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Rehomed Cat

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“Hello? Yuni?” 

 “Kenma… I-“ You swore to stay composed but the embarrassment of your situation was too much to bare. You can’t help but sob but you do your best to inform your distant cousin of the reason for your seemingly random call.  You two were close as kids, but had grown apart as you aged. Though you were both quite similar, he had grown up to be quite successful and was always at least somewhat social, whereas you had succumb to anxiety-inducing traumas and separated from the outside world, effectively living as a NEET.

 “Can I please come live with you?” Your voice is distressed, angry at yourself for causing trouble because of your inability to live by “normal” standards. All this time, you’d been getting by on an allowance left to you by your late parents and by now was expended. You had already received a notice of eviction and considered yourself to be out of options, relying on the generosity of your only remaining family member. 

 He’s quiet for a moment, you wonder if he’d set the phone down and stopped listening long ago, not wanting to hear you crying or collect yourself to snivel and beg. 

 “Kenma, I’m sorry! I’ve inconvenienced you! Please don’t worry about-“ You were close to ending the call when he interjects.

 “You’re not inconveniencing me, Yuni. I was just thinking how to go about getting you here” He’s calm and you apologize again to him for misunderstanding, starting again to sob uncontrollably. 

 “Yoon~ Please stop crying” He pleads. 

 You do your best to control yourself, but you’re moved by his kindness. He didn’t have to help you the way he agreed to and you were beyond thankful. You both decide on a plan and schedule your move, he buys any travel tickets you require and tells you just to focus on leaving on time and arriving to the correct destination where he will meet you. You thank him profusely while he begs you not to and finally end the call, mutually looking forward to seeing the other soon. 

 You didn’t have many belongings to pack, your life was incredibly small and fit with a little room to spare in your suitcase — which you could lift with ease. A few different clothes, a couple pairs of shoes, basic toiletries, your journals — most of them used but a few untouched ones among them — and your laptop, cellphone, headphones, and respective chargers, cables, and accessories. Your hobbies were limited to writing and sketching, online games, and watching anime or your cousin’s gaming streams. While your life was simple, the internet allowed it to feel much more vast — exploring forums and other social platforms, connecting with strangers with similar niche interests. For the most part, you’d always felt content, only ever sometimes longing for excitement and more fulfilling life. The days you felt lonely or like the biggest disappointment on the planet, you’d escape reality and find a new game to play or anime to watch, sometimes even deciding to write whatever world it is you wish you could live in instead. 

 Kenma was thoughtful in deciding the best route for you to take, always having known about your lifestyle and being the only person you’ve experienced to not make you feel guilty for it. It wasn’t like you’d grown up wanting to live this way as an adult, but life had been a little too cruel and unfortunate for you, you’d suffered many traumas and braved the aftermath completely alone. This is the life you ended up with and you do everything you can to not allow harsh and hateful opinions to become your inner voice. Neither you nor Kenma made much of an active effort to stay in touch with each other, but you’d mutually send texts on holidays and call on birthdays, never once did he condescend or criticize your life, only ever wishing you well and being happy to hear from you. He’d arranged your trip to be as simple as possible — a bus ride and one direct flight. 

 On the day you set off to live with him, having dropped your keys off back to the building supervisor, you sent a text to Kenma letting him know you’re leaving your apartment on time and walking the short distance to the bus stop you’re meant to be at. He doesn’t respond and it only worries you a little. What if he regrets helping me? I have to go now though, he’s already spent money on getting me there. I hope he’s okay. You don’t hear from him until after you’ve arrived to the airport and checked in for your flight, which is taking off in less than an hour. You answer immediately. 

 “Kenma? Is everything o-“ 

 He interrupts you.  

 “Everything’s fine Yuni-” He sounds irritated. “I’m sorry but I won’t be able to pick you up from the airport. Can you write some things down?” 

 You’re caught off guard, but relieved he hasn’t mentioned regretting helping you, and you shuffle to get into your suitcase — small enough to fit as a carry-on — to get to your pens and journals, opening to a clean page. He gives you the name of the taxi company he’s booked to pick you up and the name of the driver so you know who to look for, and told you to let yourself into his home, giving you the codes you’ll need — one for the front gate and one for his front door. He assures you, you have full access to anything and tells you to make yourself at home once you arrive, and that he should be home himself not too long after you get there. 

 A little stressed at the sudden change of plans, you do a small breathing exercise and mentally hype yourself up. I can do this! Kenma is trusting me to arrive safely. He wouldn’t have done this unless he had to. I can do my part. He is helping me so much already, I can do this! Your flight is being announced as ready to board and you make your way through the gate and take your assigned seat once on the plane — a window seat. Thanks, Kenma! The flight is only a few hours, but you’re too nervous to sleep, so you stare out the window and keep yourself calm imaging your new life. You swear you’ll be of use to your cousin, you never want to upset him and make him wish he hadn’t moved you into his home. 

 Your flight is smooth and you land quicker than you anticipated, leaving the airport is simple and just outside are a few cab services lined up for others traveling away from the airport and further to their specific destinations. You spot the cab and the driver Kenma described to you and make your way over. The driver is kind and doesn’t seem to mind you’re the shy and quiet type. He picks up on this after a bit of small talk and then asks what type of music you’d like on the radio. Kenma’s apartment building is a short drive from the airport, the driver opens your door for you to exit the cab and drives away while you’re standing and staring in awe at the size of this building. It’s design is incredibly modern and sleek, it strikes you as the type to house wealthy business professionals, then you recall Kenma actually does have a large income though he never mentions it, but it’s apparent by the various high-end gadgets he uses to stream the many various games he plays — which he’s always buys on or before their release dates. 

 You make your way up to Kenma’s apartment, using the codes he’s given granting you access into the building, however your general appearance keeps you from feeling that you belong there — wearing a baggy stained hoodie that keeps the bike shorts you’re wearing under from being visible, and tattered sneakers, messy hair pulled-back to a pony and smudgy makeup applied a few days ago. You’re thankful not to have run into anyone on the way up and hurriedly lock yourself into your cousin’s apartment — your new home. 

 He’s quite a few floors off the ground and the layout is bigger than you expected. He’s got one wall of floor to ceiling windows and you walk over to peer down on the city and watch for a moment the people all living their busy lives below. What a crazy life. You set your suitcase down near the sofa and give yourself a tour of his home. Crossing back through the living area to the kitchen you had passed on the way in, then down the hall to a bathroom you suspect is for guests as it almost looked unused, Kenma’s streaming room — feeling a little surreal standing in a place you’ve only seen online — and Kenma’s bedroom, where he’s got his own bathroom, this one he obviously uses. He’s got a really neat set up and a lot of expensive things, he’s so humble though it’s easy to forget he’s as rich as he is. You decide to bring your suitcase from the living room to Kenma’s room. You have no problem sleeping on the couch but decide he may prefer your clothes in his closet over on the area rug in the main room. It dawns on you to text him that you’ve arrived but he doesn’t respond again. He doesn’t need to, but hopefully that relieves some stress he may be having. 
 You sit in silence for a moment at the foot of your cousin’s bed, accessing your needs. The transition was simple enough but it’s somehow all still a little overwhelming. You decide on a shower, but being that there are two in Kenma’s home, you wonder which he’d prefer you to use. Remembering he said he’d be home not too long after you, you decide to use the guest bathroom. You are a guest here after all and you figure you should keep the bathroom he uses available to him. You bring a change of clothes and everything you use in the shower with you, finding towels and everything else you’ll need stocked in the bathroom — you swear to leave as little evidence as possible of having used the space, feeling bad having to disturb the display of it all.

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You’re only able to hear the water while showering, fine by you as it drowns out the outside world — all that exists at the moment, as far as you’re concerned, is you, the shower, and the peace you’re beginning to feel consume you. You do not hear any of the ruckus just outside the bathroom caused by Kenma trying to keep his drunken friend upright as they crash through the door. 

 “UGH! Kuro!! Come on!” Kenma grunts, barely able to support the weight of his best friend who is exaggerating and making things harder on purpose. After a few moments of being inside though, Kuro seemingly sobers up and stands upright on his own, the sudden change confusing Kenma. 

 “Who’s here!?” Kuro’s almost frantic when he asks then takes off for the hall, following the sound of what he’s piecing together is the guest shower running. 

 Kenma expected to bring Kuro back and lay him on the couch, allowing him to crash, he thought you’d be the first he’d explain this situation to. He didn’t want to have to explain this right now, he’s never mentioned you to Kuro, he’s never needed to — by the time the two had become friends, you’d already moved away. 

 “DUDE SOMEONE IS IN HERE” Kuro informs Kenma and begins jiggling the locked door handle, trying to get in and remove the intruder. 

 “KURO STOP!!” Kenma sprints to Kuro and tries to separate him from the door. “Kuro let me explain! Go sit on the couch!” They’re slapping each other out of the way and pulling on each others clothes trying to achieve their individual missions. Kuro suddenly freezes in place and his jaw drops.

 “Who do you have in there?” He smirks and raises an eyebrow. “Wooowww Kenma~ You could’ve told me” He slurs a little.  

 Kenma grows more irate by the second. “KURO! GO. SIT!” 

 You turn off the shower water just in time to hear your cousin’s voice. But what did he say? Positive he has no pets, you assume you misheard him. 

 “K- Kenma??” You call out. 

 Kuro was walking towards the couch but turned quickly to face Kenma, his drunken face wearing an expression suggesting he’s about to find out “Kenma’s secret”. Kenma palms his own face quickly then points back at Kuro to sit on the couch. 

 “Everything’s fine Yuni…” He responds while sighing. Is it really? 

 “YUNI!!??” Kuro shouts like he’s onto something. “KYENMAA~!!” He proudly exclaims.

 “Kuro SHUT UP! My cousin lives with me now!” He fumes. Kuro blinks and his tone changes completely.  

 “Oh” Seemingly bored with the outcome of the mystery of who was in Kenma’s home.  That is, until you step out from the bathroom — clothed, of course. Kuro’s eyes lock onto you and his face widens with awe, as if he’s seeing an angel behind his best friend. Kenma didn’t hear the door and is confused for only a second before realizing, he almost had to look over his shoulder to understand what was happening but once it clicked his eyes stayed locked on Kuro and his eyebrows dropped. You had made eye contact with Kuro and seen his expression change, but feeling uncomfortable you ran into Kenma’s room. Once Kenma heard his door close, he spoke loud enough only for Kuro to hear.

 “No” He stated clearly with angry eyes focused on his best friend. “Stay there” He pointed again to Kuro and the couch and headed down the hall to you. Kuro heard the same door close a second time and really started to feel himself sober up while thinking about what was going on, unable to hear either of you two. 

 “Sorry- Yuni-“ Kenma’s doing his best to rearrange his thoughts in an instant. “I couldn’t pick you up because of him” He takes a deep breath to sigh heavily while his eyes sort of squint shut and drops his head back. He continues. 
 “He’s my best friend but I’ve spread myself too thin agreeing to take care of him the same day I was supposed to pick you up from the airport…” He speaks like he’s talking to himself and interrupts himself. 

 “I’m sorry for all this… It’s really good to see you anyway” He pulls you in for a warm hug and you reciprocate. 

 “It’s really okay Kenma. I feel bad causing you trouble like this… But it’s good seeing you too” 

 He pushes you back to look you in the eyes, keeping his hands on your arms.

 “Yoon~ You’re not causing me trouble. Kuro is” He pulls you back in for another hug. “I wouldn’t have agreed to help you if I thought it would be too troublesome Yuni” 

 You both stay embraced, sort of sinking into the other, mutually thankful for your remaining family member. 

 Kenma rubs your back then leans away, you follow his lead and again you’re face to face. As long as either of you can remember, you’ve been exactly eye level to each other. He notices your small suitcase near his closet and reminds you that you’re welcome to anything of his, and if you need anything he doesn’t have to let him know right away, then says he should check on Kuro and tells you to come out whenever you’re ready before heading back out to his friend, shutting the door on his way out. 

 You decide to get into Kenma’s collection of hoodies and grab a clean one to put on over your tank top and shorts. It’s made of a thick high-quality fabric and smells like fresh laundry, you pull the hood over your head and make your way to your cousin and his friend. 

 You hear them arguing what to put on for you all to watch before you round the corner. Kuro immediately notices you and you both lock eyes again. This time you look away and run to Kenma, putting him between you both. Kuro becomes silent suddenly and Kenma, without looking away from the movies he’s debating between, introduces you both. 

 “Kuro, this is my cousin. Yuni lives with me now. Yuni… That’s Kuro” 

 Kuro sits a little straighter and leans back to look at you behind Kenma’s head.

 “Yuni! Happy to meet you~” 

 Kenma selects a movie and sits back to block Kuro’s line of sight, then looks towards you as if Kuro’s not in the room at all.

 “What to you want to eat? I’d prefer if we order something instead of cooking tonight, is that okay with you?” 

 You nod happily to him and he recognizes you’re not ready to say anything yet. He remembers doing this with you as children, guessing until you approve of his answer.

 “How does pizza sound?” 
 “Pizza! YES!” Kuro chimes in. 

 You can almost see the vein pop out over Kenma’s brow. 

 “I was asking Yuni, Kuro” He says with gritted teeth. 
 You nod to Kenma, agreeing to pizza. You assume since it was his first guess, he must also want it, you know for sure Kuro will like this too. You lean closer to Kenma to speak quietly to him, Kuro can’t make out what you say or hear your voice. 

 “Any kind you want, I’m not very picky”

 He’s already opening some delivery app on his phone and searches pizza options. As he clicks through creating the order, he asks for your input along the way.

 “Okay, I like this one, does that look okay to you too? … Do you still hate olives? We can leave them off. …  Think we should get this too? I’ll get this too since Kuro’s here.” 

 Kuro squishes his cheek against Kenma’s, feeling left out. Kenma allows his best friend to do so as this is common for them when Kuro wants to see what Kenma’s doing on his phone.

 “Kenma, don’t forget the dipping sauces I like!” 

 This makes Kenma pull away and leans towards you, giving Kuro an irritated look. 

 “Okay~ okay~” Kuro whines and backs away sinking into the far corner of the couch with arms crossed over his chest, staring at his feet. He’s really pouting. You smirk at Kenma and he somehow sees from the back of his head, snapping around to face you. 

 “What!?” He’s asking you confused with almost the same face he just shot at Kuro. 

 “You two are funny” You admit. Kuro doesn’t move but he smirks a little and side-eyes Kenma who’s already darting another look of dissatisfaction his way. Despite their current bickering, they do have good chemistry — it’s obvious they’re especially close. Knowing your cousin is like you in the sense of not requiring much socialization, you realize how special it is for Kenma to have a friend like Kuro, both of them completely accepting of the other and enjoying the others company. 

 Kenma finalizes the order and tells you both while relaxing into the couch to watch the movie he’s put on that it should arrive in about 45 minutes. He’s over the drama of this moment and just wants to watch the movie — a sci-fi fantasy he assumes all three of you will enjoy. As you all become entranced and feel transported to the on-screen realm, a buzz snaps you all back to the reality you truly exist in. Both of the guys are headed toward the door, Kenma makes his way to the intercom panel on the wall to confirm the arrival of his previously placed order and grants access to the delivery person while Kuro makes a detour to the kitchen, grabbing drinks, napkins, and utensils — you make your way slowly over towards them, watching them thoughtlessly react and put together that this is a sort of habit for them. 

 Between buzzing the front gate open and the knock on the front door, Kenma seems to sense you again and ushers you to relax on the couch, explaining you three can continue the movie while you eat. On his way back to answer the door, he and Kuro pass each other, Kuro’s arms are full of everything he’s grabbed from the kitchen. The two of them exchange glances without you noticing. Kuro sets the small table between the couch and tv and Kenma’s not far behind with dinner, setting it down in the spaces created by Kuro.

 You all eat your fill and before long the movie has ended, at some point Kuro has passed out and neither your nor Kenma noticed his soft snoring until the credits began to play. 

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“You’ve got to be kidding me- KURO!! Wake up!!” Kenma sort of punches Kuro in the shoulder, nothing comes of it. He’s knocked out for the night. Kenma sighs and explains to you he was planning to take the couch and give you his bed, until he agreed to let Kuro crash and brought him over — then they were going to take the bed and give you the couch. 

 “We’ll just have to share a bed like we did as kids then” You suggest.

 “As long as you’re okay with it” Kenma considers.

 You nod until he nods back, then he tells you he’s gonna clean up and he’ll meet you in his room shortly. You offer help but he says he’s got it and confesses he’s gonna help situate Kuro to be more comfortable, lifting his legs onto the couch where the two of you were just sitting and grabbing some blankets and pillows from the linen closet for him. The two of you embrace and say goodnight to the other. 

 “I’m glad you knew you could reach out to me” He says softly to you.

 So many things you want to say suddenly and all of them are starting a tournament to see which will come out first, your voice being held captive until the results are finalized. You force yourself to say something in response to his warm generosity. 

 “Thank you so much Kenma” 

 “Of course Yoon” He squeezes you a little tighter and swiftly kisses your cheek softly before sending you down the hall. 

 You relieve yourself in the bathroom adjoining the master bedroom and promptly tuck yourself in, removing the hoodie you borrowed as the covers are thick and you don’t want to overheat. Kenma’s bed is cozy and smells clean and you’re drifting away to sleep when you hear his steps approaching from the hall. He also uses the restroom before tucking himself in beside you. You sigh in unison and snuggle your heads into your respective pillows before peacefully crossing into your own dream realms. 

 Somehow you both seem to peel your eyes open at the same time in the morning. You’re both surprised to be looking at the other, swearing what caused you to cross back to the real world from the fantasies you’d both found yourselves in was the smell of the other making breakfast and not that either of you were staring at the other. It dawns on you two the same time the sun hits you both in the face as it rises steadily to peek through Kenma’s curtains that it must be Kuro making breakfast. Kenma asks if you slept okay, still snuggled under the covers. You nod, also unwilling break from your own cocoon of blankets. You want to ask him if he did but a yawn forces its way out before you can find your voice. Kenma can’t help himself from doing the same and you both stretch almost in the same pose. This amuses the two of you and you’re giggling at the other matching your own gestures — you two are alike in many ways despite having grown up apart from each other. 

 Kuro has enough recollection of the night before to be aware of the boundary his best friend has around his own cousin — normally he’d have full access to Kenma’s room, but this morning he won’t go further down the hall than the guest bathroom. He hears you both though rustling around and giggling. 

 “Breakfast will be ready in about 15 minutes, sleepyheads~” He calls from the kitchen. 

 You consider again the type of friend Kuro is to Kenma and admire the way they care for each other. 

 “Why were you so upset with Kuro last night?” Your voice is still scratchy from not being used yet. Kenma rolls to his back and faces the ceiling and takes in a deep breath to sigh with a strained grunt as he stretches again, answering you as his breath escapes him.

 “He just gets on my nerves sometimes…” He smiles towards you still lying on his back. “It’s okay though, maybe he can redeem himself this morning” He adds playfully while throwing the covers off of him. While sitting up in the bed, he tells you to take your time getting up before bending over to kiss your forehead. He makes his way to the toilet again and then down the hall to where Kuro is. 

 You stretch a final time and repeat the pattern your cousin has as well, making your way to the bathroom before you can start the day. When you appear from the hall, the two of them look at you instantly. 

 “Good morning~” Kuro smiles at you while still tending to the stove. 

 “You want some coffee?” Kenma asks you while pouring his own cup, having just topped off Kuro’s. 

 “Mm~ Yes please” You answer while making your way to the bar between the kitchen and the living area and taking a seat on one of the stools.

 Kenma confirms the way you prefer to drink your coffee and prepares it perfectly, setting it down in front of you before taking a seat next to you, a little irked you chose to sit in the middle but says nothing. 

 Kuro soon finishes and has built all your plates pretty much evenly, with plenty to spare on the stove and surrounding counter area for anyone who wants more. He sets yours and Kenma’s down in front of you both at the same time, smiling at his best friend that there is no special treatment going on — Kenma glaring back deciding if that’s actually true. Kuro can hardly contain himself anymore and digs into his plate where he’s standing in the kitchen, just across from you both. You both follow suit and again you’re all eating happily together. Once he’s about halfway through his meal, Kuro’s able to take a breath. 

 “What do you have planned today?” He’s looking solely at Kenma who takes a moment to consider a course of action. 

 “Well… I guess Yuni and I have some shopping to do” He states while looking up as if to peak more clearly into his own thoughts. 

 “What do you mean? I have everything I need…” You turn in confusion to your cousin. 

 “Yoon~ We can’t share a bed every night… I planned on this all along” He almost makes you feel a little silly for even asking, of course there are still things you need — he’s looking out for you better than you are at this point. You sigh and nod your head, looking at your reflection in your coffee. Kenma reaches over to rest his hand between your shoulder blades, he rubs in a small circle and pats you lightly assuring you it’s okay and that he’s happy to help you. You nod and smile to him and the three of you finish your breakfast in silence except for happy chewing noises and the occasional slurping or gulping. When you’re all finished, Kenma sends you back to his room to dress yourself, assuring you to take all the time you need — he and Kuro clean up the kitchen and sneak in a small gaming session before you come back out to the living room where they are. 

 Kuro feels more comfortable complimenting you now that you’re wearing a large fitting shirt-dress and no longer in the tank and shorts you wore to breakfast, but before he’s able to tell you how nice he thinks you look, Kenma smacks him with an open palm on the back of his head. 

 “Now you and I can get dressed. Let’s go. We won’t be long Yoon~” Kenma disconnects the second player controller and encourages you to continue playing with his controller. You make little progress before the two are dressed and back in the living room. You realize at some point Kenma agreed to let Kuro tag along with you two while shopping for anything you need. 

Chapter Text

There’s a mall near enough by you all agree to walk — Kenma insists on the two of you walking with linked arms, Kuro chuckles to himself seeing his best friend be a protective-doting type. You make it about halfway to your destination before a random voice seems to call out to your group. 

 “OH MY GOSH~ Is that my best friend!!??” 

 You feel Kenma’s posture become heavier as his shoulders seemingly attempt to block the noise from his ears, at the same time you hear Kuro gasp with excitement. 

 “Get out of the way!” He playfully pushes Kenma while running toward the interruption. 

 You see Kuro embrace a man almost as tall and almost twice as wide as Kuro. Their eyes are shut, eyebrows raised with bliss, and warm smiles while they giggle with amusement at the little scene they’ve created while continuing to playfully caress and hug each other tighter. Just beyond from where the eccentric man hollered from, you see a dark haired man with deep emerald eyes starting at the two between himself and you and Kenma, this man has nearly the exact expression Kenma has on — a face that suggests this is something that is often endured. About this time, you notice the man acknowledge and nod softly to Kenma and your cousin reciprocates the gesture. The two who ran to each other finally separate.

 “Hey, hey, hey! Kenma~ Who’ve you got with you?” He yells again but now to your cousin, his tone suggests he’s mistaken you for someone romantically involved with Kenma — the way he’s unmistakably wiggling his thick eyebrows flirtatiously confirms this. Simultaneously the two of you react identically — eyebrows knitted together and mouths hung slack open, absolute offense and pure repulsion overtake the both of you but neither make an attempt to move away from the other. 

 “This is my cousin, you f-“ 

 “KENMA~!” Kuro interrupts. 


 The man just beyond the other two holds his face in his palm. 

 The five of you regroup and begin introductions. 

 “I’m Bokuto~” Says the boisterous man. He’s got the most brilliant golden eyes you’ve seen, and dual-shaded hair that reminds you of wispy black branches streaking through snowy-white forests. “And this is Akaashi!” He adds proudly and nearly knocks the wind out of his friend smacking him with an open palm in the center of his back. 

 “Nice to meet you” Akaashi’s able to get out with his escaping breath. 

 “This is Kenma’s cousin, Yuni~” Kuro speaks for Kenma who’s still fuming over the whole interruption. 

 “Its nice to meet you both” You politely respond. Your voice is soft and you squeeze Kenma’s arm. Bokuto can hardly contain his elation and his expression says what he refrains from saying out loud — ‘~cute~’

 “So where are you all headed?” He seems to be asking you, unable to take his eyes off of you. You look away and squeeze Kenma a little tighter. 
 “Uhm~” Your voice comes out almost as a whisper. 

 “Bokuto! Don’t invite yourself!” Akaashi commands. 

 Bokuto blinks and then responds with a feint whine in his voice. 

 “I wasn’t~ I was gonna invite them to the party we just found out about…” 

 “That’s just as bad, I think…” Akasshi sort of trails off.

 “WAIT WHAT!? Why aren’t we already invited!!?? WHO’S PARTY!?” Kuro demands to know. 

 “I found out from Tsuki, but I think the guest list exploded” Bokuto amuses before adding, “I’m really not sure who’s hosting but apparently a bunch of people we know will be there~ More than were originally invited apparently!” 

 Akaashi nods but says nothing. He must know there’s no way to get Bokuto to back out of this and passively agrees, hoping to at least keep his best friend from causing more trouble than he’s naturally capable of. 

 You’re quietly listening and processing the information being passed around and notice a lull in the conversation. You scan everyone’s faces and realize Kuro is looking to Kenma with the most pathetic begging face complete with puppy eyes and praying hands. Before Kenma can respond you voice your own opinion and in a panic, your voice comes out louder than you meant. 

 “Kenma! Please don’t worry about me! I don’t want to interfere or be the reason you can’t do something that you would if I wasn’t here! Please! I mean it!” You could go on but the two loudest interrupt at the same time, explaining you should come too and that you’d have a great time meeting everyone else they know who will be there. They’re leaning towards you adding more to each others explanations and fail to notice you leaning into Kenma, who pulls the two of you away to speak more privately and to distance you from the two causing you discomfort at the same time Akaashi picks up on your body language and interrupts the same two who are now listing general reasons parties are worth going to on and have begun bouncing ideas off each other. 

 “Yoon~ The party doesn’t concern me as much as getting you bedroom furniture and anything else you need. That is why we’re out shopping after all” He’s got you by the shoulders and telling you as if it’s you he needs to persuade not to attend, his facial expression looks like he feels guilty breaking this to you. You smile to him and one of your eyebrows shoots up above the other. 

 “Then let’s complete this side quest so you can start the mission on the main story line” 

 An old inside joke neither of you will let die down. You both sort of smirk and scoff trying to contain yourselves knowing this isn’t really the time to make jokes. 

 “It’s a co-op, not a solo quest, Yoon~” He jokes back to you and reiterates, “Unless you want the house to yourself for the night, I don’t see why you shouldn’t come too. I know you don’t like large crowds, and it probably will be loud, but it’s always a good time” 

 By now his hands have released their grip on your shoulders and he’s absent-mindedly swinging your arms gently while his fingers sort of lock with yours — you two stood this way a lot as kids, he still stands this way with Kuro occasionally. You consider he must also want to go, that or he knows Kuro wants to go bad enough he’s willing to tag along, and you agree to go as long as Kenma stays near. He looks almost offended when he confirms that of course he will. He drops one of your hands while firmly holding the other and you both turn to rejoin the group. Kuro recognizes the micro-expression of mutual resolve on your faces and excitedly punches Bokuto in the arm. 

 “Looks like we’ll be there!!” 

 You’re not sure if Bokuto is shrieking in pain or excitement but you decide it doesn’t actually matter either way and just smile while shaking your head at the two while they shout and raise their fists to the air as if they’ve achieved something great. You notice Kenma and Akaashi are silently doing the same. 

 The five of you make plans to arrive together and to meet at Bokuto’s beforehand. You find out he and Akaashi have come to the mall to get new clothes, something Kenma thinks you should have more of. He coordinates with the group to meet back up at a certain clothing shop after the two of you finish shopping for furniture to convert the extra room into one you can call your own. This allows you some privacy while the two of you bicker back and forth about the room conversion — you feeling guilty robbing Kenma of his streaming studio, and him insisting he has plenty of space in his bedroom to stream from and adds he will find a screen or backdrop to make it appear to his viewers that’s the only change that’s taken place. 

 “Yoon! If it was a problem, I wouldn’t have agreed to move you in~ … You did ask in a way I could have denied right? You asked honestly, you didn’t force me to do this. I can help you and I’m happy to be able to. Will you please just let it go?” 

 You sigh, knowing there’s nothing left to say. He’s right, after all. You asked for his help in desperation and this is how he sees fit to do so. You're not in any position to deny what he provides and you’re certain he’s just as annoyed as he was with Kuro the night before, you realize he’s being gentle with you and you don’t want to press him further. Ultimately, you’re thankful for your cousin and the way he cares for his inner circle. 

 “Tch~” You sort of click your teeth, speechless but having nothing to add further. Kenma recognizes your nonverbal gestures and understands your body language, and is relieved you understand him just as clearly. The two of you are able to get everything in one location and being that you both have similar aesthetics, it doesn’t take long for you to agree on the furniture you need. Kenma sets it up to be delivered while completing the purchase and after only a couple hours of being split from the others, are you rejoining where you’d all agreed. 

 “YUNI~!” Bokuto and Kuro shout in unison, somewhat surprising each other. They both continue waving towards you even after you acknowledge them, it takes Kenma’s voice to get them to snap out of whatever weird daze of confusion they’re in because of you.

 “Really?” He asks plainly. 

 Kuro comes to immediately but it takes Bokuto a moment more. 

 Kenma’s glaring at them and exhales sharply. While the two of you shopped, he’d been a little less clingy but quickly takes your hand again while angrily squinting his eyes at the two who called out to you. He’s scolding them silently and Akaashi changes the subject while separating himself from the commotion. 

 “I’m heading to the shoe section”

 “Mm! Oh~ Me too!” Bokuto follows. 

 Kuro smiles sheepishly to Kenma who leads you over to the pullovers you both can’t get enough of with Kuro in tow. 

 For the most part, nothing is really said while you all shop together. Only asking each other for opinions on color options or to help decide between this or that. Unsurprisingly, you and Kenma wind up picking out much of the same things and have to decide who can wear what for the night — neither of you think it’s weird to be as close as you are, but to match clothes while doing sends a vibe you both agree is weird. You two are still debating and coordinating while the five of you regroup and line up to check out and finally agree after you all part ways, reminding each other to meet back at Bokuto’s at the previously discussed time. 

Chapter Text

Bokuto excitedly rips the door open so quickly, it creates a breeze felt by the three of you. 

 “You’re finally h- … Did you guys match on purpose?” Bokuto interrupts himself and quickly eyes you and Kenma up and down then tilts his head to one side — his eyebrow on the same side simultaneously lifts — and stares at Kenma in the face. His expression clearly asks, “really?” 

 Kuro erupts into an obnoxious laughing fit while you and Kenma compare your outfits against each other — both of you hold your clothes away from your bodies as your heads bounce back and forth, comparing each of your articles of clothing from top to bottom between yourselves. Ultimately the two of you dress similarly and while you don’t actually match, you both sort of coordinate and when standing together as you both do, it does appear that you two exist as a pair — the two of you briefly bicker about not noticing and how you did this as kids and people thought the two of you were siblings — you’re both a little irked but decide it may be beneficial in the long run as the party you’ll be going to will have a great number of people, only some of which Kenma is familiar with and you both prefer to avoid interactions with strangers.

 You settle into Bokuto’s apartment and Akaashi let’s you all know he’s already arranged for a shuttle to pick you up and take you to the party and that it’s set to arrive shortly. He encourages the three of you to raid the fridge or get into the light snacks that are already out on the counter before Bokuto brings up pre-gaming. 

 “We already took a shot so you guys have to catch up! Then we can all take another together!” Bokuto exclaims.

 “Well, get ‘em poured then!” Kuro teases. 

 Akaashi looks your way to assess if he should intervene in Bokuto’s antics and notices neither you or Kenma object and quickly averts his eyes back to his best friend who’s just finished pouring shots for the three of you. Kuro quickly raises his glass and looks to Kenma, encouraging him to let loose but also reading his expression to check for any reservation. Kenma grabs the shot meant for him and looks at you to see if you’re comfortable to follow suit. 

 “You don’t have to if you don’t want to” Kenma reminds you. He’d already mentioned to you before leaving his house that he won’t allow anyone to pressure you into anything you don’t want to do and that these things are really only fun if everyone involved is allowed to be comfortable — he’s fully aware you’ve hardly been to any parties, let alone one of this size, and wants this to be a positive experience for you. 

 You take a deep breath while your eyes stay fixed on the shot poured for you. 

 “You two take this one… Then I’ll take mine when you’re both ready to take another with the group!” You can’t hold back the devious smile that spreads across your face, knowing you want to pace yourself and that this will cause Kenma and Kuro to have to take shots almost back to back so that you’ll take one too, whereas Bokuto and Akaashi have had a break between theirs. 

 Kenma stares back at you with jeering eyes and a dropped jaw — though he’s familiar with your personality, he didn’t expect you’d feel this comfortable this soon — completely caught off guard by your response. Kuro takes a loud inhale and holds his shot glass towards Kenma’s, waiting for his best friend to clink their glasses together before slamming them on the counter then shooting them back in unison. 

 “WoOOOoOooO!!” Kuro and Bokuto both cheer together while Kenma tries to keep his face from puckering. 

 Akaashi quickly pours juice chasers for the five of you while Bokuto quickly refills the four empty shot glasses. Kenma is practically panting when Kuro pats him hard on the back. 

 “Get ready!!” Kuro taunts. 

 “Oh, I’m ready!” Kenma retorts while trying not to choke, quickly freeing an arm to slap Kuro back with while his other arm supports his weight — doubled over, hand resting on his knee. 

 “Kenma take this, I’ll top it off before our next shot” Akaashi pushes a chaser towards Kenma who quickly shoots it back, desperate to cleanse his palate of the bitter burning sensation. 

 You’re the last to reach for your glass as you watch your cousin’s body language to make sure he isn’t pushing himself to keep up with the others. When he confidently grabs for his shot, you feel comfortable to take your own. The five of you look to each other to quickly read each others faces and get in sync. You repeat the gesture you saw Kenma previously do at the same time the other four instinctively tap the bottom of their glasses on the counter before taking the shot in one gulp. 

 “BLAeEEaGH!!” A sound of disgust escapes you as you’re consumed by a full-body shiver. 

 Kenma’s finishing his chaser and trying to get yours into your hands, Akaashi successfully keeps from choking on his chaser when trying not to laugh at your reaction but isn’t able to conceal the smirk that sneaks out but quickly hides it under his hand as he wipes his mouth, however both Kuro and Bokuto do a spit take and cover the other in juice they hadn’t yet swallowed — they were already laughing but this makes them laugh hard enough to have tears.

 You’re all starting to feel tingly when Akaashi’s phone alerts him to the shuttle driving arriving outside and make your way down to the car. 

 “Yuni gets shotgun!” Bokuto yells while racing to the car. 

 “Yuni’s sitting with Kenma.” “No! Yuni won’t!” Akaashi and Kenma both interject at the same time, both staring at Bokuto with the same intimidating expression of confusion that almost begs for an explanation. 

 “I thought it would be better that way … ?” Bokuto stares into space and seems to talk to himself. 

 “Okay, Bokuto gets shotgun!” Kuro adds. 

 “Guys! No. I’ll sit in front. I ordered the service…?” Akaashi seems confused as he answers — how is it not assumed this would be the case? As he climbs into the front he realizes this puts the two most obnoxious ones together and apologizes to the driver beforehand on their behalf. 

 The drive is mostly tame, though it doesn’t take the driver long to figure out he’s taking a group of college-aged people to a party — it’s early in the weekend after all and between the five of you, there’s a slight smell of alcohol. The driver jokes with you all and the two loudest — somehow also the furthest in the back — playfully volley the jokes back up to the front until you arrive at your destination. 

 It’s a house none of you recognize. Kenma and Akaashi seem to be more reasonable debating whether or not it’s actually a good idea to enter the home for a party you’d all only found out about. Kuro and Bokuto both remind that it was a mutual friend who mentioned the party and that there will be plenty of others they’re familiar with inside. 

 “Y-…YU-CHAN!!?” A voice familiar to you calls out while quickly approaching. You’re able to confirm who the voice belongs to before he wraps his arms around you and squeezes you tightly. 

 “Yu-nii~” You hug him back while he smooshes his cheek into yours, pulling you in closer. 

 “I’ve missed you so much! You changed your number didn’t you!? Why didn’t you text me!!?” He grabs you by the shoulders and pulls you away so you face each other. You see plainly in his eyes he’s already healed from the hurt of thinking he’s lost you and is happy to be near you again. He pulls you back for another warm hug and the two of you sort of melt into one another. Kenma recognizes your friend and that he’s the only other person you’ve ever been that comfortable with but does nothing to intervene and instead waits for you to explain — which you hastily get to as an attempt to avoid giving an in-depth explanation for your sudden absence to one of your closest friends from high school. 

Chapter Text

“Kenma! This is Yu- or, well- Nishinoya!” You proudly explain while still hugging him tightly as he also has yet to let you go — causing you to sort of nervously over-explain. 

 “We became very close in high school and was like a brother to me! Well, still is I suppose… And our names are similar!” 

 “We’ve sort of met before… I forgot you went to Karasuno…” Kenma responds dryly. He isn’t upset, but is still trying to piece together how you and Yu Nishinoya are close as your personalities are only slightly similar and mostly on opposing each other — then he realizes Nishinoya may be the type of friend to you that Kuro is to him. 

 “You went to Karasuno!?! Then you know Tuski!!” Bokuto inserts. 

 “Oh… You mean Kei Tsukishima? Well, yes… but-“ You begin but are interrupted.

 “Yamaguchi’s here! He’ll be excited to see you too! Let’s go!!” Nishinoya adds and innocently leads you away from your group and into the house, the others quickly following — Kenma especially not wanting to let you out of his sight.

