sensitive.”

“Oh,” Kiana breathes out, suddenly even more fascinated. They’re sensitive, which means… different from normal horns, right? 


She gets up from where she was sitting on the floor, and walks closer to Mei, who stays seated on the mattress, though slightly stiffer than before. 

The horns are beautiful, just like their owner. They aren’t of a homogeneous color— rather, it’s a shade that runs from almost black at the base to vibrant red at the tips, the color grading perfectly in the middle.

She debates in which position to sit in for a short while, and finally, Kiana’s knees dip against the bed with her legs on both of Mei’s sides— she supposes she might as well start to get used to the vicinity, anyways. The reminder of what they’re bound to do, eventually, sends a fresh wave of embarrassment flowing through her, but she tries to push it back down.

Mei doesn’t protest at all at the intimate position. She stays still and steady as Kiana’s blue eyes begin studying her two horns up close. Kiana takes it as a silent concession.

The girl feels both nervous and extremely curious at the same time. At this distance, she notices how different they are from the ones of the animals she’s seen before. Goats certainly don’t have them quite so smooth looking, as if made of ceramic rather than bone. They’re slightly curved and impressively long, too.

With just one finger, and lightly enough for it to be barely a whisper of touch, she runs over the side of the left one. It feels as hard and smooth as it looks, though it’s surprisingly warm, more like a limb.

Mei doesn’t react at all to the attention, so Kiana allows herself to dare go a bit further, only now realising she had stopped breathing and taking in a shaky inhale. 

It’s sort of a mystic experience to her, at this point. She adds one finger to her exploration, touching the horn more surely, and moving her hand down to the base. 

“Is this okay?” She asks, carefully caressing the junction between head and horn. It’s slightly rougher than the rest, there, right where bone meets the scalp. 

All she receives in response is a low hum from the back of Mei’s throat, and Kiana takes it as permission to continue. Just how sensitive are they, anyways? She rises up and touches the tip, letting her finger be poked. It’s somewhat sharp— sharp enough for her skin to be pierced if she were to try and put in some more pressure. 

Finally, curiosity overtaking her and not having had much of a reaction at all so far, she carefully wraps her whole hand around the warm horn— it’s thin enough for her to almost fit it all within her hold. 

Unexpectedly, there’s a soft sound coming from Mei, and both of them freeze simultaneously. 

It had been high pitched, brief but distinctive. 

It takes her a moment to realise Mei had moaned , and while the realization makes Kiana blush, she doesn’t let go of the hard bone in her palm. 


“I apologize,” Mei states, and even though her voice is as coldly regal as before, there is a hint of fluster to it.

Kiana tips her head to the side.

“Does this feel good?”

She asks, her own voice reduced to a whisper. 


Oh, now she’s definitely flustered.

It’s the first time she hears Mei, the elegant, stoic demon, talk in such a way, like she’s on a razor’s edge. Kiana’s mouth suddenly feels dry as she comprehends what, exactly, her own touch is doing to her.

Boldened by the response, almost as if hypnotised by her own actions, Kiana begins moving her hand agonisingly slowly, following the gentle curve of the bone. She moves it up and then back down, repetitively, still keeping the smooth and warm surface enclosed within the softness of her own fingers.

Mei moans once more, and it’s such a pretty sound that it has Kiana biting down on her lower lip. She slides down, reaches the dark base, and goes up once again. Fascinatedly, she feels Mei’s hips twitch forward so slightly it’s almost imperceptible, and she only notices it because she’s right above her.

Eager to see her react more, she gets an idea, and carefully, Kiana leans in, free hand on the demon’s shoulder, towards the one horn that has been left untouched so far. 

Her tongue darts out, then, giving it a brief, experimental lick. It doesn’t really taste like anything distinctive, just like when one tries to feel skin. 

Kiana is too far up to see the expression on Mei’s face, but she still hears a sharp intake of breath that brushes the girl’s shirt when released. 

There’s something extremely arousing about having the gorgeous, serious demon melting under her touch like this. Kiana finds herself wanting to pleasure her, to hear her pretty voice once more: and so she resumes the slow movements of her hand, simulating a much more erotic act. Any pretense of innocence is now lost, while she flattens her tongue against bone, dragging it all the way up to the tip.

“Kiana—“ it’s a choked out sound that has the girl swirling her tongue around the tip of the horn, before lapping at it a couple of times. Hands come up to grasp at her hips— though they don’t push her away. No, nails dig into her shirt, encouraging Kiana to do more. 

And so, while she keeps sliding her hand along the left one, she strokes the back of the right horn with two fingers accompanied by slow licks of her tongue.

Each and every moan and whimper is like a stab of heat right between her legs, especially when her lips gently suck at the tip of the horn and she hears Mei’s voice break.

