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10:49 PM.

Today had gone well. Average. Practice was fine (though it could hardly be called practice with how little planning his inane unit actually did), he had eaten (just one meal, but it was something), his makeup was starting to smudge (but at least it held until the day was over).

A normal day by day routine. Perfectly acceptable.

And of course, God had plans to ruin it at the last second.

Why wouldn’t He.

HiMERU’s footsteps come to a slow halt when he swears he can hear the sound of… breathing? Somewhere? Loud, unnaturally so– Most people living in the dorms should be settling in for the night anyway. It’s irritating, he thinks, of course he’s not checking for any actual concern but simply out of deductive curiosity. It’s hard to just ignore, no matter how faint the noise is.

But oh. Of course.

Speak of the devil himself.

Of course it’s Kazehaya Tatsumi, of all people. Not his usual, annoying, composed self but slumped against a wall, clutching himself with both arms. Eyes glossy and face flushed, hair pressed to his forehead, taking labored pants.

(Admittedly, it’s not the worst sight he’s seen of the other. Objectively.)

Unfortunately, he’s still conscious enough to look up– To see HiMERU, and to have his eyes widen in recognition. Trapping him in place.

Fuck. He can’t just leave him there. He wouldn’t–

“H…iMERU-sa…?” His voice comes out scratchy, barely audible. He looks like he could drop at any second.

HiMERU scoffs.

“And what do you think you’re doing collapsed out here, hm?”

Tatsumi laughs. His shoulders shake.

He sighs as he walks over to the other, tries to hoist him up on his shoulders, sighs both out of exasperation and the physical effort required. Tatsumi’s a little bulkier than he looks in this pathetic state, and HiMERU is significantly weaker than he looks– He staggers while Tatsumi leans against him, and again he thinks the other might fall unconscious before they even make it out of the hall.

His breath is hot by his ear, mutters of whatever it is that he apparently needs, and HiMERU in moments is regretting his decision to not leave the other to his early demise.


The on-site infirmary is cold, sterile, flushed with pure white lights. Tatsumi’s stilled at his shoulder, HiMERU’s legs are about to give out, and he regrets ever assisting the other with his plight. He would have been fine, HiMERU’s sure of it, but the other just had to stare at him and “HiMERU” can be cruel but never so cruel as to walk past someone seemingly at the brink of consciousness.

Even him.

He sets the other down at the edge of one of the cots, groans, stretches his back out, and glares down at him with arms crossed. Tatsumi takes a few moments to register his surroundings, breathing still ragged and practically collapsing into his own lap before he finally looks up to meet the other’s eyes with unfocused ones.

“I didn’t expect Kazehaya Tatsumi of all people to become so pitiful over… What is this, a mere fever? Did you lose all your common sense, so that’s why you were on the hall’s floor instead of in bed?” He clicks his tongue dismissively.

Of course, nothing he says is out of worry. If the other died out there, he couldn’t care less– He just wanted to let him know how much of a sheer inconvenience he was. To him, to his unitmates, to anyone who would worry about him.

(Frustratingly, he knows the other can and will push himself that far. Even further.)

He smiles apologetically.

“I’m–” an inhale, “...fine. Thank… you, HiMERU-s…”


He scowls down at him, and Tatsumi actually seems a little taken aback, worried.

“What on earth do you think you’re hiding from me?”

It’s a simple test of the waters, but it seems he hit the nail on the head perfectly, with how the other’s eyes widen before glancing away. He bows his head a moment later, in what HiMERU reads as an attempt to hide his expression.

“...It’s nothing of importan–”

The straw that broke the camel’s back, when he’s already been inconvenienced so late at night. His hand finds itself fisting in Tatsumi’s hair, pulling harshly up to force their eyes to meet. Tatsumi gasps with the motion, trembling slightly, but now he’s finally looking HiMERU right in the eyes.

“That’s not what I asked, Kazehaya Tatsumi,” and he spits the name like it’s poison.

Tatsumi’s voice takes a moment to work right again, words coming out in whispers as he stares up at the other man. When HiMERU’s grip tightens just slightly, he gnaws at his bottom lip with a sharp canine, and yet his eyes, pupils dilated, don’t dart from his face.

He tries, struggles, to hold himself back, HiMERU’s sure of it, but it’s no use at all in this state. His mouth opens, closes, trying and failing to shut himself up.

“...I need–” He coughs out the words, a new note of desperation forming in his voice once he can finally let it out. “I need blood– I–”

Before HiMERU can fully process the meaning of those words, it’s already too late. Tatsumi has already brought his hands to grip at HiMERU’s arm, breathing quick, he’s already rolled down the sleeve and turned his face towards the bare skin.

The sharp pain is what finally makes him push Tatsumi away, curses falling out of his mouth as he gazes down at the new wound. In just an instant, he drew blood, alright, though it was just a graze– Comparable to a cat scratch, maybe, but no less offensive.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry– HiMERU-san–,” the other whimpers, and yet despite it he still wipes his red lips with the back of his hand, draws out his tongue to lick at the liquid.