 Once inside, you can barely hear Nishinoya’s voice even though you can tell he’s yelling — and while he is similar in height to you and speaking almost directly into your ear, the music being blasted throughout the party is drowning out almost every other noise. He takes your arm like he used to when walking you to your classes, making sure nobody messed with you on the way, and walks you to where he last saw your high school best friend. 

 Yamaguchi’s true best friend is Tsukishima, but soon after you’d enrolled to Karasuno he’d witnessed you getting picked on after school for joining late in the year and not having any friends — and while he flies comfortably under the radar for the most part, he could not stand to bear witness to what was taking place and quickly stepped in to take attention away from you. He stood up for you to a group who sought to become your bullies — he had been a little intimidated and embellished his statement hoping to intimidate the ones insistent on picking on you — it worked but at the cost of fibbing that your brother on the volleyball team would get back at them for bothering you. He then escorted you to the gym where he needed to be for practice and explained to his team why he’d brought you there and assured you that you were welcome to stay as long as you felt comfortable and even offered to walk to you home if you preferred. The team’s captain confirmed what Yamaguchi had already said — as long as any of them are around, no one will bother you — then he asked your name. You weren’t sure if anyone heard you say your last name as the shortest member of the team echoed what he heard you say. 

 “YU!?!” That’s MY name too! I’ll be your big brother and I really will make those guys pay!! Yamaguchi!! What did they look like!??” Nishinoya boldly stated while punching a fist into his other open hand.

 From then on the Karasuno men’s volleyball team became your unofficial entourage — Nishinoya proudly and elaborately explaining to anyone he caught staring at you that you’re his younger sibling. He was careful not to get carried away while spinning stories and lucked out, confirming the gossip that came back of you two being separated by your parents’s divorce. Yamaguchi quickly became your best friend though his best friend sort of seemed to stay jealously wedged between the two of you and while he wasn’t really disapproving of you, he never really made you feel welcome either — constantly taunting you at every chance he had. Yamaguchi always shakes his head in disappointment but never lashes out as he knows this is just how Tsukishima is and that if he truly didn’t like you hanging out with them, that he’d do something about it to make it known without a doubt — but always makes sure to coddle you a little extra afterward to make sure you’re okay and that you understand it’s a sort of way Tsukishima expresses fondness. 

 While holding you by the arm, Nishinoya uses his free arm to wave over his head to get the attention of the nearby group and points over his head to yours while wearing the biggest grin, like he’s been caught delivering presents to all the children of the world.

 Instantly you lock eyes with your long lost best friend. You both stare at each other in awe for a moment, as if you’d seen the ghost of the friend you’d once cared for, before suddenly becoming wrapped in a mutual embrace together. You’re both happy enough to cry but don’t allow tears to form as it’s not the proper setting for such a sentimental reunion — you both breathe deep and exhale to regain composure while holding each other tightly, smiling your biggest. 

 “Yuni! Where have you been!? After graduation I couldn’t get ahold of you and no one seemed to be in contact with you… I MISSED YOU!” Yamaguchi stays clinging tight to you and rocks you back and forth, fully holding your weight against him as you try to keep your balance. 

 He’s aware you can’t fully explain in your current surroundings, he’s not even sure you heard everything he said to begin with, but just stays holding you and swaying from side to side with you. 

 “Wait! Who did you come here with?” He asks while facing you, willing to repeat the question if you didn’t catch it the first time. 

 “My cousin!” You shout over the music, making sure he can hear you before answering another way. “Kenma!” 

 You then realize you’ve ditched him and feel a bit guilty but hope he understands. 

 “Kenma Kozume? He’s your cousin??” Yamaguchi asks in disbelief, how has this yet to be brought up between the two of you?

 You nod and start to scan the room, seeing if you can spot your cousin anywhere in the vicinity — Yamaguchi quickly catches on to what you’re thinking and leads you away from the crowd to a staircase to scan the room for your cousin before leading you up further to a quiet hallway to catch up and check that you aren’t becoming overwhelmed, assuring you that he’ll help you find Kenma quickly. 

 You aren’t able to spot Kenma in the crowd as there are so many faces you don’t recognize and feel your anxiety revving up, but Kenma sees you being led up the stairs by someone — he can tell it isn’t Nishinoya but isn’t sure if it was Yamaguchi, whom Nishinoya said he would take you to. He feels panic surging through his chest and slaps Kuro’s chest with the back of his hand before taking off in the direction he just saw you going. Kuro understands the gesture was only meant to catch his attention and alert him of his best friends sudden departure and watches Kenma determinedly push his way through the crowd to chase after you.

 “Yuni, you have a cell phone, right? Call him.” Yamaguchi instructs you. 

 “Yea, good idea!” You take your phone out and begin scrolling to select Kenma’s number to dial — thankful he always keeps his phone on vibrate, you know he’ll feel you calling even if he doesn’t hear his phone.

 “Is that why you were never there when we’d play against Nekoma?? You were on the Nekoma side to support Kenma, right?” Yamaguchi asks knowing you hear him but knows you won’t answer until you take the phone away from your ear. “I can’t believe you never mentioned he’s your cousin” He adds as if he’s speaking to himself.

 “YUNI!” Kenma calls out to you. It takes you a moment of staring at your phone to realize you’d heard him from down the hall and not in your ear on the phone. Yamaguchi waved down the hall to Kenma before you realized he never answered your call. 

 “Oh it’s you… Good. Um… Hey” Kenma awkwardly stumbles over his words while making his way over to you — he’s not one to be rude on purpose but he’s just as likely to start a conversation with someone he’s unfamiliar with — he’s only being polite on your behalf but he is thankful you’re with someone you trust.

 “Uh- Hi…” Yamaguchi responds soft and sweet with a timid smile. “It’s quieter up here” He nervously adds, it’s not a full thought but he’s sure Kenma understands the motive of him bringing you upstairs.

 It dawns on you how much that one shot is already altering your state of mind.

 “Kenma! Tadashi is my best friend!” You meant to introduce the two of them, but it comes out as a flat statement. Both of the guys stare at you for a moment before focusing back on each other, sort of understanding the reason for you blurting that out. 

 “Okay~” Kenma answers you. “Nice to officially meet you” He adds passively to Yamaguchi while reaching to take your hand. 

 “Yea, you too” Yamaguchi answers back quickly while guiding you with a flat hand on your back to walk towards your cousin. Kenma wraps his arms around you as you sort of crash into him. 

 “Yoon, can we stay together?” He asks you in a way that makes you feel he needs you to protect him, a sure way to get you to agree to his request when he’s actually wanting to stay close to protect you. 

 “Okay~ … but! Tadashi~” You clumsily latch onto Kenmas arm, feeling the full effect of the shot you took earlier. 

 “Yea, you can come with us if you want, but we’re going back to our group” Kenma interrupts and speaks directly to Yamaguchi. 

 “Oh! Uh… Thanks! But um… I’m gonna go back to my group too. I’ll see you guys around~” Yamaguchi sounds defeated but he can tell Kenma’s not too receptive of him hanging around you for the time being. He stuffs his hands into his pockets and walks back to where he’d seen you downstairs, where Tuskishima and the rest of his group are waiting for him — Tsukishima asks just enough to figure out what happened without actually having a conversation about you and takes his best friend to get another drink and elevate his mood after having left you. 

Chapter Text

Kenma leads you back downstairs and across the room to where Kuro and the other two have settled in after getting their drinks — a large sofa that’s been pushed against a wall to make a clearing towards the center of the room for people to dance — the music is blaring throughout the house but seems somehow less loud in here, you’re able to hear Bokuto yell out to the two of you before reaching his thick arms out to pull you into either of his sides. He palms the back of your heads and holds you against his plump chest — he’s clearly drunk but this doesn’t stop Kenma from shoving him away. 

 “Oh~ Right… Sorry~” Bokuto says in an almost sarcastic tone but you and Kenma both assume he’s more drunk than he’s aware of. 

 Bokuto keeps himself between the two of you while you all face the same direction now, he drapes his arms over you and Kenma and partially rests his weight on you both while the three of you walk back to the seat he’d left between Kuro and Akaashi who have been in a conversation with some others sitting adjacent on a large speaker they’ve hoisted themselves onto, using it as makeshift seating. Once close enough to the sofa, Bokuto quickly turns you and Kenma and shoves you back gently to take the spot he’d been sitting in. Kenma’s finding it harder to dismiss Bokuto’s drunken antics. Akaashi and Kuro both take notice of you and Kenma being plopped in between them — Kuro starts to reach for Kenma to wrap him up in a warm embrace but Kenma quickly wrestles him away causing Kuro to pout, Akaashi sneers at the encounter and notices Bokuto doing the same. 

 “Oh~ Hi~ … I’m Yaku~” He says curiously as he looks back and forth between you and Kenma, trying to figure out the connection between the two of you. 

 “This is Yuni” Kenma states. 

 “Ooh~ Yuni~! Nice to meet you~!” 

 “Yaku, why don’t you talk that nice to anyone else?” Asks the guy sitting next to Yaku on the speaker. 

 “You know why Fukunaga!” Kuro’s barely able to finish his thought as he bursts into laughter. 

 Yaku says nothing but his face displays agitated satisfaction while getting Fukunaga in a headlock. Fukunaga quickly starts pinching and poking at Yaku’s thighs and sides to get him to release his grip around his’s neck. Once free and upright again, Fukunaga jumps down from the speaker and dramatically introduces himself to you.

 “Hello darling~ Please call me Shohei~” He bows to you as if he’s a prince and takes your hand in his — effectively keeping the joke going and teasing Yaku. However he can feel Kenma’s burning gaze on him and decides it’s best not to kiss the back of your hand like he planned on doing — Kenma’s obviously picked up on the sincerity in Fukunaga’s voice, seemingly flirting with you similarly to how Yaku just was as well. He quickly breaks character and chuckles halfheartedly before asking who’s coming with him to get a refill on drinks and scampers away before Kenma or Yaku can retaliate. Bokuto and Kuro quickly follow, both mentioning they’ll be back shortly. 

 You catch Kenma shaking his head and Akaashi stifling his laughter while Yaku downs the rest of his drink. You can tell it’s about to get awkwardly quiet and say the only thing that’s been on your mind all this time. 

 “You were rude to Tadashi…” 

 Kenma stares at you bewildered for a moment before responding. 

 “How was I rude!?” No, I wasn’t!” 

 You only sigh while staring at your shoes, as you don’t want to argue. You recall Yamaguchi saying he’ll see you around during the party and you hope it’s true, you want to catch up as well as apologize on Kenma’s behalf — you realize this must be how he felt all those times after Tuskishima teased you a little too much. 

 “Alright, I’m sorry Yoon~” Kenma says with exhaling, it all comes out as a sort of grunt but you can tell he means it since he’s resting his head against yours. 

 “So you know Tsukishima? Bokuto and I both trained with him in high school” Akaashi sort of changes the subject — he leans away from you to prop himself up on the arm of the couch, head in his hand and elbow supporting his weight — he gently jabs you on the side of your leg towards your knee with his knuckle to get your attention. 

 “Oh~ Yea~ I know him but we’ve never really got along. We only ever hung out because of Tadash~ Yamaguchi… We’re both really close with him… Though they might be closer because they’ve been friends longer” 


 You instantly recognize Tanaka’s scruffy voice and trace a line with your eyes from where you were staring to where he’s standing when yelling to get your attention. He’s being led over to where you are by someone who looks a bit like him. 

 “Kenma!! Didn’t expect to see you tonight!” He doesn’t understand Tanaka’s outburst and chooses to ignore it while approaching your group. 

 “Hey Tora… I just found out about all this toda-“ Kenma’s interrupted by Kuro and Bokuto returning with a half-empty bottle of liquor and a stack of unused solo cups. 

 “Who’s taking a shot with us, get a cup so we can pour it!” Kuro demands while displaying the bottle in what he assumes is an enticing way. 

 “Come on! Don’t be shy!” Bokuto adds while giving everyone around a cup, whether they asked for one or not. 

 No one surrounding denies taking a shot and you all allow Kuro and Bokuto to accommodate. The only exception is you eyeball the other cups and ask for whoever has the least amount to trade with you — not confident you can take a full shot without a chaser. Kenma helps judge the best option for you to switch with among the group while Yaku and Kuro insist you can trade shots with them before debating each other who actually has less and therefore the better choice for you. Tanaka quickly takes half his shot and shoves his cup to you, effectively gaining your attention back and successfully swapping shots with you. The rest sort of deflate but all conceal their true feelings by quickly taking their shots with the group. About half of you react with involuntary body movements while the other half tries to keep from laughing too hard about it. Tanaka is the first to speak, being one of the ones to take the shot like water. 

 “Noya told me you were here and I didn’t believe him! Who’d you come with?” He speaks to you as if it’s only the two of you standing there. 

 You’re still trying to regain your composure and it dawns on you the dramatic difference in tolerances between the two of you. Unable to speak, still swallowing excess saliva built up after the intense stinging of the shot you’d just taken, you swing your arm up and over to Kenma, sort of reaching for him but actually smacking him — he grunts trying not to choke at the sudden slap on his back — the scene encourages an eruption of laughter from the group, Yaku being the first to speak up after calming down. 

 “How did you two meet anyway?” He inquires. 

 “We’re related…” You and Kenma both answer in the same dry tone. You don’t notice the slight change in Yaku’s expression, going from curiosity to relief, but Kenma does. 

 Being able to stand straight again and regaining steady breathing, you hop across the circle of the group to reunite with Tanaka who catches you steadily in his arms and pulls you against him for better balance. You raise your head to rest your chin against his chest and smile up to him — he immediately recognizes the alcohol you’ve consumed is in full affect and smiles back to you — ever since his best friend, Nishinoya, sort of adopted you as his sibling in high school, you’d come to trust Tanaka but you’d never really been this at ease with him before. 

 “I’m happy to see you again~” he adds while gently rubbing your back. 

 “Wait how do you two know each other??” Tora asks quickly.

 “Yuni went to Karasuno with me!” Tanaka proudly explains while keeping you wrapped up close to him — you’re both smiling to Tora who’s staring with a slight amount of jealousy. Tanaka recognizes the look and speaks with his face so he doesn’t detract from your elated mood — his expression reads plainly that the love he has for you is nothing like the love he has for his soulmate, Kiyoko. 

 Kenma picks up on this and feels a little more relaxed at the interaction between you and Tanaka — it suddenly sinks in how you considered him to be rude to Yamaguchi, he doubted the motive of the friendship, not that you can’t be trusted to make proper friends and harbor healthy relationships, but Kenma’s read more than one email from you regarding toxic partners you’ve had to avoid. He’s always been there for you and offered advice but now that you’re in his care, he’s more cautious in keeping you out of similar situations you’ve vented to him about but is beginning to understand you’ve met a few other good people to be close with and feels some relief. 

 “TSUUuUKiIIIi~!!” Bokuto screeches suddenly and darts over to wrangle Tsukishima back to where the rest of you are congregating — Kuro wastes no time pouring up a shot for the group’s newest addition and says for anyone else who wants a refill to hold up their cups to him. 

 Tsukishima reluctantly accepts and the majority of the group down another shot with him. He wipes the corner of his mouth and winces at you — you assume because of the shot but when he quickly, and smugly, smiles at you, you understand it was an amusing coincidence and that he would deny the truth and stick with the story that he saw you and felt disgusted… or something to that effect, as are the standard insults he hurls at you. You’ve never been sure why he seems to be so jealous of your friendship with Yamaguchi except for that it more than likely has to do with Tsukishima blatantly misinterpreting Yamaguchi’s admiration for him — you agreed long ago to let Yamaguchi express himself fully when he’s ready and to avoid playing cupid and play aloof instead. 

 “You know Yamaguchi left early because of you…?” Tsukishima instigates. 
 Having heard his name and the untrue statement told about him, Yamaguchi inserts himself into the conversation to clear up false allegations — when he sees it’s Tsukishima saying this, he decides to passively karate chop into his best friends ribs. 

 “Hilarious Tsuki…” He makes no attempt to mask his sarcasm while quickly scanning the group to see mostly unfamiliar faces before instantly recognizing you pulling away from Tanaka — he quickly understands Tuskishima was deliberately giving you a hard time and reads your face to make sure you know as well — you do and make a point to be near him again. 

 “Okay, so you went to Karasuno while your cousin played volleyball for Nekoma, then why have none of us met you before?” The one called Toru, who you still haven’t been properly introduced to, has no problem speaking to you directly and almost demanding an answer. You stand close to Yamaguchi and his presence helps give you confidence to answer the stranger who seems to be a close friend to both Tanaka and Kenma. Yamaguchi recalls you hadn’t answered him about attending your cousin’s previous games and comforts you while also hoping to get some clarity on how you’ve stayed anonymous all this time. 

 “I told Yuni not to come to my games…” Kenma admits sheepishly. 

 You recognize most of the group beginning to stare in distaste at your cousin and add to his mostly true statement. 

 “Only because he didn’t want me to have to sit alone!” 

 “Kenma!! You should’ve introduced Yuni to us back then!!” Kuro scolds. 

 “No~! I didn’t want to go!” You desperately add, trying to help keep Kenma’s reputation from being tainted. 

 “You guys!!” Kenma grunts while pulling his face with his hands in agitation. “I knew you’d all get weird around Yuni and I wouldn’t be able to focus on our games. Yuni decided not to come to avoid sitting alon- Wait… you went to the Karasuno games?” Halfway through his explanation, Kenma’s inquiring how you went about that — knowing full well you avoid most all social interactions. 

 This puts everyone’s attention on you, thankfully you’re feeling more confident than usual from the drinks you’d had and from mutually embracing your high school best friend — while you’d drifted apart after graduation, you both still felt as close as ever. 

 “I thought it would be weird if I didn’t because of Yu-nii…” You confess. 

 Kenma’s eyes tell you everything he’s not vocalizing in front of the others — you coming to watch his games could’ve been similar being that he really was your family and not Nishinoya — but he exhales and lets it go recalling you both still would’ve had to deal with the rest of his team possibly pestering you, whereas it seems the Karasno team (or at least most of them) seemingly treat you like family. 

Chapter Text

The conversation stays unbalanced for a while more while giving more clarity to the group, answering their questions as they ask to gain a better understanding of you as they’ve all taken a bit of interest in you. Nothing out of the ordinary you figured, one way or another people seemed to always take notice of you, but at one point in your life you learned not to allow people to be too close — a defense mechanism you’d created which backfired and closed people out almost entirely. 

 You’ve lived through a traumatic childhood, which your cousin is well aware of — you’d met soon after being adopted at a young age which makes it easy for the two of you to forget there is no true blood relation between you but your mothers are sisters, meaning you two have always honored your respective titles as cousins and treated each other with familial love and respect. Kenma was very aware of his uncle’s sudden career change that forced you to move away, the divorce of your parents halfway through your first year of high school — the reason you enrolled to Karasuno late in the year and didn’t know anyone, and Kenma knew all about your parents passing away one coincidentally soon after the other not long after graduation which was the main reason you’d began living as a recluse. It was no secret to him these topics were sort of taboo — you had a hard time navigating your emotions when you lived through these milestones not everyone meets, they weren’t pleasant to talk about then and he imagines it would be just as triggering now. 

 Which is why he’s finding hard to contain his alarm when he hears you making things up in an attempt to cleverly conceal your messy past — he’s not sure if it’s the alcohol making you do this or if this is some unhealthy coping mechanism you’ve developed at some point, but he notices Yamaguchi donning a similar confused expression. They briefly make eye contact and confirm with the other there’s something going on neither are currently capable of comprehending before snapping back into character to keep suspicion off of you by going along with whatever you say. Tsukishima seems to catch a whiff of this interaction but dismisses it knowing he can get the information from Yamaguchi later but that he probably doesn’t want to know anyway, Tanaka doesn’t think to question what you’re saying. 

 Kenma interrupts what starts to feel like an interview of you, his friends being paparazzi and journalists surrounding you and clawing for confirmation of current interests and hottest gossip. 

 “Okay! That’s enough!!” He cuts through the center of the conversation circle to interrupt before anyone gets carried away — you with your half-truths running steadily out of honesty or the questions growing too personal for casual conversation. Even Yamaguchi has grown slightly uncomfortable with the attention you’d been getting, being that you both still have an arm around the back of the others torso, he debates for a moment what can be said of everyone’s individual body language in the present setting. 

 Kenma straightens his posture and faces you while bringing his arms straight out in front of him so his fingertips point towards you. He gives an order and swings one arm out to his side to motion to the guys standing on that side of him, then gives another order and repeats the gesture on the opposite side. 

 “For this half, shotgun beers as a team faster than the other team can complete their objective. And this half, complete two circuits relaying double shots. The team finished first with the most players standing wins. GO!” He claps his hands loudly above his head and hurries out from the center of the circle, dragging you away from the commotion of the suddenly drafted contestants deciding the specifics of the rules while gathering and pouring drinks for each team — a perfect distraction. 

 The two of you stand back and marvel at the chaos of the mastermind Kenma. The group stays riled up after the first round which was easily taken by Yamaguchi’s team who only had to shotgun a beer — he was able to politely break away before another round. Tsukishima got roped in by Kuro and Bokuto to keep playing as the remaining guys rehashed rules and quickly found a substitute to keep from playing with an odd number of people. Yamaguchi joined the two of you nearby giggling to yourselves at the mischief Kenma deviously created as a diversion. His presence reminds Kenma the two of them had clocked you spinning stories. He wipes the tears that had begun forming from laughing too hard with one hand and gives you a soft slug in the shoulder with the other. 

 “OW! Kenma- Why??” You hiss through the sudden pain while gripping where you just received the blow. Really, it didn’t hurt, it was only the shock of it that made you react the way you did. 

 “Are we gonna talk about coming up with better lore for you? At least something we can all be on the same page with if asked?” He shoots a look to Yamaguchi who nods in agreement — he has far less awareness to your past as Kenma but what he does know, doesn’t add up with some of the things you’d mentioned to the others. The way you just saw them communicate mentally warms you and agree having the two of them unite as allies would be ideal. 

 “I don’t really want to get into it here … but for now let’s hope that version of my story stays with them …” 

 “Yea, we don’t need to get into it here” Yamaguchi is quick to back you up and hopefully end that confrontation by changing the subject. 

 “So before I heard Tsuki saying I went home, I was actually on my way … uhm …” He awkwardly trails off while biting the inside of his cheek and staring at you while considering how to get his thought back on track.

“Look, Yuni… I’m just gonna say it. And I’m gonna assume Kenma already knows anyway … I’m only doubting now because it seemed too easy for you to come up with some of the answers you did…” He pauses again and looks now to Kenma who’s nodding at him to continue with whatever he was saying.

“I was on my way outside… uhm… to smoke… I know there’s a smoke circle outside and I was gonna ask if you wanted to join…” He smiles awkwardly between you and Kenma, hoping he didn’t just give away a secret you’d been keeping from your cousin and that said cousin didn’t mistake the invitation as anything more than to indulge in something both you and Yamaguchi enjoy. Kenma smiles at the consideration and looks to you to allow you to answer. 

 “Yea! Let’s go!” You link arms with Kenma to signal he’s not only coming along with you, but that he’s aware you smoke recreationally to calm your nerves — he’s the one who got you into it after all, though he remains impartial on his streaming platforms despite many of his long-term fans and subscribers presuming he definitely partakes. 

 Yamaguchi leads you out to the back patio where you instantly recognize Asahi and Suga blowing clouds and making friendly conversation with the others in the circle. As Asahi starts choking and Suga passes off the herbal cigar to the next in rotation, he notices Yamaguchi joining and scans the two additional in tow. His face widens with surprise and his body gestures he’s about to celebrate as if a winning point was just scored. Kenma instinctively hides himself behind you, instantly he regrets his action but also knows at least you trust the person expressing admiration for you as he lifts you and spins the two of you as you tightly embrace. 

 “I can’t believe you’re here!!” Suga sets you back down in front of him and holds each of your hands in his own looking between Yamaguchi and Kenma, who it takes him a moment to recognize. 

 “Can you believe Yuni is related to Kenma?!” Yamaguchi reports.

 “uhm.. hi..” Kenma adds quietly. 

 “KENMA!!” A voice you don’t recognize calls out from behind Suga. 

 Kenma peers to take notice and sighs, both in relief and annoyance. 

 “Hey Lev” Kenma rolls his eyes in a way that’s taken as sarcastic before making slight eye contact with you and moving to stand across from where his ex teammates are sitting — one being Shohei who introduced himself earlier, the other being Lev who you’ve yet to meet. 

 Suga lets go of one of your hands and walks you back to where he was just sitting, just on the other side of Shohei, and seats you between himself and Asahi who finally gained back his senses after his breath and sees you sitting next to him. 

 “When did you get here!!” His face keeps an expression of disbelief as if he’s questioning whether or not he’s hallucinating but reaches an arm out to pull you into his side for the type of hug he’d always given you — he reaches his arms in front and behind you to rest his hands on your shoulder farthest from him while your other shoulder squishes into his ribs which hardly allows you to reach towards him to reciprocate the gesture. He looks to Suga to confirm you’re really sitting there between the two of them. 

 “Yuni’s related to Kenma!” Suga repeats the fun fact he just learned about you from Yamaguchi. 

 Kenma starts to choke at the mention of his name but also at the hit he just took and quickly tries to suppress it to wave over to Asahi who he’s met in passing. 

 “Small world~” Asahi says almost to himself while the two of you still sit pressed together. 

 “I’m messing up the roto, Lev you can go after Yuni” Kenma passes to you. 

 Shohei jokes Lev messed up the last rotation and skipped the other two who actually provided the party favor currently being passed around and that we should skip Lev this rotation. 

 Asahi removes himself from you so you can sit — and breathe — comfortably. As you inhale, your sights go from watching the cherry glow and fade with the strength of your breath to the two guys sitting across from you. They’re both looking at you deciding how to introduce themselves to you, if at all.

 “Hi~ Sorry about that” You say to them while holding your breath, only losing a small amount of smoke as you speak, making sure to pass back to them and reset the rotation to include the new additions this time around.

 Your manners seam to spark them to life as the one with longer, dark hair, parted down the middle reaches to receive the blunt, smiling to you as he takes it back. 

 “No problem, and thanks” He sort of nods as he takes a sharp draw of the loud being passed around and passes to the guy on his right who you feel you’ve seen before but can’t place his face. The one passing continues on as he blows smoke to the sky without coughing at all. 

 “You can call me Rin, this is Osamu” He pokes his thumb into Osamu’s chest as he’s inhaling which forces him to cut his drag short and choke on the sudden obstruction to his breath. 

 “Rude, Suna” Osamu firmly pokes Rin in the side. “And hey~” He says to you, his face his still hanging towards the ground but his eyes are peering up to you as he wipes the corner of his mouth after passing to Yamaguchi. 
 The eight of you make it successfully through one full circulation before an unfamiliar red head bounces over asking where he can jump in to take a hit before it’s completely burnt up. Shohei and Rin point between the two of them and pretend Lev isn’t there as a joke, Lev plays along and moves across to stand by Kenma, cutting his spot in roto. The rest of you break into hysterics as he desperately tries to be a good sport after seeing Kenma’s face of staged repulsion at Lev’s proximity to him. 

 “Oh~ Hi! I’m Tendo!” Says the red head who cut into the circle just to leave again after taking a single hit. You follow with your eyes where he’s heading back to and see he’s being scolded for holding up the game of corn hole he’s currently playing. He takes his place back by Daichi who you recognize instantly but know he’s too far off to recognize you, especially after all the time it’s been since you’d last seen each other. Suga still attempts to shout over to him that you’re here, but he’s distracted by having to take his turn now that Tendo’s returned to the game and brushes off his long time best friend assuming it’s another of his silly antics. Your eyes seamlessly trail from Daichi to the beanbag he’s tossed to the board between his corn hole team mate and opponent opposite Tendo. You aren’t sure who’s teamed up with Daichi, but you’re pretty sure you recognize his opponent as Ushijima, who you only know of because of your ex having always complained about him and swearing rivalry with him. 

Chapter Text

Suna smokes through his fingertips and finishes the first blunt — well the first one you know of any way, you doubt that was the first considering Tadashi knew about it before finding you again to fill you in about it. You notice Osamu’s already rolling another and accidentally make eye contact with him as he finishes wrapping the cigar and lifts his head from his lap to tongue the edge of the leaves and fold them closed. He winks at you without losing concentration, you look awkwardly away to Kenma who thankfully didn’t notice because he’s playfully fighting Lev to get back to his seat and away from him — at least you think he’s being playful. 

 Osamu sparks up and takes a hit then passes over to Lev and Kenma, simply saying, “Here”. Lev had too much faith in his long reach but looses out to Kenma’s strategy to stay a step ahead and successfully reaches the blunt first. He takes a small pull then passes to Lev, repeating Osamu unintentionally. 

 “Here … Now go sit back down and seriously get away from me” He adds the last bit sincerely but also because he felt Osamu shoot him a critical look as if Kenma meant to mock him, which he didn’t. 

 Lev takes a puff and passes to Yamaguchi before skipping away into the house and the heart of the party, you hear the music loudly as long as the door’s open. 

 “Unbelievable” Kenma mutters as Yamaguchi takes his hit and attempts to pass to Asahi who said he still needed time to recover from the last one — Yamaguchi skips over him and passes to you. As you take your turn, you notice most of the group is joking about Lev and take the opportunity to ask Suga something as you pass to him. 

 “So … Is everyone here?” You try not to choke while asking. 

 “Nah~ A few from the old team couldn’t make it” He sucks a sharp breath between his teeth and takes another draw before passing to Shohei. 

 “But yea~ Everyone’s here” He answers coyly while blowing a massive cloud directly above him. He wasn’t sure exactly who you were asking about, but he knows regardless this answers your question. 

 The blunt completes another successful rotation as Shohei passes to Suna who passes to Osamu and by now you’re all teasing each others impression of Lev and getting carried away in the high, giggling and chuckling together over every silly little thing. As the cherry passes the halfway point, you all hear Tendo cheering and shouting further out into the yard where the corn hole games is taking place with Daichi and the others. He leads the group over to the rest of you as he does some odd dance — shaking his knees to some beat he’s made up while marching on his toes, pointing finger guns to the sky. 

 “Ahh~ Don’t take it so bad that ya lost, man~” Shohei sarcastically jokes, snickering to himself and garnering similar chortles from about half of you. 

 “Nah I think he won actually” Rin corrects him, causing everyone but Rin to bust up in belly laughter. 

 “Oh, I definitely won” Tendo resumes the spot he last had and waits his turn, rubbing his hands together and then pressing the length of his fingers together so his knuckles crack. 

 Everyone shifts to accommodate the new additions to the circle, you notice again Osamu is rolling another blunt and you know for sure this must be something of his idea of a party trick.

 “I told you boys from the get go, Tsutomu’s a bad luck charm~” Tendo teases the guy who was teamed up with Daichi, elbowing him in the ribs. 

 “Eat shit, Tendo you jerk!” Tsutomu retorts and delivers a soft blow to his aggressor. 

 “It was a good game either way, we almost had you two” Daichi adds and makes his way over to Suga. 

 “No that was definitely a part of our strategy all along~” Tendo sprinkles in more salt to Tsutomu’s wounded pride. 

 “Damn you really are a jerk” Osamu pipes up after sparking the next blunt and taking his hit. He then passes directly to Tendo and again says, “Here”. It must be his habit. 

 “I hated playing you guys in high school, but damn, Miya you’re all right” Tendo happily takes the blunt before passing to Ushijima who looms awkwardly between Tendo and Suna, effectively skipping Tsutomu who’s between Shohei and Tendo. Kenma can’t contain himself but covers his face anyway as he loudly laughs at what just happened.

 “DAAAMMNNN!!” Tadashi exclaims remorsefully. 

 “You guys are both fuckin’ jerks!” Suga taunts. 

 “I’m not even that mean to Lev!!” Kenma’s wiping tears on his sleeve, still laughing as he speaks. 

 “True! Sorry bro” Shohei offers a fist bump to Tsutomu as he apologizes. 

 The original blunt, nearing the end of it’s worth, passes between you and Suga, who knows to skip Daichi — he’s tried it plenty of times but gets uncomfortable paranoia every time and has since decided stick to drinking at parties, but he doesn’t mind that his friends smoke as long as they’re safe and responsible. The group’s laughter is still dying down from Tsutomu’s torture when Suga calls out Daichi for being a dunce. 

 “Okay, but how drunk ~are~ you dude because Yuni’s been sitting here and you haven’t even noticed” 

 “I’m not even that dr~ YUNI!!” Daichi’s definitely more drunk than he’s willing to admit. 

 “Now I feel bad for ignoring you” He smacks Suga on the back of the head lightly then demands the two of them trade spots so he can sit next to you. Suga just pats his lap.

 “Come ‘ere, big boy~” He teases. 

 Daichi wastes no time filling the seat and squishing Suga’s thighs under his own while sitting on his lap santa-claus style. 

 “It’s good seeing you~” He feels Suga tapping out and notices the speed and strength of each tap increasing and knows he’s surrendering and agreeing to swap seats. Daichi slides off Suga’s lap to squeeze between you two and gives you a side hug similar to the one Asahi gave you on the opposite side — though Daichi’s mindful not to spill his drink on you that he’s been holding in his hand all along. 

 “Yea, I really missed you all” You lean your head back onto Asahi, knowing he’s listening and equally addressing him while you look between Daichi and Suga. 

 “Okay~ No getting weird over in the corner~” Tendo takes notice of the affection as he takes his turn after Tsutomu passes to him, and can’t help but comment on it. 

 “Which corner Tendo~?” Shohei feels proud of his wisecrack as he gets Suna and Ushijima suppressing their laughter — Suna actually gets the joke, Ushijima thinks everyone is too blitzed to noticed circles don’t have corners. 

  “I’m just saying~ I’m pretty sure there are plenty of rooms upstairs for …private~ conversations…” 

 “Take me, Tendo~” Suga teases with breathy seduction dripping in sarcasm, effectively reuniting the group back to the same vibe. You’re laughing along with the group and make eye contact again with Osamu coincidentally as he’s tonguing the blunt shut, this time though he seems more flustered and strains his focus while finishing the seal and lighting the next blunt — at this point you’ve lost count, yet neither him nor Rin look any more blasted than they looked when you initially joined the smoke circle. 

 “I KNEW I’d find you out here! You little delinquents~!” Kuro teases. He sees you first but wants Kenma to know the dig was at him — once realizing he’s approaching Kenma from behind he pinches Kenma’s side with one hand and holds a red cup in front of him with the other. Kenma tries to keep from squirming too hard in present company but finds it hard concealing knee-jerk reactions, especially while experiencing the laggy effects of being crossfaded. 

 “Ah~ You big bitch!” He snatches the drink Kuro’s passing to him with one hand and sends a stealthy elbow back into Kuro’s chest with his other arm, then crosses through the circle over to you. Asahi scoots away from you to give Kenma a comfortable amount of space to sit as he offers you some of the cocktail from Kuro. 

 Daichi sneaks a smile to Kuro, his nostrils sort of flaring as he keeps his laughter contained and undetected by the group. He knows Kuro’s well aware of the blush that dared to spread over Kenma’s cheeks despite not having actually seen it for himself. They both almost lose it seeing each other’s shit-eating grins but Daichi takes another drink to keep himself busy and Kuro receives the blunt, replacing Kenma’s spot in the rotation. 

 “HEY HEY HEY!!” Bokuto hollers while throwing an arm around Kuro’s neck and stealing the blunt to take a quick hit before offering to Akaashi. 

 “Bo~ Come on…” Akaashi begins to politely decline, sort of hinting to his clueless counterpart his expectancy comes across as rude. 

 “It’s cool, just hit it” Osamu nods to Akaashi who then takes the blunt from Bokuto who’s sharing another hit with Kuro before passing it along to Yamaguchi. 

 “Yea, I’ve seen this guy roll one after another like some kind of machine!” You almost surprise yourself speaking so confidently all of the sudden to such a large group. Even Kenma seems a little shocked but the interaction is all around well-received, you’d all been chilling for a considerable amount of time as it was and this just encouraged a few of the others to pipe up and add on to your remark. 

 You’re all joking with each other again before long, vibing with the music you hear in the distance — wether it’s muffled from inside the house or being played from another spot outside, no one knows but you all find it likeable and loud enough as most of you sync up, dancing in place, at different build ups and drops, hyping each other up as you do. 

 Eventually Kuro mentions wanting another drink and having to go inside to refill, sparking a few others to make similar comments about wanting to do the same, Kenma says you both will tag along with Kuro, someone mentions needing to relieve themselves and theres a joke made about no one looking if they use the bushes. The group disbands for the time being, some of the guys do weird handshakes with each other as they say they’ll see each other again soon. The three immediately surrounding you and Kenma stand up to see you off, Suga playfully gauges if he should land a pretend punch on Kenma in an attempt to keep him from feeling left out as he’s the first to break away from the three of them surrounding you in a group hug, he decides Kenma doesn’t seem receptive to his gesture and plays it off the way only he can, ducking and jabbing as if Kenma is running with the joke. About half of you make your way back inside the house. Once inside, Tadashi quickly hugs you close to him, getting close enough to you that you’ll hear him tell you he’s off to link back up with Tsuki — he makes sure you get what he’s saying before pointing with both thumbs in an obscure away motion somewhere over his shoulder while looking to see if Kuro and Kenma understand. They do and he breaks off from the three of you. 

