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but i crumble completely when you cry.

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"The heart is getting away!"

Bullets sprayed all over the wall.

They're leaving.

Shinji and Himegama are walking away, leaving ever so calmly like Takina didn't try to kill them on the spot 

They're taking their sweet time and Takina can feel herself finally pushed off the edge, letting herself fall in an ocean of despair and utter anguish. 

"I didn't wind up the strings of a dying doll for something like that." 

Her lips part and she screams her heart out, pushing her arm through the small gap between her and Chisato, insisting that she shoots the man who didn't hesitate to take what's most precious to her. 


Chisato's hugging her, holding her in place, restraining her from seeking justice. 

She hates it. She hates it so much.

She hates how in spite of the situation, she can't bring it in her to go against Chisato's wishes. She hates how Shinji knows she won't shoot him because she honors Chisato too much to do that. She hates how her love for Chisato makes her unable to shoot, unable to act. 

She can kill him. Of course she can. She won't hesitate to do it either but that was the man Chisato looked up to. The man who saved Chisato's life. 

And that was the same man who ended it. 

She doesn't stop pulling the trigger. She keeps pulling it, hissing at the way her body is so committed to aiming at areas that aren't vital and dangerous to a person. 

Chisato was really rubbing off on her. 

"Takina please!" Chisato pleaded, trying to contain Takina's frantic and aggressive movement against her. 

"Let me go!" 

All Takina can see is red 

She's so angry, so frustrated, so disappointed, so.. frightened. 

The raw and primal visceral screams that she let out rang inside the tower and Chisato doesn't falter one bit, continuing to hug her and keep her in place. 

She's out of bullets. 

Those two bastards had successfully left. 

And she didn't even get to land a single hit on them. 

"Killing Mr. Yoshi to keep living.. that wouldn't be me anymore.." 

Tears pricked at the corner of Takina's eyes almost immediately when she heard it. And it comes pouring down like a waterfall. 

She hates it. 

She hates how hopeless this situation was. 

Chisato wants to live. She knows it. She knows that Chisato wants to keep living even if she pretends like she's okay with dying at such a young age, how she keeps saying that she isn't even supposed to live long and that it was a miracle that Yoshimatsu Shinji saved her. 

Takina hates it. 

She hates how weak she is. 

All the strength in her body leaves when the adrenaline started to wear off. She slumped on the floor, looking up at Chisato who looked at her with love and sunshine. 

It dawned to Takina that she's going to lose this. 

She's going to lose this amazing person forever. 

She's going to lose her partner.

And she can't do anything about it. 

Chisato wants to live. 

She wants a heart to change out her old one. 

And Takina is more than willing to give it. 

But Chisato wants a heart that doesn't have to be taken through killing. 

That's something Takina can't hand over. 

She would've torn that heart off Yoshimatsu's chest if it wasn't for Chisato stopping her. 

Oh god Takina clamps a hand over her mouth, feeling bile rise to her throat when Chisato smiled at her so happily, so carefree. 

It was the same smile she gave to her when they first met. 

She can't lose this. 

She can't lose Nishikigi Chisato. 

Chisato's smile shone over Takina and Takina feels extremely helpless. 

"I'm here, Takina." 

Chisato's voice is calm and soothing as if she didn't just lose her chance to have an extended lifespan. 

"I'm not going anywhere. At least, not yet." 

Takina's heart is in her throat. She's going to puke so bad. 

She's going to lose this. 

She's going to lose Chisato. 

Inoue Takina, left alone, abandoned and used, forced to engrave the idea that she had no life outside of being a Lycoris, had met the person who taught her how to build a new life outside of work and how to love, only for that person to be taken away so soon. 

She's not going to see Chisato.

She's not going to see Chisato's smile.

She's not going to hear Chisato's laugh.

She's not going to hear Chisato's daily TMI.

She's not going to hear Chisato's voice.

She's not going to find out about Chisato's antics.

She's not going to go on missions with Chisato anymore.

She's not going to spend the night in Chisato's apartment whenever she wants to anymore. 

Her mind raced with only one name: Chisato.

Chisato, Chisato, Chisato, Chisato. 

"I don't want that." She sobbed out, leaning her head against Chisato's chest while the older girl simply held her close. "I don't want you to die." 

Her feelings are out in the open. The rage and grief she had held in for the past months are spilling out for Chisato to witness. And she hates it. 

She hates how weak she is. She hates how her vision tunneled and how she hadn't been aware of her surroundings. If she was, she would've seen Himegama looming over them. 

Maybe then Chisato didn't have to pull the trigger against her will and shoot the man she saw as a parental figure for Takina's sake. 

Maybe then Chisato didn't have to go against her own ideals just to save Takina's life. 

Takina is livid. 

"Stay with me, okay?" Chisato whispered, rubbing small circles on Takina's back. It's oddly soothing and calming the former's flared nerves. "I'm here, Takina." Chisato repeated. 

I'll say that to you a million times if you want." 

And Takina's choking on her own tears. 

She can't do this. She can't. She really can't. 

She can't imagine a life without Chisato.

Her hand weakly crawled up to grip on Chisato's collar, pulling the other down a bit, and Chisato doesn't wriggle away. 

"You told me not to listen to DA all the time.." She says but it comes out as a whisper. 

Chisato hums in agreement. 

"You told me to listen to what I want.." 

Another hum and Chisato relaxed her muscles, getting on the same level as Takina in order to hold the other girl properly. 

"And what I want is you, Chisato." 

The two Lycoris knelt on the ground, hugging each other. 

Inoue Takina is sobbing her eyes out, whispering and chanting apologies to her partner who she failed to save.

Nishikigi Chisato continued to smile, ignoring the tears that fell from her cheeks as she held Takina closer and tighter, reassuring her that it wasn't her fault and it never was. 

"Please please please you can't leave me." Takina begged. "You can't do this to me Chisato." 

Chisato only listens, her smile slightly wavering. 

They both know they can't do anything about it.

They can only accept what's bound to happen. 

Even if it meant ridding the world of a Nishikigi Chisato. 

"I'm sorry, Takina." 

Chisato leans to press a kiss on Takina's head, wiping away the blood that covered half of the girl's face. 

"I'm really sorry." 





Inoue Takina hates a lot of things.

And Majima is one of them. 

The mere sight of Majima appearing out of nowhere after luring Chisato to separate from them made the beast inside her go feral. 


She sees Chisato's grin slowly fall when Majima started spraying bullets at them.

She screamed, running to the front of the elevator, frantically pressing on the button to force the doors to open, but to no avail, they were heading down.