Finally drawing back to look down at Mei, she takes in her appearance— her dark red flushed cheeks, slightly parted lips and wide eyes. 

She truly is far too beautiful for a human being.

Kiana’s heart stutters, though, when her gaze falls lower, and she notices a hard bulge between Mei’s legs. She can’t help the small gasp that leaves her mouth.

“I—is that—“

“I told you they’re sensitive.”

Mei looks to the side, as if embarrassed by her own body’s reactions, as she shifts self consciously.

Kiana presses her own thighs together slightly, though— she can feel the wetness that has gathered there, already. The sight of Mei’s hardened member beneath the tight bodysuit has just heightened her excitement. She hadn’t thought just a bit of touching and licking could get the demon quite so wound up, already.

Kiana shifts, then moves her hips so that her waist is practically pressing against Mei’s abdomen, chest pushed against her face. Both of her hands hold against her horns and begin to stroke them up and down, from tip to base just like before. Sometimes she lowers her hips just enough for her pelvis to come in contact with Mei’s hard crotch, and Kiana’s breath catches in her throat each time it happens, even when there is far too much clothing between them for her to feel it properly. 

Kiana teases both the demon and herself with those slow movements, until a hand slides down her shirt and cups her breast. She whimpers softly, pushing against it encouragingly. It’s warm and solid, and it makes the slow building heat in her lower stomach burst higher.

She sits back, then, rear against Mei’s strong, fair legs, with her own still spread on either side of her waist. That hand slips away from beneath her shirt, and a flush is spread across Kiana’s face. She’s never really acted like this, even in previous sexual encounters— she’s never been quite so… eager. 

At this moment, it’s not easy to tell who the succubus really is.

Her eyes fall on the bulge between Mei’s legs once more. It has become even bigger, now, to the point it must be uncomfortable for the demon. 

“What are you—“

Mei doesn’t finish her sentence, interrupted by a low groan as Kiana resumes stroking her left horn with her hand with more vigor. The other one runs down the demon’s body, and after just a moment of hesitation, she lets her fingers touch Mei’s bulging cock above the clothing. It’s warm and pulsing; it makes blood rush to Kiana’s face. 

Before she can second guess herself, Kiana begins palming it, softly pushing against it until Mei is leaning down and panting against the side of her face. The beautiful sounds that Kiana tears from her throat become progressively louder against her ear as she touches her cock and strokes her horn fervently at the same time.

Kiana feels like she’s on fire, heat burning and thrumming right beneath her skin just at the way the demon reacts to her. She finds herself questioning which one of the two is more sensitive— horn or cock.

“Kiana,” Mei moans, catching the hand on her own crotch and lifting it just barely. There is no way she doesn’t feel the raging pulse beating against Kiana’s wrist. 

“I need to remove my suit.”

Kiana’s breathing hitches in her own throat at the sentence coated with need, and before she can even realise it’s happening, the demon’s revealing clothings is gone in a cloud of dark smoke. Suddenly, Mei is completely naked under her, with breasts in full sight, and her cock hard and fully erected right beneath her. 

Kiana whimpers. She is big

Mei’s hand guides Kiana’s own back where it was, evidently impatient. “Come on now,” she pants, “You were doing so good.”

A shiver runs down the girl’s spine at the praise, and her fingers envelop the hard cock much the same way she did with the horn. It pulses beneath her skin, almost unbearably hot. 

The flush on Kiana’s face must have spread down to her chest now. 

As soon as her hands resume their movements, both sliding up and down at the same time, Mei moans so much more loudly than she’s done until now, and she sounds lovely, still. Kiana watches as the tip of her dick twitches at her ministrations, starting to wet with precum. Her hand runs up and down the hard muscle, feeling just how thick and smooth it is, until she’s sure Mei is about to come in her hand, because her breathing has become so much more ragged, sounds shortening to small grunts. 

She lets it go, then, and kills any protest that Mei might have had when she opens the button of her jean shorts, sliding the zipper and moving them down her legs just enough for her simple white panties to be visible. Both of her hands wrap around the two horns, then, as Kiana moves even closer and begins rubbing herself against the stiff cock. Mei growls at the sensation, nails digging into Kiana’s sides as she pushes her impossibly closer, while the white haired girl mewls at the hard press against her soaked underwear.

It feels good. A promise of what’s about to come, of how Mei’s cock will feel once inside her. Kiana moves her hips how she pleases, feeling that hard tip against her clothed clit. She can feel her own smell of arousal thick in the air.

She’s about to move her hand down once more just to remove her panties, too, and finally come into full contact with Mei.

Suddenly, though, Kiana’s world is spinning and turning around, and she yelps when she’s thrown with her back against the bed, losing her hold on the demon’s horns. 

