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Rehomed Cat

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Kenma shuts the door to his new gaming studio and tapes up the sign you made saying ‘Kenma’s Streaming Room - OFF LIMITS! STAY OUT!’ — something catchy and easy to read for drunk people looking for the bathroom — then makes his way down the hall back to you and Kuro who are setting up for the housewarming party later that evening. Kuro’s hanging multi-colored string-lights around the main area of the house where everyone will more than likely be joined in while you’re mixing a cocktail recipe you found online to let settle in the fridge for a few hours before it’s officially served. 

 “Guys for some reason I’m really nervous … can we just.. take a break? Maybe smoke and go for a walk?” Kenma pleads.

 “Of course! But why are you so nervous?” Kuro responds, dropping everything to make his way to Kenma. You scuttle away to get into the stash spot Kenma and you decided on when moving into your new home. 

 “I just don’t want to make a bad impression on my neighbors … I don’t want anyone being too loud or messy and starting a fight … I wish we would’ve postponed the party like I wanted…” Kenma goes on. 

 “You agreed if we postponed it, it wouldn’t happen at all! And I really don’t think anyone’s going outside, especially out where your neighbors will see or hear. It’s not going to be that crazy of a party … more like a kickback!” Kuro does his best to comfort Kenma while holding him by the shoulders. 

 “Hey! If it gets too bad, just say you have to kick people out or I will have a panic attack… or something…” You chime in while bringing back a pre-roll and a lighter, showing Kenma to let him know the three of you can head outside for a break from party setup and a stroll in the warm sun. 

 “Yoon..” Kenma rolls his eyes and shaking his head while a small smile grows across his face, the 'I' you referred to was a bit vague and he genuinely isn't sure if you meant for him to say he has to kick people out for his hypothetical panic attack or yours. 

 “Well! It could happen!” You reaffirm. 

 “Do you even have panic attacks?” Kuro inquires to Kenma. 

 “Sometimes...”, “Yuni does” the two of you answer separately yet simultaneously. 

 “Oh… well, let’s take that walk!” Kuro happily replies before heading for where his shoes and jacket are waiting for him near the front door. 

 The three of you finish the joint before the halfway point of the walk you’d set out for — Kenma’s mailbox, which is set up near his neighbor’s mailboxes away from all the rest of your houses. It’s a good distance of a walk and until you get more familiar with the area, it’s the main path you all feel comfortable taking. As the three of you near the base where the mailboxes are, you hear a car honking at you while the passenger wildly waves their arm out the window. As it nears, you see Bokuto is the passenger who is waving and simultaneously honking while Akaashi slows his car to stop near the rest of you. 

 “Get in losers, we’re going to your house!” Bokuto shouts from the window, smiling at you three while Kuro leads you and Kenma into the backseat, happy for the lift back after a calm walk.

 “We figured we’d come early to help” Akaashi adds in on the drive back up the road to the new Kozume/Len residence. 

 “Good idea! These two were talking about panic attacks before we took our walk, but we got a lot set up so far! Just need to set out the food and finish with the drinks! … Right?” Kuro rambles on but with good intention and with pertinent information. 

 “Well.. mostly.. we mentioned using my stream room as a panic room for Yuni or I at any point but otherwise it’s off limits…” Kenma leaks to the public a conversation he had privately in his own stream of imagination. You and Kuro smile and nod at each other, having picked up on the fact that neither of you participated in the conversation but somehow understand Kenma meant to, at some point, mention this to both of you. 

 “Well whatever’s left, leave it to us! We should definitely have a round of shots before everyone else gets here too!” Bokuto happily comments. 

 The five of you arrive back to Kenma’s newly purchased home and meander inside, taking in all the work that’s been put in up until this night. It’s very much already moved into with all the newest furniture Kenma purchased plus all that he already had, and in addition now has decorations for the party — it’s really nothing much, just some lights and posters plus an area outside, as well as one inside, for garbage and recyclables and an appropriate distance from the refill stations set up near by, stocked with napkins, cups, chests of ice, and trays of fruits and nuts, and of course, the cocktail mixture in a large pitcher. 

 “Wow, you guys really did do a lot!” Akaashi compliments you three on the work he sees is already done. “Why don’t we take a shot to celebrate, Kenma, this is really big buying your own home~ And having Yuni here with us… This is going to be a special night no matter what. Bokuto and I will make sure everything goes smoothly as much as we can so you both can relax at your own first housewarming~” Akaashi nods to Bokuto to get the small cups and alcohol to pour into them to pass around among your new friend group. 

 “That’s what I’ve been saying! This is huge Kenma~! Let us do all the worrying tonight!” Kuro chimes in and passes the first poured shots to Kenma then to you. 

