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A Flower Blooms in Akihabara

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In the year 2012 Anno Novi, urban life is supported by the powerful energy source known as Enetron. Vaglass is a group determined to steal and use Enetron to attack humanity. The Go-Busters are young men and women who undertake special missions to defend humanity.

The Energy Management Center was a tense place. Even when the Vaglass weren’t launching an attack, Enter was still planning something. This thought lingered in the back of the employees’ minds. Today was the day security was being reinforced around the secret entrances. After Enter had broken in last time, it was a miracle the base was still intact. The workers toiled away with their drills and wires. The sounds could be faintly heard, even several meters below the Earth.

It was early in the morning. Time didn’t matter much underground, but Ryuji Iwasaki still felt the fatigue in his body as he typed away on his laptop. As the oldest of the three, Commander Kuroki had trusted him to find ways to further benefit the trio in his free time. Enter didn’t follow any set pattern to his attacks. Sometimes he was after information, other times he was after materials; often, the former led to the latter.

Ryuji heard the clanking metallic footsteps of Gorisaki behind him. The bulky, blue robot gorilla spun his steering wheel face around like an owl. He massaged Ryuji’s shoulders, and peered at his laptop monitor.

“Ryuji, you don’t have to overwork yourself so early in the morning,” said Gorisaki, “Usada can process information much faster than humans can, so you should get some rest. Or did the security team wake you up? I can go to the surface and speed up the process.”

“Gorisaki, I volunteered for this,” said Ryuji. A notice flashed on the bottom corner of the screen. “I didn’t think there would be an attack there.”

Ryuji began composing a message to the commander.

“I’m not doing this for fame, I’m doing it so that people are safe. Once they’ve been protected, they don’t need to spend any more of their time thinking about me,” said Hiromu Sakurada while walking into the main room of the Energy Mangement Center.

“Hiromu, it’s okay to return the favor for being a hero. Every person you save might do something amazing with Enetron one day, and they’ll have you to thank for it. I think you should take the magazine up on their offer,” said Cheeda Nick. Cheeda turned around. Someone had grabbed onto one of his handlebars and started revving it.

Yoko Usami walked behind the red pair with a confident air. She let go of Nick’s handlebar and reached into her pocket. She popped open her box of candy, and the scent of fresh chocolate spread through the room. Yoko swallowed a handful of the sweets, finishing the last one when the commander took his seat. A yellow rabbit, shaped like a trash can with only wheels for movement, had been plugged into the Center’s mainframe. Gorisaki stood beside him, looking pensively at Ryuji. He already knew what was in store.

“We’ve been receiving reports about a strange man with glasses being sighted near an old computer parts shop in Akihabara. Usada, bring them up on screen,” said Commander Kuroki.

“Roger, Rabbit!” said Usada. His eye dials wobbled back and forth, and several blurry images magnified themselves on the monitor.

A figure, dressed in a T-shirt with an anime character printed on the front, was barely in the frame of each of the photos. The edges of a pair of white glasses was visible in every frame. “We suspect this may be Enter, but glasses like this have become popular in Akihabara lately. The protagonist of a popular superhero anime wears a pair very similar to them. If the Vaglass are planning something, Akihabara would be a prime target. It’s a hotbed of electronics, including a thriving second hand market. I want you to investigate. Busters, deploy!”

“Yes, sir!” the three saluted.

Hiromu, Ryuji and Yoko donned their sunglasses, and exited the control room. Nick ran after Hiromu, while Usada and Gorisaki remained behind. Miho Nakamura pulled up the popular anime in question. For the purposes of this mission, it counted as research.

Enter stood in the center of his platform in subspace. The giant, floating digital head of Messiah hovered above him, impatiently waiting for instructions. “My majesty, Messiah,” Enter intoned, “I have discovered a place where people are more than willing to give us parts for machines that went obsolete 13 years ago. They think I’m a cosplayer. It does have a certain je ne sai quos, doesn’t it?”

“Just bring the Enetron here! I want mankind to know the name of the ruler that subjugated them! If this works, Akihabara will be the first place I claim!” raved Messiah, floating around the world of ones and zeroes.