“To think I believed you were innocent when I first saw you,” Mei states, crawling on all fours like some sort of powerful predator, until her clawed hands are tugging at Kiana’s shorts, still clinging at her lower legs, and she rips them off, just for them to thud against the ground.

“Looking so cute and pure. I had almost felt guilty at making that deal,”

When sharp nails hook under the bands of her white panties, Kiana’s moan is undeniably wanton. They’re lowered, and a transparent string of arousal is visible, connecting cotton and skin. Much like her shorts, they end up being thrown somewhere in the room. Mei’s eyes are coated with pure, unadulterated hunger as she takes in her soaked core, the wetness slicking the inside of her smooth legs, and only now does Kiana remember who exactly she’s dealing with. 

Purple eyes suddenly find blue ones, and Kiana stills like a deer caught in the headlights, as a clawed finger comes to tease her entrance, just to feel the wetness gathered there.

“Do you want this?”

Kiana nods immediately, shifting her hips upwards, but Mei immediately pushes them down with a strong hand pressing on her lower stomach. Kiana whimpers.

“I need to hear you say it.”

“Yes, yes, please —“

Mei comes up, kisses her cheek briefly, before taking her lips into her own. She pushes her tongue in, licking inside her mouth wherever she can reach. Kiana almost gets lost in the deep, dominating kiss that has her clenching her hands against the sheets, and her lower lips around air.

When Kiana finally feels a hard cock pressing against her entrance, though, she feels like she may cry from desperation. She grinds herself against it, eager to be filled, and Mei groans into her mouth, at the sensation of Kiana’s wet slit sliding up and down her length.

Kiana breaks away to gulp in air at the lack of oxygen.

“Mei,” a desperate whine, and delicate hands slide up smooth, dark hair to hold onto blood red horns once more. “Mei please,”

“Kiana,” Mei moans, “You feel so good,”

Kiana feels like she may come undone just by that silky, entrancing voice whispering such things into her ear. Mei is rock hard, at this point, and Kiana is so close just by this, rubbing herself against her whole length with desperate little whines. If she was given enough time, she most likely would finish herself this way. Mei’s tip presses against her clit, at some point, and it’s like a spark is sent running through her whole nervous system. 

“Mei, please ,” she shifts her fingers on the horns, slides her thumbs up and down, moves her clenching core against her cock. She wants her inside so badly she feels like she’d do anything for it, right at this moment. 

When Mei finally, finally positions herself at the entrance, Kiana moans. 

“Ah,” Mei pants, hot air running above Kiana’s face, “You’re so ready for me.”

In fact, she slides in so smoothly just by how absurdly wet Kiana already is. 

Kiana takes her in with a long, muffled groan, legs spread so far against her sheets that the position is almost painful. Mei goes in slowly, careful not to hurt her, mouth now open and panting against Kiana’s neck, breasts pressing against hers. Kiana is still holding onto the demon’s horns, but at this point, they have simply become the easiest thing to keep herself anchored to. 

It’s almost agonising, just how slowly Mei fills her, going deep inside of Kiana and making tears spring to the corners of her eyes. Mei stills, then, letting the girl adjust to her full length. She’s so unexpectedly gentle with her, despite her intimidating appearance. 

“Is this okay?”

Kiana nods, realizes that the demon can’t see her, then licks her now dry lips. “Yes,” she states, twitching her hips slightly to encourage her further. It just all feels so sinfully good . “Yes, it’s more than okay.”

Mei moves, then, and Kiana can feel the cock sliding back against her walls almost to the point it gets out of her entrance. It doesn’t, though, and Kiana whimpers when Mei pushes herself back in, stretching Kiana to her fullness once more. 

“Ngh,” Kiana isn’t sure what sounds she’s making, anymore, “Harder, Mei—“ her fingers instinctually tighten against the crimson horns, and the demon moans as she begins picking up her pace, pushing in and out of her with impressive strength, having Kiana with her mouth perpetually parted as she hits all the right spots. 

She’s pretty sure the headboard of her own bed is hitting the wall with each and everyone of Mei’s thrusts— the banging sounds coming from above her would suggest so, at least. 

“Kiana,” her name whispered so heatedly has her eyes rolling back into her head. She’s close, she can feel it by the way her own muscles squeeze and tighten against Mei’s hard cock. 

“Kiana, I’m—“

She’s about to come, too. The understanding has her clenching hard around Mei.

“Inside me,” Kiana gasps before Mei can even try to draw back fully, “I want you to come inside me, Mei,”

The demon groans at her words, powerful and beautiful against her. Kiana wants, needs to feel that liquid white heat spread inside her, and her legs hook around Mei’s hips to encourage her further in.

Mei grunts to a point it sounds almost animalistic, feral, as her breathing quickens further, and it’s only a matter of seconds before she comes.