 You interlock your elbow with Kenma’s as he pulls Kuro down to yell something in his ear — you can hear Kenma’s voice but over the music you have no idea what he’s saying. Kuro nods with a very serious face at Kenma who’s pulling you in now to fill you in — he’s yelling, but it’s necessary for you to hear him and comprehend what he’s saying. 

 “KURO’S GONNA LEAD US BUT YOU GO IN THE MIDDLE” He pulls away to nod at you while looking you in the eyes. You’re pretty sure you heard him clearly so you nod back. Kuro then quickly takes your arm to lead you towards where he knows the drinks are, as the three of you walk in tandem, his grip loosens from your arm so he can tighten is hold around your wrist, he’s careful not to drop your arm as he pushes through crowds of random party people, trying to making room for you and Kenma to follow — his priority is keeping the three of you together, it can’t be helped he’s got you awkwardly around the wrist but he does find an opportunity to adjust and hold your hand securely in his. 

 Once you safely break through the dance floor, Kuro looks to Kenma to make sure he’s made it out before showing Kenma he’s letting go of your hand, then turns to continue the journey to the jungle juice — Kenma takes over guiding you as you’ve gotten distracted with song being played and started bobbing along with the beat. You keep the same energy by the time the three of you reach the end goal, you’re mouthing along with the song and motioning in a big way as you move to the music — Kuro gets a cup for each of you, joining Kenma in matching your vibe and dancing together. 

 Kuro uses his hands, one skillfully balancing his drink as he raises it over his head, to mimic Bokuto’s signature hairstyle while making eye contact with Kenma, who tries making binoculars with his hands as a response but because of his cup just sort of blocks that half of his face. Kuro nods thinking he understands Kenma’s confirming it would be a good idea to find Bokuto and Akaashi, but what he’s really signaling is ‘where are they?’. You tap Kenma with your free hand as you finish lowering your cup from your mouth with the other, then raise it into the air towards your new friends you’d pregamed with, Bokuto and Akaashi. 

 “AY~!! AAYY~!!” “HAYY~!!” “AYYE~!” 

 All five of you sound off some how loud enough to hear each other, drinks raised towards the center of you as the other two make their way towards you, Kenma, and Kuro. You’re caught in the moment and having fun with these guys, they’d spotted you three vibing and came over doing the same to join along with you — none of you notice the extra attention you’d all garnered. 

Chapter Text

It’s innocent enough, but you end up between Kuro and Bokuto while Kenma and Akaashi end up on each other, you’re all carefully still holding your drinks in the air while dancing extremely close to each others bodies. 
 “OKAY Kenma~!!” Bokuto cheers as he catches a glimpse of Kenma’s playful aggression grinding against Akaashi who takes it a step further once you and Kuro also take notice.

 “OOOHHHH SHH~” You and Kuro use your free hands to censor your swearing into your fists, somehow doing the exact same thing. Kenma bashfully pushes Akaashi away even though he’s the one who initially added the spice into the mixture before hiding into Kuro’s chest. Kuro leans down and looks like he’s focused for some time, then makes eye contact while nodding to Kenma and taking another drink from the solo cup he’s holding. Kenma then reaches for you to bring your face near his so he can most likely repeat to you what he just said to Kuro, who you notice is leaning towards Bokuto, yelling something in his ear — Akaashi is carefully reading Kuro’s lips. 

 “LET’S DANCE MORE! OUT THERE! STAY CLOSE!” He points with his cup towards the dance floor and you’re all too happy to agree as you see Bokuto take Akaashi by the hand and lead the rest of you away from the area people are getting drinks at and over towards where everyone else is dancing. Once he finds an agreeable spot for you all to squeeze into, they put you between them, taking turns dancing with you and each other — none of you misunderstanding each others touch while feeling the music and moving accordingly, though from an outsider’s perspective it’s possible it could be easily misconstrued as Bokuto makes every effort to dance with you the most. 

 The five of you vibe together until a song plays none of you find enjoyable and wrangle each other back to the outskirts of the dance floor. Akaashi leads, holding Kenma by the hand who looks to make sure Kuro is close behind before following along — Kuro’s pulling you along by your outermost top layer while you grip onto the hem of his shirt, Bokuto throws his arms around your shoulders from behind, careful not to spill his drink on you while he presses his chest to your back and follows the rest of you. Once you’re all in the clear, he stays draped over you this way until you collectively decide where to venture from there. The music changes yet again, now to a song you can’t help but dance to — Bokuto happily matches your rhythm behind you, the other three move along similarly before Kenma’s gesturing for everyone to finish their drinks to get another round.  

 You all clink your drinks together, most of you with red cups and the other two with silver cans, then chug the remaining liquid from respective containers. The three tallest immediately look to you and Kenma while gulping the rest of their drinks to see you both struggling to do the same — the two of you swing wildly at them as they laugh at you for shuddering as you swallowed it all down. Making your way with them over to the ice chest of different bottles and cans, Akaashi scoops up a variety of drinks and doles them out, intending for you to pick first but the others are treating you like they treat each other at this point, making it a free for all. You have a small moment with Akaashi as he gives you your choice of the two remaining drinks — they’re the same brand, but different flavors. He makes sure you know he’ll make the others trade with him if you want what they took, but you wanted the drink he’s got in his left hand from the moment you saw him take it from the ice chest. You open your cans at the same time and cheers each other before joining the other three in another exclusive dance circle. 

 You feel someone’s gaze burning into you but see the guys you’re dancing with are all locked onto each other — you being between Akaashi and Bokuto while Kenma and Kuro melt into one another. You peer outside the circle without losing the beat between your newest friends and notice a past fling staring with contempt before exaggeratedly turning away to travel deeper into the party away from you, then make brief eye contact with the one who completed the love triangle and watched as he followed behind his counterpart into the crowd. 

 Both Bokuto and Akaashi take notice of the disturbance to your energy between them. Akaashi quickly hooks his finger to lift your chin, making you look him in the eye then resting the same hand along your waist — Bokuto reaches from behind and unknowingly rests his hand on your opposite side but stumbles and squishes you between Akaashi who almost saw it coming and now has his hand pressed into Bokuto’s meaty chest. This gets Kenma’s attention along with Kuro’s and they usher the rest of you somewhere quieter to discus everyone’s current sober status. 

 “Don’t tell me you’re already at your limit, Bo~” Kuro taunts. 

 “Whaa~!? No way!! I can still outdrink you! Don’t make me challenge you to chug these~” He shakes his drink lightly towards Kuro. 

 “Then what happened?” Kenma’s eyes are fiercely darting back and forth between Bokuto and Akaashi as if he’s formulating a quick plan of counterattack before their next move. The two are sort of silent but their eyes trail over to you who’s been awkwardly biting the inside of their cheek since getting to the random hallway you’d found to talk to each other in. Kenma drunkenly swoops you away in an instant which the other three find all too endearing. 

 “What happened?” He whispers sweetly to you, his large sleeves create a sort of curtain around your faces as he rests his drink on the top of your head and holds it firmly between his hands. 

 “Oikawa… and Iwa… They both know I’m here now… Suga told me they were here but I thought since so many people were here …” 

 “No way! Yoon~ Forget them… They won’t bother you with all of us around and your character is ranked so much higher than either of theirs anyway!! Don’t let either of them ruin your fun! … You are still having fun right?? We can leave whenever you want, I’ll just arrange for us to be picked up!” He interrupts you to keep you from sinking into negative emotions from memories of your last traumatic relationship, just before transferring to Karasuno. 

 “I don’t wanna leave yet!! Yea~ Forget them! But yea… Just stay with me okay?” You take a deep breath to calm yourself and keep from falling from the high you’ve reached. 

 “Of course!!” 

 “How much longer are you two gonna take?? Let’s go back outside!!” Bokuto presses his face against Kenma’s trying to fit into the space enclosed by the curtain of Kenma’s sleeves. 

 “BO!!” Kenma and Akaashi both reprimand and deliver a swift chop to his core to get him to back away. 

 Kuro loses it and laughs loudly while you shoot a telepathic signal to your cousin you’re ready to party much longer into the night. Kenma links with you at the elbow and bullies Bokuto to ‘Go on then! Lead the way!” as Kuro and Akaashi silently taunt the two of you from behind, linking similarly and somehow more dramatically, at the elbow the way you and Kenma walk together though none of the rest of you notice until you’re back outside. Of course Kenma sees first and lets go of you the same instant Bokuto clings onto you again, attempting to attack them both but only getting Kuro who allows Kenma to put his hands on him as a fake decoy to allow Akaashi to prance away and back over behind Bokuto. 

 You all drink in the atmosphere around the corner from the patio you smoked at earlier and is the source of the music you’d all heard before heading inside, not having noticed it was different music playing. There are so many people out here, some of which your group recognize however there are more people they haven’t met yet — most are along the edge of a pool filled with crystal clear water, some being brave enough to swim in. Everyone outside vibes together to the same song just like the people partying inside, nearly everyone has a drink in hand. 

 “Let’s go swimming!!” Bokuto gives you a little squeeze from behind, teasing you and knowing full well neither you nor Akaashi will go along with this. 

 “Bo, you’re gonna pay for any water damage you cause whether we stay here or head back to your house like you wanted~ Please think about this…” Akaashi answers on your behalf — he knows if Bokuto hears some version of ‘don’t you dare’ it will urge him to do the very thing and even drunk, Akaashi knows a soaking wet Bokuto will put a definite damper on the fun you’re all having. 

 “Awwee~!! Akaashii~ Yuni wanted to get in with me thoughh~” He whines back, obviously lying. 

 “Yuni wants to go swimming the way I want to throw up in the bushes” Kenma adds sarcastically. 

 “You have to throw up!?” Bokuto asks with sincere concern.

 “NO!!” All four of you jeer before laughing together while Bokuto buries his face in your neck and pretends to cry. 

 “Yucchan~! How could you do this to me~!?” He feigns heartbreak and becomes even heavier against you. 

 “Dude get OFF!” Kenma pushes him away from you, causing Bokuto to truly lose his balance and stumble away — he catches himself and opens his eyes wide to Kuro and Akaashi before the three of them bust into hysterics, knowing he almost landed in the pool anyway. Kenma gives Akaashi a guilty smile, trying not to also laugh at the problem he almost caused while Akaashi gently wrangles Bokuto away from the water and over to nearby lounge chairs. As Akaashi sets Bokuto into the seat, Bokuto pulls Akaashi into his lap — Akaashi acts as if he hopeless in accepting his fate before settling cutely and comfortably against Bokuto. You, Kenma, and Kuro sit in the nearest lounger with you in between the two of them, sitting hip to hip and facing the other two. 

 “SUP fuckers!?” You hear a somewhat familiar voice while someone seemingly more familiar flashes by with high energy and gives everyone who wasn’t already holding a drink some kind of replacement. 

 “Noya their cups look almost empty though~” Suga encourages for everyone to get a refill. 

 “Bro you’re relentless! Weren’t you known as Mr. Refreshing in high school? I’d say you’re anything but~” The same voice you’ve yet to place taunts Suga. Your eyes slowly pull your face to look towards Kenma, then beyond to Suga — you know both of them understand the weight of the nickname in your presence and Kenma’s just as quick to call for order. 

 “Yaku SHUT UP, are we drinking or not?”

 “Are we all ready~? I thought you needed time to prepare yourself and get the gu” 

 Kenma throws his drink back, not worried about finishing it but getting everyone else to drink up in his lead. He takes a giant gulp, almost downing his whole drink, and does his best to keep from shivering as he swallows. 

 “I literally hate you Yaku” He remarks sarcastically. 

 “BRO! Where did you get that!?” Bokuto screeches at Noya who’s chasing his drink with meat of some kind, he makes no effort to stop shoveling it into his mouth while he points over to where he just came from with a snack for himself and drinks to share with Suga and Yaku. Bokuto lifts Akaashi out of his lap with ease and practically runs over to where Noya’s finger is falling from — Kuro instinctively follows, darting away, and Kenma yells to him that he better come back with something for you two while you shift over to steal the spot on the chair Kuro had, now resting your back against where it should go and Kenma makes you let him rest against your chest and moves your legs out of his way. Akaashi takes over the seat Bokuto left and offers room for Suga and Noya while Yaku takes the spot Kenma just gave up however Kenma stipulates Yaku can't rest against Kenma, he has to sit facing across to the others while letting Kenma rest his legs in his lap. Before Kuro and Bokuto return with an assortment of snacks and meats for the group, you notice Tanaka making a 180º away from you and the group with your with, taking someone else along with him. 

Chapter Text

Yaku throws Kenma’s legs to the opposite side of the chair from yours and Kenma allows for him to rest against his chest while his legs trail down the center of the chair. Kuro gives each of you the same of what he’s got and you all happily receive the food, respecting each others space while simultaneously eating too close to each other. Bokuto gives what he brought for Akaashi and offers the extras he grabbed to Suga and Noya who both politely accept. You all get a boost of energy as you snack and half of you are dancing in your seats before even halfway through finishing your fill. 

 “Oh~ Okaayyy~” Suga sassily draws attention to you and Kenma rapping along to the current song, neither of you having realized you were, but exaggerate your actions as everyone’s eyes are drawn to you. As the both of you get more into it as the bridge builds up before the drop leading to the chorus Kenma’s leaning harder against you and pushes against your bladder — you push him in a way he knows to tend to you and shoves Yaku away so he has room shift in his spot to face you better. 

 “You almost made me pee myself, sorry~” You playfully apologize, all slowly gaining vague awareness of a disruption. 

 “Potty trrriiiiiiipppp~!!” Kuro strikes a pose pointing onward and waits for anyone to line up behind him before he takes off. Kenma brings you with him to the front of the line, followed by Noya, the rest say they’ll wait for you to get back or see you later. You follow each other inside the house, joining hands to stay connected as you push through the crowds to make it to where Kuro knows there’s a bathroom. 

 “Should we go in two at a time to save time?” Kuro suggests. There’s a surprising silence before Noya shouts in agreement. 

 “Me and Yu-chan first!” He leads you in, not having let go of your hand since linking up. 

 There’s a single toilet beyond the door you just locked, despite knowing Kenma and Kuro are both standing guard outside while waiting their turn. Noya tells you to go first since you mentioned needing to. 

 “Thanks Yu-nii~” You reply, wasting no time relieving yourself while Noya freshens up in the mirror, paying no attention to you. Once you make your way into the mirror, he trades you spots and takes his turn using the toilet while you do the same as he just was. The two of you flick water at each other after washing your hands together in the sink and leave the bathroom to switch places with Kuro and Kenma — the two of them take a little longer in the bathroom than you and Noya had but the two of you standing guard take the time to catch up. 

 “Have you seen Ryu?” He asks you. 

 “Yea! Earlier I took a shot with him and I just saw him before we got up to pee, but I think he joined a different group” 

 “That BRAT! Out by the pool you saw him? Waaiittt… Was he with Ennoshita? I MEAN- AHH! Sorry Yu-chan I wasn’t thinking” 

 “Oohh~ Yea that’s probably who he was with.. I didn’t see but it did look like he was coming over to you until he and I noticed each other.. now it makes sense … oh~ but it’s okay Yu-nii..” 

 “You two in line?” Someone much taller than you or Noya asks, he’s alongside someone equally as tall, who’s hair reminds you of Noya’s but inverted — though you would never admit this to anyone. 

 “Nope! You two are next” Noya says to them with a wink while pulling you aside to continue waiting for the rest of your party and avoiding further confrontation with the two who’d approached. 

 Kenma and Kuro find you both easily before long when Noya lets you all know he’s off to find Tanaka, leaving the three of you to set off onto your next objective at the party — which you all quickly agree is to get another drink, Kenma’s set on only grabbing enough for the three of you but Kuro brings along a couple more, he figures either you guys will drink them or he can offer them out to the next group you join if not the one you’d left before your bathroom break. 

 Eventually you all regather outside, though the group changed since you last left it. In addition to Suga, Yaku, and Akaashi are Yamaguchi, Tsukishima, and Shohei — Bokuto ended up in the pool and is swimming with a group you don’t recognize but you can tell Akaashi is doing his best to ignore it so you do the same, Kenma also seems receptive of Akaashi’s anxiety and stands next to him, making sure he gets one of the drinks Kuro brought along with him. You make your way between Tadashi and Suga who welcome you warmly between them — you notice but pay little attention to Tsukishima glaring at you when you end up standing between him and Tadashi after he and Suga do some cute little dance with you that has nothing to do with the music blasting just beyond the pool. 

 No one’s sure if there’s a DJ or if people are taking turns with the AUX but everyone around, and in, the pool feel the same level of hype at the next song that plays. You end up dancing between Tadashi and Tsukishima before switching to Suga, who pulls you towards him to give the other two an excuse to touch each other — removing himself from dancing flirtatiously between Yaku and Shohei. Kenma jumps out from between Kuro and Akaashi when he sees his ex teammates trying to pull you in to replace where Suga had been between them, dancing with you in a sort of ballroom style regardless of it not making sense with the music — you’re both drunk enough to playfully progress it along until both Kuro and Suga recognize to stand in and catch you both as you cast a spell of laughter on the other which negates your ability to stand straight up. 

 “Oh my god, what just happened!?” Tadashi begs to know, concerned for your well-being. 

 “I think Kenma spun Yuni too hard and lost control” Yaku responds. 

 “Suga … Yuni’s eyes …” Tsukishima hints for him to take notice. 

 “Ooohh~ Kenma too..” Shohei alerts Kuro while Akaashi’s already ushering him and Suga to set you both down on the lounge chairs you’d been sitting in before heading inside to pee. You both get laid onto your own chairs as you’d gotten lightheaded, having drank so much and both your bodies being ready for sleep but not recognizing it due to the alcohol and loud music. Tadashi tells the others he’ll be back with water and Tsukishima follows though he doesn’t come back with Tadashi does. 

 “Suga! What happened?” A seemingly far off voice asks as Yamaguchi’s lunged next to you trying to get you to drink, Kuro doing the same for Kenma. Suga does his best to walk the inquisitor away from the scene inconspicuously, taking advantage of the rest of you being caught up in — or causing — the commotion as cover. 

 “Ah~ Everything’s okay Ennoshita~ Yuni and Kenma just drank a little too much I think and then over heated~ They’ll both be okay!” He reassures while keeping a palm on Ennoshita’s back and walking towards where he think’s Daichi and Tanaka are to join their group. 

 “… I didn’t know Yuni was here…” Ennoshita trails of being reminded of you. You’d had some kind of an awkward fling back in high school, it wasn’t anything serious but rumors spread and grew out of control, ruining the experience for both of you as you both desperately avoided each other from then on to keep from speculations — though it was obvious to his teammates there was still much left unsaid between the two of you, but they all agreed to let you both handle it on your own terms. 

 “Yoon knows you’re here too.. “ Suga explains and goes into detail how you’d come to show up at the party, remaining unbaised to either of you — though he admittedly roots for the two of you reuniting. However, given the intensity of the current situation, they know it’s best to continue to postpone your reunion for the time being and keep walking over to join Daichi, Tanaka, and Noya among others who’ve rallied around a beer pong game and created a line up to allow new challengers to take on the winner of the previous round, meanwhile you and Kenma are coming-to and sitting up back over in the lounge chairs Suga just left from. 

 “Drink more water” Tadashi urges. 

 “Do you two want more to munch on?” Yaku offers.

 “Don’t push yourselves” Akaashi instructs. 

 “But really~ Should we call it a night and call a cab?” Kuro asks. 

 You and Kenma grasp the severity of the situation while looking to each other waiting for the other to answer. 

 “I’m okay..” “I’m okay~” You both answer in sync by accident.

 Tadashi hands over your designated water bottle to you while Kuro gets Kenma’s into his hands, you both take sips of the cool water before capping the bottle to hold against your skin — you hold it on your forehead while Kenma rests his on the nape of his neck. 

 “You both like you’d feel better if you’d just yak to be honest~” Shohei remarks, only claiming he’s joking after Kenma shoots daggers at him. 

 “I really just got a bit carried away. I’m fine. Yoon~??” Kenma calls for you to answer as he pulls his sweaty hair into a low messy bun. You consider not having the chance to do this sort of thing often and assess your body while taking in a full breath. 

 “Yea~ I’m not ready to call it a night yet either. I’ll just drink more water~!” 

 Kuro, Shohei, and Yaku all sarcastically cheer and make jokes about checkpoints and game saves and having more lives to keep playing the level with. The noise they make laughing at each others progression of the same joke rivals that of the beer pong game taking place at the far end of the poolside, getting a few heads to turn towards your group — Suga and Chikara being among those to notice the lighthearted albeit loud joking coming from your area, they’re both relieved to see you’re okay and oblivious to them staring. The loudest commotion that gets everyone’s attention is sudden and startling as a fight breaks out between two even more drunk than you and Kenma with a different, much more aggressive, response to the high level of liquor that had been consumed. To avoid getting caught up in that, or a possible neighboring fight, Kuro gets you and Kenma to follow him back inside while Akaashi finds Bokuto to keep him from egging on and exaggerating the situation. 

Chapter Text

Tadashi, Yaku, and Shohei followed the three of you along inside where Kuro checks with Kenma if he should double back to help Akaashi with Bokuto and meet back with you guys shortly. They both agree it’s necessary and Kenma reassures him that the two of you will be okay, volunteering Yamaguchi to stay with you both as well, joking Kuro should be able to spot him in a crowd much easier than the rest of you four. Shohei compliments the delivery of the joke, admitting it was funny while Yaku, clearly offended, comments he’s already heard that joke before. Kuro gains piece of mind that someone besides the two who were just passed out not too long ago will be aware of you both and takes off knowing Kenma will feel his phone vibrate as soon as he contacts him to check where to meet up with you. Tadashi feels flattered Kenma made a point to make him feel included among you and his ex teammates, and while Kenma did want to make amends for being rude earlier, he would’ve been willing to welcome any ally in keeping an extra watch over you. 

 The five of you decide on a plan of action where it’s not so loud before crossing through the party. Shohei wants more to drink and Yaku agrees and says after you should all gather back at the spot you’d all originally drank at — the sofa near the speaker. You all agree and head for the drinks. Shohei and Yaku lead the pack, unaware linking up to stay together is a thing people do, while you walk hand in hand between Kenma and Tadashi not far behind. The two get a red cup filled with ice and some hard liquor cocktail then playfully pressure Yamaguchi to have one with them, he agrees with no regret. You and Kenma still have half your water bottles to down before either of you can go for refills, by order of the group — not only do they not offer either of you a drink, they grab you both a new water bottle telling you two to chug your waters while they see who between the three of them can drink the most from their cup before you both finish, essentially a race to see who can drink the most the fastest. 

 Kenma crushes his bottle and drinks the remaining water in one gulp, you had no idea he could do that and it almost makes you do a spit-take but you catch yourself and only dribble a little while containing yourself from choking. Tadashi chokes himself trying not to laugh at you causing Shohei to lose it and actually do a spit-take accidentally at Yaku, who had drank the most but now the game was null as no one remembered to check after he finished scolding Fukunaga who remained in hysterics over the chain reaction for some time. The three with solo cups refill yet again before heading to the couch and distribute fresh bottles of water to you and Kenma.

 You all push your way through the crowd and back to the sofa you’d all been at earlier, though the seats you’d had are taken and filled by others. You recognize the tall guy you’d seen earlier who’s hair color is sort of opposite from Noya and he does a sort of quick nod towards your group. You’re confused wondering if he recognized you from being in line for the bathroom but see Tadashi nod back — you both then notice he was telling Tsukishima with his face that Yamaguchi was behind him as he turns around to see. 

 “Tsuki~! Wait have you been here the whole time?” Tadashi asks while taking the spot next to his best friend. The four of you gather around in the standing space circling the front of the couch — you’re between Tadashi and Kenma, who is standing next to his ex teammates, the four of you scan the circle for others you recognize but see none. You caught the other guy you’d seen earlier in line for the bathroom, sitting next to the one who nodded to Tadashi, staring at you as he seemed to wait patiently for you to notice him and make eye contact. He smiles while biting his lip and instead of lifting his chip upwards to nod, his eyebrows are all that raise. Yaku takes notice and cringes hard at the guy, successfully catching his attention and getting him to look elsewhere. 

 “No, I coincidentally just made it back here with these guys” Tsukishima points with his face to the two in front of him. He stands close to Tadashi and reaches to rest his hand in Tadashi’s back pocket while he more or less grabs Tadashi’s hand with the other of his own, flirtatiously sharing his best friend’s red cup and taking a sip. 

 “Kogane” The one with notable hair says, he knows Yamaguchi knows him and takes the chance to introduce himself to the four Yamaguchi brought with him. 

 “Futakuchi~” Says the other while attempting to reestablish connection with you only to catch Yaku’s burning gaze again and rolls his eyes seeing you and Kenma sort of consulting privately with each other anyway. 

 “Nice meeting you~ I’m Fukunaga~” Shohei introduces himself then Yaku and you two hovered over Kenma’s phone. 

 “Kuro messaged me .. I told him we’re here and he’s coming over with Bo and Akaashi” Kenma absentmindedly fills in whoever is listening as you’re already aware, he only does this to let the group know he’s listening despite his body language making it look like he isn’t. 

 “OOHH! I thought you looked famililar!!” Kogane yells while snapping and pointing a finger gun at Kenma and elbowing Futakuchi in the side. 

 “Yea we played you guys in high school..” Kenma adds dryly.

 “I heard the guy who’s hosting the party used to play too. But there’s plenty here who I’ve never seen before too!” Kogane looks to you for a brief second before they’re back on Kenma. 

 “Yea .. where did you play?” Futakuchi asks you directly. 

 “Oh.. I didn’t p-“ You’re interrupted by the four you traveled over with as they all interject on your behalf. They all speak at once and it’s hard to make out exactly who said what, but the overall, well-received, message from them all was “Yuni’s off limits”. 

 “WHO’S BOTHERING YUNI!?” Bokuto’s loud voice is unmistakeable. 

 “No! No one’s-“ You’re interrupted again as Bokuto hunkers down to embrace you and nuzzle his cheek against yours. 

 “My sweet Yoon~ I’m here now~ I won’t let anyone bother you~” His voice is much softer as he continues rubbing his face against your own. You have your hands up in a sort of surrender while you look to Kenma for backup. He gives you a flat smile as his lips flatten against each other while taking a long full breath — you know he’s telling you he’s helpless against Bokuto’s antics, what you don’t know is he’s only helpless to Bo’s occasional act making him seem somehow smaller than than he is. 

 “Bokuto you’re still wet!” You bring your palms to his chest to push him away only to find out how plump his chest is and that he’s unmovable. He already had his arms around you but now he repositions to hold you in a way that pins your arms between the two of you. It dawns on you now he’s much less dressed than he was when you’d arrived here as he’d shed his wet clothes and was down to his boxer briefs, you search to see if Akaashi will offer assistance but you notice he’s absolutely endeared at Bokuto’s behavior, Kuro too — they’re swooning right along with Kenma and you know now for certain there’s no way to win but to play along. 

 “I knoww~ Yuni, help me warm up~” He whines into your neck, still slumped over you and holding you close. 

 “Okay Bo~” You answer softly and much quicker than he expected, it takes him a moment to register he doesn’t need to think of any other excuses to hang over you but when he gets it he excitedly responds.

 “REALLY!??! OKAY!” Then in one quick motion stands behind you to wrap you both in the towel he had draped around his neck. He happily rests his chin on the top of your head and smiles to the others who’ve been staring at you two. 
 The circle around the couch had grown, now having more people you can name on the half you’re standing in which are pretty much all caught up in the ruckus of Bokuto. However the other half of the circle, both sharing the circle and standing across from you, begin cheering for the two standing near the center who’ve forgetten their surroundings as they give in to themselves and feel up and down each others bodies while making out. 

 Your jaw drops but you’re also smiling as you can’t help but feel happy for Tadashi, unsure how often — if at all — he and Tsukishima express themselves to each other. You wish you could give them privacy but Bokuto and Kuro both quickly counter and cheer for them from the your side of the circle. Bokuto keeps one arm wrapped around you while he raises a fist, still clutching part of his towel, into the air and you feel every one of his muscles flex as he calls out.


 Realizing they’ve garnered attention, and a lot of it, they both snap back to the present sort of giggling to each other while they lightly press their foreheads together, holding the back of the other one’s head, before pealing away from each other to mutually face the center of the circle — though they still keep their fingers interlaced and they stay looking anywhere but into anyone’s eyes until the blush fully fades from their faces. 

 Kenma holds his water bottle in front of you and shakes it, showing you he’s finished his second bottle and is asking without speaking if you’re ready to refill on something besides water. You understand and uncap your bottle to finish what’s left but it’s still near half. You chug until you need a breath, making it about halfway through what you had left. Bokuto grabs around your hand and brings the bottle up to his mouth, finishing off the water. You give Kenma a similar face he’d just given you, sort of saying, ‘there’s nothing I can do’ with your expression. 

 Kenma turns around and goes up on his toes, doing his best to reach Kuro’s ear, who is playfully leaning back to get Kenma to lose balance and get even closer to make his request. They both seem to be playing, and winning, the same game. Kenma finally grapples around Kuros neck and holds himself off the ground while Kuro supports around his waist, setting him back down while keeping their cheeks pressed together as Kenma speaks to Kuro privately. After a moment, Kuro stands up and pretends to think hard like he needs to make up his mind and then taps his cheek while looking at Kenma with a devilish smirk. Kenma seems to deflate a little but rebounds and playfully smacks the spot Kuro pointed to — just a soft tap with his finger tips to Kuro’s cheek. Kuro makes a face that says, ‘can’t help you then’ while shaking his head to Kenma then taps his own cheek again with a new matter-of-fact expression. You understand now what Kuro’s communicating though you’re still not sure what Kenma had said but you know you’ll find out if quicker if Kenma feels that he has less of an audience. You smirk to yourself and look away, seeing in the corner of your eye Kenma giving a quick peck to Kuro’s jawline. 

 Kuro throws his fist to Yaku’s chest then points with his thumb over his shoulder to where they both know the drinks are. Yaku slaps over at Shohei and they all head over to grab drinks for themselves and the rest of you. Akaashi moves around to stand behind Kenma the same way you and Bokuto are standing. Tsuki uses this as an excuse to tease you all by standing the same way with Tadashi, yet he never moves back away once he stops taunting the four of you — Tadashi looks over at all of you not to point that out as he doesn’t want Tsuki to pull away, you all simultaneously conceal your smiles, agreeing to let him have his moment. 

 “Well aren’t you all just so cute…” Kuro lays the sarcasm on thick as he feels left out having returned alone with an armful of cans and bottles for his friends. He gives Kenma the first pick who grabs for you as well as himself, then lets Tsukishima and Yamaguchi pick before bitterly taking the one he wanted as a way of coping and teasing Akaashi and Bokuto, giving them the last. 

 “Are we still going?” Kuro asks sort of desperately and you look to Kenma to see what exactly he means. 

 “Yeah let’s go” Kenma answers while looking to you and pointing with his head towards the dance floor while taking a drink of the can he just opened. 

 “Wait … Bokuto’s actually almost naked though…” You didn’t want to have to bring attention but you weren’t sure how to feel about it. 

 “Yea we should go check if your clothes are dry yet … We found the laundry room and threw his clothes in the dryer” Akaashi takes a sip halfway between discussing with Bokuto and bringing the rest of you up to speed. 
 “I’ll be back soon, okay~?” Bokuto presses his cheek against yours again while still holding you from behind.

 “Okay Bo~” You tell him again just trying to appease him so he goes along with it. 

 He wraps the towel around his waist then leaves with Akaashi. Kenma is already sort of dancing against Kuro waiting for you and whoever else to come along. You look to Tadashi who’s already dancing towards you to join alongside Kenma and Kuro while Tsukishima slaps hands with Kogane and Futakuchi saying he’ll see then around then putting Tadashi between himself and you. Kenma understands this is the group for now and sees you’ve all still got a drink in hand then leads you all out to the dance floor, pretty drunk and equally as confident you won’t get separated from him. The five of you resume dancing on each other the way you just were before getting to the appropriate spot where the music is louder and everyone around you is doing the same. It isn’t long before Akaashi and Bokuto are back with you all and work themselves in between the two groups of you grinding on each other, this gets you all interchanging with each other and before long everyone’s only focused on the way the music carries their own bodies while enjoying the music, though you notice something is off when you see everyone’s paired off as you’d assume while you’re between two bodies you didn’t realize weren’t included in the group you’d been dancing with. 

Chapter Text

The two seemed to notice the moment you understood something was sightly off. They’d been waiting for you to react and once they’d seen it flash across your face, they worked together — as they always have — to keep you dancing between them. The one in front pulls you in from your waist, though in one fluid motion his dominant hand slides under your bum and towards the back of your knee to lift your thigh onto his hip, while his other hand grips at your hip. The one behind crashes into you while he reaches for your hips to steady himself — they caress each others hand on the side of you they’re both sharing, eventually reaching up the length of the others forearm and behind each others waist. They both cock their heads to the right and kiss along opposite sides of your neck and jaw simultaneously. You can’t help but throw your head back in ecstasy, resting your head against the shoulder the one pressing his body against your backside and thus making you lean harder onto the one in front of you — you’re only able to maintain upright thanks to the two of them holding you between them as they share you with each other. After hearing a feint whimper in his ear, the one in front lets up to make eyes with you and the one behind you, his smirk says exactly what he’s thinking, ‘we should’ve done this a long time ago’. 

 You place your palms to press against his chest, attempting to create distance but he and the other half contributing to your current predicament are both now holding onto each others hips and waist, embracing you tightly between them. You drop your leg from up on the hip of the one in front only to understand he’s aligned with you in a way that you’re both now sort of straddled across the others thigh. The pressure they’re creating with you in between them elicits from you another involuntary vocal indication of pleasure. It’s much too loud on the dance floor to say anything and the one still smirking down on you with condescending admiration is quick to take your hands from his chest into his own, silently signaling to his counterpart to usher you along as he turns away to lead you both through the crowd, still holding you by your hand to take you somewhere more quiet. 

 The song changes and alters the atmosphere of the dance floor from seductive and intimate to a wild free for all where yet again everyone is dancing together instead of in pairs, though by now you’re too far to have noticed. Kenma scans the group after they’re all facing each other again and no longer buried in the neck of their partner or locked at the lips. His eyes grow wide as he sees one missing from among the rest of you. He raises his palms at the same same his shoulders shoot upwards, shrugging to the others as it’s still to loud to speak clearly over the sound system blaring on the dance floor. He’s shaking his head as his eyes grow bigger waiting for someone to understand his gesture and the cause for it — he’s about to start panicking. Bokuto swoops Kenma away from the crowd as he hopes he knows how to give a little peace to his dear friend while the rest follow along to regroup off the dance floor. 

 “I saw Yuni going upstairs” Bokuto informs.

 “With who!?” Kenma aggressively reacts.

 “Oikawa and Iwaizumi” 

 “Please say you’re kidding” 

 “I didn’t think it was a big deal” 

 “You have no idea…” Kenma trails off as his mind races putting together a rescue mission in an instant. 

 “I’m not giving details Yuni hasn’t given but we need to find them and get Yuni away from Oikawa and Iwaizumi. Bokuto, lead the way. Like, NOW!” Kenma commands out loud and expects everyone listening to follow, however Tsukishima holds Yamaguchi back to ask if he believes you’d like that large of a group coming for you in a situation you’d rather not explain. Tadashi’s worried for you but agrees you’d feel better having less eyes on you in whatever event is taking place that Kenma feels he needs to save you from — he sighs heavily and makes Tsuki promise they’ll find you again before the night is over to make sure they’d made the best choice in leaving it up to the other four to come to your aid. 

 Not only did you not pass anyone you knew while heading to the room Oikawa and Iwa were coaxing you into, you didn’t pass anyone at all — there was no one to help divert their attention off of you so you could get out from their hold to make a break for it. It takes Oikawa a few tries peaking into random rooms before finding one that’s empty for the three of you. You do your best to break away but Iwa’s completely devouring you, holding you almost how Bokuto was a while ago, arms wrapped tightly around your middle while leans against your back, brigning his lips to your ear to nip and kiss in between things he says to you. 

 “We’ve missed you so much Yuni … You know we just want to talk and catch up right? … Doesn’t this just feel right? … You like this don’t you? … We’ll both make you happy from now on” Iwa interrupts himself between thoughts to use his mouth to sprinkle sweet kisses along your neck.

 “Iwa-chan~! We agreed I could tell Yuni~!” Oikawa jealously interrupts before finally finds an empty room the three of you can occupy. He collects himself and quits pouting to gesture for you both to enter before him, extending his arm into the room like a gentleman. He locks the door behind him as Iwa leads you from behind over to the bed which is the only place to sit in this room besides the floor. He plops down onto the bed and pats at the space next to him for you to follow suit. You turn in attempt to leave but Oikawa catches you, again your fronts are pressed together and again he gropes your bottom to get you to wrap your leg around his waist, this time lifting both of your legs around him while he nuzzles into the crook of your neck and reminiscing in your scent. You do your best to push him away but he carries you with ease, one arm supports your bottom half like a seat while the other arm braces against your back and up towards the back of your neck. You can feel his fingers are spread wide and pressed hard into you. 

 “Don’t you care how much we missed you~!? You’re being so rude~! Why are you being so difficult?” He kneels and sits you down on the edge of the foot of the bed, still clinging to you, whining while he looks up to you because of how he’s been holding you. 

 “You’re both being so weird!! That’s why! I haven’t seen either of you all this time and suddenly we’re all long lost lovers or something!? It’s a shock and it’s weird! We can talk but get off of me!!” You keep trying to push and kick against him to no avail, he’s much stronger and resilient to pain, thanks to Iwa who moved from where he was laying on the bed and up onto his knees, behind you again, helping Oikawa hold you still and mutually shower you in affection. 