HiMERU isn’t sure whether to be enraged, disgusted, or mesmerized.

God fucking damnit.

He may not know what exactly just happened, but he has an image to play– A cool, intelligent idol who always has the high ground.

He manages to force a smirk.

“Oh? What’s this?” His voice is taunting as he steps back up to the other idol, trying to ignore the stinging pain on his forearm. “Is the Kazehaya Tatsumi a simple degenerate who gets his kicks from biting others?”

If only it were that simple– But it’s undeniable that the other seems almost… stabilized, rejuvenated from the taste he got.

Tatsumi blinks at the other’s words, face heating up in shame.

“No, no, I need– I’m sorry, HiMERU-san, I don’t know what I…”

“Quit your ramblings, saint bastard.”

He needs to know more. He can’t let the other go with just a stream of apologies– Not when he saw the hunger in the other’s eyes just a few moments ago, when he felt his skin grazed by teeth sharp enough to act as its own blade.

“...Tell me. What exactly is wrong with you?”

Kazehaya Tatsumi looks good like this, he decides begrudgingly. Much, much better than when he stands on stage, when he tries to act all confident and serene. This is exactly how he should be; face flushed in embarrassment, hair disheveled. Underneath HiMERU. Staring up at him so demure.

He’s getting ahead of himself.

“...I don’t know…” And yet despite his position, he still manages a nervous laugh. “I’ve always been like this… I’m sorry if that’s an unsatisfactory answer.”

And what exactly can HiMERU do with that? Because the other is clearly, clearly abnormal, wrong, for his actions, and yet he’s playing it off as a simple need? No human being needs to consume blood, damnit. HiMERU isn’t an idiot.

He sighs. “And do you expect me to believe that?” With a tilt of his head, he nudges Tatsumi’s leg with his foot, and the other flinches slightly. “Still keeping up your dishonesty… Maybe I’ll let everyone else know what a deviant you really are–”

“No– No, please don’t.” HiMERU can just barely suppress a satisfied smirk at the other’s pleading eyes. “...I’m sorry. I really don’t know, HiMERU-san, but it… won’t happen again. I need to control myself better, haha…” He smiles cautiously.

Control himself against what? The other’s seemingly out of nowhere bloodlust is completely illogical, lest HiMERU give himself into tall tales of vampires and other creatures of the night. It goes against everything someone as logical as him believes in, but it also fits… concerningly well. He looks over the other, at his vastly improved state from the fever he was suffering from just a minute ago.

“...Then prove it to me, Kazehaya Tatsumi.”


“Open your mouth.”

He’s a bit dumbfounded, just for a moment, but even when he doesn’t get it he still parts his lips obediently. It’s not enough, of course– HiMERU leans down, hooks his index and middle finger behind the other’s bottom teeth and pulls down. Tatsumi resulting inhale is broken.

It’s vile, as expected. Tatsumi dirties his fingers, doesn’t have enough sense in his head to not rest the bottom of his tongue against HiMERU’s knuckles. He tries not to cringe at the feeling– He brought it on himself, but nonetheless. Tatsumi’s expression is bewildered, a bit shocked and wary of the other but putting up no resistance.

What greets HiMERU is perhaps something he should have been more prepared for, canines overtaken by inhumanly sharp fangs jutting out underneath his top lip. That must have been what cut him earlier– It’s honestly a bit humiliating to think he never noticed before. HiMERU clicks his tongue. His bottom set of teeth (what he can see) in comparison are dull. A weapon meant for incising, but not ripping and tearing.


Despite their current proximity, what with HiMERU’s fingers shoved in his mouth, his demeanor is cold, distant. Analytical, as he observes the make of the other’s teeth. Tatsumi pushed his curiosity too far with his attempt earlier. He’s facing his punishment, eyes locked onto HiMERU’s face despite the shameful position he’s in.

He leans in, just a bit closer, blue hair curtaining their faces with his forehead inches away from the other. Tatsumi breathes in.

“Don’t bite.”

He nods.

HiMERU bites his lip as he removes his digits from under the other’s tongue, wiping them off on his pants quickly. Tatsumi doesn’t attempt to leave, doesn’t even close his mouth as he waits for the other with bleary eyes. Quickly HiMERU uses his other hand to grasp the Tatsumi’s jaw, too harsh, hard bone under his fingertips, and he lets out a small noise at the force. It’s satisfying.

It’s long past an excuse of curiosity, at this point. He wouldn’t give up the sight of Tatsumi beneath him right now for the world.

Deft fingers work their way over incisors, balanced on the indent of canines– Normal ones, this time, though his knuckles were only an inch away from facing the wrath of the saint’s monstrous set. Tatsumi’s shoulders shake at the effort of keeping still, warm flesh and blood just within his reach– HiMERU could applaud the other’s determination to obey but that was for another time.

Fingertips dancing above bone, he pushes down suddenly, driving his index finger into the other’s bottom left canine. It hurts, of course, just a little bit, leaves an indentation and brings out a quiet growl from the back of Tatsumi’s throat, but he doesn’t bleed, never would unless he really pushed it.