It’s just as she had wanted it— hot and filling.

Kiana follows swiftly, spasming into a mind shattering orgasm herself as she feels Mei’s cum inside of her. 

Together, they fall limp. They take a couple of moments afterwards just to breathe in the now darkness of her room— it has turned to night, at some point.

Mei’s softened cock is still buried deep into Kiana. 

It’s minutes later, when Mei’s breathing has turned to normality, that she leans in, a breath away from Kiana’s lips. 

“Can I feed from you, now?”

Kiana opens her eyes, still dizzy and slightly confused at the question. “I thought you’d done that, already.” She says, because she definitely feels like her energy had been devoured, at some point.

Mei smiles in the darkness, sharp, white teeth almost shining like a small slice stolen from the moon. 

“You sort of had me too distracted, for that.” 

Beyond reason, Kiana finds herself blushing at the veiled compliment.

“I see. Yes, go ahead then,”

Please , adds the part of herself that had caused her to rub against the woman as if she was a dog in heat. 

Still as gentle and careful as earlier, Mei pulls away from her, having Kiana whimper out a sound as she feels far more empty than before, now that Mei isn’t filling her anymore. 

She already misses her presence inside her. Though Mei doesn’t go far— her mouth pressing against Kiana’s own once more.

There is something effectively different about this kiss. Kiana feels like a string has been pulled taut inside her— and that Mei is slowly, but surely, tearing it up and away from her. Against probabilities, Kiana feels that fire in her lower stomach begin to stoke up anew, even past her exhaustion. 

While their lips are still locked, her hand reaches down, holding Mei’s cock once more, shivering at how wet it feels from both of them. She strokes it— once, twice— before she can feel it begin to harden once more. 

Mei doesn’t break from the kiss. Instead, the pull that Kiana feels at that something inside of her becomes even stronger than before, and it has a new gush of wetness run down her legs, definitely ruining her sheets. When Mei breaks away from the kiss, she keeps her lips parted and her eyebrows furrowed in a pleasured grimace, because Kiana isn’t stopping anytime soon. 

“Was that feeding?” Kiana asks, voice hot and sweet as she strokes her length. She wants more. Wants Mei to fuck her into her mattress until she can no longer walk.

Mei nods, jaw visibly working as she swallows. She begins jutting her hips forward once more, following the movements of Kiana’s hand almost mindlessly. 

Kiana slips her other hand between her own legs, then, finding the wetness there and smearing her palm and fingers with it. She proceeds to wrap that hand around one of Mei’s horns, and moves against it so much more easily now that it’s wet with her own arousal. That hard horn, the feeling of it warm and slick beneath her hand, has Kiana arching against Mei as the demon lets out one guttural groan after the other. 

After a while, the demon’s hands finally begin to move. They slide down her body, before parting Kiana’s legs open once more. Mei is almost harder than before, now, her length is pressing against her inner thigh. 

Mei kisses her, and she’s feeding again, because it’s like hot coal has been lit up in Kiana’s stomach.

“You taste so good,” is the breathless affirmation given by the succubus as she takes from her whatever there is to take, and Kiana gladly lets her. 

This time, when that same hard cock slides into her, Mei doesn’t start slowly. 

Her pace is immediately relentless, just how Kiana had hoped, and she moans as she watches Mei’s breasts move up and down above her with every thrust. Kiana feels herself being pushed deeper inside her own sheets, head digging into the mattress, as Mei reaches her cervix. 

Her moans are practically sobs, at this point, and she comes first, while Mei is still relentlessly pounding into her. 

This time Mei doesn’t even try to draw back— when she comes, too, she groans and empties herself inside of Kiana, who takes it all in with glazed eyes. 

When Mei draws back, this time, Kiana’s body feels far too weak for her to even move. 

“It’s done,” Mei announces with a simple kiss to her cheek, as she falls down at her side, bare chest pressed into the mattress.

“Does it mean…” 

As soon as she regains her full consciousness, Kiana feels a stab of sadness going through her at the realisation that their contract has been fulfilled, at this point, and nothing ties Mei to the earth anymore, no matter how much she had enjoyed her company. Not just in the bed, but also outside of it, for how short their time together had been. 

“Does that mean you’re leaving?”

Mei leans down at her side, and she plays with a lock of fair hair, before fixing it behind Kiana’s ear. Her violet eyes glow in the darkness. 

“I still have to save that unfortunate plant fully,” she mutters with that smooth, soothing voice that could easily lull Kiana into sleep. “And after that… who knows? Maybe you’ll find something else to ask from me.”

Kiana smiles at the answer, a surge of happiness soaring in her chest as her arms lazily come up to envelop Mei in a hug. “I’d love to.”

Mei kisses her lips, a chaste, yet affectionate gesture.

“Hm, good.”