 “Iwa-chan~! You heard Yuni admit we’re all long lost lovers too right~!?!” Oikawa flirts while Iwa snickers into your neck. They make eye contact before they lean into each other while still holding you firmly between them and gently make out together only inches from your face. You watch with intrigue, Oikawa catches you staring and Iwa feels Oikawa’s lips curl upwards to then break away and sigh bashfully back into your neck.

 “Iwa-chan and I are together now~” He says while he brings his face to yours the same way you remember him doing and the same way he just did to Iwa. He makes a pitiful grunting sound when you catch his face between your hands and pull your face back, again resting against Iwa’s shoulder. 

 “Toru! What are you doing!?? I just said I haven’t seen either of you in so long and you think it’s okay to kiss me like that!?” You demand an explanation for his attempt to initiate that type of affection with you. He removes his hands from between you and Iwa to take you by the wrists and remove your hands from his face while he becomes much more serious than he just was. 

 “I thought you could figure it out~ We can all be together now~” 

 “Toru! You and I haven’t been together in a long time! We broke up when I transferred high schools in my first year!” 

 “We didn’t break up! You just moved away and left me like that all of the sudden! You left US~” He’s refers to Iwa who’s still draped around your neck from behind you, he’s holding you between his thighs as he sits on his knees and wraps his arms around your torso. 

 “Toru… WHAT!!? What do you mean we didn’t break up!? I have some really bad news for you in that case… Iwa… Please, come on… help me reason here” 

 “I don’t know why he’s going that far … Oikawa you know Yuni broke up with you … But Yuni, it’s true we both really missed you. In a way you sort of brought us together and we want to include you with us… And be honest with me Yuni.. You never thought about us at any point while you and Oikawa kept the facade of your high school fling together?” He speaks softly into your ear, squeezing you a little tighter when emphasizing the ‘us’ he mentioned is you and him, he goes back to nibbling at your ear lobe and winks to Oikawa while doing so. 

 “My relationship with Yuni was not a fling or a facade! It was fated love! Yuni~! Tell him!” 

 “Alright maybe that’s true but it’s still true Yuni had to resist giving in to temptation every time the two of us hung out without you~ Right Yuni? Tell him” 

 You’re completely beside yourself. Obviously they’re both very drunk, but they’re still in their right minds and the alcohol has little to do with the interaction, if anything it’s only given them the courage to begin the dialogue with you, taking the chance to dance with you to segue into it all. Oikawa remembers the way you conduct yourself and sees you’re stalled while trying to understand what’s happening around you. He smiles softly to you with heavy eyelids while he brings his face close to yours again. 

 “We’ll both make you so happy Yuni~ Just enjoy this okay~?” He succeeds in pressing his lips into yours — you always hated the way he made you weak for him. 

 “Mm~ HmmHmMMm~” He hums and sort of giggles at the familiar feeling and taste of you and remembering you’ve always been so hesitant to do as he tells you — he knows you’d never admit when he’s right but he knows just based on your body language when exactly that is, and it’s obvious to both of you you’re struggling to sort through how you feel but will allow for more until you’re sure one way or the other. He wants to encourage you to complete the triangle and allow him to watch you and Iwa like you watched the two of them and like Iwa’s watching the two of you now but he knows he will disrupt your train of thought and that it won’t go in his favor if he moves things along too soon. Instead he lets go of your wrists that have been resting in your lap to hold of your face between his warm, large hands and rises from off the back of his heel to the reposition himself on both knees, allowing him to have more control of the heated kiss he’s got you locked in. He hears you breathing heavy and breaks away to see your expression, pleased with himself knowing he can still excite you that way so quickly. 

 “Try kissing Iwa-chan now baby~” He brushes one of his thumbs over your lips before releasing his hands from your cheeks. 

 You turn your head to face Iwa — you’ve always had a small crush on him, he was right to think you had to suppress your imagination more than once when Oikawa would leave the two of you together for too long. Your relationship with Oikawa was selfish on both sides — he used you to appear desirable before he had a fan club, and you didn’t want to not have some kind of social circle in high school. What started as pretend, embracing one another between coaching the other how to bring out the best of each other to better play respective roles, quickly developed into genuine affection. While the three of you had spent much time together during your time enrolled at Aoba Johsai, it wasn’t until just a few months before your sudden transfer that your feelings became realized — before you understood you’d fallen for Toru, you’d go along with what he wanted while entertaining the idea of his best friend instead, which you did wonder at the time if the two of them had also sifted through thoughts of each other to some extent at one point or another. The three of you would often tease and flirt with each other playfully, especially when there were no others around. 

 Iwa is practically panting as he anticipates you leaning into him. His lips are parted with his tongue just beyond his lips while he stares at your mouth. You’re just as anxious for this moment as he is but you’re out of your body still processing what’s taking place — your thought patterns are clouded from the alcohol which is also unfortunately allowing you to feel okay to let things unfold at the pace that they are. You hardly touch your lips onto Iwa’s before he takes over, breathing heavy and snaking one hand up towards your neck just under your jaw while his other hand lingers around your hip threatening to go inward and deeper into your lap. You reach one hand behind his head and move the other to stop his roaming fingers from touching the heat he’s causing to rise from between your legs. 

 “Wow~” Oikawa remarks, obviously impressed. 

 The two of you pause and make brief eye contact, seeing the others pleasured expression causes the both of you to to look away from each other, both of your faces growing brighter as the blush over both of your cheeks spreads to the tips of your ears and hits in the pits of your stomachs. You both look to Oikawa and see his expression is exactly the same — you’re all craving more of each other at this point. 

 Someone attempts to open the locked door, snapping you out of the moment and remembering your cousin is probably looking for you — more than likely he’s the one trying to open the door and you’re not so into the current experience you’d rather continue with it than rejoin the group you’d come to the party with. Iwa feels you try to move away to stand and clings to your core again, keeping you flush against him while Oikawa plants his palms firmly on the tops of your thighs — the two work together to keep you in the mood, taking turns kissing at your jaw and begging for more of you. 

 “Don’t worry about that baby, let’s keep going~” Toru tells you. 

 “That was fun right? Let’s have more fun Yuni~” Iwa pleads. 

 “Let us take care of you~” 

 “Just enjoy this with us” 

 Whoever is outside the door is trying harder to get in as indicated by the handle jiggling more violently than before, followed by at least one fist pounding at the wood separating you from them. 

 “Guys~ I can’t.. It’s Kenma, he-“ You’re interrupted. 

 “KENMA!? You can’t be serious!!” Oikawa shouts with offense.

 “He’s my cousin! I came here with him and he knows about you, but I told him you broke up with me and-“ 

 “WHY in THE HELL would you tell him that!?” 

 “Toru~ I’m sorry! I don’t know why I said it but he really doesn’t like you and it’s too hard for me to explain to him what’s happening right now so I’d rather avoid doing that” 

 “So let’s hide Oikawa in the closet and then if he’s so insistent on coming in here to find you with someone, it’ll be me~ then it should be fine right?” Iwa interjects while his hands explore over your body.

 “NO! That’s not fine! I shouldn’t even be in here with either of you! I shouldn’t have left Kenma and the others.. I really should get back” You’re becoming frantic while trying to take his hands off of you to stand and leave the room.

 “Baby~ but we’re having fun aren’t we~?” Toru stands while grabbing your wrists and leaning over to quiet you by kissing you. You struggle to keep him from getting his way but you’re fighting against Iwa as well and their teamwork is impeccable, as it always has been.

 “NO! Please … STOP! … GET OFF ME!! … BOTH OF YOU!” You get louder the more they restrict you between them. You hear yelling outside the door and you’re sure it’s about to be bust through. You wish you’d been able to leave on your terms, yes everyone outside the door would have seen the other two in the room with you, but it would’ve been easier to make a cover story for the reason — the way they have you pinned between them in such a compromised position dramatically drops the options you have to make something up to avoid admitting you might’ve gone along with this if not for the interruption. You don’t want to lie so horribly but you definitely don’t want to open up about your escapades to Kenma, who unfortunately was just outside the door with Kuro, Bokuto and Akaashi — all of which could barely make out your voice with two others, but could clearly hear you shouting, ‘no, stop, get off me, both of you’, which was all they needed to send them into overdrive, causing Bokuto to charge into the door with all of his weight behind one of his massive shoulders. 

 Bokuto and Kuro were the first into the room, you could see they were beyond angry the way they hardly noticed you at all to jump straight at Iwaizumi and Oikawa respectively. Kuro tackled Oikawa to the ground while Bokuto ran at Iwaizumi, crashing into him and landing hard on the floor on the other side of the bed. Both parties now defending themselves against each others violent punching and attacking as either side fight for the offensive and winning position. 

 “FUCKING KILL HIM!! THE FUCK DO YOU SHITHEADS THINK YOU WERE DOING!? BEAT HIS ASS! YOU PIECES OF SHIT!!” Kenma’s hopped onto the bed just behind where you’re sitting, where Iwa just was before Bokuto took him out, he stands and watches over both of the fights screaming insults and encouragement to those scraping, alternating between communicating to Kuro and Bokuto, and Oikawa and Iwa.

 You’re sitting as you were but are consumed with shock. You’d been out of your body for most of this experience and now you are even more so. The guys are seriously hurting each other and your cousin is egging it on. Akaashi stood back for exactly this reason, he’s just as upset as the other three but knew they’d get caught up in the anger and fail to keep their focus on you. He breaks your concentration, making no attempt to call out for you over all the shouting, and only reaches his hand out for you in the space you’d been staring at. He does as planned and your gaze quickly raises from his hand up to his eyes — he’s effortlessly warm and comforting and you waste no time taking hold of his hand so he can lead you away as your body’s become frozen at the chaos surrounding you. 

Chapter Text

Akaashi leads you back to the hallway and away from the noise, since the downstairs is much louder, it’s easy to drown out Kenma’s shouting and the pained grunts and other fight sounds once putting distance between the fight and the two of you leaving the scene. He wants to ask if you’re okay and hear from your own mouth the status of your current condition, but he can tell you’re still shaking and seem flushed. Instead he hopes it’s okay to pull you in for a hug and you make no objection to his action — your arms don’t go around him however, instead you cover your face while plunging towards his center, he still wraps his arms around you to provide comfort. He hopes you can calm yourself this way before Kenma and the others get back into the hallway, knowing he’s going to have to regulate their emotions as well to keep them from riling you up. Sure enough, they’re still pumped with adrenaline and rage when they find you and Akaashi in the hall, your face still buried in Akaashi’s chest. 
 “Yuni! What the fuck!?” Kenma demands a full explanation while only managing to get out a few words due to blind anger. 

 “Kenma, you have to calm down” Akaashi instructs calmly. You’re still hiding your face and can’t see the angry wide-eyes Kenma’s giving Akaashi, even his nostrils are flared open — if this were a cartoon or video game, steam would be shooting from his ears while the whistling of a kettle could be heard, he’s livid and he’s trying to calm himself. 

 “He’s not mad at Yuni!” Kuro speaks for Kenma. 

 “I think even Yuni knows that, but we’re all still shaken up and need to relax” Akaashi replies while stroking your back, trying to communicate without drawing attention, that you’re literally shaking — however this aggravates Kenma further and he’s about to explode. 

 “BRO GET OFF!!” Kenma commands while lunging at Akaashi, reaching for his arms to pull them off of you. Kuro is quick to restrain Kenma, holding him back, while Akaashi raises his hands in surrender. In less than 5 minutes, this is the second time Kenma inserted himself in a situation you’re not sure he needed to, still fueled by your own adrenaline and now feeding off the energy of the four surrounding you, you snap. 

 “Kenma, why are you mad!??” You’re quick to face him as you react to his behavior and no longer being held by Akaashi. 

 “What th- What do you mean, why am I mad?!!? Yuni! I freaked out as soon as I realized you got separated from the rest of us! And then I find out you’re being led upstairs by Oikawa and Iwaizumi!!?? Come on Yuni! Don’t be stupid! You know exactly what they were planning, I could hear you telling them to stop!! How could I not be mad about this!??” 

 “Don’t call me that” You say sharply as you feel your intensity drop, your anger is quickly becoming teary and saddened. 

 “You don’t know everything Kenma” You hiss as the last of your rage leaves you. 

 “No, I don’t but I kno- wait… Don’t tell me… Yoon. Knock it off right now. Don’t tell me you were about to go along with whatever they’re up to just to find us after like nothing happened… I heard you telling them no” Kenma starts piecing things together based on the way you’re handling this situation. 

 “I wasn’t! But-“

 “You’ve got to be joking!” Kenma throws his arms in the air, prompting Kuro to remove his hands from Kenma’s shoulders and take a step back to avoid getting a stray smack in the face. You start to defend yourself and explain further but Bokuto jumps in. 

 “Come on now, both of you! Kenma, Yuni is an adult after all. But Yoon~ We just wanted to make sure you’re safe, Kenma especially. But I really need to wash up and don’t want to leave you guys when you’re still so worked up! Can we end this now? Let’s get back to the party!” Bokuto takes you all by surprise as he chimes in as the voice of reason and you take the time to notice his knuckles are bloodied and broken skin on his cheek just under his eye which is already starting to bruise, you notice too that Kuro is in similar condition — you know for sure Oikawa and Iwa are probably worse off and that they may have left for the night. Kenma just glares at you until you meet his eyes again. 

 “We have a lot to talk about tomorrow … I need a drink, I feel too sober right now” He states calmly. 

 “And then can we go back outside? I want to smoke” You respond. He scowls at you before taking a long, deep breath. 

 “Why don’t you go outside then and meet up with us when you’re done? Or who knows, maybe we’ll circle around and meet up with you outside, either way I guess we’ll just be in touch” He says cooly while taking his phone out of his pocket to sort of shake as a way of gesturing you’ll need to use your phones later to find each other, then walks away back down towards the party and drinking area. Kuro looks stressed but nods to Bokuto and Akaashi, signaling he’s staying by Kenma to keep an eye on him and will help calm him down while the other two stay with you — you’re all positive you’ll regroup before the night is over and when you do, your moods will all be elevated again.

 “Are you okay?” Akaashi asks thoughtfully. 

 “Yea, just Kenma doesn’t get mad at me like that very often..” You sort of sink as you speak, all of what just happened is still only just barely registering and you feel exhausted by the roller coaster of emotions you’ve just experienced. 

 “Come on~!” Bokuto says playfully, successfully distracting you from your thoughts as you look up from the floor to see him in front of you, his back is to you and he’s sort of crouched down while his hands reach back for you — even making cute grabbing motions with his fingers, folding them quickly towards his palm before snapping them back open again. He looks over his shoulder after a moment to make sure you’re paying attention and understand what he’s doing. 

 “Piggyback!” He chirps. Frankly, you’re not in the mood for it but you know he’s trying to help make you feel better and you’re thankful he and Akaashi both feel comfortable to do so — you had only just met them both earlier that day but here they are wanting to provide comfort to you. You go along with them for the time being and jump onto Bokuto’s back, wrapping your arms around his neck to hold onto your own elbows but careful not to choke him while he hooks his arms under your knees, keeping his hands in front of himself. He carries you all the way to where people are lighting up various joints and cigarettes alike with Akaashi alongside the both of you. Bokuto sets you down gently and mentions to you and Akaashi that he’s doubling back to the bathroom and will come back for you two in a short while. 

 The two of you join the circle and scan for someone you might know. Suga happily waves you both over to him before taking a hit of the joint he was just passed. You make your way over, you didn’t realize until letting go so you could both take a seat on the other side of Suga that you had pulled Akaashi along by the sleeve. You sit between them and take the party favor from Suga. 

 “Long time no see~ Glad to see you’re okay now” He jokes before referring to when he had just last seen you, coming to after drinking too quickly and then overheating. You and Akaashi both furrow your eyebrows in confusion, both of you are still calming down from the scene upstairs, you’re wondering how Suga even knows about that. 

 “Wait.. What happened? Are you okay!?” He asks with concern. 

 “A lot … but yea … I’m okay” You take a long draw from the herbal cigarette before passing it to Akaashi. 

 “Where’s the rest of you?” Suga pries playfully, being completely innocent and unaware to the tension your group is going through. 

 “Oh.. um.. Bokuto’s coming back from the bathroom..” You sheepishly reply, answering on Akaashi’s behalf — you know that’s not what Suga’s asking but you hope it diverts from the truth for a while more. They both roll their eyes, smirking at your quick wit, while a quick and heavy exhale leaves from their noses — its a sort of laugh, you understand they both found your reply funny but want to brush past it. 

 “I meant where’s your cousin, dork!” Suga presses on and pokes you in the side. 

 “Oh~ He didn’t want to come outside yet .. he’s still dancing and getting more to drink with Kuro…” You offer a half truth, if you can even consider it to be half true anyway. Akaashi does his best not to react as he immediately understands you’re leaving out a lot from your answer, he’s able to dismiss his reason for choking on the smoke and passes the joint along to the next in rotation. By then Bokuto’s back outside and sees Akaashi in a coughing fit and smacks him hard on the back for dramatic effect.

 “Holy hell dude! What happened to you?” Suga asks Bokuto with surprise. 

 “Ah don’t worry about me, you should see the other guy!” Bokuto jokes but is actually serious. 

 “Wait did you really get in a fight~? With who? Details, people!!” Suga insists. 

 “Yea, it was really intense.. that’s why we all sort of disbanded to settle back down in our own ways..” You again answer before anyone else can to take control over how the story is revealed. 

 “So who did you fight?” Suga is genuinely curious but is starting to pick up on something being deliberately kept secret.

 “Iwaizumi, Kuro fought Oikawa. We won obviously” Bokuto answers plainly, also somewhat picking up on your odd behavior but not understanding the reason for it — he assumes you must be that shaken up still and looks at you with concern after he answers. Suga then gets an idea of why the fight started while still trying to figure out why Kenma isn’t next to you after the fact, he’s always known you have an air of dishonesty about you — he knows you’re not one to flat out lie, but he’s aware you have a habit of concealing details of the truth to make things out to be better than they are in your favor, just like the time in high school when you weren’t helping your case regarding rumors of you and Chikara as you ended up giving different people different tidbits of information to dispel wrongful accusations, which in the end only made the rumors seem even more true than the cover story you’d spun out of control. 

 The rumor was that you two had been seen ditching class on the rooftop exploring each others bodies in heated passion. What really happened was you had a hard time integrating into your new high school, despite already having the boys volleyball team as a sort of entourage, you just felt they pitied you despite most of them making genuine effort to become close with you. Chikara had been one of those who wanted to make you feel welcome and saw you ditching class one day, he followed you to the rooftop and asked if you wanted to talk about anything where you then unloaded your feelings of inadequacy and never feeling that you fit in since you’re always moving soon after making connections, you admitted missing your ex Oikawa and his best friend Iwa, you sobbed to him while he held you and listened to you vent. Someone else, also attempting to ditch class, found the two of you in an embrace and without seeing your face mistook your gasping between cries for something else — they spun the story to avoid being caught for breaking school rules, making you and Chikara the worse offenders. Not wanting to divulge to others what you’ve only told Kenma and now Chikara, you made allegations worse by not confronting them honestly. Suga and the others on his team could tell there was more going on than being spoken on, and that it wasn’t aligned with the rumors, but they all agreed to let you two handle this on your own and that they’d support you both however they can without knowing exactly what’s going on. 

 “Obviously~!”  Suga responds to Bokuto’s last comment, understanding enough to know to let it go now, noting the two others with you seem uneasy somehow and that you seem tense and uncomfortable. He knows what he’s going to tell you will probably make you feel more anxious but decides you’d probably rather know now than be surprised later. He leans closer to you so that the others won’t hear, though it’s obvious he’s telling you something in private.

 “Chikara knows you’re here too and he might try to come talk to you” He says as quietly as he can without speaking so soft you’d need him to repeat himself. You just sigh and nod at the ground. 

 “Thanks for telling me…“ You state genuinely but it comes out emotionless. 

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The blunt makes its way back around to your area of the circle — Suga, you, then Akaashi all decide to partake in another round but Bokuto opts out saying he doesn’t want to get sleepy yet, then asks if you can all head back in for another round of drinks, maybe find some snacks along the way. Suga seems to try and stall you but you hug him tightly and say you’ll see him again before Bokuto pulls you and Akaashi along back into the house. The three of you unknowingly avoided interacting with Daichi and Chikara, whom Suga saw approaching from the distance, but the two approaching were blissfully unaware of your coincidental departure as neither had seen you standing with Suga — who felt a little defeated not succeeding in his sudden scheme he’d thrown together in a moment’s notice, but carried on with his friends to avoid explaining the situation and hoping he’ll get another chance to put you and Chikara in a space to catch up and clear the air. 

 Meanwhile you and your two new bodyguards head inside, pushing past intoxicated couples having no shame in their public displays which filled the spaces between others dancing alone and in groups — they both held onto you to make sure you didn’t get lost again, you thought it was sweet they seemed to care so much but you also felt a little guilty, feeling you’d forced them both into the role, but neither seemed to be upset so you did you best to shake your negative feelings and try to enjoy your time or at least match their energy. Bokuto leads you three away from the crowds and down some hallways where it’s noticeably quieter. 

 “Um.. Where are you heading..? I thought the drinks wer-“ You’re interrupted before you can finish. 

 “To the KITCHEN!” Bokuto enthuses. Without stopping you look back briefly to Akaashi who just shakes his head with a tight-lipped smile and a slow blink, he makes no effort to stop or pull back so you press on with the two of them, still holding hands as you go. 

 “Are you sure we should?” You ask a bit sheepishly, Bokuto can’t help but laugh light-heartedly. 

 “Are you sure you’re not paranoid~? This is how we found the laundry room! I’m sure it’s okay!” Bokuto teases before responding thoughtfully.

 “Do you guys know the host of the party?” You ask, hoping for a shred of confidence in the situation.

 “No” “I think we met him once!” They respond in unison, Akaashi being upfront while Bokuto also answers honestly. You find yourself doing the same tight-lipped nod Akaashi had been doing a moment ago and now you understand what comes with going along with Bokuto’s behavior yet you find yourself wondering if it’s Bokuto’s charm alone that keeps Akaashi, or anyone for that matter, from spoiling his fun or bringing him down a notch, or several. How would Kenma respond to this? 

 You round a few more corners and find the kitchen — there aren’t any others around but it’s obvious your group isn’t the first to tear through as there are crumbs on the counters and dirtied utensils left out, plus drinks left unattended and trash spilling from the garbage. 

 “See~? It’s okay if we make a snack right? As long as we don’t leave a mess~” Bokuto smiles between you and Akaashi, waiting for either of you to offer further insight — the two of you look to each other and shrug, looking back to Bokuto before dropping your shoulders. Bokuto claps and rubs his palms together while smiling almost devilishly. 

 “I’m gonna raid the fridge, you two check the pantry and the cabinets” He assumes his role as the mastermind, delegating tasks to his minions. 

 “How is it you have the munchies Bo?” 

 “I’m wondering how neither of you seem to! SCORE! Pizza!!” He pulls a box from the fridge with half a pizza inside and sets it on the counter behind him, continuing to look for condiments to compliment cold pizza on a drunken palate. He opens the box and starts squirting neat piles of barbecue sauce and ranch dressing where the other half of the pizza used to be. 

 “Bokuto! This is leaving a trace!” Akaashi refers to the box being stained by dipping sauces seeped in long after being rediscovered by whoever first put it away. Bokuto grabs two pieces, double-stacking them, before dipping into one of the sauces and stuffing his mouth. 

 “Hm~mm.. wI’m killindthis wholthing ri’hnow~ Yoonbetrr come gehsum~” Bokuto muffles with his mouth entirely too full to speak clearly. You make your way back from the pantry having found some fruit snacks and stuffing your pockets, Bokuto voices the exact thought you’d had when technically stealing from the party host. He swallows his first massive bite and shares his thought before taking another bite — you bet with yourself he can finish the remainder of his serving in another two bites and watch to see if its true. 

 “It could’ve been anyone before us who did this.. We can just say it was them as long as no one sees us here~” 

 “I guess that’s true..” Akaashi remarks, as he’s halfway though his first piece and nodding while grabbing for his second knowing Bokuto’s going to take another, leaving you the final slice you’ve yet to take. Bokuto understands Akaashi’s gesture and they both sort of nod to the box to get you to take your piece — Bokuto initiates a ‘cheers’ with the two of you, touching the tips of your pizzas together before dipping and munching on your savory, stolen snack. The three of you clean your mess the best you can, but the garbage is already too full — Bokuto thinks it’s best to just leave the box on top of the trash and call it a successful mission, heading out from the kitchen to get another drink before losing his buzz completely, of course you and Akaashi leave right along with him. 

 Bokuto runs into a trio he’s familiar with and gives them each a hard time as he pulls them in for a turn to dance with him, grinding behind one and feeling up his chest before spinning to the next to put himself in front of, giving an opposite experience than the one he gave to his previous victim, then pulling the last one in and dipping them gracefully — all three of them embarrassed by how quickly he was able to maneuver through them and get them to go along with his whim. Before any can attempt to scold him, he points to you and introduces you to them through the noise — Akaashi catches on and leans into to introduce them to you, pointing at each as he says their names, Konoha, Komi, Sarukui. You nod but you worry you’ll forget their names soon, they all smile to you and you return the expression, the lot of you moving together to get more to drink, all of them keeping you between them while the crowds move around them. 

 Your group swarms an ice chest stocked with the goods and you all reach in for your pick, then move to a chill spot to drink and make conversation while regaining the level of comfortability to get closer than usual and dance together as most of the partygoers are currently doing. Bokuto catches a glimpse of someone he recognizes but they don’t hear him call out, he casually walks away to socialize, assuming whoever wants to follow will. You look at Akaashi stunned. 

 “Does he do that a lot?” 

 “Yea.. you saw him in the pool earlier right?”

 You nod to answer Akaashi while thinking how much you’d hate to be in his shoes, again you consider how much he must know and love Bokuto to allow for this type of thing to be normal and acceptable between them. 

 “Don’t worry~ He always comes back, and he knows I won’t leave you, or he’d take you with him~” Akaashi’s statement gives you much peace as you did start to worry if you’d have to force yourself to get friendly with the three Bokuto wrangled into your group or if you’d need to find Kenma in the crowd of people — you start to wonder if he’s less angry and hope the two of you find eachother soon. 

 Bokuto does in fact come back, with someone he seems chummy with but doesn’t take time to introduce to the group, he only tells everyone to get ready for a shot because his apparent friend is hooking everyone up. As the interaction progresses, you understand the keeper of the shots is most likely blacked out already despite him walking around and passing out small plastic shot glasses to anyone attracted by his offering. He hands each of you a clear glass without looking anyone in the face and begins to pour in the order he passed the cups in, Bokuto offers to pour one for the kind stranger but Akaashi interrupts with a shot glass already poured full of water — you’d seen him pull a water bottle from his sweater pocket and fill a cup he’d pulled from the stack without being noticed by the one passing them out. Bokuto and the stranger with the shots became excited at the marvel of the shot presenting itself as it was mentioned and everyone prepares to cheers before throwing it back. 

 Your body shakes at the intensity of the burn in consuming your throat and the bitter tang twisting your joints as you shudder, Akaashi motions with his free hand for you to chase the shot with the drink you’d grabbed from the ice chest. You make eye contact with him, giving him a face that says ‘are you serious!?’, then seeing him already chugging his own drink as a chaser, as serious as ever. Bokuto sees you follow Akaashi’s suggestion and cheers you on, already feeling the affects of his drinks and now free of the stranger he’d invited over as he’d been whisked away by another group for the same thing. It can only be hoped he’s looked after as it can only be assumed most feel he should take a shot along with them as he provided it to them in the first place. 

 Bokuto grabs you to dance with you and you give in, feeling much lighter than you did thanks to the alcohol and his way of distracting you with his carefree nature. You think you hear Akaashi’s voice behind you as Bokuto pulls you away from the rest and back to the heart of the dance floor — for sure you see Bokuto respond, sort of nodding back in the direction of the group he’s separating you from. You can’t help but assume they treat Kenma the same way, sort of co-parenting and sharing responsibility for their stand-in child’s well-being. Bokuto dances with you and you follow along, feeling too good not to.

 “Are you having fun?” He pulls you in to talk into your ear so you can hear him over the noise, but he seems worried having to ask suddenly. You just nod to him happily, enjoying the experience and the effects of the alcohol, and he happily smiles back, knowing he can then forget conversation and enjoy the moment with you the way he would with Akaashi or Kenma or Kuro — for the most part anyway. He’s already assessed his feelings for you and decided the admiration and love he’s filled with because of you is most like an older sibling, he’s already come to think of himself as having the same relationship as Kenma with you, he tried to think of you the way he thinks of Kenma but he’s got a small crush on his tiny companion and his feelings for you are much less romantic and more protective. 

 You feel yourself become pressed against Bokuto, and look to him for stability as you’re unsure how to feel of the forced, full-frontal contact. His face tells you it isnt Akaashi, but that you can relax as it’s someone he’s familiar with — though you still wonder if you’re actually okay with the contact taking place behind you. You turn without disrupting the energy so that Bokuto is behind you and you’re now facing Konoha. He seems bold to have approached that way … fuck, he’s good looking… Bokuto says something, you can’t hear him but you feel the bass in his voice rumble behind you, he has one hand wrapped around you while the other does a sort of ‘shoo’ motion to Konoha. Konoha grabs Bokuto’s hand and dances with him, locking eyes and ignoring you for the time being, this distracts Bokuto enough to vibe along with his old teammate, encouraging you to do the same between them while Bokuto still has a sort of hold on you keeping you near him. 

 Suga then saunters over, playfully caressing first Bokuto, then you, in an attempt that ends in success to separate the both of you so that Suga can dance with you for a while. Bokuto already knows, or at least remembers, you’re close with members from the old Karasuno volleyball team he played against in his third year of high school — but he keeps a close eye just in case while passing you off to Suga. 

 You and Suga playfully caress, feigning intimacy, all a part of Suga’s master plan to get Daichi and Ennoshita to look on with a desperate need for either one of you — they had followed him in from outside having agreed to dance with him and the many other bodies already pressed together. Suga knows you trust him and that he can charm his way out of anything you’re uncomfortable with, he can always blame it on the alcohol, but he knows how to avoid crossing boundaries while toeing it closely. He dares to be provocative with you knowing you'll play along, glancing over your shoulder to Daichi and Ennoshita who are both staring on with slack jaws, Daichi desperately breaks away from Bokuto, who found them on the dance floor, to dance with Suga — smirking that his plan is unfolding smoothly so far. Bokuto switches up to grind on Akaashi who'd made his way after feeling restless being away from both you and Bokuto, while Suga passes you to Ennoshita in favor of expressing actual intimacy with Daichi. Konoha, feeling a bit defeated, makes his way back to the group he’d traveled over with, where Akaashi just came from. 

 You're spun away and before you can understand what’s happened, you’re looking Chikara in his big, beautiful black-brown eyes. It dawns on you you’re holding one of his hands while the other falls between his shoulder blades as your elbow hangs from his shoulders, meanwhile his hand that isn’t holding yours, rests effortlessly behind your waist on your back, pulling your body closer to his. How did we get like this? Why is he so gentle~?

 Your senses flood over your recollection of how you fell for him so easily in the first place and while he doesn’t fully understand the reason for your shortage, he knows it’s easy to pin on social anxiety and liquor. He holds you tight in an attempt to let you know you’re safe with him while he leads you away from the noise of the crowd, having briefly made eye contact with Suga so someone besides himself has knowledge of your removal from the group you’d been with — which you make no attempt to keep from happening. 

 It must’ve been because of what you’d drank in such a short amount of time that made it feel as if you’d leaned in to smell Chikara’s familiar scent and were suddenly transported to a nearby, semi-silent location, but what you felt was an instant was all too noticeable to your high school flame what had really happened and he did his best not to reveal he was absolutely beside himself. 

 “Yuni~ Heheeyy~ Come on now~” He sort of chuckles trying to keep you standing while he walks to you a quieter location. He sits you next to him on an empty sofa in an unoccupied room nearby, its dark save for the light of the pure, bright moon shining in from large windows, giving soft light just bright enough to see each other in. He strokes your face in his hands like he did all those years ago when you’d nearly exhausted yourself crying to him admitting the troubles and traumas of your past up until that point. He’s persistent in speaking softly to you in almost a whisper until you respond to him, you have no idea, but he’s already thought of a few different courses of action based on the reaction you give him. 

 “It’s just us now~ Hey come on, don’t pass out to avoid me, brat~” His voice is endearing and he refers to you with a moniker you’ve earned among the Karasuno team yet none had been as bold as to refer to you as such to your face except for Chikara and Suga. 

 “I’m just getting sleepy~” You whimper as you pry your eyes open, realizing he’s holding you in conjuncture with the arm of the couch you’re sitting together on — your legs are over his lap, taking the length of the sofa while he keeps you upright in his arms, letting your back rest against the arm of the couch. 

 “Sleepy my ASS! Yuni!” He can’t keep from laughing knowing full well you’ve drunk too much and this is at least the second time you’ve nearly caved to your alcohol consumption, having caught a glimpse of you earlier at the poolside. “Baby~ Come on~” He pleads. You reach up to cup his face while smiling to him and the two of you bask in the moment. 

 “S~sorry I’m always such a mess…” You start to weep in his arms, recalling the last time you two were this close was about the same with him collecting your broken pieces and helping you keep them together. He squeezes you in a way that brings your face up into his neck while he rests his lips against your temple gently enough he can speak clearly near your ear. 

 “You’re not a mess Yuni~ You’re just drunk right now” 

 “And before?!”

 “You were going through a lot most don’t have to deal with. And you were very brave. You know… I let you handle things the way you wanted and I really admired how you held up through it. I know you were aware I was there for you, and I know you had the others too… But you handled it mostly alone, I never understood why, but it just told me you were stronger than I realized and … Yuni…” He dropped his arms away from his chest, to bring you away from his neck and to face you clearly as he said the next thing he wanted to say, knowing you’re both intoxicated but knowing there’s a chance you’ll remember it later and he may never get another chance to tell you.

 “Ah~ that’s okay …” He pulls you in again after seeing you’re asleep. He sighs and brings his legs up next to yours and slumping down so his head is propped against the arm of the sofa — the two of you resting together in total comfort for the time being. 

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It isn’t long before Akaashi and Bokuto come looking for you — having no idea Suga had set up for this to take place, they’d asked him if he knew where you were since they last knew you were with him and he briefly sums up seeing you walk in a certain direction with a high school crush. The pair share a look with each other as if to say ‘again?’ before thanking Suga for the insight and heading off to find you, leaving him and Daichi alone in the sea of others dancing around them. 

 They follow along in the direction they believe they’ll find you in and eventually see you with another, resting together. They almost feel bad having to wake you up, but apart from having noticed they’d lost sight of you, they’d also been informed via the group chat they share with Kuro and Kenma that help is needed with the smaller one as he’s gotten out of hand, insisting on drinking more even though Kuro’s sure he may already be blacked out — before they can help their friends, they need to find you to bring back with them or risk Kenma inciting a riot. 

 Bokuto finds the light switch to flip the lights on, immediately causing Ennoshita to stir and squint at the sudden shock of the bright overhead beam. Akaashi is more gentle as he leans awkwardly and speaks softly. 

 “Sorry .. We have to get Yuni back to Kenma now..” 

 “Oh.. Right, come on then Yuni, you really have to wake up now” Chikara sits upright again and gently tries rocking you awake. 
 “Have you two been sleeping long?” Akaashi is still sort of whispering, anxiously crouched to watch for the moment your eyes open, as if that would help bring urgency to you doing so. 

 “No.. but Yuni was starting to get a bit like earlier at the poolside.. It might be time to call it a night” Ennoshita catches Bokuto frowning at you from over Akaashi’s shoulder and knows he’s sharing the same feeling of not wanting to disturb your rest. 

 “It is. But we have to bring Yuni back to Kenma. Akaashi looks up at Ennoshita from the tops of his eyes as he keeps his face down toward you, resting his weight on his arms, extending against his thighs and keeping him propped as he slouches forward.

 “Here~ I’ll just carry Yoon!” Bokuto chimes in. 

 “Kenma’s gonna flip seeing Yuni passed out like this..” Akaashi focuses back on your eyes, waiting for them to flutter open as he gently pokes you in the leg with his knuckle like he’d done much earlier.

 “Think Kenma will flip if we don’t tell him about Yoon leaving the group again?” 

 “DOntttellKyanMma..!” You mutter as you fight to open your eyes. The three look at you with a mix of surprise and confusion. 

 “Yuni, we have to get back to him okay? Come on.. please?” Akaashi’s desperate for you to comply as his stress levels are skyrocketing. 

 “Come on Yuni~ Get up” Chikara helps you to your feet as he stands up on his own, disheartened not having a proper chance to talk with you but hopeful you’ll get a chance to rekindle in the future. Akaashi and Bokuto are both quick to take over, slinging your arms over each of their necks holding onto your hand that rests on their shoulders while they wrap their own arm closest to you around your waist as they help each other keep you standing between them. The two then carry you away as you fight to escape the groggy haze you’re trapped in, stumbling as you go. 

 “Thanks again for watching over our little Yoon~” Bokuto sort of waves with your hand to Ennoshita before the three of you turn completely away to make for Kenma and Kuro. 

 “Yuni, sweetheart, please pull yourself together..” Akaashi pleads as you make it out of the room and on your way to the others. 

 “AKAAASHHIII~! Yuni’s trying” Bokuto berates him on your behalf. 

