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  • Jewish Comics Day (Jewish_Comics_Day) by stars_inthe_sky, Nina_Dances_In_Technicolor

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    31 May 2016


    Calling all Marvel fan-creators! You’ve heard the bullshit. Of course you have.

    So let's make 1 June 2016 a DAY OF JEWISH COMICS. Jewish people created this industry and the beloved, nigh-immortal characters still so popular to this day. Let’s fight the antisemitism of the current moneyed creators and give back to the community that has given us so much by putting out fanart and fanfic that returns Jewish characters and influence to the (positive) spotlight.

    DC fans are welcome too! Y’all want to put out some Superman celebrating Purim or Batman protecting a synagogue or Harley Quinn taking a giant hammer to the current Cap writers, GO FOR IT. We are here to show that Jewish people have, and have always had, a place in these comics and this giant unwieldy mega-fandom, whether their home of choice is Avengers Tower or the city of Gotham. (Massively Multiplayer Marvel/DC Jewish crossover? FRICK YEAH.)

    This collection is open, so feel free to add your stories, art, and more!

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