“I’ve already got someone on the inside who agrees with every word you just said,” Enter replied. He phased out of subspace and back onto the streets of Akiba. He examined a cell phone sitting in a store window. It wasn’t a smartphone, but its features were modern enough. The flip-top design pleased Enter.

Enter downloaded the Diary Metavirus into the cell phone. The tiny handheld device magnified to several times its size. The Cellphoneroid had a streamlined form. The cell phone’s keypad was emblazoned on the chest of his armor. The cycloid screen had been folded sideways, giving the robot an appearance similar to a hammerhead shark.

Parts of the Cellphoneroid’s body were transported onto a Type Gamma Megazord, and the countdown to the next step of world domination began. Enter spoke into the Cellphoneroid’s receiver. “Malshina, I’ve done my legwork. I leave the rest up to you.”

The Busters arrived in the middle of Akihabara. The giant Animate store and the giant Enetron tower were both in their line of sight. The people around them were in a state of mass confusion. They were sending mass messages to each other, but none of their communications were making it through. Any attempt at talking was redirected to the same, mysterious number, and the call ended shortly after.

Hiromu stepped off Nick, transformed into a motorcycle, and looked through his Binocular Blade. The Cellphoneroid could be seen laughing with a staticy noise, absorbing every phone call in the surrounding area, from the second story of a nearby business. The owner had already left for safer places.

“All of your phone’s Enetron belongs to me!” gloated the robot.

“Sir, we’ve found our target,” said Hiromu into his Morphin’ Brace. He, as well as Ryuji and Yoko, pressed the large button on their Morphin’ Brace. A green, holographic image of their suits materialized.

“It’s Morphin’ Time!” spoke the three Braces.

“Let’s Morphin’!” said the trio. Their suits materialized over their body in an Enetron-powered display of digital code. They held the orange glasses to their helmets. The glasses broke off, magnetized towards their heads, and transformed into protective eyewear in their respective colors.

“Hey, get down here!” Yoko shouted.

She bent down and sprung into the air. She landed on the balcony of the window. Her Binocular Blade stabbed into the Metaroid’s shoulder, sending it plummeting down to the street. Yoko pulled her weapon out and kicked the Metaroid on its chest. A random series of numbers was programmed into the cell phone robot, and its shoulder quickly repaired the damage. It swatted Yoko away. She stopped herself mid-flight.

Hiromu and Ryuji charged ahead. They transformed their Camera Busters into gun mode, and fired off a volley of shots at the Cellphoneroid. These did nothing but input more numbers into the system, randomly calling more people and bringing more Enetron to the Vaglass. Hiromu fired a shot at the Metaroid’s face. It reeled from the impact.

“This Metaroid is easy. We should have this mission wrapped up in no time,” said Hiromu. He pressed a button on the back of his Camera Buster. The gun locked onto the Metaroid’s screen, preparing for a final shot. Hiromu continued pointing at the Metaroid. Yoko ran over to him and waved her hand in front of his face.

“Hiromu? Are you okay?” she asked.

“If he’s frozen like this, that must mean...” Ryuji said.

A large, humanoid chicken monster, with designs in its feathers that made it look like it was wearing a three piece suit, appeared beside the Metaroid. Nick transformed back to Buddyroid mode, and grabbed Hiromu by the waist, pulling him off to the side.

“It’s a giant chicken,” said the cheetah robot.

An office lady, obviously drunk, crossed the street. The Metaroid fired a blast from its cell phone in her direction. Ryuji activated his Super Power and punched the Metaroid square in the face. He let the office lady fall into his arms. “Ma’am, you shouldn’t be in the middle of a fight,” he said. “We’ve got this handled.”

“Actually, I played you all for chumps,” said the office lady. She placed a pair of sunglasses on, and spontaneously transformed into a busty woman, dressed in black leather gear. Her short, black hair transformed into flowing purple. “That bird over there is Nagatacho Gallusgallus, the latest Chief Clerk of Guerrilla Marketing. I see Enter’s sent his little robot out, too.”