 “Yeaa~ an don’ tell Kemma ! Okay!? .. he knows about Shikara alreadyy~ sorda …” You slur between pauses, getting heavier to hold up as you continue. “He’s so mad at me I haven’t been fully honest with him and he’s doing me such a big favor and what if he kicks me out” You suddenly speak much more clearly except for that now you’re bawling, nearly crumpled on the floor if not for Bokuto catching you who’s now cuddling you as he bears your weight against him while holding you tightly in a warm bear hug. Akaashi freezes at your reaction and telepathically communicates to Bokuto that ‘he can’t do this right now’ before turning away to video call Kuro and get a location update on where to meet. Bokuto meanwhile consoles you telling you everything will be okay and that he will set straight anyone who treats you badly, even your own cousin. 

 Kuro answers Akaashi’s call in a way that includes Kenma behind him, with his head practically in the toilet as he heaves. Akaashi raises his phone enough to show Kuro over his own shoulder so Kuro can see you crying into your hands and pressed into Bokuto’s chest while Bokuto has his arms wrapped around you and his cheek resting on the top of your head, holding you close and swaying you to calm you down. They give each other a sympathetic thumbs up with blank faces, then Kuro thinks to show the outside of the bathroom he and Kenma are in — it’s adjacent to some bedroom Akaashi can only assume is upstairs, but knowing what the room looks like will help in their journey to rejoin with the others. Kuro salutes Akaashi before ending the call and going back to the bathroom, the last thing Akaashi hears is Kenma crying out for Kuro to please not leave him as he’s clearly trying to keep down another wave of retching.

 “Kenma’s throwing up in a bathroom upstairs” Akaashi informs flatly. 

 “Not good… Yuni let’s go now okay?” Bokuto begs you. 

 “He’s SICK to DEATH of ME!!” You drunkenly sob. 

 “No- What? Yuni, if we can get back to Kenma, I’m sure the both of you will feel much better. He won’t be mad at you” Akaashi forces himself to stay on task and not get distracted by the sense you’re not really making. 

 “Andon’t tell him-“

 “And we won’t tell him we got split up or that you ran into … um.. whoever that was” 

 “Like it never happened!” Bokuto bobs his head from over one shoulder to the other while dancing his fingers in front of his face. 

 “So let’s go okay?” 

 “.. okay…” 

 The three of you travel up a secondary staircase back up to the second floor — eventually Akaashi sort of runs ahead to check rooms, looking for the one like Kuro showed him, while Bokuto stays behind in the hallway with you, still sort of pampering you and keeping you motivated to stay awake as you sway in his grasp. Akaashi darts from door to door, failing to consider who might be doing what on the other side, peeking inside for a second before pulling the door shut as he moves to check the next room. He ends up embarrassing himself more than once as he’d walked into several extremely perverse scenes he’ll have forever burned into his memories — most of the rooms had been empty but sprinkled randomly across the halls were occupied rooms, ranging from one couple to many individuals, entangled and out of breath, all of which were just about entirely nude, some he thinks he may have recognized but he wasn’t going to allow himself to think about it, he was thankful most of them were too engaged to notice he’d barged in — though he definitely made eye contact with someone at one point and scrambled away slamming the door shut as he left.

 He finally finds the right room and waves for Bokuto to walk you over, then heads in to find Kuro. Bokuto keeps you on your feet as he ushers you along the way he would help an elderly citizen cross the street, he’s gentle yet firm and patient while focused. Akaashi gets an idea of Kuro’s status as he tends to Kenma and decides he’ll bring back water for everyone, squeezing past you and Bokuto who have finally crammed in with the others — Kuro is holding back the hairs that won’t stay back in Kenma’s bun which Kuro tried to redo but actually made it worse. 

 “Akaashii~ Should I come with y-“ Bokuto’s cut off by Kenma as he thinks for sure that was the last bout and sits up to wipe his face on the tissue Kuro has on hand. 

 “Kenma~! I’m sorry!! Please don’t be mad at me and kick me out! I promise I’ll tell you everything tomorrow and I-“

 “Yuni!!!! I would never kick you out! I’m sorry too~!!” 

 You both drunkenly stumble into the other, you slinking away from Bokuto and Kenma tripping as he rises to meet you — the two of you end up high on your knees with your heads on the others shoulder, both of you emotionally exhausted and sputtering as you inhale and sort of whimpering as you exhale.

 “I would love that Bo, but I think it’s going to take both of you to manage them. I’ll be quick and come straight back” Akaashi gives a small kiss on Bokuto’s cheek as he takes his momentary leave. 

 Kenma pushes you away to resume his kneeling position in front of the toilet, now holding the underside of the bowl in his hands. You replace Kuro in holding back Kenma’s hair which is wet with cooled sweat against his clammy skin and attempt to redo his hair — you’re hardly able to keep your eyes open but it’s still turns out better than it was. Kenma dry heaves but it’s enough to trigger your body into wanting to expel the excess alcohol in your system. 

 “Wa-hAIy~ i can’t .. b~UhgHh .. can’t be here!” You manage to get out between gags while reaching for anything to help stable you as you try and stand. Bokuto scoops you back up, practically lifting you as he removes you from the bathroom while Kuro stays at Kenma’s side, tugging at the back of his shirt to cool his core and keep him from passing out or choking. Bokuto decides it’s best to lay you on the bed for the time being and allow you to rest, he mentally swears he’ll be the one to carry you if you don’t end up waking back up when the group is ready to go while laying a nearby throw blanket over you. He finds a trashcan in the bathroom near Kuro and sets it up next to the bed on the side you’re closest to, thankful the basket already has a durable liner. Bokuto and Kuro privately send memes back and forth while they keep their post tending to you and Kenma respectively until Akaashi returns — doing their best to keep their sympathetic composure to you both having reached your limits while roasting the two of you at the same time. 

 Akaashi’s back before long, he found an unopened gallon of water in the fridge — he felt bad taking it and left a note scrawled on napkin saying ‘sorry’ in it’s place on the shelf in the fridge. He also found some crackers and peanut butter, he’d hoped for more but felt he’d taken too long as it was, so he headed back up and makes his way to Bokuto and the rest of you. 

 “Aww~Akaashi! You brought water AND a snack~!” Bokuto greets with a sweet kiss on the cheek and reaches for the food at the same time.

 “Yea, and a cup for Kenma to drink from..” Akaashi adds as he prepares to pour his friend the refreshment he hopes will help.

 “What snack! Oh.. crackers and peanut butter?? Akaashi.. with water? Bokuto … how are you enjoying that?” Kuro peaks in from the bathroom as he inquires, initially with excitement but fades to disgust midway through.

 “I said I’d be quick, maybe I should’ve taken more time…” Akaashi sasses as he hands Kenma’s designated cup to Kuro, who takes a gulp while he waits for Kenma to be physically able to drink. 

 “Yea, it doesn’t pair well, but they’re both still good and I’m glad we have both in the room now!” Bokuto rests gently on the bed while trying to figure out the best way to get the spread onto the cracker while avoiding making a mess. 

 “And you know… Hold on…” Akaashi thinks for a moment before lifting the blanket covering you to do a quick search, remembering you’d pocketed fruit snacks earlier. He reaches into your clothing and with one massive palm, grabs each of the packages in your pocket, only realizing after pulling his hand out that he’d inadvertently groped your high thigh/hip area. Bokuto had dropped the sleeve of crackers to search your other pocket, only to have done the same and make the same realization. They stare at each other with a fistful of fruit snacks and tack this onto the list of things they have to keep Kenma from finding out about. 

 “Yuni had those!? Toss me one!!” Kuro innocently prepares to catch a package, or a few, not having understood the gravity of the other two removing them from your person. 

 Eventually Kenma feels his body empty of everything and is on the brink of exhaustion, he flushes away his troubles and washes up in the sink. Kuro offers to help him shower but Kenma’s adamant he’s ready to sleep. The two briefly talked about having planned to called a ride home, but that’s a metaphorical ship that’s literally long-since sailed — they confer with the other two, cuddled together on the bed not quiet next to you but not quite sleeping yet and all four agree to look out for each other as well as you, who’d been passed out for some time now as you sleep together in some strangers bed. Kuro and Kenma make it onto the bed, the waste bin now being repositioned somewhere easier for Kenma to access if needed — the way the five of you sleep together is chaotic but you all snuggle together just fine, cuddling with random parts of the one next to you, all of you pooling together to keep the rest warm.

Chapter Text

Your consciousness shifts from your dream-state to your waking life yet you keep your eyes shut, warm and comfortable in the position you’re in … except for your bladder threatening to burst. You peel your eyelids apart and try to recognize your surroundings before attempting to stand. Apparently, you and the guys around you had moved considerably while sleeping, or at least during the night anyway — you were now sandwiched between Akaashi and Bokuto, facing the former of the two, with enough room to make your way off the bed without disturbing either of them. The adjoining bathroom door is closed and you can only assume Kenma and Kuro are both in there, you hope Kuro is tending to Kenma but you’re unaware what state to expect they’ll be in when you knock on the door, begging to be let in to pee, loud enough they can hear you through the door but soft enough to keep from waking the other two. When listening for a response you recognize the sound of running water. the shower is on… at least one of them is there and therefore, hopefully awake.

 Before your knuckles make contact with the door for a second attempt at gaining access to the toilet, Kuro peaks out from behind the crack he’s created in the door when pulling it towards himself. 

 “You need to pee?” He asks almost condescendingly and his body is mostly hidden behind the door though you keep your eyes trained on his.

 “Um… y- … yes… I do…” You’re cringing imagining how Kenma is responding to this interruption and regretting having initiated it. 

 “Kenma had a really rough night. He’s sitting in the shower, mostly conscious. He’s been really sick all night and extremely hungover now..” He says with sympathy and a tinge of exhaustion, then continues his thought to you. “So.. What I’m getting at is- and I’m not trying to boss you around- but to be quick..?” He feigns a smile but his faces reeks of desperation, he wants to get back to Kenma’s side as soon as he can. How sweet~ 

 “Kuro.. um.. you could just face the corner for a minute … I’m okay with it if you are.. not to be weird or anything though … either way I’ll be quick so let me in and either stay in or go” You gain urgency as you speak and your tone reminds him a bit of Kenma when he’s done with Kuro’s jokes and insists on a more serious conversation. He lets you in and sheepishly stands in the corner facing the hinges of the door, though he’s quick to bring up his phone to request for you all to be picked up — he chooses the larger vehicle option to reserve spots for Bokuto and Akaashi as well.

 “Um.. Yuni.. Will you wake up the other two? Or would you rather I do that while you watch after Ke-“

 “No, I can wake the others..! I’d rather do that and.. in the state he’s in, I’m sure Kenma would prefer you stay with him” 
 “Thanks for your help Yuni~ I have a cab coming for us in about forty-five minutes. If you can get Akaashi up first, he can help you with Bokuto, then I’ll meet you guys outside the front door with Kenma” He tucks his phone back into his pocket, still faced into the corner waiting for you to give him the okay to turn back around — he hears you flush but is aware you’re still dressing. You soon cover yourself as you were and wash your hands while letting Kuro know he can turn back around, he wastes no time sitting on the closed toilet lid and facing the shower, sticking his face beyond the shower curtain to check on Kenma — you faintly hear him gently waking Kenma and letting him know we’ll all be leaving soon, cooing at him and speaking softly to ease him awake, preparing to help him along. 

 “I’ll meet you both downstairs in forty-five minutes~!” You speak over the volume of the shower faucet and close the bathroom door as you pass through it — you know Kuro heard you but you hoped so did Kenma, and even Bokuto and Akaashi.

 You shut the bathroom door as you leave it and see the two you’d been cuddled between have shifted closer together — you can deduce they must be in the same state you’d been in before getting up from the bed, awake but not quite ready to be “awake”. You feel sort of bad waking them up but lean in from Akaashi’s side of the bed towards the center where they’re snuggled together. Before you can say anything, he feels your hands supporting your weight against the mattress and reaches his arm back for you while keeping his forehead pressed against Bokuto’s. 

 “Forty-five minutes right? Come here for just a few more minutes~” He whispers, knowing his voice isn’t ready to be used yet. You can’t help but give in, knowing you can remind him again in a few minutes like he’s asking. You crawl against him, not quite touching but near enough you feel each other’s body heat, settling in to give yourself more time as well to adjust to waking hours after what you’d consider a rough night. 

 Bokuto then lifts his massive arm from Akaashi’s hip and reaches over to pull you close enough so that he can comfortably hold both you and Akaashi while he takes a full breath and nuzzles into Akaashi’s neck. 

 “~m hungryy Agashiiee~” Bokuto whines in the raspiest voice. 

 “Mm~ Bo.. We have to get up … We’ll leave then go get breakfast~” Akaashi tries to summarize before losing Bokuto’s attention while he stretches between the two of you, losing his battle to stay sleeping. He kisses Bokuto on the forehead once he’s relaxed into a normal position again after a heavy yawn. “Come on Bo~” 

 Bokuto makes a loud exaggerated whine while stretching and rolling over you and Akaashi, using his weight to playfully keep the two of you down for a little longer. 

 “Get up Princess! Otherwise you and Akaashi have to get your own ride .. Yuni, of course you’ll come with me and Kenma~!” Kuro chimes in from the bathroom, peaking from the door after hearing the two grunting while waking. 

 “Your princess is in the tub!” Bokuto retorts, using his voice after groaning warmed it up, then throws a pillow towards Kuro’s face — obviously missing. “We’ll be ready Prince Punctuality~!” He teases as Kuro shuts the door as a way of interrupting. “Akaashi, did I use punc-“ 

 “Yes Bokuto .. basically..” Akaashi answers before Bokuto can finish asking, not wanting to explain in full detail the technicalities and choosing to overall agree it was mostly correct. 

 “Let’s raid the kitchen again~” Bokuto chirps, sitting up with seemingly almost his normal amount of energy. You sit up almost just as quick and eye the two to see how likely it is this plan will get carried out, thinking it’s best that you don’t but waiting to see how Akaashi reacts and giving time for Bokuto to respond that he’s only joking.

 “If no one’s in the kitchen, fine.. but we have to be quick. And if someone’s in the kitchen.. well to be honest, I don’t want to go in if that’s the case. Just doesn’t seem right Bo. But we’ll get breakfast really soon even if it isn’t from the kitchen~” 

 You’re a little surprised, but you go along with it. You prioritize your mission of meeting Kuro out front at the agreed time regardless of the outcome of Bokuto and Akaashi’s side quest. The three of you make it downstairs and down the hall to the kitchen but are intercepted before making it there — sadly for Bokuto there are more people awake downstairs and distract from his objective. 

 “If you’re heading to the kitchen, I wouldn’t~!” A voice you sort of recognize calls out and stops Bokuto in his tracks, causing you and Akasshi respectively to crash into the abrupt halt. 

 “In short, it’s a mess in there and it’s already been raided. Whoever hosted is gonna flip!” The red head you’d met last night chuckles to himself with delight imagining the scene. Bokuto covers his eyes and throws his head back while letting out another grumbly moan of agitation while you and Akaashi sort of stare back for further explanation from Tendo. 

 “So. Someone set off the smoke alarm, that’s what woke me up” Tendo points over to a nearby sectional couch, presumably where he’d been sleeping as indicated by the empty space connected to the other end of the unit where Ushijima’s still knocked out — there’s no way he’d sleep comfortably if not for the aid of the alcohol he’d consumed, which actually wasn’t much, as his body was much longer than the section of the couch he was allotted and shifted between hanging his legs over the arm of the sofa and crunching them up towards his core to squish himself onto the length of the cushions, which is how you see him sleeping when Tendo points your attention that direction. You can’t help but assume it isn’t too often he’s seen in a way you’d describe as “adorable” and bite your lips together to keep the corners or your mouth from turning upwards. 

 “Precious, right~? Let’s let him sleep” Tendo playfully admires after noticing your expression. “Follow me out~ I have these” He walks past the three of you with a clear objective and gives an individually wrapped breakfast bar to Bokuto from the box he carries with him, not actually concerned with whether or not you follow him — though you do as Bokuto rips into his snack while on Tendo’s heels for another, you and Akaashi are of course in-tow. The four of you make it back to the patio you’d frequented the previous night, someone’s passed out in the grass where you’d first seen Tendo run off after introducing himself — you’re sure that’s not the only person who’d slept outside, just the only one you can see from where the four of you form a much smaller circle than the one from the night before. Tendo takes a bar for himself then and passes the box they come in until you all empty the contents between yourselves and listen in on the rest of the story he’d starting filling you all in on. 

 “So yea, I went to the kitchen to see how serious the situation was and honestly I was shocked what all I saw. So someone definitely started a fire burning something, one guy was spraying sink water everywhere while another opened a window and started fanning with I think the pan they’d burned the food in .. I mean they had it under control though~ … But then the kitchen is ~Trashed~ like a pack of wild animals tore through there. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone let it in a pack of raccoons by mistake, or on purpose for that matter. Like, it’s BAD! I’d consider moving if it was my mess to clean… I don’t even know what’s smeared all over the walls and counters and I don’t want to because I’m almost certain at least some of it isn’t even food related” 

 “Okay. Please” Akaashi cringes as the bite he’d taken dries in his mouth. 

 “Oh right. My bad~ Well yea, it’s not for the faint of heart anyway so I saved you a trip and scored some snacks to share” Tendo giggles while continuing to nibble at the snack he’d taken on his way out from the mess, considering it to be clean as it’s wrapped and boxed. Akaashi nods with a tight-lipped smile and gives the rest of his bar to Bokuto who happily scarfs it down.

 “Thanks for sharing with us” You speak up on behalf of your group after a split-second of waiting for Akaashi to do so. 

 “It was my pleasure, sweet cheeks~” Tendo winks back to you which causes you to tense, he places awkward attention on you with the strange pet name in addition to his flirtatious grin — the gesture could be innocent enough except you can’t shake the feeling that it isn’t, in fact you come to the sudden realization you’re doing your best to contain the butterflies he’s somehow set free inside of you. You wish either of the two on both sides of you would step in and redirect the conversation like Kenma would and drop your gaze to Akaashi’s shoes, pausing a moment more before pouting to Akaashi. 

 “We should get back to Kenma and Kuro..” 

 “We still have some time Yu-chan~” Bokuto throws out nonchalantly while stretching as he takes a sit on the patio furniture, patting the space next to him for you and Akaashi to follow suit. He’s not wrong, there’s still quite a bit of time before Kuro and Kenma will be out front… You feel Akaashi palm your back and scoot you along with him towards Bokuto to rest while waiting. Tendo takes a spot across from the rest of you. 

 “It’s c-Cold!!” You can’t keep from exclaiming as you sit, feeling the thin layer of cool morning condensation seep through your pants. 

 “It’s cooold~” Someone joining into your group mocks your voice while taking a seat near Tendo — this earns him the same puzzled expression from both you and Tendo, questioning him for different reasons, however. “That was cute~” He continues while smirking, sort of wearing an air of expectancy. 

 “What do you want Miya? They ate all my snacks!” Tendo throws the empty box at the new addition who fumbles with it a little in order to catch it and send it flying back past Tendo who can’t be topped at his own game and quickly reacts by snatching the box out of the air and launching it in a random direction, away from the rest of you.

 “You make it sound like you regret sharing with us Tendo” You attempt to tease but your tone comes out flat and almost sarcastic. “And! I thought you said he was all right when he passed you the blunt he rolled and you guys skipped your friend..?” You bend your fingers stiff at 90º angles and swipe from your brows out to your ears, only to quickly drop from the gesture as if you hadn’t, when you see the person you’re talking about coming up from behind Tendo, rubbing his eye with the heel of his hand and the back of his head with the other while doing a sort of stretch as he walks to the group. 

 “Nah, that musta been my brother, I don’t really smoke and if this guy ever gave me a compliment, I’m sure I’d remember it. I’m Atsumu by the way” He informs while losing against the urge to keep his smirk from growing to shit-eating levels, biting his lip as a desperate attempt. 

 “Tsutomu~! I wondered where you were! Ushijima’s still sleeping inside, come sit!” Tendo pats incessantly at the spot next to him at the disgruntled boy with the stylish bowlcut. 

Chapter Text

You take the distraction of Tsutomu joining the circle to avoid introducing yourself to Atsumu, something about him rubs you the wrong way and you really would prefer to wait on the front porch for Kenma and Kuro than as a part of the current group you’re with, you hope you can persuade Bokuto and Akaashi to come with you without actually having to say it plainly. 

 “I swear something hit me in the head just now!” Tsutomu grumbles while still rubbing the pain from his scalp.

 “Dude it’s called a hangover…” 

 “No, Tendo, It’s not that kind of pain!”

 “Does it feel like the corner of a box may-uh been launched at your head?” Atsumu pinpoints, his tone is caked with sarcasm and makes no attempt to keep from smirking as he asks. 

 “Wuh- Yea.. Actually, yea! It feels exactly like that! … Tendo it was you wasn’t it!!?” Tsutomu tries to be angry but it’s too early and he’s too tired, he also knows there’s really nothing to be done about what’s happened at this point but he’s not going to be caught pouting over it and chooses to sigh it off. 

 “Anyway … looks like you’re all smoked out, huh?” He tries changing the subject and engaging with the Miya twin he thinks he recognizes from the night before, mistaking Atsumu letting him in on Tendo hitting him with the box as a type of reconciliation for passing the blunt to Tendo who chose to skip him and seeing what he deals with around his red-headed fiend of a friend. 

 “Tsutomu!” Tendo was going to apologize for the box accident but couldn’t resist taking advantage of the moment. 

 “That was a completely different person! You must’ve been really messed up last night! Are you sure you’re not hungover~?” Tendo laughs while explaining but not to the extent he should. Tsutomu crinkles his face in confusion and looks to you, Bokuto and Akaashi as a neutral party — who can he believe in this moment? 

 “I thought it was the same guy too. I guess this is his brother” You detail while pointing with a sort of nod in Atsumu’s direction, keeping eye contact with Tsutomu. Poor guy… 

 “I’m hurt! I just told you my name is Atsumu! I’m not ‘some guy’s brother’!” He genuinely seems bothered to have been referred to in such a way. What makes him think he’s so important? 

 “Anyway~ What if Kuro and Kenma are waiting for us?” You turn away to face Akaashi, hoping he understands the deeper meaning of you insisting on regrouping with the other two — except for Tendo’s loud hyena laugh distracts you all, he can’t believe you’re so callus to Atsumu who definitely doesn’t get treated that way enough. 

 “Yuni doens’t like you either! I love it~!” Tendo’s wiping the tears formed at the corners of his eyes from laughing so hard as he kicks Atsumu’s knee with the bottom of his foot — more or less to point at him but hoping to add a bit of a bite to the touch. 

 “Yuni~ Cute name~” Atsumu swats Tendo’s leg away while he makes his signature lazy smiling face and looks you in the eyes. 

 “I don’t remember being us introduced…” You respond trying to remember how Tendo knows your name all of the sudden, he giggles while regaining his poise so he can answer you properly. 

 “I’m flattered you remember~ I introduced myself when I joined into the smoke circle last night … but I had to bug your friend to tell me your name~” He winks at you again. What friend? Who the f-

 Bokuto interrupts your thought, shoving his phone into your view to show you his screen or rather to put you in the frame as he video called Kuro for you to get a status update. He says it should be another twenty minutes or so before the cab arrives and Kenma’s extremely hungover with terrible motion sickness, then hangs up giving you and Bokuto a thumbs up after commenting his face has much less healing to do than Bokuto’s. While you’re sort of relieved to know they’re not waiting on you, you’re more irked that Bokuto unintentionally informed the others of the same detail. He catches the shift in your your body language but can’t understand why you seem more tense than relaxed, his intentions were to help provide you with some peace of mind. 

 “Kenma will be okay Yuni! He just needs to eat, we’ll get him some fruit when we go to breakfast and he’ll perk up after like he always does!"

 “Thanks Bo” You sigh back. You’re still thankful for his and Akaashi keeping you company and being so kind, but you’re uncomfortable in the current setting and wish they’d notice so you didn’t have to be so upfront and pegged as rude. “How is your eye by the way?” You face him more directly to see for yourself while he tells you how it feels.

 “I won’t lie, I’ve been thinking about going to the kitchen to find an ice pack or something. … it sorta hurts” He sort of pouts for your sympathy but answers honestly. You place your hand on his, not really knowing how to help but wishing you could — he notices in an instant how cold your hands are and excitedly, yet gently, grabs your hand to hold over his eye until his own skin warms yours. 

 You can feel the heat radiating from his face as is body works under the surface of his skin to heal the damage he’d taken and he sighs loudly and vocally at the relief he feels thanks to you — though you’re a little uncomfortable as you’re afraid to move and accidentally knock him in the eye he’s holding your hand against. After a few minutes he asks if he can switch your hands and you oblige, feeling bad he must be in that much pain to resort to using your hands as ice packs. Once he’s warmed both of your hands he tells you to let them get cold again, sort of as a joke, while repositioning you against him — pulling you against his side while he wraps his arm around you and the two of you sort of melt into each other comfortably. 

 “SoOooOo~ Tell us how you all know each other~!” Tendo sort of sings to you and the two on either side of you. 

 “Forgive me for saying so, but I don’t think you’ve ever been so interested in talking to us before…” Akaashi adds, raising his brow to Tendo. 

 “Well OB-vi-ous-ly because it has to do w-“ Atsumu is interrupted before he can finish his taunt. 

 “We’re all friends with Kuro and Kenma” Bokuto answers honestly — he’s really good at playing aloof and it did take him a moment to pick up on, but he’s now fully aware of both Atsumu’s and Tendo’s interest in you and that being the reason you’re so anxious about being anywhere else. He feels you take a breath, or sigh rather, of relief and seems to perk up a bit. 

 “Oohh~! Right~ Nekoma.. that tracks … except then why were you with those Karasuno alums?” Tendo sort of thinks out loud, it doesn’t really make sense to you what he’s saying and it seems that’s due to whatever he’s got going on behind his eyes. 

 “I went to different high schools…” You answer blankly — it’s true to an extent but you wonder how many more times you’ll explain this to people who ask. Why do they care anyway? 

 “Gotcha~” Tendo squints and drops his head to one side like he doesn’t believe you but accepts your answer anyway. You worry for a second he’s about to delve further and demand more details but he gets interrupted by a raspy, worried voice calling your name. 

 “Yuni!! You update your contact information in my phone right now! I’ve been so worri- Oh my gosh! Bokuto! Your face!!?” Tadashi stomps to a halt once seeing Bokuto’s blackened eye — then notices the micro-expression on your face is stressed and most likely due to additional active listeners, excitedly waiting for further explanation. Akaashi scoots away from you to offer Yamaguchi the spot directly next to you and Bokuto removes his arm from around your shoulders, yet still innocently looms close by, just on the other side of you. Tadashi's knees touch yours as he sits, sort of facing towards you yet not completely turning his back to Akaashi as he feels that would be rude, then gestures to trade phones while studying your face for nonverbal reply. Of course you trade your phone to him and take his to update your number and email in his contacts. 

 Just as he saves his contact information in your phone it begins ringing. The sudden sound and vibration catching him off guard caused him to almost drop your phone as he practically tossed it upward when he shook with surprise. The two of you worked together to catch it and you finally manage to secure it in both hands and see it’s Kenma calling. Tadashi gives you the cutest awkward smile as an apology while you answer the incoming call. 

 “..hii~!..” You answer quietly, not wanting make his hangover worse.

 “hi yoon.. where are you?” He nearly whispers, sounding like he lost his voice.

 “I’m out back where we smoked last night” You answer at a more normal volume but still soft-spoken. 

 “and the guys are with you?”

 “Yes~ And Tadashi!” 

 “And no one else!” “What about us!?!!” Tendo and Atsumu sound off in the background, apparently able to hear the conversation through your phone's speaker. 

 “Tch!” Tsutomu clicks his tongue, clearly agitated and displaying disapproval at the two being so rude while you’re on the phone, hoping that’s enough of a reaction to keep them from continuing to interject themselves into the conversation you’re in with the one who’d called you. 

 Oh Tsutomu, please…” Tendo sort of jabs at his younger friend while rolling his eyes.
 You wrap up your conversation with Kenma, he wanted to personally make sure you’re okay — Kuro had only said he’d video chatted with Bokuto and you not long ago but that wasn’t good enough for Kenma. He said he’d find you in a few minutes to head out to meet the shuttle to take you to the destination Kuro plugged in and hangs up, which Tendo takes as an opportunity to start another conversation. 

 “So what happened to your face anyway~? Trip and run into someone’s fist while you were drunk, eh?” Tendo teases.

 “Actually yea.. pretty much” Bokuto sort of jokes, making light of the situation knowing full well he won out against Iwaizumi, laughing because he’s keeping the full story as a secret along with the other memories your group made together the night before. Yamaguchi gives a sort of side glance to Akaashi for some kind of confirmation but decides he can just ask you later if it’s worth talking about as Akaashi’s a bit spaced out, seemingly struggling with his own slight hangover. 

 Kenma soon reveals himself from the sliding glass door he’s peeled open — well, Kuro opened after a split-second of seeing Kenma struggle to do so on his own, simply grabbing higher up on the door above Kenma’s head without drawing attention to his effort. 

 “Oh g-ood you brought the w-water, please.. K-enma~” Akaashi stammers as he rolls his head in Kenma’s direction, wincing against the light of day.

 “it’s tainted.. i drank out of it.. the cup? really?” Kenma still struggles to speak with his full voice but feels it’s necessary to at least hint he understands why Akaashi meant to keep the gallon of water for the rest of you who hadn’t thrown up while Kenma drank from his own cup at the same time he teases he’s hurt to be thought of as gross.

 Akaashi snatches the jug away and struggles with the cap for a bit before chugging a significant amount — a bit of it spills out from the corners of his mouth, dripping into his lap. When he finishes drinking, he’s out of breath and wiping his face dry on his sleeve. Yamaguchi sits closer to you to give Akaashi more room as he swings his elbow out when wiping his face. 

 “Well, seems like we’re all ready to go then, right?” Kuro asks, assessing it’s Akaashi in need of the most attention now — Kenma’s finally stable, just very weak and incredibly tired. Bokuto gets up to help Akaashi, Kuro’s quick to give the water back to Kenma and support Akaashi’s other side. You and Tadashi embrace and mutually express looking forward to staying in touch and getting together more often before he heads back inside, you then find yourself back at Kenma’s side — lazily interlocking your fingertips as you’re both a little too clammy to find linking up at the elbows to be comforting at all, but still wanting to stand that close.  

 "Bye Tsutomu~! Nice meeting you!" You call out as your group moves along to leave.

 "WWOOOOOWWWWW!!!!" You hear the other two loudly griping while you and the others maneuver through the side yard up to the front to wait a few short minutes for the cab. 

 Kuro ends up taking the front as he’s the most sober and level-headed, Bokuto sits with Akaashi who’s practically riding with his head out the window just enjoying the cool air, You and Kenma sit the furthest back, laying on the length of the back row seat and doing your best to fit comfortably together there. Thankfully the ride isn’t long, however the downside is it’s because Kuro put in some breakfast diner as the end location instead of anyone’s home — though you all sort of agree food will help make you feel better. You all thank the driver on your way out of the van and tell each other what you’re going to order on your way into the restaurant, very much looking forward to the meal settling your stomachs.

Chapter Text

As the five of you wait for your food to be brought to your table, you rehash and remind each other of everything that took place the night before, filling in the blanks with the others’s different points of view to make sense of the entire story — you all look roughed up to some extent and you’re all feeling, as Kenma puts it, “a bit laggy, like you’re only operating at 45%”, but you’re all laughing together as you’ve bonded and made new memories worth sharing just the night before. 

 “Did you guys find out who caused the fight that broke out when I was swimming?” 

 “No, but what the hell even made you want to get in the pool?” 

 “It just seemed fun! I wish you guys would’ve gotten in with me~” Bokuto lightly pouts again. “I got Konoha to sit with his feet in for a while! That was crazy!” He taps the table over at Akaashi's direction while perking back up. 

 “No, what was crazy was the number of people I walked in on trying to find you two!” Akaashi gestures to Kuro and Kenma, pointing at both of them with his face, making it look like he’s shaking his head ‘no’.

 “OOH~! Tell us about that!” Kuro taunts. 

 “I’d rather not, our food’s coming and I want to keep my appeti- OH! But I definitely think saw Ushijima with that guy…” Akaashi interrupts himself and sits up much straighter once the sudden excitement courses through him, he snaps trying to remember the name of the guy he’s thinking of before letting out a frustrated sort of moan while shoving his palms into his eyes. “He’s sort of like Ushijima if you think about it but with light features.. From Date Tech??! The Iron Wall!! You guys know who I’m talking about… I’m pretty sure it was them!” Akaashi smirks and raises his eyebrows. 

 “STOOPP!” Bokuto tries hiding his open mouth smile with his fist.

 “I think!” Akaashi repeats, not wanting to start false rumors. 

 “No but they make so much sense~ I can see that unfolding after a few drinks! WAIT! You guys were with Tendo! I wonder if he’d know!” Kuro schemes. 

 “It may not have been them though! Don’t repeat that! I checked through so many rooms trying to find you both, and maybe half of them were occupied and I left AS SOON as I realized. Oh my god, but one room…!!” Akaashi pauses and he opens his eyes as wide as he possibly can while letting out an exaggerated sigh, sort of puffing out his cheeks while letting the air out — really trying to put into words what it was he experienced. “I’m not sure how many people were in there but I accidentally made eye contact with someone, I can’t even explain what was happening but I’m sure I have an idea…” 

 “Are you sure that wasn’t when Bokuto busted down the door~?” Kenma can’t help but feel a little proud pouring some salt into the wound of you also having been in a compromised position with two others, sort of in a way Akaashi was describing. 

 Your nostrils flare and your lips tighten together while you shoot him a look that clearly displays embarrassment, regret, and something that sort of reads as ‘did you really need to go there?’ — Kenma’s surprised to see Bokuto almost makes the same expression at him in response, the two of you reacting pretty much in sync. You can tell Kenma suddenly feels bad as he sort of rolls his eyes while looking into his lap. You kick him under the table, not hard enough to hurt or cause commotion, just to get his attention — you communicate with your expression you’re not trying to shy away from the conversation the two of you will have later, just that you don’t want the others to be a part of it, he understands and respects your privacy. He gives a small, sheepish nod and looks away again, still feeling bad and hoping to redeem himself before the end of the meal. Kuro noticed your little interaction but pretended as if he didn’t and that he’d been paying more attention to Bokuto and Akaashi discussing if anyone figured out who hosted the party. As he suspects Kenma becoming suspicious of him being aware of the moment you two cousins had, he jumps into the conversation he acted he was a part of all along. 

 “I’m not sure his name, but he went to Johzenji. Go figure, right?”

 “OOHH! I bet it was Bobata then!” Bokuto slams his fist onto the table, startling you, Akaashi, and Kenma a bit. 

 “Please don’t do that again” Kenma instructs, clutching his heart as if it stopped for a moment.

 “So you really did know the host then?” You ask while looking to Bokuto with a small amount of surprise. 

 “Definitely not” Akaashi dryly remarks.

 “I mean we’re all acquainted but I wouldn’t say we know him, but he’s not the type to care about party crashers though, hence the guest list exploding and no repercussions coming from it” Kuro interjects. Bokuto nods a bit smugly while crossing his arms as if he’s been proven to be right. 

 By now your food’s been served and you’re all happily eyeing your own plates, only passing small glances at every one else’s. You all begin munching together and eventually follow each others lead, picking at the other’s orders with permission to do so, sharing your food with the rest at the table. Bokuto had been the first to ask you for a piece of your sausage since his meal didn’t come with any, Kuro mostly feigned jealousy but exaggerated just how hurt he felt to get you to give him the other piece Bokuto shared the rest of instead of. By then Akaashi stepped in to give Kuro sausage from his own plate, telling you to save yours for yourself. You almost couldn’t believe you’d caught him then attempting to steal a bite from your plate — he got eggs with waffles but wanted just a taste of your blueberry pancakes and was cutting a piece on your plate with his fork. You slowly and exaggeratedly let Akaashi know you see he’s not at all as sneaky as he tried to be but you make no attempt to stop him. Being busted before even getting a taste, he lets out the cutest nervous laugh which turns into an embarrassing laughing fit — Akaashi covers his face with his hands, losing more composure the harder he fights to regain it. The struggle he’s having is incredibly endearing to you all, Bokuto and Kuro are laughing just as hard as Akaashi but make no attempt to hide it and Kenma’s trying to get a video of how red Akaashi’s cheeks are turning while you trade him an entire waffle for a full pancake. 

 Eventually the laughter dies down and you’re all able to finish your breakfast, feeling much better than when you’d gotten there. Kenma had demanded you all share with him a little of the food you all have and none of you made an argument to why you shouldn’t, happily giving him anything he asked for — you’re all just feeling better the rest of your group are steadily refilling their health meters. The guys all pitch in towards the bill, even insisting they want to help pay for you instead of letting Kenma be the only one to take care of you — Kenma doesn’t allow it feeling you’re uncomfortable in some way over the mention of it and to put an end to the conversation he pays the entire bill, telling the others to put their share in as a tip. 

 You all part ways out front of the restaurant, Bokuto and Akaashi head to Bokuto’s nearby claiming they’re going to sleep the rest of the day while Kenma prepares another cab to take the three of you further to his apartment. The two parting give affectionate hugs to you, Kenma, and Kuro, but especially to you making sure you know how much fun they had with you and how happy they are to have met you, looking forward to hanging out with you again and hoping you feel just the same. 

