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Olivia ran her hands down the pink cheeks and smiled to herself. The paddle and worked wonders on Peter’s ass and he was going to be sore tomorrow. However, right now she wanted the color to be a little darker.

She laid down a few more swats and sighed delightedly at the sight of him squirming in the ropes. He was on his stomach, spread-eagle with a limb tied to each bedpost. He was stretched nearly to his max and the light squirming was all he could manage.

“Olivia!” He pleaded with her, but she ignored him. He might be done, but she wasn’t, and unless he safeworded, she was going to take her time with him. However, she wasn’t going to take too much longer. They had been at it for almost ninety minutes, and she could tell that he was starting to get tired.

She made a mental note of how many smacks she wanted to give him and then laid them down in rapid succession. It was only a dozen more. He moaned and arched and whined and she reveled in the sounds. When Olivia stopped paddling him, Peter went limp and sighed defeatedly. He felt her cool hands along his back and ass as she slid them up to his right wrist. He whimpered as the rope was untied and he was able to partially move again.

Then she untied him the rest of the way. He laid there quietly for several minutes, and Olivia got up from the bed to get a few things. Peter whined when she stood and reached for her.

“Shh, it’s alright. I just want to get you some salve for your wrists and ankles and something to drink. I’ll be right back.”

He didn’t look happy about it, but he acquiesced, laying back down on the bed with a soft sigh. Sensitive about how hard things were for him right now, she stood and got the balm and a couple bottles of water. He held out his arms for her and she slid right into them.

“Here, have some of this and let me examine you.”

“I’m fine, but I will take some of the water.”

She handed him the bottle and he sipped from it lightly. He sighed contently and slumped back against the pillows. She pulled out the balm and started rubbing it on his wrists and ankles. She wasn’t so worried about his butt; it wouldn’t sting for very long and would heal quickly. Not to mention it wasn’t visible. However, the same couldn’t be said for his wrists and ankles, and the rope burn on them.

So she rubbed in the salve and watched as he began to doze off. He always got so sleepy after a scene. Olivia doubted he was going to be awake for much longer and found that she was right. He closed his eyes and immediately slipped off into dreamland.

Which was the point of their scene of course. He was in desperate need of some sleep but couldn’t relax long enough to let it happen.