“Guerrilla Marketing?” asked Ryuji.

“That’s a dirty trick, Malshina!” a dramatic voice echoed from within the computer parts store. “Red Buster’s weak point is his fear of chickens! Whatever you’re planning to do with that bird, it can’t compare to the evils of using a hero’s weakness against him! The Akibaranger will avenge him!”

A man in a hero suit stumbled out of the store. His armor was red and black, with the words “Not a Sentai” printed across the chest in bold, white letters. His helmet looked like a spiky head of red hair, with a golden line separating his visor from the rest of his helmet. The suit was accentuated with a white scarf that had gotten tangled in the doorknob on the way out.

“Yeesh, old man, you can’t even do a heroic entrance right,” said a sarcastic voice behind him.

“Nyobuo’s just excited ‘cause his heroes are here!” said a perky voice.

The two girls on the team had similar suits of armor, with the difference of skirts and obvious breasts. Their visors were more similar, with Blue having a ponytail molded on the back of her helmet, and Yellow having twin pigtails. Their leader, Nobuo, struck a dramatic pose.

“We’ll fight the Vaglass, and protect the safety of Akihabara! What are we protecting it from?” he asked.

“Oh, that,” said Malshina, making the same pose as the anime poster behind her, “Gallusgallus was going to brainwash your politicians into making anime heavily restricted. Say goodbye to any chance of mainstream appreciation!”

“That sucks!” Nobuo said, getting on his knees. He stood up and cheerfully walked over to Hiromu, shaking his hand like he was a member of AKB48. “Hello, I’m Nobuo Akagi, and I’m pretty much your biggest fan. If a full Sentai team is here, then we’re probably in a V-Cinema. The only team to get a crossover in their main series was Gokaiger, and that was sort of an anomaly...”

Hiromu wanted to shoo Nobuo away from the fight scene, but as long as that chicken was in his presence, he couldn’t move.

“Full Sentai team? I thought Sun Vulcan was the only three-person team,” said Mitsuki.

“They do have two new Busters coming later, but those toy catalogs aren’t supposed to be seen by the general public,” said Nobuo.

The Cellphoneroid had been gathering text messages from all over the city while this was going on. Gallusgallus was figuring out how to operate him in order to propose a new law. The problem was that he lacked the necessary fingers for it.

“Commander, we have something very weird going on here,” said Yoko.

“Have you heard of the Akibaranger?” asked Ryuji.

Morishita’s voice responded from their Morphin’ Braces. “They’re a local Sentai team, like Mabuyer. That’s all the information I have, because they’re not showing up in any of the records we found after the Super Hero War. Use your best judgement. They’re nerds, so their idea of ‘normal’ may not match up with yours.”

“Yoko, we’ll take the chicken. You two girls handle the Metaroid,” said Ryuji. “Busters, Ready...”

“Go!” He and Yoko shouted at the same time.

Yoko and Ryuji fired a barrage of shots from their Camera Buster. Gallusgallus was knocked back. He spread his wings and started fluttering about on the rooftops. Yoko jumped into the air, kicking him in the head. Her body was starting to feel fatigued. She removed her helmet, and opened another box of sweets. Ryuji slashed away at the government chicken relentlessly, but the creature’s strength was a match for his own. Its beak felt like it would crack his visor.

Yumeria pushed her hands underneath her chest. The Cellphoneroid’s clicking noise multiplied, until it sounded like the buzzing of several angry bees. Yumeria gently pushed down on Mitsuki’s back. “Come on, Mitsuki. You get it into it, too! You’re much more nyaturally moe!” Mitsuki’s skirt flipped up, revealing the polar bear molded into her panties.

“No peeking shots!” Mitsuki screamed, kicking the Cellphoneroid in its torso with a powerful thrust. She turned around and lay her fists into the robot’s shell. Its reinforced plastic shell removed the force from her punches.

“This is better than Enetron!” shouted the Cellphoneroid.