 “Say’s it’s gonna be another twenty minutes… should we shop for manga or something while we wait?” Kenma speaks towards his phone while he inputs information for the final steps to secure a driver to your location. 

 “Sure..!” You go along with whatever since it’s what he seems to want to do and there’s really no better way to spend the time waiting. 

 “It’s too bad you live so far” Kuro sort of thinks out loud.

 “Yea, but not for long” Kenma also speaks half-minded. 

 “Wait, what!?” You and Kuro ask in shock simultaneously.

 “Oh, have I not mentioned? I’m planing on moving out of my apartment. It’s too stuffy and not really my style. I want to live somewhere quieter to be honest. With more space to spread out. Of course then, there will be plenty of room. For both of you…” Kenma gets a little frustrated having opened up more sentimentally than he actually meant to. 

 “When did you think you mentioned this?” Kuro asks.

 “How long have you been thinking about this?” You ask at the same time Kuro gets his question out. Kenma’s eyes widen as he gets a bit overwhelmed by the two of you teaming up on him suddenly, yet he’s thankful you both get along and that he doesn’t need to intervene as much as he’d thought he’d need to. Kenma holds up a flat palm to Kuro, sort of meant to ‘halt’ any action Kuro may think to engage in while he points to you and begins answering your question. 

 “I’ve been thinking about this a long time, I don’t really like having neighbors. Sometimes I can hear them and so I’m sure sometimes they hear me too and I’m not really always thinking about keeping my volume down, I’m hardly ever aware of the time once I really get into my games anyways… Plus I live so far from everything and if it takes me upwards of twenty minutes to get to the places I frequent from my house, I’d rather it be in a location I actually prefer” He dropped the finger he’d pointed to you soon after beginning his answer, still holding up his hand to Kuro whom he finally now acknowledged after also dropping the palm he’d been showing to Kuro. 

 “I thought I mentioned it on stream a while back my studio and set up may look different soon, sort of hinting to my subscribers, but I definitely thought I brought it up yesterday when we were shopping”

 “You definitely didn’t mention that and if you did, maybe it was when it was just the two of you?” Kuro looks to you to gauge your response. 

 “You definitely didn’t mention it yesterday. I think I sort of remember you saying something on stream about you needed a new backdrop… Yesterday you said something to the same affect, but nothing about moving” You shake your head to Kuro while giving your own explanation to Kenma. 

 “I promise this is something I’ve been planning, I can even take you both to the house I’m thinking about… It just feels like ‘home’ every time I visit, It’s probably the one I’ll buy” Kenma senses the worry in your voice, thinking he decided this because of you and wanting to assure you that was not at all the case. 

 “Kenma~ I definitely want to see it, but not today… I’m crashing at your place again as it is” Kuro admits, just wanting to sleep the day away — he’s been in a fight, had hardly any sleep, and now is dealing with a carb-crash along with a subsiding hangover. 

 “Oh god! I didn’t mean today anyway!” Kenma pulls his head back with disgust at the thought. “And yea, that’s fine. Yoon, are we sharing the bed again or would you rather take the couch for yourself?” He asks in a way you can tell he truly has no preference and is genuinely trying to get your honest answer.

 “Uhm.. I’ll take the couch this time~” You like the idea of having your own spot for the night and consider Kuro may sleep better in a bed than on a couch after the long night he’s endured. 

 “Ew, don’t say it like that!” Kenma assumes there’s a suggestive undertone in your sentiment which makes Kuro crack up because he definitely didn’t pick up on any malice from you but immediately understood where Kenma’s mind was. Kuro collects himself so he can speak up without laughing in between words and hugs Kenma from behind, resting his chin on the top of Kenma’s head. 

 “No matter where I end up, I’m passing out” 

 “So- ..Mmf!… Am- ..grr!… I!” Kenma manages to grunt out while fighting to free himself of Kuro’s clutches. “Get off, I’m gonna throw up again!” He threatens in a clear voice, obviously no where near the sickly condition he was in just a few hours ago. 

 “Why don’t we just all share the bed?” You interrupt their pinching battle. 

 “You know, why don’t you two take the bed, I’ll take the couch!” Kenma scowls, pretending to feel betrayed.

 “I will literally sleep on the floor” Kuro tries to appease his angry little counterpart but quickly backtracks, not wanting to offend you — or your cousin on your behalf. “Oh! Not that it would be a problem to share with you Yuni! We all five shared the bed last night and it was fine right? I only meant-“ 

 “Fine, we’ll all share my bed!” Kenma stops his overly polite friend from stammering through his thoughts, noticing the cab he reserved is arriving to pick the three of you up.

Chapter Text

“KURO! Stop! YELLING!!” Kenma shouts from down the hall. Ironically, this is the first thing you hear when you wake up. You scan the room and confirm the Kenma and Kuro are no longer sharing the bed with you, let alone in the same room as you. They must be gaming in the living room. 
 First things first, you take your phone with you to the bathroom to take care of a few things all at once — relieving yourself before you burst and checking the time of day as well as possible unread messages or other mementos from the party saved to your phone. There was a message from Tadashi telling you to save his contact information and please never drop off the face of the earth again, he includes cute teary-eyed smiley emojis and lots of hearts throughout the message. You also noticed Kuro, Bokuto and Akaashi added their contact information to your phone at some point, had to have been when I was out for the night… You’re not upset at all about it, it seems like they only added their information as there are no messages or calls from them but they did save a few new pictures to your photo album, setting them as their display pictures in your contacts and confirming they had gotten ahold of your phone in the early morning hours. You cycle through the pictures and check timestamps to get a clearer understanding. 

 A selfie of Bokuto and Kuro, angled specifically to get you and Akaashi who are both knocked out on the bed behind them, there’s also a blur in the background on the other side of the bed — it can only be Kenma making a mad dash for the bathroom. The next picture is Kuro pulling back Kenma’s hair again while Kenma’s face is hidden in the toilet bowl for maybe the millionth time, Kuro’s got one hand holding Kenma’s hair in a ponytail and the other hand held up in a sort of celebratory fist except for his pointer and pinky fingers pointing upwards away from the rest of his tightly curled digits, his face is scrunched up and he’s sticking his tongue out — the picture seemingly screams ‘Party HARD!!”. Then there’s a picture of Akaashi’s sleeping form… It would almost be angelically sweet except for that his eyes, and mouth, are half open — he’s curled into a fetal position on his side with his hands tucked together between his cheek and the bed, where there’s a massive wet stain trailing back up to Akaashi’s lips who almost looks like he’s staring into a void dead ahead of him. You can’t help but think he may not appreciate being seen in such an unflattering way and scroll away from that picture to the next — which is a close up of Akaashi’s sleeping face taking the entirety of the screen, of course his is the picture assigned to his contact information in your phone. Kuro’s is zoomed in on his expression and gesture in the second picture while they set Kenma’s as his head in the toilet bowl — you didn’t have any picture assigned before and can’t help but laugh at the customization they’ve done for you. Bokuto’s contact picture is another selfie he took on his own, holding up finger hearts and giving a kissy face to the camera, making his display photo the most flattering of the bunch. 

 You laugh to yourself while finishing up in the bathroom, taking time to freshen up before making it known to the others you’re awake yet. Once completed everything you need to in the bathroom you reemerge back to Kenma’s room to change your clothes, thankfully the bedroom door is already shut so you have complete privacy. After dressing in comfy shorts and a oversized hoodie, you make a point to reply to Tadashi’s message and finally notice the time — it’s late evening now and your long lost friend’s message came through hours ago. 

Tadashi!! I saved it! And I’m writing it down so 
I have it saved somewhere besides my phone. 
I’ll never lose touch again, I promise!

 You also sprinkle some cute heart emojis into your reply before sending. You consider asking if it was him who gave your name to Tendo without you knowing but decide you can have that conversation later, you don’t really believe he’d do such a thing anyway. Making your way into the hall from Kenma’s room, you hear Kenma grumbling again. 

 “If you woke up Yuni with your loud mouth…! Well, you just better hope you didn’t” 

 “I actually woke up on my own, but the first thing I heard was you yelling at Kuro..” You awkwardly scratch the back of your head, risking further angering an already, obviously ticked-off Kenma to inform him of the facts. He sighs so hard it’s almost a grunt while rolling his eyes, then delivers a hard smack in the chest to Kuro who couldn’t help but cackle at his normal volume. 

 “Come on!! We’re ending this guy’s kill streak, now!” 

 “Is that why you seem so tense?” 

 “I told him he should show his viewers THIS side of him sometimes, when he absolutely loses his shit!” 

 “Kuro!! Pay attention to the game! Sorry Yuni, but yes, I need to kill this g- OOH MY FUCKING GOD THIS FUCKING GUY!!!!!!” Kenma rages, now using full volume since you’re awake. You can practically see the fire burning in his eyes, hell-bent on winning some co-op shooting game — something he doesn’t normally play on stream, usually going for much more mellow strategy games or platformers. 

 You help yourself to some coffee and put together a fruit platter with some cheese and crackers before bringing it all along with you over to the couch where the guys are. You’re careful not to break their concentration while setting the communal snack on the table in front of them and take the couch for yourself as they sit on the floor between the couch and the table. The game is pretty intense and seems harder than just pointing and shooting the enemies, their communication is impeccable as they work together to out-smart and out-play their opponents. 

 “That FUCKER! He knows we’re hunting him and he’s hiding now!” Kenma seethes. 

 “We’ll get’em! You see the one sneaking up behind?”

 “Targeted. Aaannnnnd.. Bye Bitch!” 

 “That guy really is just letting us rack up the kill count so he can come out at the last minute to end the game.. how petty! We’ll get him this round!” 

 “Yea, this is personal! And I’m telling you, he’s a sniper” 

 “Except he’s been killing us with melee attacks the last few rounds!”
 “To get us off our guard… Kuro! Go out to the middle area and act like you’re hunting him, I bet he snipes you and reveals his location!” 

 Just as Kenma suspected, Kuro is taken out without anyone around him. Kenma placed his character in such a way that he was able to see most of the map, Kuro included from his vantage point, and was able to see just where the gunshot had been fired from. Kenma played dirty this round, sneaking from one location to the next to unlock the map’s secret weapon while taking out any who come in his way. Kenma switches to the special gun and locks onto his nemesis, ending the round and the other players winning streak, with a dramatic headshot. Kuro and Kenma both slam their controllers down to jump up with fierce excitement, screaming in celebration to each other’s face the way you imagine cave men may have shouted once taking out a beast they’ve hunted to feed an entire village with for the upcoming cold season. You’re sort of cringing but also can’t help but laugh at their achievement. 

 “Okay, I agree with Kuro, this would be fun to see on your streams every once in a while!” You chuckle as they wind down, no longer so loud you’d need to shout over them. Kenma takes a breath and gathers himself, squinting between the two of you as he considers your requests. 

 “Maybe I’ll mention it on my next stream … that and the move. Wanna see pictures of the house?” Kenma’s tone is much more relaxed but perks up at the end, obvious he’s looking forward to moving into the house he’s become attached to. 

 “YES!” “Show us!” You and Kuro happily answer back in unison. 

 It’s a beautiful home that’s been built long ago but still in great condition. It’s been renovated a little here and there so there are some modern fixtures but overall the home has a warm, old-fashioned feel to it — seemingly perfect for Kenma. Simple and cozy with enough room to spread out. He scrolls through the pictures to show you two the different rooms and plans he has for each in how he’d set up his furniture, including you and yours, then scrolls to the pictures of the outside of the home. It’s practically in the middle of nowhere with beautiful grass fields surrounding it in all directions. He says most of the land belongs to the neighbors whose homes are spread out and far apart, but that he would still have access to the property beyond his own — he mentions a creek nearby that he’d have to cross through his neighbors yard to get to but that when he took a tour of the home not long ago, he was told as long as he helped keep care of the land he was welcome to venture anywhere. 

 “Yea, now you HAVE to take us to see it! It looks like it’s a good fit for you and you seem really excited about it~” Kuro smiles while studying Kenma’s face as he scrolls through the pictures again. 

 “Yes! Let’s all go there before you buy it so we can see it before you start making it your own!” You concur. 

 “It’s by appointment only so I’ll make another and let the property manager know I’ll be bringing you two with me this time … I may just go for it right then and there to be honest. I’ll need your honest reactions to know for sure if it’s meant to be” 

 “I wouldn’t react any other way~” Kuro kind of coos while palming Kenma’s head and sort of ruffling his hair. “Alright~! And now I’m taking a shower! I’ll use the guest one” He adds while heading off before Kenma can get respond with annoyance at Kuro matting his hair. Kenma just sighs and finger-brushes his hair while giving you a look that clearly states, ‘if you say anything right now, it better be in my favor and not Kuro’s’. You then quickly hide your mouth with your coffee cup, tipping it back slightly as if you’re about to take a drink but not confident you can hold liquid in your mouth without spit-taking it back out. 

 “Oh whatever~” Kenma responds, knowing you’re holding back from saying something. 

 “I don’t know why you’re so embarrassed. You two are sweet” You confirm with no judgement. 

 “Yea.. I don’t know.. I guess because I’ve never brought it up.. Didn’t know what you’d say. … I’m sorry I assumed you’d be weird about it”

 “If you guys don’t want me to say anything, I won’t, but I think it’s really great you have Kuro. He seems like a really good friend and you guys have a strong connection. That’s special and I’m happy for you!” 

 “It’s not really a secret. It’s just.. I don’t know, I guess we never made anything official. We are best friends. One day it just became more and we’ve never really discussed the extent of our relationship. It doesn’t feel like we need to though. We’re happy” 

 “That’s all that matters” You smile to your cousin and he smiles back, but now it seems he’s the one biting his tongue. 

 “What!?” You ask with a hint of defense. 

 “Can we talk about your relationship status now?” Kenma raises an eyebrow to you while trying not to look smug. 

 “Oh.. right. That. Well. Okay. First of all. I don’t have a relationship status. I’m not with anyone … but yea…” You trail off before taking a breath and filling him in on the reason how you and Oikawa became acquainted in the first place, having taken notice to you and engaging with you to stage a relationship with the other to boost your respective status, how it all became real and then to a sudden end and the way last night had been the first time you’d seen either Oikawa or Iwa since transferring schools. You were honest about your feelings for both of them, in the past and in the moment the night before. 

 “It all happened a little fast and I wasn’t in the right state of mind as it was so it was hard to think clearly, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t consider just giving in to the moment…” You admit, not proud to have heard yourself saying so. “I wish it had gone differently, or ideally not happened at all, but I’m glad you were there to snap me back to the present. So thanks” You add, wanting to distract Kenma from your previous confession. 

 “Unless you tell me to butt out, I’m gonna keep sticking my nose into your business … speaking of… is there anyone at Karasuno I need to know about? BE HONEST!” He pries while squinting at you, ready to judge your answer for possible lies or half-truths. 

 You sigh and open up about Chikara but you leave out when you’d parted from the others at the party as you actually didn’t remember it at the moment. It feels good getting these things off your chest and opening up to Kenma about it. He offers sound advice and actively listens even when he’s not happy to hear about certain things, you’d only kept your love life from him to protect his feelings, knowing he’s not really one to talk about this stuff as it is and never wanting to taint his image of you. Though he makes it clear now, no matter what he’s going to be your cousin and even in disagreements he will support you, just like you would for him — that’s unconditional love. You two make a pact to be honest with each other no matter what from there on out, especially if you’re going to be living together — which you are. 

 “By the way, you know Tendo? He said he had to bug my friend to tell him my name… what do you know about that?” You ask after establishing a new level of trust with your cousin. 

 “Tendo? Oh. I mean, I know OF him. He smoked with us last night… Didn’t Sawamura practically yell out your name? He might’ve meant like that? He’s sort of a weird guy so …” Kenma shrugs while wincing trying consider other likely possibilities. Neither of you noticed, but Kuro had made his way back into the living room to catch the tail end of your last question and Kenma’s answer to it.

Chapter Text

“I bet it was Fukunaga~” Kuro deduces. 

 You and Kenma snap your heads to face him, unaware of his presence before that moment. He then continues his hypothesis while you both focus on him, closing the gap between you two and himself as he crosses the room to join you on the couch.

 “Yuni, does anyone else come to mind? Who would give out your name to someone you haven’t been properly introduced to? You said Tendo mentioned having to ‘bug’ this person for your name so it wasn’t like they were willing to say. And… I didn’t think anything of it at first, but he did seem to linger around us more often than usual, right Kenma?” 

 “If we’re bringing up lingerers, Yaku is definitely among them… But no, you could be right actually… He was with us in the smoke circle along with Tendo … they were even next to each other… Oh! He better not have!” Kenma begins steaming again as his anger levels rise. 

 “But that doesn’t make any sense! I only just met Shohei last night!” You offer a counterargument. 

 “Shohei…” The other two dryly repeat while making eye contact with each other, nodding together this is their main suspect. 

 “That little bitch! He better not have!” Kenma repeats himself with more ferocity. 

 “Kenma! I feel like I should be more angry than you since my name was the one given out without permission” You give him solid reasoning to calm him back down. 

 “And why aren’t you angry?” He lifts his eyebrow back at you, this time appearing much more serious than smug. 

 “Well like you said, he could’ve heard Daichi after all… And it’s not like knowing my name is a crime, Tendo seems odd but friendly enough… I don’t mind that he knows who I am. I was only concerned with being talked about without being present really. I don’t think anyone from Karasuno would do that, but maybe someone I just met might? And it’s not like Tendo would know who my true friends are anyway… maybe he asked Shohei if he heard my name right once we left the circle? It could be that innocent, right?”

 “It could be…” Kuro answers.

 “I really doubt that it is though…” Kenma completes the thought. 

 “You know what’s worse than someone giving out your name to people you don’t really know that well though?” You ask in a way meant to entice them with the answer. Both of them look to you with wide eyes and eyebrows lifted as high as they can be raised, waiting for you to fill them in on the gossip you’re about to drop. 

 “Putting your number in someone’s phone that you’ve only just met~” 

 Kenma looks confused and concerned while Kuro makes passive laughing sound that comes out with a sigh of relief. 

 “Pffftt~!! I thought you were being serious!” Kuro chuckles. Before Kenma can get upset about feeling left out on whatever joke you have with Kuro, you show him what you’re talking about, revealing the newly saved numbers and string of pictures stored to your phone. 

 “STOOP! What is this picture!?!” Kenma loses it at the sight of Akaashi’s sleeping face, zooming in to see it better. You scroll to the next picture showing him the zoomed in version with clearer quality and he’s in tears laughing, desperately trying to see the picture through the tears blurring his vision. He throws his head back while shoving your phone in Kuro’s face and kicking his feet, he’s laughing so hard he’s not making any sound and you’re waiting for him to take a much needed inhale while Kuro instantly breaks into screaming fit laughing so hard. For sure this is only so funny because they know Akaashi well enough to know he never makes such expressions. 

 “Okay, now I feel bad showing you guys! Give me back my phone I’m deleting the picture for Akaashi’s sake! He’s very nice, stop picking on him!” You fight both of them for your phone while they roll around trying to catch their breath and keep their stomach muscles from ripping and simultaneously work together to keep your phone away from you.

 “You guys~!” You try and keep yourself from laughing when you see Kuro try and mimic Akaashi’s expression while still laughing too hard to control the muscles in his face. He makes a stupid noise that somehow matches the expression while doing so. Kenma also sees his impression and nearly pees himself, tumbling to the floor while curled up still soundlessly laughing except for the strange croaking sound he’s making while taking in air. 

 “No! No! Like this!” Kenma spats between breaths, spasming while making the exact face Kuro just did — neither quite being like Akaashi’s which was completely innocent and involuntary. They send each other into harder bouts of laughter, still teamed in keeping you from deleting the picture. Kenma quickly sends the picture to his phone as well as Kuro’s, Bokuto’s, and even to Akaashi’s — which adds you into their group chat — then he passes you back your phone, pleased with himself and finally calming down a little. Kuro gets the notification and again hollers like a monster seeing the picture in the group chat. 

 “Oh-ho~ MAN! I think that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen~!” Kenma cries, wiping his tears, and suppressing his laughing fit from starting again while the image ingrained in his mind takes over his every thought. 

 “It’s not even that funny! And now Akaashi thinks I’m picking on him … taking strange photos without his permission and sending it… Kenma!!” You punch him in the arm as you piece together the full implication of this all coming from your phone. 

Akaashi! I promise I did not take the picture or 
send it! In fact, I tried deleting it! I’m so sorry! 😰

 OMG YESS!! I’ve been waiting for this picture!
 Thank you Yuni! I took this BTW 😆
 I sent it 😈💗 
 It’s true Yuni tried deleting it.
 But not until after showing us~ 

 The destination number is unreachable 
 by SMS and unable to receive messages.


 Yuni, you’re my only friend 💕

 AAGAH-SHEE! But u look so cute~ 😭👼

 *blocked* ✋

 [Image sent] [Image sent]
Ofc the pictures of Kuro and Bokuto aren’t
embarrassing but at least there’s these 🚽

 You cropped both pictures of Kenma — first as a blur while he sprints out of frame, then with his whole head practically stuck into the middle of a toilet. 

 Please at least send the last picture I took 😘

[image sent]

 You didn’t send an image, but made it appear as if you had but maybe the file corrupted. Kenma, Akaashi, and Kuro all appeared to like the message and continue joking in the group chat it was a nice picture — you sent it to Kenma who forwarded it to Kuro and Akaashi so they knew it was a self-indulgent selfie and worked together to keep it from Bokuto, each saying they can see it and saved it while pulling the same stunt you did not actually sending the image. Eventually Akaashi passes the picture along to Bokuto privately after a few hours and seeing it actually begin to bother him he can’t get the picture saying things like, “it was a really good one too!” and “I would have taken it on my phone but it was dead! And I never get messages when they’re sent while my phone’s dead anyway!!”.

[5 images shared]
I had a lot of fun with you all!
And now I’m deleting all but the first
picture from my phone 😅

 You eventually sent the photos Bokuto took to the chat, only keeping the group photo where Kenma is just a smudge in the background. They all replied in their own way at random times, all now involved with their day over their phones, agreeing it was a blast and that they’re all happy you’re a regular part of their group now, looking forward to making more memories together. 

 You, Kenma and Kuro have placed another dinner order to be delivered while setting up for a night of video games together. At first you’d just watch them play but eventually you felt comfortable trying, not wanting to embarrass yourself, but before long it was apparent to all three of you that you could become a beneficial member of their team. Before dinner even arrived to the door, the three of you began dominating the game you’d all been playing, looking forward to becoming legends before calling it a night. After having pretty much slept the day away, you all three feel wide awake during the late night, eventually mixing alcohol into the fun — because, why not? 

 A few hours into the late night, Kuro’s phone dings with a notification neither you nor Kenma receive — so it’s not the group chat, but a private message. 

 “Well, well… look what we have here~ Filthy little cretin!!” Kuro reads the message to himself then shows Kenma his phone screen while smirking and raising his eyebrows at you. 

 “Guess who’s asking about you~” Kuro taunts.

 “Tell him to ask me! Why does he think you’d know anyway!?” Kenma engages with Kuro about the text he’s been shown. “Oh my god, I hate this. Ugh! Yoon! I will try to be as unbiased as I can possibly be… It’s the way he has NO patience!? But he’s not the worst person. He does get under my skin though, but only sometimes. I’m not going to make your mind up for you though. Better than Oikawa…” Kenma drags on, not actually getting to the point. You just stare in confusion, not sure if you actually want to know or not. Meanwhile, Kuro’s thumbs are rapid firing in response to the message he’s received. 

 “I said, ‘IDK man, I only just met Yuni earlier the same day after all. But Kenma’s related to Yuni, so you could ask him?’ and I put a question mark too so he’ll read it like I’m genuinely not sure. Because, actually I’m not. So yea, let’s see if he texts you now!” Kuro reads back his message he’d just sent. 

 “Such a snake! He better not!” Kenma retorts, preparing for a new round for the three of you to play.

 “Well, seeing how neither of you are letting me know what’s being said about me … or who is saying it… I’ll just let you both know, I’m not a child. I can make decisions on my own, though I do appreciate your input when it’s regarding things you have valuable opinions about… Which I doubt is everything. But you can just let anyone who’s asking about me know, I’m only really interested in people who speak directly to me and not behind my back. This is getting really weird to be honest” You openly state. 

 “Well aright then~ There we have it!” Kuro nods with satisfaction at your matter-of-fact tone you’d just taken. “Funny how the last time we ate dinner together here, you weren’t really much into speaking at all and now we’re all so close!” He continues while hugging himself, knowing full well neither of you will reciprocate the same gesture at the moment — it’s especially apparent by Kenma’s expression, knowing full well Kuro thought to engage physically and shutting it down before the idea became reality with just a look. 

 “AAnn-ny-waaaayyy~” You and Kenma say the same way at the same time, then give each other a weirded out look before taking a swig of your respective drinks and a few bites of your meal, then preparing for the next round of the game you’re all playing. Kuro finishes texting whatever message he has to send and follows suit with you and Kenma. The three of you spend the better part of the night gaming together and dominating the leader boards — you are now in full agreeance with Kuro that Kenma should seriously consider showing this side of him to his subscribers as he plays with a different tag on the console in his living room than the one he uses for his streams, playing different genres of games, he figured it made sense and never bothered bridging the gap. 

 The three of you game until you can’t hold your eyelids open anymore, falling asleep where you’d been sitting. 

Chapter Text

Kenma introduces you to the person in charge of showing the home to make and collect offers on the sale of it, a beautiful older woman who seems to truly be as kind as she’s coming across as and that it’s not an act to sweeten any deals to be made on the home which is her job to sell. 

 “I’ll just be here in the main part of the home if you have any questions!” She happily chimes after having unlocked the house to let the group of you inside for a tour led by Kenma. 

 “Thank you again for letting me walk through another time with company” Kenma says while preparing to lead you away and show you and Kuro the way he imagines laying out his furniture once moving in throughout the home. 

 The largest bedroom room, he’s already deemed will be his new gaming studio and is much more talkative than usual while explaining how he will get to create visual displays with his collections of games and memorabilia — going on about shelving units here and larger screens there while you and Kuro share his excitement and a quick, knowing glance that he’s pretty much already set on moving in here and hasn’t yet figured it out for himself. Maybe he just wanted your opinions before confidently securing the buy, but it was fun watching him scuttle around and gesture lengths and distances of how his couch would fit in a certain spot and would leave enough room to put the side table in such a way, and if he lined his bookcase along this wall, it will allow for this much space between the furniture, creating a cozy corner to snuggle into or something like that. He’s got plans for pretty much every area of each room, all of which seems to have been carefully thought over and considered for significant amounts of time — you and Kuro thoroughly and genuinely agree with his plans, adding ideas which inspire him even more and exciting him further. 

 While the home is generally not very big, it’s much bigger than his current apartment. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large living area with an adjacent kitchen, plus an extra den he says he’s going to make a sort of extra rest area or kind of quiet room for studying or just to relax for a while. He mentions he'd definitely need to go shopping for home goods again since he has more room to furnish. 

 “So you’re buying it” You start to ask but it ends up coming out more like a statement. 

 “Yea, it seems like you’re set Kenma. It fits you and I think you’ll regret it if you don’t take this for yourself” Kuro confirms

 “You really think so? Yoon, how do you feel about living here? The bedroom furniture we just got? I can have them deliver it here instead of the apartment. Would you be comfortable here?” Kenma seems almost frantic to find some reason he shouldn’t start the buying process for this house but doesn’t seem to come up with much. 

 “Kenma, I’m so grateful for you taking me in! I would live anywhere with you! But I agree with Kuro, this seems like a good a fit for you and it seems like you’ve been thinking about it a lot! I like it a lot and I would be just as comfortable here as you would!” You happily respond. 

 “Okay… Okay! Oh wow~! OKAY! … Excuse me~!” Kenma thinks for a moment before nodding to you and Kuro and taking off down the hall back for the lady who will help him close the sale on the house. You and Kuro follow behind him at a more natural pace and regroup in the main room, quietly listening on the process as numbers are discussed and confirmed. 

 Kenma’s practically crying tears of joy trying to contain the pure bliss he feels, proud of the decision he just made and excited to move in officially. He quickly makes a reminder in his phone to call the company delivering your room furniture to correct the address they’ll bring the purchase to. He even gives you first pick of which room you’d rather have plus unofficial rights to the main bathroom, otherwise the guest bathroom, since the other one is conjoined with his game studio. Kenma really wants you to feel just as at home here as he does like you said and looks forward to knowing you’ll both have space to feel comfortable in, together and individually. 

 The kind lady enjoys seeing Kenma so happy over his new purchase and waits for the three of you to finish celebrating the private moment together, before leading you out of the home, locking it up and setting the date for Kenma’s official move in date when the keys will be passed to him. The three of you decide to have a celebratory meal at a nearby restaurant in what will come to be your new neighborhood once finished thanking the woman who helped Kenma buy his new home. 

 “Kuro, don’t act up~” Kenma sort of teases… sort of. “I might come here a lot and if you embarrass me I’ll never bring you back! … In fact, the same goes for you, Yuni~ Both of you behave!” He giggles a bit which lets you both know he’s definitely joking in that he doesn’t expect either of you to cause a scene this first visit but he’s hinting seriousness in the sense that he does believe at some point he may have to stick by his words. 

 “So you’re saying you want me to buy a round to celebrate? You don’t have to hint it Kenma, you can just say so~” Kuro taunts back. For what other reason would he have to “act up”? 

 The three of you happily eat and drink, lightly, with each other — looking forward to “breaking in” the new Kozume residence. 

 “So who can we bring with us to your housewarming party?” Kuro winks at you to go along with him on his question to Kenma. 

 “Please let me invite Tadashi!” You quickly remark. 

 “Then that means the other one has to come with him, right?” Kenma responds without thinking. 

 “Tsuki is NOT ‘the other one’!” Kuro answers sharply. 

 “That’s fine, they’re both cool anyway, but I’m definitely inviting Shoyo and his plus one” Kenma adds on. You and Kuro shoot each other another quick glance, knowing Kenma is only giving half a thought to how serious he’s being taken — both of you are looking forward to celebrating his big move, he just bought a freaking house! 

 “So of course the Nekoma guys will be there though … We can’t just have guys from Karasuno there?” Kuro quickly continues the conversation. 

 “Oh yea~ and don’t forget Darling Shohei…” Kenma rolls his eyes while sarcastically tossing out the nickname. 

 “Please dont” You quickly say without thinking fully. 

 “We can’t NOT invite Fukunaga” Kuro is just as quick to tease, even going as far to wiggle his eyebrows — his statement is true but now it has a bit more of an underlying meaning and motive. You just sort of sigh heavily from your nose and look away, doing your best not to roll your eyes and give the other two more body language to read into. 

 “Of course Bokuto and Akaashi” Kenma tries to redirect both of your attention and the two of you are excited to engage, knowing this house party fantasy is quickly becoming a reality. 

 “Okay, who else?!!” Kuro seems to ask faster than he meant to, then becomes awkwardly aware of Kenma’s reaction to his own. Kenma squints to think, sort of looking between the two of you as he plots and considers his next words carefully. 

 “What if we just say there’s a party at the address and tell who we tell and see what happens… You know how we were just pretty much accidentally invited to the last one? … Just give me some time to move in fully, then meet, AND WARN, all my neighbors. … Yoon! Are you still good with lettering and design? I’d really like if you’d make signs we can put up in certain gathering spots at the party that remind people they have to pay with their money if any damage is done” Kenma continues to plan his housewarming party and you and Kuro happily nod along before he changes his mind. 

 “I’ll definitely have cool signs and posters ready! Especially if it’s not for a few weeks! I’m so excited!” You sort of dance in place as you make a quick mental checklist and plan for the party, raising your glass for a cheers to the other two despite you all having only about a drink left in your pretty much empty glasses. 

 “KYAnma!! You just BOUGHT a HOUSE!” Kuro happily gets out after throwing back the last of his drink. Kenma can only make a face in response as he’s truly shocked to come to the realization — his expression is shocked and excited but also somehow has a hint of disbelief. The three of you stare back to each other in silence for a few moments before busting out into excited and erratic laughter never having experienced this sort of high before and happy to be sharing it together for the first time. 

Chapter Text

Kenma shuts the door to his new gaming studio and tapes up the sign you made saying ‘Kenma’s Streaming Room - OFF LIMITS! STAY OUT!’ — something catchy and easy to read for drunk people looking for the bathroom — then makes his way down the hall back to you and Kuro who are setting up for the housewarming party later that evening. Kuro’s hanging multi-colored string-lights around the main area of the house where everyone will more than likely be joined in while you’re mixing a cocktail recipe you found online to let settle in the fridge for a few hours before it’s officially served. 

 “Guys for some reason I’m really nervous … can we just.. take a break? Maybe smoke and go for a walk?” Kenma pleads.

 “Of course! But why are you so nervous?” Kuro responds, dropping everything to make his way to Kenma. You scuttle away to get into the stash spot Kenma and you decided on when moving into your new home. 

 “I just don’t want to make a bad impression on my neighbors … I don’t want anyone being too loud or messy and starting a fight … I wish we would’ve postponed the party like I wanted…” Kenma goes on. 

 “You agreed if we postponed it, it wouldn’t happen at all! And I really don’t think anyone’s going outside, especially out where your neighbors will see or hear. It’s not going to be that crazy of a party … more like a kickback!” Kuro does his best to comfort Kenma while holding him by the shoulders. 

 “Hey! If it gets too bad, just say you have to kick people out or I will have a panic attack… or something…” You chime in while bringing back a pre-roll and a lighter, showing Kenma to let him know the three of you can head outside for a break from party setup and a stroll in the warm sun. 

 “Yoon..” Kenma rolls his eyes and shaking his head while a small smile grows across his face, the 'I' you referred to was a bit vague and he genuinely isn't sure if you meant for him to say he has to kick people out for his hypothetical panic attack or yours. 

 “Well! It could happen!” You reaffirm. 

 “Do you even have panic attacks?” Kuro inquires to Kenma. 

 “Sometimes...”, “Yuni does” the two of you answer separately yet simultaneously. 

 “Oh… well, let’s take that walk!” Kuro happily replies before heading for where his shoes and jacket are waiting for him near the front door. 

 The three of you finish the joint before the halfway point of the walk you’d set out for — Kenma’s mailbox, which is set up near his neighbor’s mailboxes away from all the rest of your houses. It’s a good distance of a walk and until you get more familiar with the area, it’s the main path you all feel comfortable taking. As the three of you near the base where the mailboxes are, you hear a car honking at you while the passenger wildly waves their arm out the window. As it nears, you see Bokuto is the passenger who is waving and simultaneously honking while Akaashi slows his car to stop near the rest of you. 

 “Get in losers, we’re going to your house!” Bokuto shouts from the window, smiling at you three while Kuro leads you and Kenma into the backseat, happy for the lift back after a calm walk.

 “We figured we’d come early to help” Akaashi adds in on the drive back up the road to the new Kozume/Len residence. 

 “Good idea! These two were talking about panic attacks before we took our walk, but we got a lot set up so far! Just need to set out the food and finish with the drinks! … Right?” Kuro rambles on but with good intention and with pertinent information. 

 “Well.. mostly.. we mentioned using my stream room as a panic room for Yuni or I at any point but otherwise it’s off limits…” Kenma leaks to the public a conversation he had privately in his own stream of imagination. You and Kuro smile and nod at each other, having picked up on the fact that neither of you participated in the conversation but somehow understand Kenma meant to, at some point, mention this to both of you. 

 “Well whatever’s left, leave it to us! We should definitely have a round of shots before everyone else gets here too!” Bokuto happily comments. 

 The five of you arrive back to Kenma’s newly purchased home and meander inside, taking in all the work that’s been put in up until this night. It’s very much already moved into with all the newest furniture Kenma purchased plus all that he already had, and in addition now has decorations for the party — it’s really nothing much, just some lights and posters plus an area outside, as well as one inside, for garbage and recyclables and an appropriate distance from the refill stations set up near by, stocked with napkins, cups, chests of ice, and trays of fruits and nuts, and of course, the cocktail mixture in a large pitcher. 

 “Wow, you guys really did do a lot!” Akaashi compliments you three on the work he sees is already done. “Why don’t we take a shot to celebrate, Kenma, this is really big buying your own home~ And having Yuni here with us… This is going to be a special night no matter what. Bokuto and I will make sure everything goes smoothly as much as we can so you both can relax at your own first housewarming~” Akaashi nods to Bokuto to get the small cups and alcohol to pour into them to pass around among your new friend group. 

 “That’s what I’ve been saying! This is huge Kenma~! Let us do all the worrying tonight!” Kuro chimes in and passes the first poured shots to Kenma then to you. 

 “Thanks~ Everyone~ … I really am happy believe me... and I’m really grateful for everyone here and all your help… but if I think too hard about it right now… I might cry… I don’t know… I feel sort of overwhelmed in a way…” Kenma begins but you interrupt. 

 “Thank you everyone! To Kenma and his new home~ that he’s welcomed me to call my own as well! And to tonight!” You finish, but not entirely sure what to say, just wanting to get to the part where you and Kenma can toss your drinks back and take a bit of the edge off from the night awaiting you. 

 “To Kenma! And his new home with Yuni~ And to US~ And to TONIGHT!!” Kuro wraps it all up and raises his glass before you all tap the bottom of the cup to the counter before shooting your drink back in one massive gulp — again with no chasers. You do your best not to shudder but realize your attempt wasn’t fully successful as both Kuro and Bokuto are snickering at your reaction to the sensation of the drink. Kenma did better to conceal his own reaction but Akaashi was keen on it and coulnd’t help but chuckle at you both even trying to keep your cool and not react at all — even he winced most times taking a shot, especially with nothing to chase it with and dull the sting and strong flavor that burns the throat.