 “Thanks~ Everyone~ … I really am happy believe me... and I’m really grateful for everyone here and all your help… but if I think too hard about it right now… I might cry… I don’t know… I feel sort of overwhelmed in a way…” Kenma begins but you interrupt. 

 “Thank you everyone! To Kenma and his new home~ that he’s welcomed me to call my own as well! And to tonight!” You finish, but not entirely sure what to say, just wanting to get to the part where you and Kenma can toss your drinks back and take a bit of the edge off from the night awaiting you. 

 “To Kenma! And his new home with Yuni~ And to US~ And to TONIGHT!!” Kuro wraps it all up and raises his glass before you all tap the bottom of the cup to the counter before shooting your drink back in one massive gulp — again with no chasers. You do your best not to shudder but realize your attempt wasn’t fully successful as both Kuro and Bokuto are snickering at your reaction to the sensation of the drink. Kenma did better to conceal his own reaction but Akaashi was keen on it and coulnd’t help but chuckle at you both even trying to keep your cool and not react at all — even he winced most times taking a shot, especially with nothing to chase it with and dull the sting and strong flavor that burns the throat.

 Boktuo and Kuro revel in your reactions briefly but are quick to get out some chips and salsa for you and Kenma to dig into and give your mouths something else to taste. Akaashi soon follows and helps set out or prepare any food or snacks still needing to be set out and encourages both you and Kenma to find a playlist to listen to — he also backtracks to let Kenma know he could game in the living room or just watch a movie and the party will be a hit regardless. There were only so many people who confirmed they’d be coming and just about everyone was a close friend of one of the five of you currently present. It’s not likely things will spiral out of control or go too badly it will ruin the experience for everyone else. 

 Kenma agrees and latches onto you like usual to ground himself, you’re only slightly feeding off his nervous energy, having only a little of your own but feeling more mellow thanks to Akaashi, Bokuto and Kuro assuring you both of a successful party, and Kenma senses this somehow. He asks what you’d rather and you mention a movie is more inclusive as anyone can watch where as with a game, people would end up taking turns or not getting to play at all. He agrees and you both scour through his collection of movies for something entertaining for a group and not just a few in attendance and settle on a classic fantasy film most seem to love, or at least, respect.

 The two of you sort of slump into the living room on the floor in front of the couch, getting lost in the movie’s setting and your own individual sensations of becoming cross-faded. Before long, you’re joking with each other at an iconic scene near the beginning that never fails to make you both laugh. Eventually Akaashi joins the two of you asking if you know about the behind-the-scenes trivia of an upcoming scene and fills you both in since it’s a rarely known tidbit of the movie, he brings canned alcoholic drinks for each of you to sip while watching and letting the other two finish — and giggle at how cute the three of you are nerding-out together about the film you all seem to be avid fans of, Bokuto even snaps another photo for the group chat to commemorate the night. 

 The three of you invested in the movie don’t even notice the door’s been opened to let in the first group of party attendants, fellow nekoma alumni that Kuro recognizes immediately when opening the door on Kenma’s behalf. 

 “Wait! Shots first!” Bokuto screeches while passing out filled cups to the new arrivals as well as the rest of you who’d already taken one. Kuro is quick to pass out chasers, making you and Kenma the first he doles out to before Akaashi and then the newest members — this is what actually gets you three to notice anyone’s arrived at all.

 You, Kenma and Akaashi quickly join the others to stand near enough to clink your drinks together before downing them and then the juice to follow it up. You clink all the cups before you to make sure no one is left out and notice you’ve just initiated a cheers with someone you’ve not yet met — but he’s warm and seems polite, he smiles to you especially while raising his glass before shooting it back. 

 “O ya~  You haven’t met Kai yet! Yuni, Kai, Kai, Yuni is Kenma’s family.. cousin to be exact… right?” Yaku introduces his friend to you, though it takes you a moment to recall when you’d met Yaku — regardless, and without any awkward pause, you politely thank Yaku for introducing you and confirm your relation to Kenma, then properly greet Kai and thank him for coming to Kenma’s housewarming. 

 “Wow Yaku, look at you being such a warm host~ You devil!” Kuro teases while gazing at the interaction. “You left out poor Shohei though~ Yuni, you remember Fukunaga right?” Kuro continues, a slight flirtatious tone in his pitch as he goes on. 

 “I do..! Yes..! Thank you Kuro..” You shoot a glare to him but quickly move on to greet the only one you’ve yet to acknowledge before your face gets too hot from the sudden attention being drawn to you. “’s good seein’ you- ALL~! again..” you unintentionally slur out but just blame it entirely on the drinks you’ve taken already and nothing else. The three you’ve just greeted smile bashfully in their own ways, adoring your presence and looking forward to a night hanging out together and becoming closer.