Enter whirred to the top of the Animate store in a flurry of data. He raised his glasses and examined the scene below. “This Metaroid is quite a pervert. My majesty Messiah would not be pleased. I think it’s fun to watch them squirm.”

The chicken had been pushed out of his line of sight. Hiromu regained his consciousness, and fired a stray shot that just nearly missed Nobuo’s spiked helmet. Nobuo did not care. “You guys are awesome! I wasn’t deluding that an Enetron tank had shown up. The world of Sentai is coming to me instead of the other way around. So tell me, Hiromu... can I call you Hiromu? What’s your relationship with your sister like? Kobyashi enjoys sibling relations, so...”

“Can you shut up for a moment?” said Hiromu. Nobuo stood silent. “This is a mission! Peoples’ lives are at stake! I’m not some sort of celebrity. How did you know we were getting additional team members? Kuroki hasn’t told us anything about that.”

“Where I come from... never mind. It’s so awesome!” Nobuo said. “This is how the first part of any crossover goes.” The sounds of battle continued behind him. Metal against metal, and loud squawking about passing Bills echoed in the background. “The heroes have to fight each other for some reason, just to provide some way to compare the powers. They always fight together in the end, because their goals are the same! So, what are we going to fight over?”

Nobuo held his Binocular Blade directly to Nobuo’s visor. “You consider yourself a hero? You can talk all you want, but when your family is being held captive by a mad virus, every battle is important. Stop treating me like I’m some sort of milestone. I have a Metaroid to destroy.” Hiromu walked away from his fellow Red. “I thought Kamen Rider Fourze was energetic...”

“Huh? Kamen Rider?” asked Nobuo, tilting his head.

“You know, Kamen Rider. With the belts and the bug eyes,” said Hiromu.

“I’ve never heard of that franchise. Is it any good?” asked Nobuo.

“Stay out of my way! Nick!” said Hiromu.

Nick ran up beside Hiromu and transformed instantly into his motorcycle mode. Hiromu jumped on and launched a barrage of shots from his firearm. He looked away from Gallusgallus, and hope the shots hit. The bird dodged every one of them, and had already pinned Ryuji and Yoko under his wings.

The Cellphoneroid had given up on fighting completely. It had turned off its calling and mailing, and focused all of its power towards the camera lens. Its keys were starting to become cracked and its screen had been coated with dust.

Hiromu tried to find a mirror to look into, but even that would put him in the chicken’s line of vision. Enter teleported to the ground level. While Hiromu was looking away, his white tendrils extended from his body and wrapped around Nick’s chassis. He typed something into his laptop, and the Metaroid retreated from battle.

“Sorry, Go-Busters, Akibaranger. This is getting boring,” said Enter. “Au revoir.”

“We’ll fight you again later. Vaglass is financing our urban redevelopment now,” said Malshina, making eyes at Enter. “Gallusgallus, retreat for now. We have some things to censor.”

The two humanoids and four monsters teleported away from the scene. Nick, his accelerator running at full power, pushed against Enter’s tentacles. He couldn’t escape, and was dragged into the transport stream with the villains.

“Nick!” shouted Hiromu. “This is all your fault.” He took off his helmet and glared at Nobuo. A feeling of dejection washed over the scene of the battle. A whirring sound echoed from the oddly shaped guns in the Akibaranger’s hands, and the world dissolved to pure white.

The Sentai Cafe Secret Base was hosting an event that Nobuo had never dreamed would come. Katsuhiro Suzuki, Ryouma Baba and Arisa Komiya were coming to Secret Base for a fan meet and greet. Keiji Fujiwara, Tessho Genda and Tatsuhisa Suzuki would also be making appearances. For Nobuo, this was a dream come true. The meetup would have to be put on hold.

“Fujiwara’s going to be a little late. Maybe he got stuck in traffic,” said Kozkoz Mita, currently dressed as Go-Onger’s Saki. “Nobuo, everyone, you can make small talk with the actors while we figure out what’s going on.”

“I’m sure Malshina is behind this,” Nobuo said to himself.

Katsuhiro Suzuki was giving him an odd look. “You’re acting awfully close for somebody I just met today.”