When he pulls back, he glances at the tip of his finger, the dent starting to form into a reddish-purple mark.

Kazehaya Tatsumi’s breathing quickens.

“Does anyone else know about this little secret?” HiMERU hums. “Do they know that the kind and virtuous Kazehaya Tatsumi is hiding something barbaric like this?”

“...No… No one here.” Something possessive sparks inside HiMERU, knowing that he’s the only one who knows the other’s shame.

“And is that why you pushed yourself to the point of sickness?”

A slow nod. “...Yes. HiMERU-san, please–”

His voice is filled with mock pity. “Ah. I could almost feel sorry for you. But HiMERU isn’t done yet.”

Tatsumi’s eyes stare back, silently questioning. What more do you want? What more do I have to take?

“...Yes. Take as much time as you need.”

He opens his mouth in wait.


Again, his fingers trace the ridges of the other’s mouth. It’s not as if he’s expecting to find anything, not right now– But watching the other suffer by putting food right in front of him and instructing him to starve is far too much of a luxury to pass up. Tatsumi has already gone pliant under his administrations, and while HiMERU can’t tell if it’s invitation or acceptance, it’s nonetheless appreciated.

He can feel the way Tatsumi reacts under his fingertips, how he shudders and flinches when HiMERU presses down and he can see how his hands are balled up in his lap, a white-knuckle grip on eachother. He can feel how he struggles to breathe against the intrusion.

“...You said no one here knew, didn’t you? Did your pack of followers know, though?” His fingertips trail up to the other’s upper molars, dangerously close to his fangs. “Just how much did you take from other people to satisfy your sick needs?”

He can’t answer, of course, and he doesn’t make a fool out of himself by attempting to. Completely defenseless under HiMERU’s verbal assault.

(Of course, the other’s response wouldn’t matter either way. All that matters is that, logically, he never knew. The thought alone could make HiMERU sick– If Tatsumi treated him as less than oblivious to his situation he would have had to hold back from breaking his jaw–)

“...It’s fitting for you,” he muses. “No one even knows your sins, this secret. No one but me.”

And he nods; as much as he can while his mouth is being forced open. HiMERU laughs, breathy and quiet.

He presses his finger against the back of the other’s fang– Where it dips, juts out again but just behind the tip that drew blood from him only a moment ago. Tatsumi is struggling, his hands tensing and his breath caught in his throat.

It’s entertaining.

But when HiMERU again goes to remove his hand, when his fingertip almost brushes against that fang again he can feel Tatsumi’s jaw tense, the beginnings of a bite though hesitant.

With quick motions, he drives his fingers back into the other’s mouth– They press against the back of his tongue, his throat, gagging him, and in an instant Tatsumi’s eyes go wide and he shudders before sputtering, coughing over the other’s digits. It shuts him up, certainly, stops any plan of attack he had in his tracks and leaves him eyes watering and breathing labored as he holds his throat. A complete mess.

“Are you less than a dog? Can’t you follow simple instructions?”

Hand under his chin, pushing, HiMERU forces the other to meet his gaze through unfocused eyes. At any point, he could have resisted– He could have stopped putting up with his invasive touch, his degradation. And thus, it comes as no surprise that Tatsumi meets his grimace with a shaky smile.

He says nothing.

“...Are you enjoying this, bastard?”

A pause. Tatsumi takes in breaths, still wheezing from a moment ago.

“...I’m happy to receive any punishment you give me.”

“You’re disgusting.”

He laughs.

It’s hypocritical, HiMERU knows, when he’s in an equally vile state, working himself into a frenzy with the other’s spit on his fingers.

(If he doesn’t end this soon then–)

“...Fine.” A sigh, a pitiful attempt at distance. “...I suppose you‘ve earned it, despite your little stunt a second ago.” He rolls his eyes at Tatsumi’s confused expression.

“Open up.”

Once again, those fangs stare at him.

It’s not as if he benefits from this– It would be easy, optimal even, to leave the other here. It’s not as if he was dying. And yet, his fingertip hovers just below his canine. One, two beats– It pierces through flesh, drawing blood. He winces, but the pain is temporary, tame, overtaken by a low buzzing (or maybe he’s just choosing to ignore it in favor of remaining on top of the other in his mind).

A pause.

“...Are you an idiot, too?”

He gets the message.

HiMERU shivers at the feeling of Tatsumi’s tongue pressed against his wound. His teeth press, gentle but firm, against his skin, a desperate bid to extract more blood from the small opening. It was barely anything, the wound only shallow and surface level, but it was enough for him. Starving, desperation replaces any sort of shame as he laps at the liquid like a dog, and suddenly HiMERU is the one tense, face flushed as he allows the other to drink.

It’s overwhelming, more so than he could have accounted for– And he quickly yanks back his hand before he can get any worse.

Red stains his bottom lip for only a second before it’s brushed away by his tongue.

The silence is palpable.

“...Thank you, HiMERU-san.”

Infuriating. Completely infuriating.

“...Don’t you dare thank me for something disgusting like this, Kazehaya Tatsumi.”