 Boktuo and Kuro revel in your reactions briefly but are quick to get out some chips and salsa for you and Kenma to dig into and give your mouths something else to taste. Akaashi soon follows and helps set out or prepare any food or snacks still needing to be set out and encourages both you and Kenma to find a playlist to listen to — he also backtracks to let Kenma know he could game in the living room or just watch a movie and the party will be a hit regardless. There were only so many people who confirmed they’d be coming and just about everyone was a close friend of one of the five of you currently present. It’s not likely things will spiral out of control or go too badly it will ruin the experience for everyone else. 

 Kenma agrees and latches onto you like usual to ground himself, you’re only slightly feeding off his nervous energy, having only a little of your own but feeling more mellow thanks to Akaashi, Bokuto and Kuro assuring you both of a successful party, and Kenma senses this somehow. He asks what you’d rather and you mention a movie is more inclusive as anyone can watch where as with a game, people would end up taking turns or not getting to play at all. He agrees and you both scour through his collection of movies for something entertaining for a group and not just a few in attendance and settle on a classic fantasy film most seem to love, or at least, respect.

 The two of you sort of slump into the living room on the floor in front of the couch, getting lost in the movie’s setting and your own individual sensations of becoming cross-faded. Before long, you’re joking with each other at an iconic scene near the beginning that never fails to make you both laugh. Eventually Akaashi joins the two of you asking if you know about the behind-the-scenes trivia of an upcoming scene and fills you both in since it’s a rarely known tidbit of the movie, he brings canned alcoholic drinks for each of you to sip while watching and letting the other two finish — and giggle at how cute the three of you are nerding-out together about the film you all seem to be avid fans of, Bokuto even snaps another photo for the group chat to commemorate the night. 

 The three of you invested in the movie don’t even notice the door’s been opened to let in the first group of party attendants, fellow nekoma alumni that Kuro recognizes immediately when opening the door on Kenma’s behalf. 

 “Wait! Shots first!” Bokuto screeches while passing out filled cups to the new arrivals as well as the rest of you who’d already taken one. Kuro is quick to pass out chasers, making you and Kenma the first he doles out to before Akaashi and then the newest members — this is what actually gets you three to notice anyone’s arrived at all.

 You, Kenma and Akaashi quickly join the others to stand near enough to clink your drinks together before downing them and then the juice to follow it up. You clink all the cups before you to make sure no one is left out and notice you’ve just initiated a cheers with someone you’ve not yet met — but he’s warm and seems polite, he smiles to you especially while raising his glass before shooting it back. 

 “O ya~  You haven’t met Kai yet! Yuni, Kai, Kai, Yuni is Kenma’s family.. cousin to be exact… right?” Yaku introduces his friend to you, though it takes you a moment to recall when you’d met Yaku — regardless, and without any awkward pause, you politely thank Yaku for introducing you and confirm your relation to Kenma, then properly greet Kai and thank him for coming to Kenma’s housewarming. 

 “Wow Yaku, look at you being such a warm host~ You devil!” Kuro teases while gazing at the interaction. “You left out poor Shohei though~ Yuni, you remember Fukunaga right?” Kuro continues, a slight flirtatious tone in his pitch as he goes on. 

 “I do..! Yes..! Thank you Kuro..” You shoot a glare to him but quickly move on to greet the only one you’ve yet to acknowledge before your face gets too hot from the sudden attention being drawn to you. “’s good seein’ you- ALL~! again..” you unintentionally slur out but just blame it entirely on the drinks you’ve taken already and nothing else. The three you’ve just greeted smile bashfully in their own ways, adoring your presence and looking forward to a night hanging out together and becoming closer.

Chapter Text

“OMIGAWD I LOVE THIS SONG! … YUNI~!” Bokuto practically screams while pushing past anyone standing between him and you. Once he’s close enough to embrace you, he grabs one of your hands and places his other on the middle of your back, leaving you to figure out wherever is most comfortable for you to place your free hand that isn’t holding his — which you only feels right resting on his shoulder towards his neck. The two of you dance to the beat in unison while embracing each other, completely innocently mind you, separating yourselves from the others still locked in conversation — the two of you have created a space for a dance floor for anyone else to join you in feeling the music. You laugh against Bokuto as he takes the lead and swings you from one end of the house to the other, enjoying the contact and going along with the vibe he’s creating. 

 The song ends eventually and your stomach hurts from laughing trying to keep up with Bokuto’s random energy while he makes a point to keep switching up on you, making a game out of you matching his energy every time, which you do well enough. The two of you have a sort of play dance battle evolving from the two of you dancing together in a sort of ballroom style. 

 Before too long, the three who complete your immediate group are joining you with drinks in hand and enough to share with the two of you. You all cheers and drink together while the three who’d most recently arrived follow suit. 

 Thank Kenma’s genius brain for asking you to make a sign that reads, ‘Come in for a good time!’, though that isn’t what he wanted it to say but it was Kuro’s suggestion and meant the same as what Kenma originally proclaimed — any who are invited or coming as a plus one should just enter instead of waiting to be let in on the off chance no one hears them on the doorstep. It doesn’t take you too long to notice Tadashi making his way to the center of the dance group towards you and Bokuto — Tsuki wanted to avoid such attention but ended up being swooped up by Kuro anyway. 

 “You came!” You yell out.

 “Of course!” Tadashi yells back just as loud. 

 The two of you embrace and dance the way you and Bokuto had just been while Bokuto looks for Tsuki and Kuro knowing they’re close by but gets distracted by Kenma and Akaashi and ends up between the two of them instead. 

 “Neither of you got your intro shot!” Yaku interrupts to inform Yamaguchi while handing him a shot and making a gesture he’s got another for Tsuki as well. It’s true a station was set up to take a shot upon arrival just after the first group bounced the idea off of Kuro, so naturally this is the first anyone had learned about it. 

 “You want one too?” Shohei leans closer to your ear from behind you to make sure you hear him. You wanted to wait a little before taking another shot but Tadashi raises his drink to you in hopes of you toasting him so you accept from Shohei and cheers to both of them along with Yaku and Tsuki, who also has his by now. Again you wince at the shot and look for anyone willing to share anything that will get rid of the sting of bitterness in your throat. Shohei sort of timidly begins to offer his own drink but Tadashi is quick to pass the can he was given from Tsuki, freshly opened by Kuro. 

 Kai quickly calls out the group should be playing a drinking game of sorts over wasting energy jumping and dancing around, as fun as it is. Shohei mentions making a drinking game to go along with the movie that’s been muted but left on in the background, he’s also a fan and knows tons of trivia that could make a fun drinking game. Yaku teases him on the idea and throws out an actual drinking game, Tsuki laughs at his joke and agrees with the more general game instead of basically watching a movie. Kuro turns the music down in the meantime and Tadashi makes a comment to you under his breath he liked Shohei’s idea but get’s Tsuki’s point. Bokuto, Kenma and Akaashi are close by and agreeable to anything as long as the group decides it will be fun. 

 Kai and Kuro are deep in deciding what group activities could involve drinking to a healthy degree that wouldn’t leave the group too inebriated to function while Shohei and Bokuto bounce silly ideas off each other — things like twister or truth or dare, making rules to drink over the most common things, which means everyone will be drinking a lot. Meanwhile you and Tadashi are lost back in the music, vibing with the beat and with each other. Kenma and Akaashi soon take note and follow suit, enjoying themselves and the energy being set on the dance floor. Yaku and Tsuki both notice everyone having different motives and join in where they feel most comfortable, Yaku with Kuro and Kai, and Tsuki with you and Tadashi though he commits to a bit involving getting you to “linger around” Kenma and Akaashi instead. 

 Bokuto and Shohei quickly initiate a communal instance to drink — Bokuto offers to pour shots while Shohei has an assortment of bottles and cans to choose from — they both insist everyone has to pick one or the other. Kenma just bought a freaking house! That’s a big deal and the reason everyone is here to celebrate. This is the first time the group is drinking in celebration together and is worth commemorating. 

 You all get your choice of drink and raise them towards the center of the group until everyone’s got a hand up doing the same — toasting to the group for turning up to celebrate Kenma and his newest life achievement, then drinking at your leisure but taking at least a sip in unison. Those who chose to take shots, shoot them back instead of taking sips. You look to Kenma and see he looks anxious and uptight despite the environment being everything but. He notices you staring and brings his fingers up to his lips while pinching his pointer finger against his thumb — he wants to smoke but you already know he doesn’t want the party to move outside so you assume he’s feeling antsy trying to decide how to sneak away for just a moment. Neither of you know Kuro is also paying attention to your interaction but decides this is the best time to give Kenma his housewarming gift. 

 “O YA! I totally forgot about this but thought you might like it and after you BUYING A HOUSE and all, I wasn’t sure what else I could get for you that you don’t already have… so… enjoy! And share with Yuni!” Kuro passes a brand new disposable vape pen filled with golden waxy THC while explaining the thought behind the gift. 

 “If it’s for me, I’m not sharing with anyone… Thanks Kuro..” Kenma snatches away the pen, failing to mask his excitement. He also shoots you a quick glance to let you know he’s kidding and will share everything of his with you if you needed it. He inhales while closing his eyes and exhales a plume of smoke, then starts dancing in a sort of robot style, obviously feeling much less on edge than he just had been. He then passes the pen to you and flicks a look to Yamaguchi letting you know you could offer the pen to him as well if you wanted to — which you do think to do but Tadashi’s already pulling out a similar looking pen of his own. 

 “I brought my own, I was gonna offer you to use it.. But I won’t smoke it inside if you’d prefer that I don’t..” Tadashi nervously gestures his vape to Kenma who accepts to be polite, lessen the tension Yamaguchi’s feeling, and get another puff to ease his own nerves. 

 “Thanks. And I don’t mind if you use yours in here. But um, no real smoke” Kenma says, sort of addressing the group, while giving Yamaguchi’s pen back to him. 

 “For sure.. cheers” He takes a puff from his own pen while Kenma hits his again, having got it back from you. Those who have their own do the same and pass to those who don’t that feel comfortable sharing. 

 Randomly, a song you haven’t heard in years come through the shuffling playlist that’s been set and you lose yourself to the moment, filled with excitement and nostalgia. You use your drink as a mic and surprise yourself when you remember the words while lip-syncing and moving as if you’re the lead performer of the actual band, between lines you point and motion to Tadashi to see if he’s as enthused as you are, and he is, though it takes him until just before the chorus to join you in the make-believe living room concert. 

 The particular song became popular with the Karasuno volleyball team as you’d been playing it one day at a volume you thought would keep from distracting their practice while you did homework in the same gym but out of the way. What they noticed was the way you were sort of bobbing around while it played, thinking they were too involved with their practice and that you were far enough away to fade into the background to see you outwardly enjoying the song by dancing in place and mouthing the words. One of the members said he could almost hear the song playing and wondered what you were listening to and Tsukishima was regrettably quick to answer with the song title and band name. He realized his mistake just after opening his mouth but he couldn’t stop himself from vocalizing and dropped his face to the floor with a scowl. It was only because of the reactions of the rest of the team that he spent the remainder of practice in a vow of silence. 

 “OOH! YOU know this song!!!??”

 “We HAVE to play it!” 

 “Are you embarrassed because it’s an embarrassing song or because you might listen to the same music as Yuni~?”

 “Yeah, is it even good?” 

 “The way he answered SO fast, I’d think it’s in Tsuki’s top favorites!”

 “THAT’S ENOUGH! All of you! Get back to practice before we’re told to run drills!” Daichi’s booming voice echos through the gym, even getting your attention, you wonder if your music is too loud and turn it down a little more. 

 You and Tadashi are putting on quite a show, even singing now that someone turned the volume up even louder to egg you both on. Tsuki can’t even pretend to be mad seeing Tadashi making a spectacle of himself, though it’s harmless and even quite charming if he’s honest. The rest are beginning to join in with their own individual style —  most laughing along and taking in the show like an avid fan in the crowd, holding up lights from their phones, some are taking pictures and recording the scene, and though it doesn’t quite fit, Bokuto is trying to create a mosh pit while Kuro is twerking with Kenma who’s reluctant to dance like that to a song in a genre with untwerkable music. 

 The song ends eventually and both Tadashi and you remark how you both remembered the words though it’s been so long since either of you last heard it. He recalls to you it becoming the team’s hype song back in high school and Tuski scoffs at the comment, sending you and Tadashi into a laughing fit. 

Chapter Text

“Shoyo!” Kenma manages to break from Kuro to greet his long time friend who noticed the shot station and was pouring one for himself and Kageyama, his dark haired plus one looming over him with a bit of a grimace. 

 “Hinata!? Pour me one too!” Bokuto, having heard Kenma’s exclamation, crosses the room to welcome the new party guests and join in their introductory toast. 

 “You just missed Yuni and Yamaguchi’s concert to the old Karasuno hype song!” Bokuto informs them playfully.

 “NO WAY! Play it again! I haven’t heard that song in forever!” Shoyo enthuses. He wasn’t shocked to hear about you being here since Kenma informed him of your relation to each other and that you’d be living together when initially inviting him to the housewarming. Shoyo reacted at that time pretty much the same way everyone else had when finding out your cousin is his old friend and that neither of you found reason to bring it up until then. 

 “Once is enough” Tsuki remarks blandly from the other side of the room, now meshing both sectors of the party into one conversation. 

 “Is this how it became the hype song? I know I heard you guys warming up to it once when we played you back in the day” Yaku recounts with a smirk. 

 “You’d think if you over played it, enough of you would get sick of it to agree not to play it any more” Akaashi comments. 

 “Yea, but in terms of team mascots and reputations, I always thought flying monkeys would be more fitting for Karasuno. You guys really were so wild!” Fukunaga jokes innocently, giggling to himself when he earns a few genuine chuckles of concurance from around the room. 

 You let the commotion of the conversation conceal your movement to your old high school buddies, not wanting to take another shot or have the conversation about wanting to pass — you know none of them would have forced you to, but all four huddled at the entry shot station were partaking and you just felt a little awkward and like you’d be intruding if you went over too soon. Once Hinata and Kageyama were lowering their tiny plastic red cups and shuddering while they gulped down their first shot of the night, you were in front of them outstretching your arms for a hug. 

 “Well look who it is!! It’s so good to see you!” Hinata warmly pulls you in first. “It’s been forever!” He says with the same emphasis he used when reminiscing about the team’s beloved theme song but much softer now that he’s closer to your ear. He pulls back finally but keeps his hands on your shoulders, looking into your eyes like he’s getting caught up with you by seeing the story they tell. He’s smiling and pulls you in again, and it all happens within a few seconds which makes you feel a little bit shaken like a doll but you laugh into his shoulder when he hugs you a second time and steady yourself against him, hugging him back tightly. 

 “It’s good seeing you too! It really has been a long time” 

 “Hinata! You idiot! You’re being too rough with Yuni!” Kageyama projects. You didn’t quite agree but you understood his sentiment. You break from Hinata to give Kageyama your well-deserved attention since it’s been just as long since you’d seen him too. 

 “You big softy! Still think bear hugs are too much?” You tease while the two of you engage in your old air hugs you’d both do, knowing Kageyama isn’t really one for physical contact, no matter how warm. 

 “That doesn’t make me soft.. but anyway it is good to see you again” He says in a much kinder voice than he spoke to Hinata with while you both appear to be holding invisible giant beach balls in your arms, even gently patting the air with your hands as if the other will feel it on their back.

 “True, I think you embracing in a big bear hug would make you soft~” Hinata teases. This makes Kenma laugh silently from his nose. 

 “Man, you two will bicker about anything huh?” You manage to get the comment in before Kageyama can get the words he wants to come out, he just huffed with an open mouth and furrowed brows after hearing your rhetoric. 

 Those of you gathered around the shots, move back into the rest of the group a little further inside and catch on the conversation has moved back to a group activity or game. 

 “Let’s play ‘Cheers to Volleyball’!” Hinata chirps. 

 “There’s no way there’s a drinking game called ‘Cheers to Volleyball’” You utter with sheer disbelief. Kenma and Bokuto also look to Hinata with confusion and intrigue while Kageyama rolls his eyes.

 “No, there isn’t. It’s actually called ‘Cheers to the Governor’ but I like my name for it better” He says with pride.

 “Of course you do” You shake your head while smiling alongside Hinata who’s beaming as brightly as usual. 
 He tells you all the rules since none of you seem to be familiar with the game, but it’s easy enough to learn and you all enjoy seeing each other mess up the silly rules that get added during the game. This carries on a few rounds until you’re all nearly peeing yourselves with laughter, tears spilling from the corners of your eyes, and hearing each other choke while trying to catch their breath — desperately clutching their midsections and rolling around to try and ease the inevitable discomfort you feel in the pit of your stomach while in the throes of hysterical laughing fits. The group doesn’t complete a full round before comfortably buzzed and calling the game quits, no longer feeling as up to drinking so much in a rush. 

 “Okay, I’ve gotta open this, I can’t be the only one about to break a sweat” Kenma comments while getting to his feet to open the sliding door that goes out to his back patio. 

 “You’ve got a hoodie on…” Kuro points out, seeing Kenma pull up his sleeves to his elbows before tying his hair away from his neck. 

 “Feel free to go out there to smoke, I have some stuff already set up, help yourselves.. Just don’t let the smoke get inside, close this if you have to…” Kenma motions back to the door while walking back to where he’d gotten up from, stopping to put his butt directly in Kuro’s face when passing him since he’s sitting on the floor and at the perfect height to do so. Kenma intends to pretend to fart and gross out his taller counterpart, but Kuro will not be outdone while being the center of attention. He quickly grabs Kenma’s hips and acts as if he’s going to take a ferocious bite of Kenma’s cakes. This embarrasses Kenma, knowing everyone’s looking and not having expected this, he tries to kick back into Kuro’s chest to free himself and continue along to where he’d been seated but loses his balance and ends up with his hands on the floor in front of his feet, still being held up at the hips by Kuro. 

 The charade took place in a seconds time, and everyone had the same reaction of being caught off guard by the innocent taunt turned into a naughty adult show, even earning a few sarcastic jeers of encouragement and wolf whistles. Kuro immediately released Kenma to cover his own face, definitely not have intending to make it out to be like this but laughing into his palms. Kenma went entirely limp and dropped to the floor in a fetal position while covering his face much like Kuro, both of them red in the ears and violently shaking with laughter as the rest of you erupt in the same emotion. 

 “Please never do that in front of me again!” You tease, knowing full well they never will while wiping the corners of your eyes, finally able to get words out since you’re not laughing as hard now. 

 “I’ll pay you guys to put on a show for real~” Bokuto suggests, no one’s quite sure if he’s actually joking but it gets played off that way, everyone making their own remarks which eventually sparks a different conversation among the group, much more innocent that the previous moment had gotten. Soon enough, Kageyama, Akaashi, and Shohei are stepping over Kenma to get out back to the smoke spot. 

 “Wanna come with?” Tadashi asks you while preparing to stand, offering you a hand to help you once he does, still awaiting your answer. You don’t verbalize, but judging by the look on your face and you taking his hand, you have every intention to come along outside with him. He helps you to your feet and you both head towards the back door, also stepping over Kenma as if some good luck ritual before the start of a game since he’s still piled on the floor peacefully. You, however, make a point to nudge him a bit in the side with your toe to see if he’s coming out too. He jerks away from the contact making a kind of honking sound, having been hit in a ticklish spot on his side —  he attempts to catch your foot to trip you in retaliation but instead of bringing you down, he only gets you to stumble out the door and crashing into Tadashi’s back. He stumbles a bit since he had no warning but catches his balance and keeps you both standing, turning around to look at you with the most confused expression, not sure if he should laugh or ask if you’re okay. You shake your head and push him gently further out towards the others already smoking as if to express wanting to gain distance from the nonsense behind you. 

 Tadashi swings his arm up and around to bring you from behind him and closer to his side so you both walk embracing each other yet facing the same direction. Being the newest to the smoke circle, the two of you are ushered to the front of the rotation. Shohei passes to you while Kageyama chokes from his last hit. 

Chapter Text

At first, it’s a little awkward the way you’re all sitting together without speaking but eventually it grows comfortable and soon enough, you’ve all found something to talk about. 

 “Don’t judge me. I didn’t feel right showing up to a housewarming with nothing to offer the hosts so..” Tadashi explains while digging into his coat pocket to set a sizeable bag of freshly ground flower and a few packs of rolling papers on the table you’re all sitting around which already has some bud and paraphernalia. 

 “Tadashi! You rotten angel, you’re so sweet it makes me sick!” You remark while hugging into him again. “I’ll be sure Kenma knows you contributed to the community garden~” 

 “Damn, now I feel bad giving Hinata a bad time about stopping to bring booze with us.. that’s why we were so late. And then he didn’t even bring it in because I made him feel bad about it.. Tch!” Kageyama admits while staring at Yamaguchi’s donation before clicking air out from one of his cheeks with gritted teeth.

 “Just tell him, it’s not a big deal~” Fukunaga offers out while shrugging. 

 “No you don’t get it” Kageyama begins while taking the joint over from Akaashi who’s starting to cough, giving Kageyama a little more time to smoke before trying to speak over Akaashi’s coughing fit. He passes along to Fukunaga who’s patiently staring while waiting for Kageyama to continue his explanation. 

 “I’m not in the mood for him to rub it in.. I’d personally rather just sneak the gift inside without him noticing” Kageyama confesses to the center of the table, which gets you trying to conceal your sympathetic chuckles. 

 “You’re horrible!” Fukunaga teases. 

 “No way! Tell him you two! You know how he gets!” Kageyama pleads to you and Yamaguchi who are laughing a little harder now, you agree and can attest but Kageyama’s lack of self-awareness is a marvel in itself. 

 “But to leave the gift that made you late in the car as if you hadn’t stopped for it? … You must’ve really grilled his ass to do that” Akaashi taunts, knowing full well Hinata doesn’t rarely back down from what he sets his mind to. Kageyama’s face drops with his shoulders and gives a look to Akaashi expressing that not only is he absolutely right, he also feels a whole new level of guilt now. 

 “Kags, I’ll be like, ’Hinata, help me decide if I should discreetly leave the housewarming gift I brought or not?” Yamaguchi grabs for the bag he brought and pretends to start putting back in his coat to actually carry out the joke, barely containing his laughter. Akaashi and Fukunaga both agree while laughing along. You want to laugh but you see Kageyama taking it a little too seriously, really feeling badly and getting caught up in his own paranoia. 

 “Tobio, he’s kidding, he won’t~ Tadashi, tell him you’re joking. … It’s really no big deal! I’m sure Shoyo will end up mentioning to Kenma anyway and I know Kenma will accept it if he wants to, but who knows, maybe he’ll send it back with you guys to unwind on your own~” You want to offer him some peace but can’t help but change the tone to distract him entirely, sending his thoughts down a different path. 

 “Okay- Yuni! Stop..!” He fidgets and busies his fingers by preparing to roll another joint while scowling at it, clearly starting to blush. 

 “I really was kidding though~ I definitely don’t want to give either of you a reason to go at it~” Tadashi genuinely apologizes but words it so it rides off of your more suggestive tone, further flustering an already very shy Kageyama. This sends Akaashi and Fukunaga over the edge, causing the latter to become unsteady as he doubles over when trying to pass you the preroll — ending up with the two of you fondling each others fingertips as you work together to complete the action. 

 “Will you two-!!” Kageyama chides an incomplete order at you and Tadashi who are cackling like kindergarteners caught taking snacks from the teacher’s desk. 

 The sliding door opens behind you and the guy who reminded you of Tanaka you'd seen briefly at the last party makes eye contact with you when you turn to see if it's Kenma coming to join. What's is name again? His eyebrows raise up for a brief second when he nods upwards to you as if to greet you. Oh, he recognizes me too! You don’t want to be rude so you mimic the gesture, bringing your chin up for just a moment before relaxing again. 

 He makes his way over with his hands in his pockets, scanning the circle for the party favor and bringing a hand up out in front of him making quick repetitive pinching motions. 

 “Ew, don’t pass to him~ the fuck are you doing, Yamamoto? You’re so rude~” Fukunaga cringes at his old teammate. 

 “No way, I said hi to the host when I came out!” He tosses his head towards you and now you understand why he’d done that in the first place. You want to laugh but still don’t want to be rude, though it is funny to you that he’s being completely serious in thinking wordlessly joining a smoke circle isn’t at least a little off-putting. “Plus, Kenma! That little bitch! Said he was coming out with me!” He looks behind him and confirms Kenma has not followed like he said, most likely getting held up by someone inside. 

 “You did not say hi, you ass!” Fukunaga continues. “And then, who’s this?” He points with his face to you in a way that sort of looks the same way Yamamoto just nodded to you. Yamamoto lets out a huff of agitation when he drops his crabby claw, sighing dramatically, then apologetically places a flat hand near your shoulder to address you personally. 

 “I’m so sorry, Kenma just told me your name too, before I came out..” He tries to admit with a straight face but everyone bursts out laughing at the same time. You and Yamamoto face away from each other but he keeps his hand gently on you to continue. “I know he said you’re cousins and you live here too now, so hey, I’m Tora~”. 

 “Don’t forget this time!!” Fukunaga quickly quips. 

 “Yuni~” You manage to say after taking a deep breath to regain your composure. 

 “Nice to meet you, I promise I won’t forget” Tora replies while pulling up a seat around the circle where he’s standing between you and Akaashi. 

 “Did you just get here?” Akaashi keeps the conversation going to avoid another awkward silence. 

 “Yea, me and Inuoka, you’ll meet him soon” He nods at you again while you pass the joint over to him after having taken your turn. 

 Just then Kenma makes his appearance out back, sliding the door open dramatically and singing along to whatever song is blasting from inside. He throws his head back with closed eyes, really putting his heart into the lyrics, body frozen in the doorway until he finishes the lyric. He saunters over to you after shutting the door behind him, singing as he does, playfully spinning and sidestepping, clearly sauced and enjoying himself. You’re all playfully enjoying the show and aim to get on his level. Once the song is out of his head since he can’t hear it anymore, he fills the outside sector of the party in on the rolling plans. 

 “So we’re gonna set up a beer pong table outside and turn on the patio lights~” He slurs while plopping down next to you and unintentionally laying in Tadashi’s lap as well as your own, he lifts his legs to rest them on Yamamoto's — then raises his hand up over the table, basically in front of your face, and does the same little pinchy fingers Tora did when he joined the circle. Kageyama immediately fulfills the order to which Fukunaga gives a wry side-glance. 

 “You have a portable speaker, right? We should set it up out here too. We won’t let it get too loud” Akaashi mentions, tapping on the arms of the chair he’s sitting in. 

 “Akaashi, I could kiss you on the mouth, I didn’t even think of that!” Kenma sits up while admiring Akaashi’s genius. He then turns around to face you, playfully pouting. Oh yea, he’s faded! 

 “Will you get it? You know where it’s at? PLleEAAaSsee~!!” He’s really laying on the pampered prince act thick. 

 “Only ‘cause I think you going is a safety hazard you dope~ Anyone want anything while I’m in?” You ask while already turning to head for the door, you make a point to face them again once at the door before heading in to make sure you didn’t miss anyone saying anything. They notice you and confirm they’re fine without anything and to hurry back, the last part being added by Kenma. Before you fully shut the door, you manage to catch Kenma acknowledging how tossed he must be since the amount of weed on the table has almost doubled and Kageyama groaning while the rest laughed about the housewarming gift inside joke. Yamaguchi ends up explaining everything to Kenma. Akaashi smirks and raises a brow at Fukunaga when he finally looks away from the closed sliding door and notices he's been caught staring with his thoughts showing clearly on his face, Fukunaga acknowledges Akaashi's knowing gaze with a bashful one before looking to the ground trying not to laugh off his embarrassment. Before Kenma can realize his odd demeanor, Fukunaga takes the idea straight from Kageyama to focus his attention on rolling another joint for the smoke circle. 

Chapter Text

“YUNI! Come say hi to Inuoka!” Kuro’s voice is unmistakable and your eyes go right to him. He’s got his arm around who you suspect must be Inuoka, he’s about as tall as Kuro with a cool undercut and a handsome face with strong features. 

 “Hii~ I’m Yuni” You wonder if you should shake his hand but realize you haven’t done that for anyone you’ve met so far. Your lips part in surprise when you see him extend his hand towards you and immediately attempt to shake his hand as if he’s some interviewer you have to impress to get the job you’ve just made up in your head. 

 “OhHo~ My GAWD! What are you doing!!” Inuoka holds your hand between his while he laughs, not quite in your face as he looks away from you while doing so but otherwise makes no attempt to keep himself from expressing his amusement. 

 “Kenma’s plastered and you’ve smoked yourself to another dimension~” Kuro jokes while joining in laughing at your apparent professionalism while Inuoka was trying to dap you up. 

 You feel embarrassed but find yourself laughing it off a little, still not understanding what you did that made them laugh so hard. Did I even smoke that much?

 “Hold on, are my eyes red!?” You open them wide and look between Kuro and Inuoka for whoever can look to confirm first but your face only makes them laugh harder since you also flared your nostrils unintentionally. 

 “Stop doing that, you look insane” Tsukishima teases since you’re not currently under Yamaguchi’s protection. 
 “Shots, bitches!!” Bokuto cheers while pouring for the group. You notice Kai, Yaku, Hinata all coming in closer to join. The seven of you take a shot together and you’re soon passed a cup filled with ice and the cocktail you’d been chilling in the fridge as a chaser. 

 “How is Kenma the most drunk and you guys are all fine?” You ask trying not to shudder and sipping the chaser so strong it needs it’s own chaser. Tsuki scoffs and Inuoka is thoroughly amused. 

 “Yoon~ Honey, you two should be the most messed up being this being your housewarming too.. You guys have to break it in~!!” Bokuto casually informs while slinging an arm around you and bearing his weight onto you just like he did at the last party. He uses his hand that’s closer to your face to tilt your cup back after you try to bring it down from your mouth, encouraging you to take another swig. Of course you have the option to simply not drink, but gauging yourself you know you can drink much more before you’re at blackout levels, so you drink again as Bokuto gestures for you to earning his loud cheering right in your ear. 

 “Wait! I have a mission! And I’m being timed!” You remember, adding a little fib to encourage your quick return to turn in the completed objective. 

 “O ya~? What?” Kuro raises an eyebrow at you. 

 “Kenma said we’re playing beer pong outside and Akaashi suggested a portable speaker from- well, I’m going to get the speaker..” You recall it’s actually in the stream-room-made-panic-room and got the impression Kenma sent you since you could slip in and out a little easier than he could. So far, not really holding up to be true. 

 “O ya.. I’m supposed to be helping with the lights!” Kuro brightens as a metaphorical lightbulb over his head lights up. You give him a stare you know Kenma might also give as a response. Bro… 

 “Hinata, help me keep them on task!” You command the one most likely to comply yet with the least influence in the group. This dawns on you for a moment so you tack an additional request. 

 “Bo~ You promised Kenma you’d make sure he doesn’t have to worry..” You plead softly and notice an immediate sense of responsibility cause Bokuto’s chest to swell. He and Hinata salute to you and clap their hands trying to come up with what the next step is in getting Kuro to stay focused. What’s his task? They look to Kuro with blank faces that beg for his obedience. Kai and Yaku take over and grab cubs, drinks, a few water bottles, a couple of boxed-up snacks to toss around between each other and begin talking about putting in a large surprise pizza order while heading outside. 

 You’re able to slip away back down the hall towards the room clearly marked ‘off limits’ and grab the portable speaker on a shelf not far into the room. You’re back out to the main entry way with speaker in hand soon enough and see bodies in motion, working towards the same goal. Kuro and Tsuki are carrying a foldable table out where everyone’s congregating and Inuoka is grabbing a bottle of hard liquor you think he may have brought with him and a few of the little cups for shots. You don’t see Bokuto or Hinata but assume maybe they’re setting up the patio lights. Before you make it to the sliding back door, Inuoka stops you for a moment. 

 “Hey, should I find a chaser to bring out? I think I saw Yaku and Kai only grab beer and water” 

 “Ohh.. Definitely yes! It’s in the fridge, I can grab it-“

 “Please~ let me, I insist!” Inuoka responds, already heading to the fridge — he looks over his shoulder to you and snickers on the way. 

 “Oh- whatever!” You huff, finally getting his joke at being formal. “I didn’t mean to do that anyway!” Referring to attempting to shake his hand. Why would I think to do that!? The two of you head out back together and are the last to make it out, seeing everyone chatting and laughing under the lights. I’ll have to thank Bokuto and Hinata! Inuoka sits by Tora, still where you last saw him, meaning Inuoka just took your seat since Kenma had taken yours on the bench you’d been sitting on with Tadashi, also still where you last saw him. You end up in the chair on the other side of Tadashi, near Shohei, and pass the speaker to Kenma — allowing him (or someone) to connect his phone and select a playlist to shuffle. 

 “You didn’t bring drinks back with you?” Kenma notices and asks innocently.

 “Are you for real?” You quickly ask back. You notice Kageyama look at Kenma with a confused stare and hear Akaashi ask, “Really?” 

 “Didn’t I say?” 

 “Kenma..” You laugh and smack your face into your palm. Just then you hear Bokuto speaking with some weird accent he must think is luxurious…? You’re not sure. 

 “A drink for you sir?” Bokuto bows as he presents a platter of red solo cups with different colored liquids inside. 

 “Yooo!!! What are these!” Kenma asks with clear enthuse. 

 “The house’s finest blends of pure exotic … The house’s finest of purely exotic blends, Sir..” Bokuto breaks character for a moment trying to keep the heir of, you guess a royal servant? 

 “No, really, what’s what? And why are you talking like that?” Kenma’s more serious now. 

 “To be honest, I don’t know… I’m just in charge of serving… Oh! Shall I inquire with the kitchen staff Sir?” Bokuto excites himself thinking to inquire the way wait-staff would, even winking to Akaashi having used ‘inquire’, knowing he got it right. You can tell Kenma wants to laugh but doesn’t want to sip every drink to know which he wants to drink. You quickly reach over to grab the cup closest to you on the platter Bokuto’s still balancing. 

 “Just take one you big baby! Make someone trade with you or mix something in if you don’t like what you get!” You taunt while taking a sip of you mystery ingredient drink after stirring it with your pinky. Kenma rolls his eyes and follows suit, allowing Bokuto to move on and offer the remaining cups to the rest of you sitting at the smoke table. 

 “By the way, royal jester~!” You call out to Bokuto, somehow he knows you’re talking to him and turns to look at you with raised eyebrows and proper posture, waiting for what you’ve got to say. “Thanks for the lights and serving us drinks.. Want some of mine? A good server deserves a good tip!” You let go of the royal pretense so he knows you really appreciate his efforts. He happily comes over to take a big sip, then another gulp, leaving you about half of what was first given — but that’s okay with you, it was a bit too strong in the first place, now you can add some juice and enjoy it! Then the whole luxury service gag starts to take a new meaning in your mind… 

 “Wait a minute! Are you acting like that because of what I did!!?? Bokuto!!” You ask with sudden clarity. He can’t help but lose it along with Inuoka. The rest get a sudden confused look, having assumed it was some king of king-of-the-castle joke. Once Bokuto can speak without busting up, he explains. 

 “Yes dude~! Why did you try to shake his hand!!” Bokuto pats Inuoka on the shoulder and starts laughing again hearing Kenma and Fukunaga start cracking up too. Tadashi hides his smile in his fist while looking over to you, Akaashi has a similar expression of looking for an explanation through a shit-eating grin but makes no attempt to hide it. You hear a “pffft” from Kageyama who looks at you almost the way he looks at Hinata. 

 “You guys~! I dont knoowwww! For some reason I just felt rude standing there and wondered if I’d done that for anyone else at all.. WHICH I DIDN’T THINK I HAD! But then he reached out! I didn’t know for what! I panicked!” You get increasingly defensive and pout while slinking into your chair, trying to hide behind your limbs as you curl up as best you can. Bokuto’s the first to reconcile, making it over behind your seat to engulf you from behind as best he can while bending over to reach you. 

 “Awwee!! You know we’re playin’!! It was funny! … Your highness!!!! Get it!? ‘Cause your eyes are red!!” Bokuto laughs into your ear, the rest roaring in addition at the joke. 

Chapter Text

“KYANMA!! Are you playin’ or WHAT!?” Kuro taunts from the readied beer pong table, expecting Kenma to be his teammate. 

 “YES! Who will rise to the challenge and take us on!?” He asks like he’s LARPing, but it still goes along with the stiff, high-class dig on you that he definitely finds amusing. Bokuto removes himself from your neck to point over to Akaashi, they definitely want to play, but they always play these same teams — without saying anything, Bokuto understands from Akaashi’s face he wants to allow others a chance to play first if they want to, though it does fall a bit quiet before anyone replies confidently. 

 “Play with me! I’ll drink for you if you can’t” Tadashi swats over to you wearing a devious grin which sparks you instantly and agree, jumping to your feet together to rejoin not far from where you are at the beer pong table across from Kenma and Kuro. 

