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Ding! A notification

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Shokuhou Misaki is indeed a social butterfly. She was naturally an extrovert who exerted an aura of “friendliness and elegance” wherever she roamed and wandered. That’s why it wouldn’t be unusual for someone like her to have a booming amount of followers on her Instagram account, right?

Of course, Misaka Mikoto was aware of this. It was similar to the daily scoop of news, how she’d instantly become aware of the status of Misaki’s Instagram account based on the loud squeals and gossip of Tokiwadai girls. However, it wasn’t like she exactly hated it, rather, she owns an account of her own.

No, it was not a false implication of sorts. She really does have an account, but it's not registered under her actual name, therefore in conclusion, she’s fine, Misaki won’t figure it out. Besides, she was simply convinced to create one by Saten-san for her own personal needs – (she couldn’t resist and obeyed anyway.)

So would it technically be allowed for her, at 2 AM in the morning, to press on the heart icon simply because why not?

It might be her sleep deprivation that might be convincing her to fall into temptation, it might be her sleep pills that might be making her brain malfunction, however, her thumb is physically incapable of scrolling past one of her posts.

Fuck, Mikoto curses.

Her eyes are now marveling at her figure, how the outfit she wears compliments the color of her hair, and how the pose she makes flaunts her body perfectly.

She’s practically admiring each detail like a professional visitor to an art museum. If you ask her to describe Misaki in one word, her mouth might utter the words ‘Art’ or ‘Perfection’ because damn is she right.

Her pose, expressions, and style are perfect, it’s magnificent, it’s ethereal, it’s practically artistic, a work of art. How she wishes she could draw so that she can replicate every aspect of her for her own wants. She’ll have the motivation to perfect the piece and not leave it as a half-baked drawing. If she has to admit, she’s way too damn attractive.

And what is this warmth across her cheeks? It’s annoying her.

Oh, I clicked on it.

The heart turned opaque, in the middle of her crisis she didn’t notice that she had pressed on it.

As if on cue, a ding sounded and a notification box descended from the top of her screen. Misaka-san is this you? It read.

The sender was…Misaki. Her name in bold and a little bee emoji right next to it. Mikoto panicked, from how instantaneous was that accusation and how indeed spot on it was. But she wouldn’t let her discover so easily, not in her life.

No, of course not, who is that?  

Please, if you’re going to try to act clueless at least take notice of how your username is literally _gekoer.

I’m not the only Gekota fan out there, it could be someone else or Hokaze-san.

For your information, she actually uses her name.

Then why me?

You’re the only other person in Tokiwadai who is a die-hard fan of Gekotas.

Plus, kids don’t know how to use Instagram either.

It’s not me.

You’re so stubborn, Misaka-san, you could simply just admit it and I won’t expose it to the whole school like it's the biggest scandal there is to have happened in Tokiwadai.

Mikoto frowned.

Okay no, it’s not sacrilegious to like Gekotas at our age okay? Shut up.

So it was you!

No, it is not!

I’m going to bed.

No no no! You are not going to sleep until you admit it.

I already said it isn’t me! What is there to admit?!

Fine then! Continue acting clueless when it’s clearly you!

God, I said it's not me! Can I finally go to sleep, thank you!

Then, Mikoto exasperatingly sighed from the sudden event of an online verbal war. Why did she assume it would be so easy to get away with something in the eyes of the strongest mental user? She was careless, sure, and what did she mean by “to take notice of her username” when it really isn’t that tremendously obvious.

That’s the reasoning she has in mind and she will not think otherwise.

Without a second to waste, her eyes shut close.

On the following day, her classes finished. She roamed and strolled through the ever-so-long hallways of their school when she overheard even more girls talking about another post of Misaki’s.

She posted again? That’s quick. This compelled her to retrieve her phone and check it out of her own will.

Mikoto noticed how her new post was oddly….very cute. Way too cute. Is this the type of thing she likes? Mikoto shook her head violently from that thought gaining the stares of others in the process.

She wore pink silk pajamas and took a picture with the phone positioned next to her, those types of posts that are always captioned as “Just woke up.” when in fact they haven’t. 

Without thinking much about it, in a beat, she clicked on the heart icon without hesitation.

After that moment, it had unknowingly become a part of her routine in her day. In the morning and afternoon, she’d attend classes as usual. Then, once her free time envelops her, she’ll overhear talks of a new post and access it through her phone just so that she can “like it.”

On the contrary, accusing messages from Misaki dissipated which made her feel even freer to do so.

But with every click and press, the girl in question always found herself grinning whenever the notification appeared.

_gekoer liked your photo.

It occurred to Misaki that she always interacted with her posts at similar time periods as if it was scheduled, designated just to heart her photos. It allowed her to look forward to it every day, a mind-numbing thrill and excitement for the purpose of seeing a notification.

So when she wouldn’t receive a notification at the same hour, she’d message Mikoto.

Why didn’t you like my photo today?

You posted? 

No wait I mean I don’t even like your posts. What are you talking about?

Come on~ Like my photo.

I will not. 


I don’t have an Instagram.

Then can you make an Instagram account just to like my photo~?

That’s so much work.

What? You just input your Email and make a password, I didn’t know you were this lazy.

If anyone’s “lazy” between us, it’s you.

In this situation, you’re lazier. Just make an account for me.

You’re demanding, you know that?

And I’m proud of it, now move along.

When she think she wouldn’t, Mikoto actually did make an account. This time, her username was registered as her name and not something Gekota related. She named it, m.mikoto , like how others at her school would.

Wow, you actually made one.

Now what does that mean, you’re supposed to be happy.

No no, it just surprised me, thank you ~

Her text would prevail in a tone of carelessness, but Misaki felt herself blushing, hard. She was only joking for Mikoto to create an account out of her command, but she actually did. 

Ding! It came from her phone.

m.mikoto liked your photo.

“No way,” she was flabbergasted, sarcastically. Misaki laughed at this situation. She couldn’t help but slightly tear up from her fit of laughter in the car. Her thoughts simply wandered toward the simple-mindedness of a certain girl.

It was all too melodic and fitting, “Misaka-san, you’re so cute."


Then, time passed and Mikoto was awake at 2 AM in the morning, again , her current activity only just scrolling through the statuses and updates on her phone. Specifically Instagram, and specifically the page of a beautiful girl. With every photo, the thoughts in her mind dance and she smiles brightly at each and every framed picture.

Fuck, Mikoto curses.


She’s too perfect.