 The rest gather around nearby, sitting or standing where they feel comfortable, everyone’s smoking or drinking at their leisure, enjoying the vibe and the music. It’s a small enough of a group, you can all join in on the same things without it being overwhelming as well as break to small conversations within smaller groups without really leaving anyone out for too long. The first round of beer pong is exciting and intense, staying close the entire time which surprises you most of all, never really having played much before — somehow Tadashi is really good at this and you wonder if he knew going into it that he’d take the first win. Kuro and Kenma try to trash talk you two into intimidation but Tadashi stays cool and scores the winning point, securing you both in the next round against Bokuto and Akaashi. Akaashi still wanted to allow for others to play but couldn’t hold Bokuto back anymore without risking a mood swing. Bokuto and Akaashi take the second round and this sparks an official tournament, putting other duos ahead of Kuro and Kenma, but the main event being Kuro and Kenma against Bokuto and Akaashi for old time’s sake in a new setting. By the time it gets to the four of them playing, most everyone else is burnt out on a balls-in-holes game and not as invested in the clique’s competitive streak. Plus they’re totally tossed and hardly able to play the game properly, yelling at each other to redo and start again since something was technically off or whatever they’re on about. 

 You’re in the mood to dance hearing another classing party banger. You’re mouthing the words and dancing along, getting a few to join along with you but most enjoying the show — making jokes about being on set for the official music video. As you’re dancing along, you catch Yaku and Kai coming back outside — when did they go in? — with stacks of pizza boxes and bags of containers of sauces and napkins. 

 “YOO! WHAT THA FUCK!!??” Kenma immediately notices with appreciation and surprise from the beer pong table, freezing in place seeing his old friends contribute in such a way. 

 “Just shaddup and come get some!” Yaku demands without looking over to anyone while laying out the boxes on the smoking table. 

 “You guyysss~!” You attempt to thank the two on Kenma’s behalf but Yaku speaks up. 

 “It was Fukunaga’s idea actually~” Yaku winks over between the two of you who both have the same shocked expression. 

 “Well, thanks~” You mean for it to go to Yaku and Kai as well, but you’re facing Shohei while playfully pushing at his shoulder. He makes no attempt to resist, leaning away before coming back to his neutral upright position, he’s nodding a little and gets himself to smile towards you. Somehow you think it looks like he’s in disbelief. Did he forget he did this? 

 “You absolute RAT! You’re forcing me to like you huh?” Kenma teases making his way to the grub, but the underlying meaning being lost on Fukunaga for the moment, he’s used to getting shit from Kenma. 

 You find yourselves all munching together while sipping your respective drinks between bites, carrying on making jokes at each other’s expense. Someone finally connected Kageyama’s housewarming gift confession to Hinata who got to proudly present the bottle to you and Kenma, knowing you’d both enjoy the flavor and intensity of it. Kageyama did get a little shit, but not unlike any of the rest of you had been getting thus far through the night, thanks to Hinata being a bit of a sloppy drunk, he didn’t give Kageyama as hard of a time as was expected, though who can say it won’t be brought up later — for now it’s lighthearted and fun for all. Then the doorbell rings. But the food was already delivered… You’re all eating it. 

 “Bro, did you not tip?” Kenma looks to Fukunaga, thinking the delivery person has been waiting on the front porch for his portion of fair payment having brought the food and all. Fukunaga drops his slice onto his plate and sets it onto the table, clasping his fingers together really trying to seriously think about what’s true at this point. Did he tip the delivery person? He didn’t pay for the food or bring it in when it was delivered. Was it his idea to get pizza? He’s not sure of anything and spiraling for answers. 

 “We paid and tipped hefty!” Kai speaks up for Fukunaga and Yaku, knowing full well the delivery person was satisfied when leaving after completing the order. 

 “It’s a neighbor! Turn the music off! Everyone be quiet! Who’s sober! Oh what the fuck!” Kenma snaps, his eyes are wide open and he’s retying his hair after setting his food down and marching towards the door, expecting to be the only one willing to see who’s knocking on his own front door. You think to follow him and Kuro is close behind you. The three of you stand in the entry way to greet whoever just made their presence known without feeling coming in for a good time while Kenma swings the door open. 

 “I’mSorry!WerewebeingtooLoud!??” Kenma slurs out quickly and tense, you know he’s nervous and drunk beyond reason, doing his best not to appear so. 

 “Oh~ It’s you…” Kuro says from behind you and now it dawns on you that you recognize the three behind the one you’d been focused on, the one you imagine actually rung the doorbell. 

 “What in the fuck…!!!??” Kenma stares with disbelief asking out loud now that he also recognizes who’s here. 

 “So the party’s already started then…” One in the back snickers. 

 “Told ya’ll we shoulda just come in like it says…” Another replies. 

 “My gran said a new neighbor told her earlier this week they’d be having a move-in party. I wasn’t home when you came by and wannidta let ya know we’re neighbors…” Someone who reminds you of a soft and gentle Bokuto speaks to Kenma, then the ones behind you recognize as Suna, Osamu and Atsumu all raise bottles of liquor or cases of beer behind the quiet and polite one who also has a large warm dish of something homemade and fresh out of the oven, you can see the steam rising and he’s wearing oven-mitts while holding it towards Kenma to receive whether the rest of them are welcome inside or not. 

 “Oh for the love of-“ You think to fill in the blank to avoid saying something stupid or offensive. 

 “VOLLEYBALL!” Hinata shouts from behind, helping you mesh those who’d just come over. Kenma is still lagging a bit and hasn’t yet decided how to react meanwhile Kuro gauges his response on Kenma’s. Hinata’s response gets the two to snap into the moment, seeing you’re taking the hot dish from the well-mannered man in front with hair like Bokuto’s but left natural and lying just above his eyes — even a similar shade to Bokuto’s! 

 “It’s hot on the bottom, grab the handles on the sides” He instructs you as you take it, making no assumption he should need to come inside just because the dish he brought over is accepted. You do as he says and relieve him of the heat and weight of the delicious-smelling homemade food he’d kindly brought over. “KENMA!” You shout as a means to get him to respond politely to your new neighbors that seem to know Kenma despite his own lack of currently mutually recognizing them. 

 “Oh right, yea.. thanks for that. Um. Ya.. Come in! Seriously! My bad. Ya, we’re a few shots ahead of you guys.. but yea come in and join us” Kenma says a little monotone but yet it’s obvious he’s being genuine. The three from behind are all too happy to oblige and make their way inside past the one they’d come with and Kenma and Kuro. They take notice of the shot station and leave a new bottle they’d brought in place of the one that’s been nearly used. 

 “Where should I put this?” The one you’re pretty sure is Atsumu raises a case over his head while speaking to you in the kitchen. 

 “Umm. Honestly? Anywhere~ Or, Oh! I guess maybe in the fridge? There’s plenty of room” You think on your feet and past the fog of the party clouding your mind. 

 “Sure~ Good ta see you again~” The Miya twin says while pushing himself closer to you while getting to the fridge to leave his contribution to the party. He bits his lip when you finally acknowledge him and make eye contact. Definitely Atsumu. 

 “You too Osamu” You reply when looking away and for something else to distract yourself with. You can leave them to Kenma and Kuro who seem to know the newcomers at least little better. 

 “Are you serious!?” Atsumu stomps while he pouts after dropping the case into the fridge, speaking to your back as you walk back outside. Osamu hears his name and his twin’s offense and understands what just happened, laughing a little to his brother once the realization is made. 

Hinata then busts up obnoxiously at the encounter when you shut the door behind you.

 “Who’s here?” Bokuto and Tadashi ask at the same time, no longer able to wait to find out when they see you back outside with everyone else. 

 “Um.. The Miya twins?? And um..” You try to think of the other ones’ name you’d already met and realize you still don’t know who’d brought the homemade dish over, the one who’s actually your new neighbor but decide there’s no need to carry on when everyone groans in acknowledgment of the party crashers — though welcome, the twins have a reputation they can’t seem to shake of being over-the-top and rambunctious. You try to reason with the group explaining they’d brought more booze and a home-cooked meal, or at least that your actual neighbor that knows the twins did. 

 “Kita” Shohei utters to himself, Akaashi nods noticeably while looking over having solution to the proposed riddle at the same time. 

 “Well yea! I know you all just ate, but there’s more inside now” You reword to them, half of them meandering inside to visit the new additions and see exactly what was brought or maybe tend to Kenma as he hadn’t made it back out yet. You take your chair back, going to sit on the bench by Tadashi until you see he’s among the ones heading inside for the time being. For a moment, it’s only you, Kageyama and Fukunaga at the smoke table until Suna also finds his way out, first peeking out from the sliding glass door before deicing to join the rest of you. 

 “Hey strangers” He calls out while taking the spot Yamaguchi had been in. Fukunaga nods up at him whereas Kageyama does a downward nod. You then feel compelled to vocalize back. 

 “Hey.. um.. sorry but I forgot your name..” You sheepishly admit, nowhere near as charming as it was when Tora owned up to the same thing earlier. Suna stops rolling the blunt he was prepping for with the weed he’d brought to share to stare at you directly. 

 “Really? I even gave you the short version” He blinks at you with a straight face, studying your own to see if you’re just messing with him. He’d be impressed if you’d gotten him to fall for that so easily but here he was doubting it all. 

 “I’m really sorry!! Here, I’ll roll you an apology joint!” You panic and want to be polite and grab for the weed and rolling papers. The three surrounding you all make a similar scoffing sound as they release a puff of air in the name of laughter. Kageyama is the first to tease you and also start rolling another party favor up to pass around. 

 “Yea, sorry I got here late after fighting with Hinata!” He does really good to sound seriously stressed but he’s smiling that stupid creepy smile he does when he’s truly enjoying himself. This gets Fukunaga to also roll a joint alongside the rest of you at the table, he also comes up with something to apologize for to engage in the remorseful act of rolling up. None of you noticed the back door had been opened again and someone else joining around the table on the other side of Suna. 

 “Are y'all makin' fun o' me?” All four of you finishing your preroll projects look up to Osamu who you had no idea also made every little thing about him. 

 “What? No. Roll one though” Suna adds in, ready to light the blunt he’d been working on. He lights it and passes the lighter to you while getting the cherry to burn consistent on the blunt before passing to Kageyama, skipping Osamu who’s still rolling. You light your joint and slide the lighter across the table to Kageyama who’s also getting Suna’s joint. He quickly lights and passes what he needs to over to Shohei. The five of you soon get a smooth pattern of smoking and passing each others rolled herbal cigars and cigarettes, giggling at the extremity of your smoke circle. 

 “Rintaro by the way, or Rin~ Like I said you can call me” He casually drops to you as you pass to him again. 

 “Yuni~ I won’t forget”

 “Why are you telling me your name? I didn’t forget you” 

 This comment is taken with a little more weight by the one on the other side of you and accidentally chokes while taking his hit before passing to you. He needs to speak directly to you but suddenly notices needing to relieve himself even more. 

 “I’m breaking the seal guys. Yuni~ Hold this for me, yea?” Shohei reaches for your hand dutifully gives the joint he’d been holding when making his announcement over to you, making an effort to interlock fingers with you but it doesn’t quite work, instead just smoothly passes his preroll before excusing himself to head inside. 

Chapter Text

“You better not keep that from goin’ around the circle” Osamu glares at the joint Fukunaga just left you with. 

 “Why not?” You ask with a small shrug to the more mellow twin, having intended to just ash it once or twice before Shohei returns to take it back.
 “He’s gonna get caught up inside, it’ll burn out and go ta waste.. Look, he can just roll another when he’s back!” Osamu takes a bag of bud from his person to add to the communal pile between pizza boxes and red solo cups on the table. 

 You shrug at Kageyama who does the same back to you, both of you agreeing ‘why not?’ then take a drag of both joints you’re holding to keep the circle rotating and now making everyone take a turn hitting two herbal cigarettes at once. By the time the four of you make it through the five blunts it looks as if there’s a fire nearby, though because the smoke had been billowing over you all gradually, none of you really notice the cloud you’re all sitting in. 

 Just as you think you ask if you should all join the party inside, the sliding door opens again, getting you to whip your attention to who’s coming out. 

 “Holy shit! Calm down y’all, look like ya thought’d be tha police or sum!” Atsumu laughs at your faces all eyes opening so wide to plainly display your matching bright pink scleras. 

 “We’re playing Boom Cup! Come on!!” Hinata bursts out the back door, in midair as he announces and leading the rest to the back porch. As usual, he’s captivated everyone’s attention and sparked a new desire within them. 

 “Shoyo!” You call him over to you while also getting up to meet him and gather at the table that had been set up for beer pong as everyone heads over to play a new game. “I didn’t get to thank you yet for helping set everything up earlier!” You throw your arms around him while you exclaim to him. 

 “Well of course!” He gives you a tight squeeze then loosens but doesn’t let go of you. 

 “I mean it! I hadn’t really considered I may have asked too much of you since-“ 

 “What are you talking about?” Hinata doesn’t let you finish your thought before he’s asking for a better explanation, dropping his head to one side and looking at you for an answer. You stare blankly back at him and blink a couple times. What does HE mean? He helped set up a party he’s attending for someone he- 

 This time he interrupts your thinking, somehow reading your mind while looking into your eyes. 

 “I think you’re forgetting I’ve stayed close with Kenma all this time, Yuni!” He squeezes you again while he laughs, then gasps to apologize, removing you from his side but still holding you by the shoulders. 

 “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it like that!” Hinata’s voice is strained and obviously stressed as he pulls you in again for another hug, again lightly lugging you back and forth like a sack of potatoes. 

 “I just meant I see a lot of these guys pretty regularly, it’s not weird for me to help my friends when I can!” He muffles into your shoulder while you hug him back just as tight. 

 “I didn’t take it that way Shoyo~ I’m happy you’re such a good friend” You muffle back to him in his shoulder. 

 “For fuck’s sake! Get a room already you two”, “Are you two done making out, or are you not playing?” Tsukishima and Atsumu both make the same joke at the same time in their own words, Tsuki’s being the much more tame version. There are BOO’s all around the room, but this only gets the two laughing harder at the joke they both thought to make. 

 “Knock it off Shittyshima and Atsumu, you big jerk!” Hinata separates himself from you to put his hands on his hips. 

 “It’s not even like that!” You say with your palms up to face the group. 

 “Why’re ya like that ‘Tsumu?”, “Don’t joke like that!”, “That’s not funny!” — you hear the comments through wordless shouts of disapproval, but you’re not sure who said what. Kenma is banging the table with his palm like a judge calling order to a court and you notice Kageyama throw an empty red cup at Atsumu’s head, though it ends up just sort of floating in his direction. Tsukishima and Atsumu both take defensive stances meant to appease the angry crowd. 

 “Okayy~!”, “Alright, ALRIGHT!” They both meagerly attempt to apologize without really feeling sorry. They make brief eye contact while still smirking off the joke, just to roll their eyes away from the other with a scoff that pulls their face to a serious expression. Hinata makes his way over to Kageyama to hug on him the way he’d just been with you and you take a spot between Kenma and Akaashi, preparing to play the quick-paced and semi-malicious game. 

 As expected, it’s high-intensity as you’re all laser-focused on dooming others to drink more than yourselves, forming alliances and strategizing across the table to each other, laughing much more than you're all accidentally spilling as you move cups back and forth during the game. It eventually ends up like the previous drinking games played earlier, fizzling out with a great commotion of enjoyment and joking, leading into conversation and away from games as you all find yourselves again on the same vibe of pleasantly buzzed. 

 You take a breath and sit back a little to enjoy the moment, observing each of the groups everyone’s in, all joking or invested in mutually interesting conversations. Kenma seems to be enjoying himself with his long time friends and you feel a sense of relief and relax enough to sway to the music, completely in your own little world. You go to take a sip from your drink but notice it’s empty. When you take your sights out from the inside of the bottom of your cup to lower it from your face, a full one with ice and fresh fruit garnish is held out in front of you. 

 “Thought ya might like this and that I should officially introduce myself, I’m Kita” 

 “Oh! Thanks! … I’m Yuni, nice to meet you” You nervously yet politely accept. Who cut up fruit? 
 “Likewise~” Kita raises his cup to engage in a cheers with you, gesturing for you to meet his cup in the air in front of the two of you before taking a sip in unison. You smile to each other with your eyes while tasting the mixed drink and commemorating your new friendship. 

 While you both chat together and become acquainted, an observer looks on quietly from across the back yard. The one watching is also being studied just as before but this time unknowingly. What breaks you all from your current focus is, of course, the twins falling out of some stunt — a dance move? a failed attack, successfully dodged? who knows, but there’s an unmistakable sound of skin smacking the cold hard ground and heavy grunting as air is forced out from each other’s lungs. Most of the group around who’d seen are laughing but the expressions are too mixed to piece together what happened. Kita gives you an apologetic smirk while taking in a deep breath and directing his attention towards the twins. 

 “If you two break anything or start a fight, we’re leavin’!” Kita shouts over to the twins with unmistakable authority. The two immediately serious up, speaking over each other to explain the situation. 

 “Kids, listen to your father~” Suna teases. This unites the group in laughter while the twins stand and dust themselves off, only a little embarrassed. Kita keeps his attention on the two until he gets them to look back to him, nodding they’ll behave for the night. By now you’re raising your glass to Kenma across the room who looked to see if you notice what song is playing, mouthing the words along with the music in sync with you. The two of you excite each other and make your way toward the other while rapping the classic party song that never fails to excite either of you. Eventually the rest gather around to dance to some degree until the songs end, save for the more reserved in the group. Oddly, that would usually include you and Kenma, however with each other and among trusted friends you both feel more comfortable to express another side most don’t get to see. 

 As the night carries on the later it gets, some have gathered inside to opt for plush seating while chatting, some are back around the smoke table, a few are playing more beer pong while some spectate, everyone finding someone to chill with between groups inside and out on the back porch.
 You find yourself seated comfortably between Yaku and Hinata on the couch with just enough space between each of you to keep from touching. You’re all talking with Tadashi and Rin, the latter sprawled across an armchair while the former rests his back against the chair while sitting on the floor on front of it — fully invested in the conversation at hand about nothing specific but engaging nonetheless. Kenma interrupts when he comes in from outside to head for the bathroom, but not before laying across the length of the couch you and the two others are on — his head goes in Hinata’s lap and his feet on Yaku’s. None of the three of you push him off you very hard, but the three of you pushing in unison rolls him completely onto the floor where he gently plops and laughing hard enough to remind him he needs to pee. Tadashi, being the closest but also acting a little without thinking, helps Kenma to his feet so he can take back off for the bathroom as he first intended when coming in — definitely earning some friend points with Kenma if he ends up remembering after tonight. 

 The five of you start to carry on again in the living room when Kuro pops his head in from outside. 

 “Is anyone in the bathroom?” He asks innocently with a slight pant of urgency. 

 “Kenma is- Oh, I see what’s happening here~” You taunt. 

 “You know~” Kuro fully enters and shuts the sliding door behind him, his eyebrow is raised and he sees incredibly smug all of the sudden. “I won’t say anything this time, even though this is the perfect opportunity, Kenma being in the bathroom and all. But next time! OhhooHhh~ Next time, I’ll get you back and I just hope you know what’s coming at that time~” He’s rubbing his hands together like a villain while he smiles at you playfully, his eyebrow arches even farther up for a split second — on one hand he could be challenging you to keep going, on the other he could be reminding you to think what he could have over your head to retaliate with after your perverse remark. Oh, probably That… 

 “Shit, I think even I know!” Yaku can’t contain himself and quickly smiles into his fist, as if this makes it so he hadn’t said it. 

 “Wait, what??”, “What is it then?” Tadashi and Hinata both speak up at the same time, almost drowning each other out. That, in addition to the effects of what’d you’d consumed so far that night, keeps you from responding immediately. Suna’s fully enjoying silently listening in on the drama unfolding.

 “I wonder~” Yaku continues but then leans back onto the arm of the couch to face you better, supporting his weight with his arm and holding his head in his hand and still hiding his smirk, now behind his curled fingers, making the same face at you as Kuro.

 “You know what.. You guys don’t have anything on me~ You’re bluffing..! You’re drunk!” You pipe up before you can truly think straight, ultimately and desperately trying to play it off as if what you’d just said is true. 

 “Just keep your little jokes to yourself and you can keep believing that~ My dear, sweet Yuni~” Kuro purrs to you from across the room, still smiling his devious little grin.

 “Wait, are you guys serious?” Kenma intervenes, now back from the bathroom and genuinely not knowing who’s side to take between you and Kuro, sensing something's off. 

 “Yuni, tell him~ I have to pee!” Kuro winks at either you or Yaku, you’re not sure but you’re sure it that was intentional, he makes his way down the hall to the bathroom and makes sure to give Kenma a pat on the shoulder when passing him on the way. 

 Kenma takes Kuro’s place in the living room standing across from the couch, still looking for an explanation and noting Yaku’s shit-eating grin. 

 “What’d you say?” Kenma asks you. 

 “I um.. teased Kuro about.. um.. trying to use the bathroom at the same. time. as. you…” You’re hoping he can get the context around that and leave it be. But instead he rolls his eyes away from you and shoves his hands in his pockets with a small “pfftt”. 

 “Okay but what was he saying? Was he being serious with you?” He persists and locks eyes with you again. Somehow the others know to let the story unfold with silent intrigue like an audience member of a live play, but again Yaku can’t keep from playing devil’s advocate. 

 “Tell him~!” Yaku hits his knee on yours still trying to hide his grin for some reason. Kenma’s face looks like he’s solving a riddle and finding out it’s incomplete or unsolvable, but he’s still keeping eye contact with you and seeing you look like a deer in head lights and that maybe you’re holding your breath?

 “Are you okay?”, “What are you guys talking about?” Kenma asks gently and with maximum levels of confusion but you also hear Shohei as he now breaks into the conversation from the sliding door when coming inside. You all turn to face him at the same time, having mixed feelings about the interruption and the interaction before it, no one making any attempt to say anything. 

 “UGGHHH~! We’re talking about you, you slimy little weasel!” Kenma groans and throws his head back, barely attempting sarcasm. Yaku cackles and you can only scoff, Hinata looks to the others to see if they’re following and sees Suna looks just as confused but almost equally as uninterested somehow. Tadashi makes eye contact with you and tries to keep from smiling by biting the front of his lips together, like he does when he tries not to laugh at the jokes you make at Tsuki’s expense. Shohei speaks up to respond just as soon as everyone else reacts to his grumbling.

 “Fuck you too dude~ You guys coming out to play another drinking game or what? I came in to get more booze to play with… There is more right?” Shohei makes his way to the kitchen and looks through the fridge and freezer to take whatever he can carry outside. Kuro finally makes his way back to the main part of the house with the rest of you. 

 “Speak of the devil and he will appear~ What’s the game?” Kuro starts trying to poke Fukunaga in the sides but he holds up the large container of jungle juice as if he’ll pour it on Kuro if he keeps at it — Kuro knows it’s best to take him seriously and for the sake of not wasting alcohol in the mixture you’d prepared so carefully, he backs off. 

 “What devil..? Were you guys really talking about me?” Shohei asks with a bit of defense and demanding honesty from the group. 

 “Yes” “You’d like that wouldn’t you?” “NO~!” “Bro, I literally have no idea what was being talked about but yea, let’s all drink more” Suna’s voice is the clearest and heads outside, getting Kuro to follow along with Yaku and Kenma. 

 Shohei squints his eyes at the remaining three of you who look generally confused and absolutely smashed. He can’t keep from smiling at your dopey faces but wants confirmation one way or another and will trust whatever you all say now that the influence from his fellow, ex Nekoma team is absent from the group.  

 “I mean, I guess as long as you’ve got good things to say~” Fukunaga scratches behind his head with his free hand, unable to unfreeze himself from the kitchen. 

 “I kinda forget already.. but it wasn’t about you man, I’m not sure why Kenma jokes like that” Hinata gets up and gives his honest answer when preparing to leave the room, Tadashi is nodding in full agreeance that no one was being malicious and that it was just an awkward moment, though he has a slight idea of what actually happened and just wants to have your back more than anything.

 “I think it was sexually charged though somehow, right?” Hinata continues, still innocently trying to remember what actually did just happen.

 “YYOOO~!!”, “WHAT!??” Fukunaga and Yamaguchi react with the same degree of shock, as if they’d both heard the same scratch of a vinyl record. Your only reaction is to slap your face with your palm. 

 “Yuni!! No, Wait! Didn’t you insinuate something? I’m not trying to make the conversation like that!!” Hinata backpedals and tries to make the situation less awkward but fails miserably. 

 “I have no idea anymore.. You’re all drunk! I need to use the bathroom before I start drinking again..” You dismiss yourself and shoo Hinata outside. Turning to head for the bathroom, you make eye contact again with Tadashi, definitely picking up what’s going on to some extent, sucking in his cheeks so he doesn’t smile and ushering Hinata outside. You look past him with as little emotion as possible before his face makes you crack only to lock eyes with Shohei, the only other one in the house with you now. You have to will yourself not to stop in your tracks.

 But you both acknowledge the other and seem to attempt to part lips to start to speak.

 Shohei quickly bites his lip and lets out the breath that was about to carry his words, smiling just a little while nodding to you for you to speak 

 “I’ll meet you out there~” You let out a little too breathy unintentionally. 

 “Yea~” Shohei almost mimics your tone. 

 He nods and carries the juice towards the back door while you carry on down the hall, definitely too flustered to have a decent conversation at the moment and looking forward to a bit solace alone after whatever the hell just happened. Don’t tease Kuro and definitely not while he’s drunk!

Chapter Text

You’re making your way back outside with everyone else but grab a water bottle for yourself and one for Kenma just in case. Once outside, it’s apparent they’ve already started the game without you, but what they’re playing you’re very unfamiliar with. 

 Tadashi is the first to catch your attention as he was also looking out for you and nods you over to where he’s standing around the foldable game table. You join in from where he’s at much to Tsukishima’s obviously feigned irritated dismay, that still stinks of sarcasm somehow. Tadashi fills you in on the game, it’s a free for all, one person at a time either asks someone else a truth or dare or engages the group some sort of ‘never have i ever’ or whatever gets at least one person to drink every turn — which are meant to be determined with sensible order but that gets tricky to keep when more than one person drinks or dares involve risky behavior between partners. Again, you catch Tadashi biting back his amusement that shows on his face in a steadily growing smile. 

 “What?” You snap. 

 “I have no idea!” He laughs, still actually slightly honest. 

 “YOON! I dare you to do a part of the dance we made up together that one summer you came to stay with me!” Kenma shouts across to you, apparently it’s his turn now. And fuck, the song we danced to is coincidentally playing… that’s how even thought of the stupid dare… I’m gonna have to take a shot if I don’t… But he screwed up saying he made it up with me instead of saying I forced him to learn it like he usually tries to get by with… Everyone is looking at me and I am NOT doing the dance… Maybe it was okay for children to come up with but it’s definitely not as cute or funny as an adult, Kenma can do it if he wants to! Man, I’m gonna have to take a shot!

 Your face scrunches while you think, remembering to toss Kenma the water bottle you’d grabbed for him. 

 “Pour me a shot, because I’m NOT doing the dance you forced me to learn!” 

 “Thank- Wait! NO! WHAT!! You did not!” Kenma catches the water bottle but interrupts himself the moment he catches on to what you’re going to try and pull, reflexes only lagging a little. 

 “You do it! I’ll take a shot! That was E m b a r r a s s i n g !” 

 “Wait you guys really choreographed a dance together!?”, “Who’s got a recording of this!! I’ll BUY it!!”, “Dance? Or Dances~?” 

 Everyone’s adding in their own taunt while gaining new dirt on you and your cousin, laughing at your expense but then again, right along with you both as well since there’s nothing really to be embarrassed about. You’re thankful for your memories with Kenma, just preferring some to stay between the two of you in present company. 

 You both catch each other off guard when the last chorus hits and you both recall the exact dance you’d both perform for the part, moving in sync with each other and the song at different ends of the table — you laugh and sing the words while committing to finish the last couple 8 counts.

 “Okay, why was that actually kind of cool?”, “You guys made that up as kids?”, “You HAD to have seen someone else do it first!”, “What happened to you two since then!?” (meaning to imply neither of you are as cool as you were when you were kids [as a joke], not to pry into personal, serious, life-altering details)

 A celebratory shot gets set in front of both you and Kenma and you happily cheers to each other before shooting it back faster than the other. Kenma laughs at you, since you took the shot without needing too — you try and get him to realize he made the same mistake but he swears he bit the bullet so you wouldn’t question why either of you’d been given a shot when both of you did the dance while the song still played and gained positive attention from the group for the performance you’d rehearsed years ago.  

 You take the first drink you see near you, confidently assuming it’s Tadashi’s anyway and knowing he’s always been willing to share with you. When you lift your chin to drink and chase down the flavor of the shot you’d taken you make eye contact with Tsukishima who isn’t sure if you just seriously did that.

 “OH! My god! Tsuki! I’m sorry, I’ll get you another and just keep this if you don’t want it back, I really thought it was Tadash-“ You look between him and Tadashi to gauge how made you think Tsukishima’s about to be with you but can’t get a clear reading. 

 “Just give it back, gremlin” Tsuki retorts and snatches his drink back while giving you a level of stink-eye he’d yet to reach with you, which frankly, you and Tadashi both notice is incredibly endearing. 

 “… Ts-… Tsuki~! Are you! Are you really not mad at me!!?” You blink for clarity then take it to an extreme by wrapping your arms around him, keeping his own stuck at his sides. You two have never hugged before, hell, he’s even trying to think the last time you’d as much as high-fived each other. Neither of you have ever engaged in physical contact because he definitely doesn’t do that with just anybody. He’s shocked and frozen solid, only able to move his eyes to Yamaguchi who’s panicking but trying to smile and encourage his best friend to reciprocate and not blow up at your obviously drunken gesture. 

 “If I wind up sick in the next couple of weeks, I’m blaming you and mailing you my hospital bills” Tsuki says while standing completely still but managing to arrange his face into disgust. You push it and nuzzle is core which finally gets him to slip his hand between himself and your forehead to peel you off of him. Tadashi helps to grab you and use himself as a buffer between the two of you, he doesn’t want to keep pushing it.

 “Yuni! It’s your turn!” Kuro instructs from Kenma’s other side, still giving you the same face he had when confronting you in the living room. Something’s up… Looking at Kenma confirms this, his stance and his expression are just like Kuro’s. What did they just plot out!?  

 “OH! Um… Okay! … Bokuto! Drink if you’ve ever flashed someone! Even if it was unintentional!” You giggle to yourself while curling into Tadashi’s side a little embarrassed to have suddenly asked such a thing and not actually wanting to know the answer. Tadashi does his best to keep attention off the both of you while Bokuto, of course, drinks — some ask for a back story, some whoop and cheer, others tease, less flatteringly so — and the game carries on meanwhile you’re still nuzzled into Tadashi’s side laughing off the commotion of your turn. 

 “Get ahold of yourself, Yuni. Does it look like Yamaguchi’s enjoying this?” Tsuki’s voice is clear as if he’s standing over the top of you and Tadashi both — which, it turns out he is. 

 “Stop~ Tsuki, It’s okay… but yea, Yuni, come on...” Tadashi tries to mediate while steadying you to stand on your own. Before you can respond, you’re being spun away from Tadashi with more force than you know he put into separating you from him. When your vision focuses again ahead of you, you’re looking Tsukishima dead in the eyes — you attempt to move away from him but he’s got you by the shoulders. 

 “Will you stop? He doesn’t like that. You need to control yourself!” Tsuki says quite sternly while refusing to let you turn away from his burning gaze. When you attempt to look somewhere other than into his eyes, so close to yours you almost have no choice but to stare, you briefly catch a glimpse of Tadashi over Tsuki’s shoulder— wide-eyed and curling his fingertips to his lips, clearly tense and not sure how to keep the peace between his two favorite people.

 “Tsuukiiiii~! I wish you’d stop being so jealous~” You blink realizing you just said this out loud. Before you can think of a way to correct your error, you notice Tsuki significantly loosening his grip on your shoulders. You’re both stunned by what you’d just said and implied. Tadashi’s fingers are now gripping his hair, pulling tangled handfuls as his eyes are seemingly about to pop from his skull. Thankfully, the others are still fully engaged in the game and only the three of you are locked into this awkward interaction. 

 “I’m not jealous of you..?!” Tuski’s inflection wavers through different emotions, neither of you know how you feel at the moment but you can both feel Tadashi about to pass out from holding his breath, completely frozen. 

 “Th-that’s not what I meant… I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that… I-I’m drunk!” You try to mend the mistake you’d made but your attempt to appease awakens Tsukishima’s usual snark.  

 “Oh, no. We’re going to talk about this..” Tsuki says with a cool sternness you know not to resist, having never pushed him this far before and not wanting to actually piss him off. He rest his one palm against your back and the other against Yamaguchi’s, quietly leading you away from the others while they continue with their game getting even rowdier each turn taken. The three of you head inside to talk privately knowing no one’s currently in the house. 

 “Continue. If you don’t mean I’m jealous of you, what are you implying I’m jealous of exactly?” Tsuki crosses his arms in front of himself while his eyes burn like lasers into your own. 

 “Tsuki.. I-“ Your voice is soft and even a little submissive, desperate to avoid fighting with your best friends, best friend. Tadashi is still petrified as if this moment is his very first exposure to human life, unaware how to maneuver through it. 

 “No, go ahead, Yuni. Really. You’re saying you think I’m jealous of you always hanging all over Yamaguchi, isn’t that it?” Tsuki’s tone has a bite to it that you can’t help but cringe at. Tadashi finally noticeably lets out a breath with a sigh that sounds disappointed. He takes another breath and opens his mouth so intervene somehow but you speak up first. 

 “I don’t hang on him! And truly, I trust if he was uncomfortable with the contact HE would say so! It’s funny to me you’ve always been the one with the problem when it comes to me hanging OUT with Tadashi! I can ONLY think it’s because you’re afraid I’m taking his attention off of you! Just admit your feelings and then you can feel comfortable with your relationship with Tadashi! It’s obvious you two are a match made for each other! Just admit it already!! You’re mad on Tadashi’s behalf for the sake of his feelings, what he likes and what he doesn’t, have you considered how he feels about you being so icy when it comes to he and I or you and him?!! You know he puts up with it because it’s you but I don’t know why you make him…” You completely unload all of the years worth of observing them and taking Tsuki’s shit in the moment. Mostly thanks to the smoke and drink. The two are stunned — staring with slack jaws and wide eyes. Realizing what you’d just said and with all the passion you’d put into it, you stare back between the two of them with eyes just as wide but covering your mouth with both hands like that will hold in any other words that escape without your permission. 

 “Yuni… that was too much…” Tadashi barely manages to whisper.

 “No… it-“ Tsukishima speaks before he’s ready, biting his lip to keep anything else from coming out before he’s thought it through. The two of you stare in bewilderment that he’s not more angry being called out so bluntly. “…You’re right…” 

 You and Tadashi continue staring in absolute shock. Tsuki just admitted you’re right!? About his feelings towards Tadashi!! This party is turning out to be one of the best nights ever! Both of you have so much to say but neither of you want to take Tuski’s momentum, hoping he’ll elaborate.

 “We’ve talked… we both know… but you’re right I’ve asked Yamaguchi to keep it under wraps… giving him grief when he crosses lines when it isn’t just the two of us… I know he hates it but I thought it only concerned us so we could keep it between us… Yams~ I’m sorry~ You deserve better and I’ll give you my best now. I’ve been upset with you because you hold him like I want to but refuse to allow for my own selfish reasons…. And I know you don’t hold him just like me..!” Tsuki ends his statement almost as bitter as you’re used to him talking to you like, but he’d started his monologue with a sweet softness you didn’t know he had in him but recognize Tadashi’s seen this side of him plenty of times when it’s just the two of them. 

 “Tsuki~!” Tadashi exclaims and wraps his arms around his partners neck from behind, kissing a little into his neck, unable to contain himself having just heard Tsuki be so vulnerable — and with you of all people! Tsuki’s a shade of red you’ve never seen him even in all his anger, even after playing the hardest you’d ever seen at one of the most important games Karasuno had ever played. Truly you want to jump on him to wrap in an equally big hug from the front but you fear he’ll take back everything he just said and set the three of you back too many steps to risk, but you know not responding at all will completely ruin your friendship with Tsuki and probably Tadashi by association. 

 “Tsuki, let’s be friends from now on, okay~!? I’d like to joke that I might be hallucinating but I don’t want to take it too far~ I appreciate you opening up to me. … and… not to be weird… but um… if you guys want… i don’t know… um… you can totally borrow my bed if… well… if you stay the night~” You mumble out the last bit after having spoken so genuinely warm at first. The two are both heated in the face and except for their eyes being more open than normal, their faces are basically blank. 

 “You’re such a hellion. I should know to expect the worst from you~” Tsuki half jokes, joining you on a new path of mutual friendship based on complete understanding. Tadashi pokes him in the side and the two start to wrestle each other to see who can get the other to stand with crossed arms while the other holds them by the wrists from behind. Cute~  

 “Really though! I’m happy for you two~ My door has a lock on it by the way~!” You can’t help but tease a little seeing Tsuki finally get Tadashi’s back against him while he squirms to try and reverse their positions despite Tsuki having full control and now being the one to kiss into Tadashi’s neck. 

 “Whatever~” Tsuki responds dryly before kissing Tadashi’s cheek in a way he knows to turn his head to meet Tsuki’s lips. They kiss softly and only for a moment, fully aware they’re still being watched, then separate to head back out to the party. 

 “Aren’t you coming~?” Tadashi asks you innocently seeing you linger inside when they start for the back door. 

 “I’m gonna grab some stuff out of my room first~” You wink at him, not wanting to take the chance of them locking you out of your room before you’re able to get anything from in there you may want for the remainder of the night. 

 “Oh- Fuck off~!” Tsuki rolls his eyes, still beet red and smirking at Tadashi, smiling like a fiend and equally blush-bright in the cheeks.